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Lusitania - See the Alaska Exhibit at the Panama-Pacific...
See the Alaska Exhibit at the Panama-Pacific International Exposition VOLUME XII. FAIRBANKS. ALASKA, SATURDAY, MAY 8, 1915. WHOLE N U M B E R 2,889 STEAMER VIOE1IE IS NEAR First Boat of Season Making Making Good Progress Down Y u k o n . DAWSON, May 7.--The steamer Vidette, the first boat of the season to stait clown the Y u k o n from. Lake Labarge, is icported to have navigated navigated Thirtymile river successfully despite the low water. The boat passed Big Salmon yesterday enroute to this city with two barges and a few passengers. There is some freight on one of the barges, but the other is light. The first small boats of the season have passed Selkirk on the way down and will reach here in a few days. The White Pass steamers which wintered at Whitehorse have been launched and will be ready for service service as soon as the lake opens. The packet Sarah is ready to sail for St. Michael with a crowd of Nomeites who objected to traveling the Outside route this year. They LUSITANIA IS SUNK BY GERMAN TORPEDO Cunard Transatlantic Liner Sent to Bottom Off Irish Coast by German Submarine--Passengers Escape in Small g oa ts--Steamships Rush to Rescue --Vessel Attacked Without Warning:--Reports Vary Regarding Time Ship Remained Afloat--Three Hundred Passengers Reach Cork Safely--Several Members of Crew Die from Injuries Injuries Received When Torpedo Struck Vessel--State Department Aroused--Prominent Americans Aboard. Fair Weather Prevents Greatest Disaster of War--Twelve Hundred and Fifty-One Passengers on Board. 10 OUTSIDE Conditions on Seward Peninsula Peninsula Do Not W a r r a n t Summer I n f l u x . SEATTLE, May 7.--According to advices received from the Nome local, of the Western Federation of Miners, there will be no demand for laborers in the Seward peninsula c o u n t r y during during the present ^eason A w a r n i n g f r o m the Northein organization appears appears in 'the Times this afternoon, advising- w o r k i n p m e n that conditions at Nome have been gieatly exaggerated. exaggerated. are expected along: soon after the lake open= and w i l l board the Sarah here. The m i n i n g season is being greatly greatly delayed by lack of water. The dredges have not been able to DUKLA PASS TAKEN BY AUSTRIAN ARMY Leaders of Austro-German Forces in Carpathians Claim Important Victory Over Russians--Reports from the Eastern Arena Conflicting--German Advance Toward Libau Continues--Naval Battle Reported from Baltic. Allies Are Reversed on Gallipoli Peninsula. NEW YORK, May 7.--The palatial C u n a r d liner Lusitania, Lusitania, which left this city for Liverpool last Sunday with 1,251 passengers and a crew of 600, was torpedoed and s u n k by a German s u b m a r i n e at 2:30 this afternoon off the Irish coast, and but for the fact t h a t the sea was calm at the time, the destruction of the vessel doubtless w o u l d start owing to the fact that more i have gone down in history as one of the greatest disasters water is needed befoie the powei i o f ^ w a r The shattered l i n e r r e m a i n e d afloat sufficiently p l a n t can b e operated. j o n g f o f a j j t h e b o a f s tQ be l a u n c h e d i a n c j l t i s b e l i e v e d t h a t every passenger escaped. Several members of the crew are reported to have been k i l l e d by the explosion, but those who escaped i n j u r y got away in the small boats with the passengers, and all doubtless have been picked up by the many vessels w h i c h rushed to the rescue in response to the wireless calls for assistance. When the torpedo was l a u n c h e d the L u s i t a n i a was within ten miles of Kinsale, on the south coast of I r e l a n d . How long the vessel r e m a i n e d afloat a f t e r b e i n g attacked is u n c e r t a i n , some of the reports g i v i n g the time as t h i r t y minutes, w h i l e others claim t h a t it was two h o u r s It could not have been more t h a n two hours, for two rescue ships from Queenstown a r r i v e d on the scene w i t h i n t h a t time and n o t h i n g r e m a i n e d of the great liner except pieces FRENCH MAY BAN | LIQUOR BUSINESS OPPONENTS DELAY ACTION ON BOOZE -- -- i PARIS, May 7--It IP understood LONDON, May 7.--The opposition j that a b i l , prohibiting the manu- of the Nationalists ha* delayed a c - J f a c t u r e of aleoho i; c drinks will b« tion on the liquor bill, and it nou I introduced in the French parliament. seems probable t h a t the government j will devise a new plan to regulate | Leroy Tozier is confined to his the traffic. j home by i l l n e 0 ^ . of the wreckage. ATTACKED WITHOUT WARNING. LONDON, May 7.--From the mass of conflicting r e - j LIVERPOOL, May 7.--The B r i t i s h admiralty has ports received from the Eastern war zone today, 'it is definitely a s c e r t a i n e d t h a t the Lusitania was attacked by gathered t h a t t h e Austro-German forces have driven t h e " ^ ' ' r i *·'---'' 1 1 - -··*·--··* »--- a G e r m a n s u b m a r i n e . The attack was made w i t h o u t warning, warning, the passengers h a v i n g been given no time to disembark DEMANDS CONCEDED; CHINA AVERTS WAR Chinese Government Sends Note to Japan Accepting Terms of Ultimatum -- Japan Modifies Demands by Elimination of One Article -- Secretary Bryan Issues Statement Declaring That United States Will Insist Upon Open Door Policy -- War Preparations Cease. TOKYO, May 7.--The t h r e a t e n e d clash between Japan and C h i n a has been averted by an e l e v e n t h - h o u acceptance of the Japanese demands by the Chinese government. government. The imperial g o v e r n m e n t waived article five, dem

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