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1894-08-14-InterOcean[Chicago]-p7-CandidatesAreFew - CANDIDATES ARE FEW. Indiana Democrats Find...
CANDIDATES ARE FEW. Indiana Democrats Find Ticket-Making Ticket-Making Ticket-Making Hard. WILL TRY IT TOMORROW. Office Strictly to Seek the Man In the Conyention. Governor Matthew.- Matthew.- It la Said, Will Preside, to the Disgust of Voor-hees Voor-hees Voor-hees and Shanklin. IjfDiijfAPOIJS. Ind., Aug. IX SpteitA TeU- TeU- oram. It was announced here today that Governor Matthews has been selected to preside at the Democratic State convention on Wednesday, ana mat ne nas consented to scire. Tbe selection will not be pleas in to Senator Yoorbees and Gil Shanklin, date a voornees- voornees- successor in lue senate. Tbe selection Is an open indication that Governor Matthews has a hold oo the party in this State second to no other Democrat. His speech of acceptance will be the feature of tbe convention, for he has begun to realize his power in the party and his aspirations have begun to soar. His speech will be atodiedand written out, for he finds public speech-making speech-making speech-making the most trying of his duties and has no faculty for extemporaneous speaking. Congressman Bynnm, hearing of the movement toward Henry N. Spaan for the nomination as his successor, wired last night to the Grand Hotel to assign him rooms for headquarters. It is known that he dreads to face his party constituents and did not intend to come unless his presence was needed to hold the delegates in line. Opposition to Bynnm at the primaries tonight tonight was confined to Indina polls, where only one-third one-third one-third of the wards went against him. Hancock and Marion counties instructed instructed for him, making his nomination certain. Those Mentioned for Nominations. The list of candidates for State nominations nominations is as follows: Secretary of State. William H. Meyers, the incumbent; Treasurer, Henry BerghoH. Fort Wavne; Auditor, Joseph T. Fanning, Marlon County; John I Cobln. Montgomery County, and Joseph L. Beilly. Jennings County. Clerk of tua oaprema Lvun; u vv. neiusu. ouill van County, Attorney General (no one positively announced: office worth 5,000 s year and assessment correspondingly high); Superintendent Superintendent of Publio Instruction, J. H. Gardner, Cass County; State Statistician, no candidate as - yet announced; State Geologist, E. H. J. Jordan, now the Natural Gas Inspector; Judges of the Supreme Court (two to nominate). Judge Daily, an Incumbent. It will thus be seen that the candidates for nomination do-not do-not do-not quite go around, some offices having no pronounced candidates candidates at alt The nominations seem certain certain to be made by acclamation. The lack of candidates was the cause of a meeting today, attended by half a dozen leaders, to agree upon a slate, they said, but the real purpose was to force enough candidates to make a show of contest. ' A letter was received by Chairman Tag-gart Tag-gart Tag-gart today from Henry Berghoff declining, it is said, to be sacrificed as a candidate this year. Berghoff has been strongly suspected suspected of leaning to the Populists. Chairman Chairman Taggart denies that Berghoff declines to stand. .If he does the party stress will be all the more discouraging. There is bnt one candidate for Supreme Judge and two must be elected. The name of Thomas J. Study, of Richmond, has been mentioned as a possible selection. The attitude of the candidates generally is to have the nominations nominations forced upon them, so as to be able to stand out firm against much of an assessment. assessment. A scheme developed tonight involving the nomination for Auditor. Joseph Beilly, secretary of the State central committee and chief clerk to Pension Agent Spencer, is being nrged to come out for Auditor from Jennings County, where he votes. The power behind him Is the desire of John R, 'Wilson and Leon Bailey . to stand as candidates for the fat fees of Attorney General, but ' Joseph T. Fanning- Fanning- pronounced candidacy far auditor from Marion Conntv nre-emrjta nre-emrjta nre-emrjta tne neia oi mis county, snouia ttemy neat Jranning tne .Marlon uonnty delegation would be free to support Wilson or Bailer. Beilly has been hanging back on account of no tariff bill being passed, without which he had no hope of Democratic success. Conditions and influences now indicate that in the morning he will be a full-fledged full-fledged full-fledged candidate. Negro Bourbons to Meet Today. Tomorrow will be the first day of the sixth annual meeting of tne national convention of Negro Democratic Clubs. This organization began its career in this city six years ago. The membership membership includes that shrewd number of negroes who see the chance to work the Democratic party for office or some post in tbe party organization where money is to be handled. The chief of the negro Democrats is C H. J. Taylor, Recor der el Deeds in Washington, where tne salary and fees, he says, amounts to $17,000 a year, lie arrived early this morning- morning- with four delegates from the New England States and from New Jersey. The convention convention will last three days.- days.- Its chief business will be the adoption of such resolutions as the Democratic learners think advisable, and to devise ways and means to secure of-fies of-fies of-fies for negroes at the hands of the Demo- Demo- . crats. A. El Manning, the Indianapolis leader. says the appointment as Minister to Liberia has been assured him when the convention is in session. He wanted to go to Liberia, he said, because the salary is 15,000 a year and the living there is so cheap that he can save nine-tenths nine-tenths nine-tenths of his money. "I am a poor man," he said, "and 1 want to mate suite." LIMITATION LAW SATES BIX.

Clipped from The Inter Ocean14 Aug 1894, TuePage 7

The Inter Ocean (Chicago, Illinois)14 Aug 1894, TuePage 7
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