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Jeff Kidd - tornado - S IN TWO SECTIONS PRICE DAILY 5c, SUNDAY 15c...
S IN TWO SECTIONS PRICE DAILY 5c, SUNDAY 15c '"a d ££32 H^T · ·· · H| Ivi Us F At Least Three Twisters Known By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS'nadoes writhing over Ihe Wesl A tornado swooped out of the Texas plains','n about four wave darkness and smashed the village of violent thunderstorms of Sunnyside in the Texas Panhandle while most of the residents were at church T^da? night A ^Zv She-ff r"'' ^ C ? least four ,« and 32 were in- ? 8$^^°^"*! A woman standing outside the 3? afr'Th^f ° f "*,"",! church, unidentified, spotted the a ,»u 1 7 . M D m lu.iiiitna funnel cloud and shouted ' irl. "The tornado tore up 15 or 20~ ars-most of. the cars (hat were' here. UVn we got Iliere Ihe an alarm. The congregation'^ "^ W "? ' he '«" bodics sca K |ed for storm cellars. Some failed , , J n ,' h ? dehris " - lhe she T if f lo gel Ihere in lime ' , lcd - f.Mped load lhe bodies; In Sunnyside, a crossroads vil- . " v °- an old man and a liU! e ; lage of 35 or 40 persons, the lelhal blow smashed the Baptist church, Ihe single store, a cotton.gin and four or five homes. Hcofs flew off Hie other three or four homes in the community. Weather- Bureau observers house ported the twister, safely back in pitaL could lake the injured lo the hos- , the air for the moment, appeared u.v un «U4 uti; iiLviiL^u, u^jpi;ci4 cu *»«"! j icut;i, , uiliy UliC Ot [flfi to pass almost directly over Am- dead had been identified."He was arillo, a city of more than 100,000 J- B. Kidd, 45, president of the about 70 miles northeast of Sunny- Brotherhood of (lie First Baptist side. It was one of at least three tor- Hostage With Tear Gas Church at Plainvicw, Tex. The other dead: : ' A heavyset man whose body ·' 'as taken lo an Olton, Tex., funeral home and then moved to ' 'lainview. ' A Hide girl whose hody was aken to a Dimmitl mortuary. '" A fourth victim, not otherwise dentified, whose body was also police while being es- Wl iVU IU Jtlit Vil ClUligt; /l «ll«Ul'l- use of his father-in-law's i UIL\.U yiu^tcu oil uik-uui US^iLiUU house after Jennings balked at an offer of comnHUment: to a institution,-a r bid made by and a radio news- which Jennings for a wH'~ -willing to accept, psycjijatrist, Dr. Charles , . .. medical 'director of a Vir- a«^ii_ai uuci-awi ui A vn- mental .hospital, and y ° f Dallas . Tcx -to news director of the Balaban stations, made one last Jennings after the army had turned out street ---- o! ouicers naa wrnM out sir attack, coming ^K ^ yelled to Jennings they like to renew an earlier mental care before any by the law would occur. didn't reply. Elaine Huff, a relative of walked toward the Tuesday night, one Of them Her- over whom a mild for several days. to jail on charge of unaulh- hand?" Huff -continued. Jennings ordered an all-out assaull you talk to me, Jackie?" "I'll shine a light, so lo the .window. Jack, I'm the porch, you watch that These people have put you a long lime, so break before somebody gels "Do you have the guri in your " said he did. "Then put the barrel out the window. You're not going to plug me, are you?" ' . ; "No, no," Jennings replied.- At 110:25 p.m., when Huff had .eaej^sd extremely close quarters, police opened fire with three tear-gas shells. "Why not come in and get me," Jennings yelled. "Hey cops, come and get me." .More gas was.lobbed in, about eight shells in all. Moments laler .Jennings appeared at the door wilh Barbara. About 45 minutes before the final assault, Jennings had fired his first shot in more lhan half a day. lie apparently became incensed at police preparations to rout him The shot did no damage. The ' assault came about when the parents of Jennings' 16-year- old wife--sister of · lhe girl heW hostage -- withdrew their objections lo direct action, and alter Dr. Zeller reported Jennings appeared to be cracking under tb« strain. Dr. Zeller and Camay had been iiiitted to the house earlier wilh Sw YOUTH, Pg. J-A, Col. I Snyder Extends Trigg's Contract B. G. JOYNER SUH Writer - Trustees of the Snyder Independent School District the · contracts of two son told a crowd of some 35 galh- , s c h o o l principals, ered in the board room Tuesday nighl, one Of them Her- night that lhe board's actions were taken "in the' best interests of the school system and lhe pu- anti . climactic meeting, were extended for upon recommendation T. E. McColium. principal of Central Elementary School, was selected last a member of the Snyder Council. He lopped a Ihrcc- and was sworn in Wednesday, only lo turn in a onc- resignation from lhe Council to City .Manager Roy Salurday. Dunlap said Ihe Board President Malven Steven The scene wa s one of almost Mmplcte destruction," said Cas- unnyside; He was one of the first ' . e sur- ·Ivors were trying to get some of ne other cars started so they Hours later, only one of the' a Dimmitt funeral home it _ Cartwright reported a number: if the 16 injured appeared lo be »dly hurt. One man had a broken hip. Power .was knocked out at Sun-.- lyside and also at Dimmitt, add-, ng to the confusion of rescue ef'" br'ts. " ,; ' . : ' ' - . 'As a search of wreckage contin-' ued in the devastaled village, the'- sheriff '.said .he - did - not;. : believe" Jiere were any persons unaccounted for. He said curious spectators, flocking from neighboring .towns, seriously handicapped,, efforts lo'·'. reestablish a semblance of order. .' Still other tornadoes, apparently small, wrecked a trailer house injured three persons at . and dipped destructively on a farm north of Muleshcc. This :oncentrated the damage in a rich 'arm area between and a little" west of Amarillo and Lubbock Deputy Sheriff Ben Aloorernan" said a twister funnel was clearly! visible as one storm struck- about ":30 p.m. on the east edge of, ·Mona, a town of 2,000 about 80 miles southwest of Amarillo. Ei- her this lornado or another also partly wrecked part of a high school football sland on the opposite side of town. As turbulent weather coursed northeastward across the West Texas Plains, witnesses said still another funnel dipped but never appeared to quite touch ground 6.5 miles north of Muleshoe. It unroofed a house and demolished a barn on the Burl Btack farm. Vicious hail and briefly torrential rains battered several other points in the Panhandle-Plains region. At Friona, (lie tornado whipped and rolled a 50-foot house trailer more lhan 200 feet into U. S. Highway 60, pinning Mrs. Marie Carrol! beneath the wreckage. Mrs. do not come up for review by £ " « » MrS " tsirtM" - -s«»ajsirs determined injuries. Tom Carroll, husband of Ihe in- Stcvcnson, contacted following III r " ck Davidson were hurled clear of the bouncing trailer and escaped wilh super: ficiat hurts. Hailstones the size and shape of pears pounded Sudan, 28 miles ,. - , . , - w IA.-UIS yuuituw ouutfi", .10 nines meeting, was asked for a nor , hlTest . 0 , Lubbock ,., £ hjl , jke specific reason for the giving ofL , DI) of bric) . ., Mid Dal(on Wofld one . year contracts. He said, thing three or four years or more." He said hat the board intended not to jive any specific reasons for its aclions. He said he had no further comment. Griffin, also contacted, said that he had no statement lo make at _ ... of Ihe Sudan Beacon. _.__ ens of cars were dented and scarred, and some plate glass windows were shattered. .Moments before the tornado struck at Friona, Carroll stepped inside the trailer where his wif* Sw FOUR, Pg. 2-A, Col. 1

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  1. Abilene Reporter-News,
  2. 13 Apr 1960, Wed,
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