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FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 1934 THE REDWOOD JOURNAL, UKIAH, CALIFORNIA Anderson Valley News ANDERSON VALLEY, Sept. 17.- ,I>ol visit or* at the homo ot 4 Wo have been oxperioncinK 1 Wfr. and Mrs. C. W. Snmlera one some unusually warm weather hcrcjilaj last wocl;. Mrs. Will Horyiord the pant'few days, and dmiKhter, Mrs. Lilly Gibson of • The hop grower* hero in Amlor-'i were also visitors a son Valley concluded picking la:;t ] H home, week and the hops were pent ten ,J '"" k 1 ' , '"' u r " A - Uklah to be dried. : .+ Mrs. Jessie McCully returned j. »« v«, T c i i . ,i i'as' week from Los An/tclea where • Mrs. W. L. St John .spent tho i ... , . . , . . ' she went, to vun her nephew, past week with her uaughter. Mrs.! Ukiah Family i Learns It Pays I 1c Buy Locally i Fred Slctten of Richmond Keturi. Horn,' •f Dr. Edward .lordt and wife, Dorothy Jortlt nnd small son turned last, week fiom Lor. An:,Ues. Miss Berniee Gowan accompanied Dr. Dorothy Jordt on the nip. 4 Miss V'redu nod lie, brothel, Kay, went to Cloverdale last Saturday, where .Miss Mnthiaon had a tooth treated l\y I'M-. Cltui'. Apiile Shiiiv i'laie. • The directors of the Andeison Valley Apple Hhcv :mil h"; ir are meeting one evening "ac'n week to plan for the Fair which will Iv held October fi, f> nnd •• Lee McCluie, fonnei'lv of ihi-s place, nnd Miss I'trai h\vai;e of Oklahoma were married recently in that and have returnee in Point Arena. • Arthur Simpson of Healdslnu): and Miss Claia Fonts of Sehaslo- | Oorge. Dillingham who is ill in a hospital there. Df. i •• Mrs. Sand of Snn Francisco K>-1 .spent Sunday with her' sistei, Mrs. ) ft. V. Nichols and family. Mis. Sand's daughter, Virginia, is attencl- ' in.:. ; he local hi;-:h school, -t Oscar Mattillii ol Yorkville had th" 1 ndsf'Ji t une to break his a;:.,, duliin.; school aeiivilies at the H. one nay !a :t wo.'lt. > .Mrs. Clonic ,\; al k'soii'.; f:r.l.;'r. I Mr. Hall has retuitnd from a scv- |eral we,'lis slay :,t i tic hnrr.e of his ! de '.i 'jhtc:. .Mrs. Will l '|i :on, and I'nm- i!\ o,' 1 talfiooon Ba\. Ji. V. Niehol ; is enntimiinc to irel-rove MIICC his '•(tuiii home | front San Kraneisco and is able lo i.rm out ridinu daily with Mis. Nich- | Oil-. !• Fred Allen was a business visitor to Healdslniic. nun tiny la. 1 week. Melicvini. that they could save aney bj shopping in Santa Rosa, the Pun- Mi. and Mis. D. M. Phillips drove to I hat. city last Friday to nmlce purchases for ihe children before the opening of echool. On their return they decided to check the cos! ot what, they had piueha-ed with local prices. Visit- in" J. C Penncy's they found that in piactii ally every instance they hail paid a hifihei price for the sauir article in Santa Kosa. On a sidt I'm tho yo'.inir man, the same , t i;,c!c was $1 cheaper at Penncy's. Tic day's puieliu.., in .Santa Uosa nr.ini to ah sal .l!">f>. AildiiiK the a: t : H ;;as and meals .secured on ,!>«• day's dip. Mi. and M''s. Phillips decided, they would pui-ehiise at hone: hereafter ami be confident of savins." money by .so doing. Movie Star Visits In Jackson Valley I Mr. and Mrs-. Ellis Wing Taylor' oi Hollywood have been spending WILLITS, Sept 19-Mrs. Delmon Rupo and daughter, little Miss Beryl, of Ukiah are guests this week several days with t heir old friends, of Mrs. Frank Rupo. They came j Ml. nnd Mrs. W. J. Kiefer of Wilton!. Thursday and expect to rumnin ! ,le,n<?! * : LoU « 0 until next. Rundaj. Mrs. Taylor will be remembered Return limiir Ann Cornwall of movie funic. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kupe of [ Wlus inp f"'" 1 - Wumpua Star and Sacramento lcfL Friday utter spend- j l'layed lead for Tom Mix, Oeorge i ii« a few days with Mr. Rape's par- j I'^nciolt, Oeorge O'Brien. Kolb and cuts, Mi. and Mrs. Frank Rupe. Mr. j nil1 ' ;iml 1,lun >' °<"ere. Rupe is getting to be a well known! On the legitimate stage, she pluy- artist end some of his work was on ! ed man., impoitnnt parts, mnong tht tr beinx "Broadway," wliii h 6 aie S. I. Till I' Mi. ami Mis. V. W. Church, theii liauglitcis. Lorena and Irnut Mr-:, litrnest Shoeoiake mnde exhibition at the State Fair this' year. He also puimed the beautiful scenery picture in the Humboldt county exhibit, and received many highly complimentary remarks a- boul It. The picture was (I by 30 feet. • Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Guslander were Sun Francisco and Oakland visitors Saturday and Sunday, going down on a business and pleasure trip. • Mr. and Mis. W. A. Moore, Mrs. Walter Mooic and two daughters and Mrs. John I-ielh'Soe drove down audita Uklah Saturday. Other Itkiali re-'visitors were Mr. and Mrs. B. M. cent trip to San Francisco for the Fish and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dor- :hiy to t Mr. I endin;. visit Winifred Church, son j man. ml -Mrs. Church, who is ui i ^ lather Rupe was able to return the u. C. College of Phnim-ihome Saturday from the Howard Memorial Hospital where he has • '" ~ been since his recent accident. He was cranking a. truck, that, unknown to him. was in gear, and it pinned him against the garage wall, causing a. bad wound in his leg. He made t|uite i\ hit all ovrr the country. She was formerly the wife of I Charles Maigne. scenario writer and director of pictures. Maigne purchased a small place J near Wilderness Lodge about, five years ago end lived tbeie about two in >i!th» In I'll effort to regain his health, hut the attempt failed a he was taken to the Howard Me- inoria 1 Hospital and later to San Francisco, where he passed awaj. ' Mrs. Taylor, ha:; beVn too busy 1 he past couple o! years starting :\ \ young son out in life to do any studio work, but expects to return to the screen in the near future and ill,' cmiplc will spend their vacations hereafter in Jackson Valley. Mr. Taylor is a. piominenl. archi- t ect in Los Angeles. FL Brag'g Swimmer Saves Two Lives I

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