7 May 1957 re: Glen Canyon "UT" (PA news)

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7 May 1957 re: Glen Canyon "UT" (PA news) - Page 22 Lebanon Daily News, Lebanon, Seek To...
Page 22 Lebanon Daily News, Lebanon, Seek To Create Town At Dam Site In Utah GLEN CANYON. Utah - (UP) — The newest town in Utah is Glen Canyon, on the state's southern southern desert where the sagebrush, cactus, dams grow. operas and super- It isn't much of a town yet — but It could be eventually. When a United Press correspondent correspondent last drove by, the apparent size of Glen Canyon was two house trailers and a drilling rig, not counting a nearby, temporary temporary highway construction camp. But all around were signs proclaiming proclaiming "Watch It Grow" and "Speculators, Here's Your Chance." The excuse for the existence of Glen Canyon. Utah, now and hereafter, hereafter, is .its proximity to the site of Glen Canyon Dam, the key unit of the Upper Colorado River Development Development Program. Contracts on the dam opened April 11 brought a low bid of $107 955,122 955,122 from Merriti-Chapman & Scott Co., New York. After checking checking — and unless some Arizona and California sources are successful successful in protesting that its construction construction might endanger their rights downstream — the contract probably will be awarded in May. "•400 Million Dollars This is the most expensive contract contract ever proposed by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation. The dam itself, 700 feet high, will be second in height only to its sister dam, Hoover, 300 miles down the Colorado. Colorado. Hoover, when built a quarter quarter century ago, cost less than 50 million dollars. But the dam itself is only part of the Glen Canyon unit of the billion- dollar Upper Colorado project. Generators, developing some 900,000 900,000 kilowatts of power, lines to carry the electricity to market. bridges and road work bring total cost of the unit to more than 400 million dollars. That's why the speculators admittedly admittedly are moving in and trying to get Glen Canyon, Utah, going as a town. The government and the major contractors are supposed supposed to locate their homes, stores and offices at the equally new government-owned community of Page, Ariz. Page is on a mesa about five miles southeast of the dam site itself. itself. Eight miles northwest of the deep, straight-sided river canyon is the Utah-Arizona stale line. Eight miles further to the northwest northwest is the privately-owned Glen Canyon townsite. Speculators' Hopes The speculators behind the Utah community figure that some firms working on the dam during the seven years it will be under construction would rather locate their personnel and headquarters on private property instead of on government land. Utah's liquor laws are strict—, only 3.2 beer, with anything! stronger sold only in stale stores for private consumption. No bars: permitled and no liquor-by-thc- drink sold. But even then, regulations regulations expected to apply in Page will be more stringent. So, the Glen Canyon Chamber of Commerce Commerce (if one were formed) coujd be expected lo try and establish establish itself as the recreation center of the area. There would be good reason for such optimism. From Page southward southward over a road now being built it is 135 miles to Flagstaff, the supply railhead for the project and the nearest sizable community community in Arizona. On the Utah side of the project, the nearest habitation is Kanab, on U. S. Highway 89, three miles north of the Arizona border but some 70 miles west of Glen Canyon. Canyon. Kanab long has been the "horse opera center" of the West. Scores of western movies have been made there in past years, and more will be shot there this summer. summer. But in between the damsile and Kanab or Flagstaff, there's nothing nothing but some mighty pretty scenery — painted cliffs and deserts deserts and grotesquely eroded rocks. Lots of sagebrush and cactus, cactus, too. Nothing else. That's where Glen Canyon, Utah, hopes it will come in.

Clipped from Lebanon Daily News07 May 1957, TuePage 22

Lebanon Daily News (Lebanon, Pennsylvania)07 May 1957, TuePage 22
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