Lovewell happenings May 9, 1946

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Lovewell happenings May 9, 1946 - tion. In the case of coal this would mean a...
tion. In the case of coal this would mean a huge fund that, at the figures proposed last year. million dollars annually. The ''oal producers point out that th\ iiitrary addition to the pric'fe of coal to the consumoi- would tend displace coal with competitive and gas, and so to j fuels, oil I cripjde the industry and cut down employment. Legislation to i)revent the levy] ing ff excise taxes by private oi- g'i "'7 -i'tions would be amply war- ' ranted, provided it could be so as to be effective. To repeat in the coal industry tlie mtule in ilealing with Petrillo I ^^''"-'bl get tlie country nowhere. Mrs. Star Vale, Mrs. Lulu Lovewell, Mrs. Joe Earlv and Miss Dollie Vale. Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Switzer are, opening a photo studio in Concordia May 15. They have been in school in Texas for the past few weeks. The entire high school went to Wichita Friday on an educational trip. -Miss Haiuia Hansen, principal of the grade school, has the mumps and Miss Mary Ellen Cook is substituting for her. The Howard Mettlor family went to Peoria, 111., to visit Mrs. .Edna.. Kennedy and Fred and Isaac Mettler. Ml', and Mrs. Larry Evans of | But under threat of an effective j Lissie, Tex., viisted his parents, i biw on this subject Lewis mightjMr. and Mrs. P. G. Brown Satur- 1 ''c niore ready to turn to the) day. ' I'loper field for negotiation—the | Mrs. j luestions of wages, hours anil i w-oiking conditions. These mat- the operators have been ready thscuss irom the start. | The Senate is yet to express I)i:CEPTION IN FOOD SUBSIDIES Kansas City Stai: The House has voted foi- the ^ gradual eiiinination of government j er, Mrs. Stella Leeco, had a fam- subsidies on food by next January Flossie Risewick, Dean Smith ami sons Walter and Warren were Sunday visitors at the Evan Uei'g home in .Maiikato. Mr. and !\Irs. Frank Burns and f'alvin are visiting friends and relatives here. Miss Wynetta Leece and Dwayno Ball of Belleville were married in Belleville Thursday. Her moth- itself on this feature of an OPA ily dinner for them Sunday. Visitors at Lloyd Swihart's Saturday were Mr. and Mrs. George extension hill. These subsidies j Patrick of Formoso and Mr, and i ^° =^ total of IVi; billion i Mrs. Ray Studer from Norway. The government! Mrs. Ira Guise was operated on dollar.s [•s a vea i'. j P".vs <bem directly to the farmers > '1'^'-'^="' <'•" allowing food prices ' t" ''b an equivalent amount, ^^"t Ibe farmer.s' do not want these subsidies. They would lue- fer to get tlieir products into market channels and let the law of supply and demand take care Saturday at Concordia for goitre. Howard Brammell, Junior and Donald went to Sedgwick Sunday to visit Mrs. Howard Brammell at the J. W. Brammell home. Mr. and Mrs. Dewayne Ball are honeymooning in Kansas City. Mr. and Mrs. Noel Swihart were of the prices. Tlie subsidies wereL,alled to Kingman Sunday where I started in wartime with the tir-'i^e,. niother, Mrs. Clara? Beck, was i gument that they would help pi'c- injured in an automobile accident, j ^''-'"t pi'ice inflation. But the sul)-j 'M,.. and Mrs. Clarence Meek of I •'^'tl'es must be pait^ by consumers L^S Angeles, Cal., were calling oil .Just as any higher prices would friends here Friday, j be paid by consumers. The sub-j jj,. .,„d Mrs. Martin Dahl call- i sidies are paid through taxes while ^d at Harold Dahl's and E, E. the prices would be paid direct. , Wurth's Sunday. Many people have been led to, Quentin Leece and family were I believe they were getting some- g^nday dinner guests of Mr. and thing for nothing because of tbe \Yi'.s'Leonard'Leece" subsidies They are simply being M,._ .j„d Mrs. Horace Osborne, Every dollar the govern- ,j|,d Mrs. Ernest Osborne and ' nient jiays out comes from the j ^jj. .j,^d Mr« Claude Osborne of | Pcople or is marked up as a iiart Oklahoma Citv Okla visited root the debt to ,be paid l)y the 1.,^,,,^.^ j,^,,,^. ^\:^^. t.he ' week-end. peope. Why not get away from' ^ ^,.„^^.d attended a birth- tbe deception and -leal sqtiarely in ., j^^,„, swanson at this business of subsidies and Swanson home Sat, urday night. Mr. and .Mrs. John Freed and , i I'l'i'''-'-'^ pays both? * ^ ' i —__— ! ii.'rom Last wceiu i Aiiri! 29—Sunday guests of Mr.[ ^^'ant ads cost but 2-cents per I t.nd ;\Irs. Ciiet Poole were Mr. and word in The Telescope.—Adv. Peggy Susan of Wichita spent >Sat- nrday at Lloyd Swihart's. Peggy ; Susan remained with her Rraiul- liarents for a longer visit.

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  1. The Belleville Telescope,
  2. 09 May 1946, Thu,
  3. Page 9

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