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1894-01-24-CourierJournal-p2-WhatTheyWant - COURIER-JOURNAL, LOUISVILLE, 8ATUKUAY MUKININO,...
COURIER-JOURNAL, LOUISVILLE, 8ATUKUAY MUKININO, ap-lals just-in Bara-tierin-i li-publieau pueaiMl-ity WHAT THEY WAST Delegates From Second-Class Second-Class Second-Class Cities Meet At Frankfort They Argne For Their Charter Before tin Municipalities Committee. Decidedly Less Serious Differences Brought Oat Than Had Been Expected. Ur. Follis Declared Uie Uegularlj Elected Member From Allen benate aud House. FRANKFORT DEMOCRATS WIN Frankfort, Ky., Jau. ID (Special.) Tho House Comuiittoo on Muuicipalities met tills afternoon to consider tlio charter charter for the (,'yverumeut ot cities of tho ecoud class. L'puu aaseiubliug C huir-mau huir-mau huir-mau May announced That Uie couiiuut.-e couiiuut.-e couiiuut.-e had agreed to hear discussions liuui citizens citizens of the cities coucerucd until the close of Monday. Mr. liuiis, a member member of tho committee, wauti-d wauti-d wauti-d to know when and where this umreeuieiit . was inude, ufllruiiug that he was Milling to )njr as oti aa those interested desirt-u desirt-u desirt-u to discuss the qu-stions. qu-stions. qu-stions. Mr. Wiuiam L,r.ic, ol Coiai,-tuu, Coiai,-tuu, Coiai,-tuu, waa the first speukcr, uud a lcaiuui objection objection with him .'.as that duties were placed upou the Auditor wheu tiny should lall upou other orliciais. Mr. liraailayu, of to. iiijuju, spoke ucxt, aud offered a sultltute to the sccliuu re-latiug re-latiug re-latiug to saloou liccnw. He adocated that upou the petition of U n eitueua of a ward lor the ttrautm oi a sai.sju license, license, tho City touucil should have the authority to tiaut or withhold tho u-cense. u-cense. u-cense. City Attorney Carvther. of Newport, spoke of the debt now haucinu over Newport, Newport, the large, uuiouut of interest which they had to pay auuuaiiy ou the bouds, and led uu to the necessity of au ecu-liwuucal ecu-liwuucal ecu-liwuucal form of city corruuieuU He held that Newport would now be the eunVrer if a Board of liblio Atiuira was ltislituti'd. Newport d.d not caie about tho manner ol appoiaauif or eloctiuK such a board, but was simply opposed to this board at present a a Inxly not now needed. For this reasoti Newport wanted this question put ie the alternative. alternative. Mr. C rot her uutintained that it would bo impossible to get tno best iualiiied men ot Newport to serve on 4 lioard ot Public AJfairt bee uao they could not deiro-tl deiro-tl deiro-tl f TiiiiO necessary tT Tlow of tho aalacy that could bo paidC Mr. Carothers thought only a " fair abstract" of Council proceedings should bo published An newspaper instead oJ' the whole proceedimt. in order to lessen expenditures. He wanted tho charter to Provide that the two brauches of the ISeneral Council should not iw-et iw-et iw-et the same week. He objected to the reqnir--ineot reqnir--ineot reqnir--ineot reqnir--ineot that tho city pay one-third one-third one-third of th street improvements, stating that ler year past tho abuttinx property owners havo borne this expense, save street Irnprofementa. for which special provision provision wore made. The city, having reached it debt limit, could not assume tho burden of paying one-third one-third one-third of street iinproYetrmnta. Mr. Carothsra offered few chamr and so -(rest -(rest ions as to the duties and authority authority of tho Mayor, but did not lay any special stress upon them. He mitr-gested mitr-gested mitr-gested that twenty-four twenty-four twenty-four years instead of thirty year he flxed aa the eligible aco for position of Auditor. No provision waa made reqniriog the City Clerk to glvo bond, and ho uggeeted that a bond with fixed amount be provided for. He thouiht that tho City Solicitor should bo elected for a term of four years, and by the dty-at-larse dty-at-larse dty-at-larse dty-at-larse dty-at-larse Instead of by the General Council. Attention was called to sections which conflict with the (jen-eral (jen-eral (jen-eral eWtion laws, and the supgeotion made that they he stricken out. Mr. Carother earnestly begged of the committee committee to chance the tax-paying tax-paying tax-paying period from the month of " June and December December to April and Ortolier. In response to an inquiry Mr. Carother said that tlie citizens of Newport were very much divided ou the subject ol saloon saloon licenses. Mr. John S. Duckcr. of Newport, I e-?an e-?an e-?an hie remarks by sayinir that all con-Corned con-Corned con-Corned in this charter ought to lie conciliatory conciliatory and willing to give and take. By all means he would urge the committee committee to Rive the cities of the second-class second-class second-class a charter of some kind. He spoke of Cot in ft on having a tax duplicate of $18,-000,000; $18,-000,000; $18,-000,000; Lexington tl 6,000,000. while Newport had but Js.OOO.OOO. Newport con Id not keep pace with the other two eMea, and he thought that tour Aldermen aad boto CounoUmen, one from each ward, would be safficient a well as a Deeded saving to Newport. Tho position of Auditor he considered about the mos iraportaat office, and th people of Newport Newport favored Ibe examination of caadi daaea for Auditor, and that the people vote to elect an Auditor from the candidate candidate who stand the examination. Mr. Docker differed from some of his brother delegates by holding that tlie power which appoints policeman should havo the right to summarily dt-miks. dt-miks. dt-miks. He did not think that the policemen should have a say in eoort'' on tho question ot their dismissal. Major t aris ; . Brown, of Newport, referred to the inUbtednews of Ncwvort, aiM said that they did not want any " h rum.euta-1 rum.euta-1 rum.euta-1 " offices. In biief, h- h- would ask Ih ciiiuittee to insert iu tlie charter charter tho wiid "may" for "shall' whenever whenever it K paihe. He tiiouzht that Newport aiiould have a President ol th lioaid ot hdncaUn, who ahall is eiectc I by the paople-ul-larKe. paople-ul-larKe. paople-ul-larKe. paople-ul-larKe. paople-ul-larKe. Dr. .1. ' Jeuida, ot the School Board in Newport, favotel tlie election of a Preaident of the board by the people, bat ttao board tomave the wer to eieot Ita own Secretary aid '1 re usurer. Hi is concluded the list of spmtker in behalf of Newport, and the (uuiinitteat Mien asked fo hear from Lexington. Mr. Kaufman, .resideM of the lkiard ot CoudciI, waa tlie first to present 1 tngton' desires. He waiued eig-it eig-it eig-it Al-'r-men, Al-'r-men, Al-'r-men, Al-'r-men, Al-'r-men, and argued tUat with 'our Alder-Joen Alder-Joen Alder-Joen it wo J Id bo posai bio lor even two Aldermen to ca:rr through most injuri-oas injuri-oas injuri-oas roeasOr'V. He thouijtie Hit tht Board o( AJdenaen and Bo-rd Bo-rd Bo-rd of ounca-0Ha ounca-0Ha ounca-0Ha should tue tlie power toc4act their owa,reesH'tiv cltTk. wli-rea. wli-rea. wli-rea. rhe charter charter provHea luat tlu- tlu- City Clerk shall act a clerk for the t-wu t-wu t-wu boards. In hi opinion the Mayor nhoukl be empowrre-J empowrre-J empowrre-J to grant all licenses and to revoke the same, aubect to anch restriction m tnT be Uid upon him ty general ordinance. ordinance. Jadf H. M. Batord, of Lexington, favored not lesa thai eight meaabar of a Board of Alder men, since it would then take five to make a quorum and afford greater safeguard against wrong mes- mes- utve. From twelve to fit teen he thought a HOful nuniDer for a" Loard or--CountH-tnen. or--CountH-tnen. or--CountH-tnen. or--CountH-tnen. or--CountH-tnen. or--CountH-tnen. The I'oards of Public Work aud Vafefy he believed should l eleeted by tlie people, ur else bv tlie fjeneral Coun cil. He thotiKht tit: t the establishment of thus, hoards woukt be beoelicial to the three cities concerned. Mr. C. J. ' Broaston. f Lexington, quickly made it appear that was not agreed on all points with Mr. Kaufman, y recommending that the charter be loft unohaiged In most of the cases where Mr. Kaufman had sue zested changes. In diwusslno the provision allowing allowing women to vote on school ques tions, he cave it clearly as his. opinion that provisions should be made for fern fern h-s h-s h-s to register for thij election a ha toen the law with male vtr at elections. elections. He urired the committee to make provision to separate the person or body which provides for work 'o lie done a.id dutiis to l? performed from person or body which actually does the work or performs the duties. He wanted the Boar.l of Public Affairs to lie purely an executive loard- loard- lie protested anait.st the Mavor of anv rity having unrestrict-isl unrestrict-isl unrestrict-isl control of the polioe or lire department, department, therefore he favored a Board of Pb-l.i-e Pb-l.i-e Pb-l.i-e Pb-l.i-e Pb-l.i-e and Fire Commissioners to have full charge of these department. As to saloin li'-ensr li'-ensr li'-ensr he thmisht that the Mayor should not be bothered with thni. and that they should lie taken out of the hands of 'he Council. The Off- Off- Clerk seemitl to him the proper official official to issue the lii-ensr, lii-ensr, lii-ensr, but he cared little what plan was adopted, so long aa the Council could have no control of liquor licenses. Tin quest ion as to the limit of meet in? ami time in which certain bill or resolutions h:nl lieen referred to bv some . r tl.e si"a!;eis, and Mr. Bronston took ive.-jiMon ive.-jiMon ive.-jiMon to ai"ie wi:h viuor that after i.ll the fas. pie must tnit to the honi'Sty ol at least two-thirds two-thirds two-thirds of th IniuruVi coni-posillg coni-posillg coni-posillg ti,e (e'lu-ral (e'lu-ral (e'lu-ral (. omicil. lie could not believe other than that two-third two-third two-third .of tlne would U? honest, but, if not, re-sri'tions re-sri'tions re-sri'tions upon tann of meetinc and lcriod n.s'eieiiry to pass bills would uot avert the evil. With irreat earnestnesa Mr. RronMton ple:iilel iu favor of provisions on rov-ernina rov-ernina rov-ernina the police department, that olice-men olice-men olice-men slu'll at all tiling Hel tluit they are but einnloyes. who can Im dibcharited ij private individual dirhurses. a private emploje who cases to fc-ive fc-ive fc-ive atl-factniy atl-factniy atl-factniy her vice, lu u cursory way Mr. l!roii.stun udvoeat-s udvoeat-s udvoeat-s a slight r.strii tiou of tlio appointive appointive power ot tho Mayor. Mr. 'T. Foreman, of the Lexington Cliauilx'r of Commerce, took up at first the sectioii relatiuij to ad valorem taes mid recommended that striking on t-of t-of t-of that part of the section providing for reductions accordinK to the calendar month in which they are paid after falling falling due. aud the addiilj of sMialti;-s, sMialti;-s, sMialti;-s, up to a certain point, after tiny are due a Mipulatcd period. In closini; he ticreHy assailed all pi-.iv pi-.iv pi-.iv isions wldeh (live the Mayor any control over the police department. department. Biief speeches wer made by other iVI.-cati-s. iVI.-cati-s. iVI.-cati-s. iVI.-cati-s. iVI.-cati-s. nnd at i;::.'u o'clock the com-im com-im com-im i 1 1 alioiirncil until . tttrt o'clock Mondav- Mondav- sfterinsm. It i nr'lnbla that there will lie a lamer attendance than tier.; whs this afternoon. The committee committee or deUvatoe to-day to-day to-day were: i 'i, null' foil Covlliron-'luscph Covlliron-'luscph Covlliron-'luscph 1.. 'rflln's k. M .v ir: .1 cti V Ptlirn. ( entrtv Asw r : wrian IU i'ln. -.Mdeiman -.Mdeiman ; Will-i.vi. Will-i.vi. Will-i.vi. N..w-a-d. N..w-a-d. N..w-a-d. N..w-a-d. N..w-a-d. Ir - dent ,.f ( oi.ucll ; Will Ta' I w. Ainifor- Ainifor- Tie of I or; Vm llo-ue. llo-ue. llo-ue. Cltv ilirk: Hi lev Il'll -u?. -u?. lorn Biatilgc. Tt'onis ii'ilm-i. ii'ilm-i. ii'ilm-i. Co rum it t. . freii N n nt-hil nt-hil nt-hil C. 1 rwn. Msrnl : .1. i .f-nl.ill-., .f-nl.ill-., .f-nl.ill-., .f-nl.ill-., .f-nl.ill-., I'r-s'ftent I'r-s'ftent I'r-s'ftent llonnl 'Vf F1uctioii T'Kima. IV raiolhers. Cltv At-loricv At-loricv At-loricv i-wv i-wv i-wv i.eoiar'l. 'I'Iiohi.w James, i i,pi i Viii.iition, .bum s. Imrker. r iepiii o irsn-. irsn-. irsn-. t.-tO(rt.n-Hsyor t.-tO(rt.n-Hsyor t.-tO(rt.n-Hsyor t.-tO(rt.n-Hsyor t.-tO(rt.n-Hsyor It. T. Dun-bii. Dun-bii. Dun-bii. M. fvnu'oiau. lYesldenv uncll : I Mniii- Mniii- I'reiileiii. f!oi.H of Aldermen;' y. .1. Mien. K. '.. Howiibm. ft. Mrforkle. W. T Jen-s Jen-s Jen-s coninilitee of Uie (ieucr.d rincll : II ni. f. J. I.r ii-l ii-l ii-l .n ' W. E. l.u.li. J'Mdent chamber if ('o.nniree ; T. l'orrna'i. .1. T. ef linif v. C'inv. WtUlsni owl. k. . Del. .112. W. It. SmUli. Joseph SimraU. it li wil-oii wil-oii wil-oii . Imlee 11. r. ifonf. Mat McXam-sra McXam-sra McXam-sra T J. familiv. T. Mehan. K. ives l .ovii.. sowiniUoB rfl lb Chamber of imiuon.. - ' "The GrUnm-FoHi GrUnm-FoHi GrUnm-FoHi rent Mer the eat.Irom Allen conoty enlisted long argumeuto .- .- ia the House to-day. to-day. to-day. The minority report snbniitted by Mr. Bowman, Bowman, of. the Contest inn Board, was voted down by VJ for to against, and the malnrity report. Mating Mr. Koilfs, the U'liiociat, adopted by a vote of 9 to -0. -0. This wa bill dsy in the Houw, and twenty-four twenty-four twenty-four new bills poUred iu to swell an already overplua. On motion of Mr. Clark the use of tlio House waa tendered to the cttiaena of Frankfort on the occasion of the. lectaro Thursday night by Mr. C. H. J. Taylor, Taylor, the Minister under ltesident Llevo-laud Llevo-laud Llevo-laud to Bolivia. . Mr. Uocke iutroducd. a bill to amend the law relating to civil code practice. Tlie first thing in the order of the day was the minority report submitted by Mr. Bowmau, of tho Contesting Board which heard tho evidence in tho tiiUuu-l tiiUuu-l tiiUuu-l oilis oonut. Mr. liobbs introduced a bill to amend seceu-.;i8 seceu-.;i8 seceu-.;i8 of the acts of lfelil-i-'i, lfelil-i-'i, lfelil-i-'i, lfelil-i-'i, lfelil-i-'i, to regulate regulate elections. It wa referred to tue Lommittee on Suffrage and JJoctious. .Mr I ippett inirolucd a lill to protect protect hridg.-s hridg.-s hridg.-s by provifliug a fine or ! to SI i. lor riding or driving over a bridge forty feet in length faster than a waU. Mj Hay introduced a bill to amend the act relating to revenue and taxation taxation He also introduced a biU to amend tli act creating and rett"lan tlw office office of County Treasurer so that twenty-five twenty-five twenty-five o.ir of use will 1m the an', instead of thirty veirs. fr liecominv eligible t .leet ion as County Tretisurer. Mr Webb iniroduced a prevent U.se-ball U.se-ball U.se-ball playing on Sunday. It hi made a tuisdomeauor, and each per i.Kag-mg i.Kag-mg i.Kag-mg ia a baae-balr baae-balr baae-balr game on Sunday 1 to ,ii fine.1 from l to fi for each offense. The bill was refarred to tho Lommitteo ou deuoral Statu tea Mr Cotyer introdpeed an aet to trl to's.ithm . Article 15, Chapter Uie, acts of J h'Jl-2-a, h'Jl-2-a, h'Jl-2-a, h'Jl-2-a, h'Jl-2-a, " provided that the ex-emption ex-emption ex-emption of work beaata and ono yoke of oven han not apply to debt contracted for food or raiment Tor njTf" Mr Hart introdoeed a Mil to protect protect cam nd small bird which onee alwuided in Kentucky, but are r.pitiiy dhiappearing at a rate which threaten ejuinction. It ha been drawn with creat care and after a eloeo atady of Tho existing necesKltiea. U rotctii InicV doe or fawn between the nrst day vil.h .nri the brst dav of September ; black grav or fox aijuirrel, between the lirat'day it rbruary and the Bfteenth of June: wild fjoose, wood-duek. wood-duek. wood-duek. teal Of other vviW duck, between tho fin day of April and flfteenth "1 Anguat: wild turkey, between the first day of February anl the first (lay of 5-ptwn 5-ptwn 5-ptwn fer- fer- wihhIcocV, between tb Orst day of February d tlx? twentieth of June; quail, ptirtridjfe or iheaant, between tm liftonth lay of January and the twentieth twentieth of Or'olier: doves, between tho first day or February and' la urst day of ugust : thrush, meadow4arlCi finch, roar-ten roar-ten roar-ten swull'ivv, wtHKlpeeker, Bicker, oriole; redHrd, tanaj;er, ratbiH, bluebird or other song r insectivorous bird, except when the sum shall b dtmctive to the Iruit or grain crops, shall be protected protected at all times. Catching quail, psrtridie or phen-ant phen-ant phen-ant by net, trap, box or snare is prohibited at all times. Tho mst or etrint f bird an troteetd" from being robbed or destroyed,' save those of . predatory n i ure and dextrtictivo of other bird or fowls. Offenders and violator of the raw are to Is fined frmn . to fi'' fnr a"h offense. Hiring any in ii irame in possession within the close .nam i to h prima faclo evidence of .jo ilt and thorn.- thorn.- exinsins hnoii ayune or hirJ fr sale are aubieet lo fin-. fin-. fin-. The penalty in nil cases is accumulative, it beina within the discretion of tho court tn fin the tdaycr of the bird aa much a S?.0. Fifty' per eent. of fine go fo the informer. Hnnter who trespasa on the land of anotiier, for shootiBg or flshini:, are stibjert to exeuiplarv daw-aces daw-aces daw-aces fmtu i to g-s.-beslle g-s.-beslle g-s.-beslle g-s.-beslle g-s.-beslle any damage actually doue, providing sfta iNmrds, at lenst two in number, are up. bearing the ww.1 Peeted," together with the name ot the owner or occupant of the land. a is a of a within a in to to HI! ti oi bo pa a

Clipped from The Courier-Journal20 Jan 1894, SatPage 2

The Courier-Journal (Louisville, Kentucky)20 Jan 1894, SatPage 2
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