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m - m& WHKNCVER r yaur horn for a vaea tln er a business trie hav. L,the Jeurnal - GatsfleTotlew 0 T BDKC WAYNE JOURNAL - THE SLOGAN "FORT WAYNE WITH MIGHT AD MAIN? .. m u 1 4 ' - rrHI JOURNAL.OAZITTC A. - i - PrtnU the Newfef Ha World with Weir Ceneldered Method, Eliminating Oum mni Seneetronalljm. vi FOUNDED: 'SSrJJSS (Newt of the World) SUNDAY MORNING, JULY 2r 1916. - 52 PAGES. - - (0 Asioclafed Press) PRICE FIVE CENTS. ALLIES BEGIN THEIR GREATEST ATTACK HOLD UP ACTION OVER THE FOURTH v - fc! President Will Not Interfere With Holidays of .Con gressmen. - THE LID IS CLAMPED DOWN And Little Official News Is Coming From - Border Points. VA8HIkGTOX, July 1. With the adjournment of tha house to - night ever this Fourth of July, it became highly Improbable that the crlala between between Ua UnlteoV Slatee and the de facto government of Mexlep - would orha' to final Issues - t'cfore Wednesday at tha earliest. .. Despite growing im. patience over' General Carranja'e delay delay In complying with the demands that' lie etate tils Intention toward Ameflcni - troops In Mexico,. President Wilson' made no movement to - day toward laying, the situation t before cdnsress. There were ho official dispatches today today deaUna; with tha probable tenor of the note It la known the de facto rov - MEXICO HAS MEN ENOUGH FOR WAR, BUT ' ' AMMUNITION AND OTHER SUPPLIES ARE SCARCE J) Order to Start for the Front Is Expected During Day. RUSH OF PREPARATION Call Will, - fjnd. the State Guardsmen Eagerly Waiting: Continued on Page 25 Collin V SET FOR TROUBLE FTHVr BENJAMIN HARRISON Ind, July .1. J. J. Toffey, chief mustering : officer at Camp Raloton, .reported to MaJ. - Oen. Thomas II Barry of the central department, U. B. A, at Chicago to - ntirht that the FrrSt Indiana field artillery battalion la "reaaonably' ready for ordera to atart to - the' border. "The' battalion la - composedcomposed composedcomposed of A battery. Indianapolis C battery. Purdue university, and B battery. battery. Lafayette. At a lata hour no, answer to "the report had: been received. received. Although proieaalne; Ignorance of any Information as to. when tha battalion may. atart from .the camp for the aouth, active, preparations were belng'.made for. an order to entrain. There waa a paralstent rumor about tha.' camp1 that theiorder to atart maybe maybe expected to - morrow. - It was said tha't train, faculties had been arranged. Continued an Page 2S Colu Indiana Moose Indignant and Are Out for Complete Revenge Hay Foot! Straw Foot! WANT A STATE TICKET (From a EUff Cprreepondent.) INDlANAPQUS. July l - Out of ill tha; national and state turmoil bf politic, politic, surrounding the uBlnir up .of sey rai.ot'trrft - nln liTti of tha progree - Tha progressive leaders In thl otate ara. In tan t on' holding .a'atate convention convention and on putting a complete atete ticket li .tha field for tba coming election. ' Tba wine of tha progressives In In - dtana that follows Edwin M. Lea, tha State chairman; . Intent4 on. the; da feat of the republican state and - national national ticket. The chairttiart himself Has announced that in ease a progres (Continued en Page IV Column 1.) DOUGLAS, Arizona, July., la - Adam Doekery, a,prlvate In Com party. B, Art son a organized .militia, reported yesterday as missing, re turned to camp taday after walking walking nearly forty miles - white on outpost duty. The private, a re oent recruit, it wsiosjd at militia - Headquarter, wi'i pUqoJ on'guaroT at the inUrnat knar line with tn - walk to the east un til he met the sentry he was to relieve. relieve. In eome manner .Dookery missed tha sentry. ' He kept walking walking until finally, last night ha met a pitrol on' guard. - w - n 1 h TaaT " IM aaaWTTfTaTalTll III III air's 'PI I tfllM TffBrr; l tl Til . jripF' ifgf7.iMaaaapM?aiSatifSKaMPS svK&3fHPswl3BSBSfjaaaBj frvKSTrAllm ', kiksi iwaiijjuu.1 jlu KmvmmmwftvtfmNmffam rs aam saa'MMHpsaiaaHBBaaaajy tMaSTaaSBfT7vir'nFaSMyKSJBJfraslaSasaaaaaaaaa SaeBajasaaBaj i anaja't X&M3lEljBBaaaasaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaBf'PaaaR ALONG A FRONTIER OF SEVENTY..V11LES AFTER WEEKS OF MOST TERRIFIC CANNONADE WORLD HAS EVER KNOWN TROOPS BEGIN A GENERAL , ' ASSAULT ON GERMAN, POSITIONS. AN ADVANCE OF FIVE MILES IS NOTED THE WEATHER Manrlnv. Ohio - and Indiana rair Sunday 'and Monday. . - .. Lowor MJehUtan Fair Sunday - and probably. Monday, somewhat pooler Sun day 'on 'the west shore., Ullnola - i - OeneralTy fair and continued warm Sunday and Monday, ARMY MAKES TESTS OF NEW NOISELESS,' NOISELESS,' SMOKELESS, POWDERLESS GUN 1 MEXICAN REGULARS on. MARCH mdL ARMOREP CAPL.XtrtTH GUK - I iff the event Of war with Mexlco:tha all factiona, - eren. tha bandits, behind much entailer number could not b T?' mU ?"'... BmM" a?tluban American authoHtf.. win plac. llttl. tha "nr.t chief. - Juan T nurncHr; EF2LLE2L'il!Z2S2 aSSli" i 'if aln.t. KTSS Two thousand Oertnati on rage rt voiumn i.j'betifg'Wtacd - tffJf - CAr raortatd lfuTOrmiuIOa t the efact, bAt for ona' moattK Jt la aVaerted Ton g5od ,,. , cn.t'Puf rariaal tfy'"hlaj'4rwn people itH". f.oon.fdo lelca - na had nffered to take authority,1 Picturea ahow a Mexican . And Many Positions of Vase Strategic Importance Have Been. wrested i - rom tne uentrai powers; May Be Beginning of the End! LONDON, July 1. British and French troops, .throw forward in a grand offensive against the German lines, on both, sides of the river Somme, sixty miles north' of Paris, have penetrated at one point to a depth of five miles; taken several villages and captured a group of trenches, - extending to a depth of 1,000 yards on a front of seven miles. The drive, the most spectacular in this region since the British captured Loos last September, began Saturday morning, after the German trenches had been bathed in a hail of shells from "guns - 0f every' calibre for days, Progress has been reported along the entire front of - about twenty - five miles The greatest success gained by the British was on the right. In the center they cap - I tured' what are designated in the official report as "many strong' points" along a front of four miles. But north, of Ancre - valley to Commecourt, power - i ful counter - attacks by the Ger - 1 mans have resulted in forcing the British back from various , sections of the ground gained t in their first onslaught. The town or Alberta was. the start - 1!Bfi??.?.r?f?SS,l3,SS1M0VE MADE ON "ALL FRONTS ( town find to Montauhan. more than mea .away, ueaidea .Mantauban B ritish, French, Ital ians and i Russians Engaged Simultaneously Simultaneously in Attacks. ALLIES' "BIG PUSH" PURINE England Said to Have Been Holding 2,000,000 Men ' for Drive. LACKORFUELHAKl - ! PEiuMUS & B0r SCOUTS MAY AID NATION i NEW YORK. July 1, I of war with Mexico, nearly 400,000 urging that in communities where arNti!rXrilTlJ!K ;5ES Foundation Laid for Creation members or the Boy, Scouts of Ainer - Mobilization of the De Facto . Ifflw'i5sr'it Troops Strikes Sudden Snag. - e three or more troona th mti lea aro preparfiJtftiPer. - ltjrJf aerv - 4fiiolpal authorities: arrange for the announced here to - day at the national headquarters of the organisation. The policy not to participate In military operations wtjl not be altered, but the aervlcea xtt the young scouts will be volunteered 'along the line of civic . ....'.:. a - ,.. .m n( - a - n Heeds, .including such, assistance .as MRS. HAMILTON IS FREED ? ""d"wd the national American Red Cross should - the. necea - I, ' sltlcs of war tax Red Croaa resourcea In clttcs from which, the national uardhas been sent to the front, the Itoy Scouts prepared for po ell. pojlco duty in cases of emergency, the announceroeni states, and In this Wife of SUgar Planter Suffers uard0 h" been nt to ,the front, the Many Indignities At Tomas. of Board In General Revenue Bill. moljllliatlon' of these acouU In that' snoneat jtoaatDle lima, '"To fecouta Wha live In the oommunR ties near the Mexican border there may come special opporiumtiea ror aervlce," , ln ... ..,,. nnmrno the. announcement adda. "While It la, IS GIVEN BROAD POWERS not aerloualy antlclDated that anv ln. I vaslon can take place yet the task ot NEW TORK, July IThe iremen. 'doua effenalTai which haa .been', baton.'. by thfr Crltlsh army on the.Oerma - n front Is the culmination ot avnTe - daj I bombardment which, in .tha amount jot ammunition ax'penSed ..and. In tha, territory involved, exceeda 'anythlnaT, of - tha kind that haa bean pravloualy knnwrrin the world war. ' For some weeks reports hare bean current In England and France that tha "blir push" of , the British wa about to becln. It waa atated that England had J.O'OO.OOO . tnen. fully equipped and .trained. In - xkraparattoo;' for .the. eupreme effort to ,. break tha, German lines. Mora than 1.00,0 ahella. are declared to.liave baan ttad HSHFiIQovernment Closes - the Flllcid?T'oYlS to make It desirable for arranre menta to be. made throuch the.'clvlo authorltiea for tile older ocouta to cooperate cooperate by cuardlns water auppllea. telerrapb, lines and other Important property which mlrht be greatly damaged, damaged, by the enemy.V Surplus. WASHINpTOT. July 1. Creation of mllee. uirntana Have .Eapeoted Drlva. Th menace of the British .attack waa fully appreciated In Germany, ao - cordlng to newspaper commanta front' Berlin and the .utmoet conndenca waa xpreeeed In the ability ot the Qer. mans to meet and'erush It,

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  2. 02 Jul 1916, Sun,
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