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 - NEW TURK THE LADIES' MILITIA. Ww Troubles in...
NEW TURK THE LADIES' MILITIA. Ww Troubles in the Seventh Begimont--A Big "J?ly" Coming to "Sadder" the Command'! Harmony-Can It Be "Shooed!" Judging from present Indications tne troubles in Certain companies or tlie Seventh regiment are not yet at an end. Tlie nubbuo ia tne First company has *)mewnat abated to all outward show, although at Sta meeting on Monday eveums the court martlal's action iu\He cases of a few unfortunates gave rlae to a little discussion, which, however, did not end In liny Knockdowns. It was a nice, qmet discussion, in irnich tDose who partoofc tn it endeavored to do everything as coolly ana ca.miy as possible. Trie Captain was tbe only exception to tfte general rule, for Be Interested himself in cha case of one of tbe court martlalled members very warmly. In fact, he felt It incumbent upon himself '.o leave Ilia seat as chairman and taKe the unit to "demand'' the dismissal of tbo seutleman.. Ue must have been gratified, at the result of bis "demand." At this meeting an unfortunate corporal who had shouldered a musKet for nine years was also placed 7iors Cte comQat, and the court martial recommended the dismissal of one of Its members, who was a lieutenant colonel during the war. because he had visited an Insult to ftlrlendof nis with t swift tnocic down a west or lo 8J, a full description of whicli interesting event was given in tue II-BALD on Wasniugtou's Mrth- day, much to the diszusc or certain companies wco "condemned to a man" tue ext»s6 of the inner workings of tbe ieventti. 'liie ex-lteutenant colonel Sights knocK down argument used an epithet which the conrt martial ac' uaiiy demanded an explanation «f, and for their special benefit He referred them, to Webster's Dictionary, it IB supposed that a court martial lias jurisdiction to try a man lor calling aam:B. There is, in addrion to tfte First company rumpus, another oae looming op in tbe Seventh Company In relation to one of the lieutenants. This Tvill in ail prouaoiuty iooa afford a new chapter frorth readmz. Tne must tenons trouble, however, is that about which tiiere are now well authenticated rumors. It is this:--li.ere ?.re in almost all the companies a #003 in".;!,, (Sisauetteti memoers, who for various reasons are siowlia,' and grumbling in a way that does not portend harmonious results, and 16 is very teneraliv understood that m.iBv of them intend to secede from ttie toevenih. To do tttis with, effect the clan is, as far as can be ascertained, for the disaffected to form an organization sufficient to entitle them to tue aizuity of ' a military company in numbers. Tue Twenty-second reaiozeat bas now only nine fult companies, and it "sverythlug cau ba arranged satisfactorily the "seceders" wi.l umke the tentti company. They contend that every member In good standing of any regiment in any county can demand to be transferred to any other regiment in tae same county, provided tho regiment to which they want to oe transferred consents to their occomlns part and parcel ot it. The demand, tuey argue, uu j-r tnesa circumstances must be complied witu, as the laws of the State entitle them to the privileee to transfer as described. If the members 01 me sevcatn who are talking over BUS should pui, tbsir plans into oxecution a Jolly «i- £iteoumt may be expected m military eircies. SiSO.Y ¥0.1 , a native of*, county Clare, Ireland, JE the aoth rear or his ace. · ' The relatives and friends of £K« family arc respectfully tnv.ted to attend tbe funera), irom his late douce, 214 Bass Thirty-seveutn street, this (fours- day) afternoon, at half-past one o'clock, KEIIOE.--At Ills late residence, Lawrence street, Mauhattanviiie. on Tuesday evening, March 1, WILLIAM KKHOE. tu the 58th year of his age. Tue relatives and Irieuds of the family are respectfully invited to attend the mneral, from St. Mary's church, Lawrence street, MinuattauvUle, oa Friday afternoon, at one o'cloclc. LITHE.--On Wednesday, March S, MARY, daughter of Susan Llttie, aged 23 years. Funeral on Friday alteruoon, at two o'olocK, the residence of her mother, Concord olreej. near Pearl, Brooklyn. MASTIN--on Wednssday. March 2, FRANCIS 6it- TAR MARTIN, Portuguese, aged 74 years. Tea relatives and Mends ol the family are respectfully luvitea to attend the funeraVfrom Uts late rieneo, J»o. a Cataariae slip, on Friday morning, ten o'cloclc, to St. James" church. MOKQAN.--On Tuesday morning, March 1, after lingering illness, I'AIBIGJC IIOKUAN, In tne 50th year of his age. The mends or.the family are respectrnlly invited to attend the funeral, irom Bis late residence, 617 West Fom-flfti: street, this (Thursday) afternoon, at one o'clock. The remains will be laaen to Caivarr for interment ~ MCUABE.--On Tuesday, March 1, MICHAEL, son or Henry and Frances AIcCube. or the parish of ghacloon, county Monahan, Ireland. lue relatives and friends of the fjfmlly are respectfully invited to attend tue iunerai. oa Friday in?, from his la.e residence, No. 699 Third avenue, from tnence to Sr. Stephen's church, East Twenty- eightti street, where there will be a reqMiein hlgtt mass otfered n p for the repose of his soul, aad thence to Calvary Cemetery. MCGOWX.-- Suddenly, in Harlem, on Tuesday, March i, AKDBSW MLGOTVN, aged 84 years, S and 24 days. The relatives and frlenda of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, at the Reiormed liutcl church, corner of Third avenue aad 121st street, on Friday afternoon, at three o'cloclc. O'DONNELI--in Hoi-ofcen, N. J., on Wednesday, March 2, of consumption, EMKA 15., tbe belored of John O'Donueil, aged 24 years, nine months Iday. The relatives and rrlcnds of too family, also tha memSisrs or the Hoboketx Fire Department, are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from her late residence, corner of Newark aad Willow streets, lioboken, 2s. l., to St. siary's church, thence to Astoria. Long Island, for Interment, on Friday morning, at ten o'clock. I'AKMEI.SE.--laXew Haven, on Tuesday, February 24, Lizuij A- For.TE, wife of John S. Parmelee, I'EIHEB.--Suddenly, at Kewarfc, N. J., on Tuesday, March l, ALPHONSE PEKIEK. Funeral on Friday- mornmtr, at s'.evea o'clock, from Sc. John's church, Orange, K. J., where a soiema rcqmsm aiass will be offered for the repose 01 his soul. Tram from the foot of Barclay street 9:30 A. M., by the Horns and Essex Railroad, re- of !Snden Baden Gumnliug rIor:Uky. The young gentleman, Baron Ton Below, whose irraienmcns at Eltz.ibeth, S. J., -was published in Tuesday's HERAID, on a charge or certain alleged crooKed financial transactions, In bor- ffowins from various panics various sums ai money and failing to pay tusm back, it, as regards his utle, stated upon very good autiiomy to be all lie claUua. He has never aet himself up us a count or as any relation of the premier Bisuiaiclc. Altliuiisrh vet "a young man, a Jons acd romaunc slorv might oe written of his career iu tins country ana oeJore comma here, when he was for a .onic time tue intimate and travelling cotupaaiun or a prmua and lieir of the Prussian Uirone. His ru'tng passion isas been gambling, Having taieri his first Seasons at Budeu Badea, in the splendid gambling ssl«i«. of waich na was ror a long time a most prominent diameter. Ha admits {rambling avra? tlio money ho borrowed, but hopes Jiia fatally will make EUOU tne sums IDUB lost, ma life is lull or romance, the last ana not least of watch is his marrjrine a Jew Jersey heirss. His wife, however, who ciaima not to uavo oeen fascinated oy his title, but by ha bupenor intehigencc ana briiiiaat ·jualitlsa ot person clings to him still witn the pro- ·verbini tenacity of woman. For himself, lie appears so be a sore ol ma^LUlius frou-Frou. handsome, Jtrlvoloos aad reckless b it of less morality. MARRSAGE3 AND DEATHS. Married. HAVZHET/ER--ELDEK.--Ou Tuesday evening, March 1, at the South Eeiorciefl cimrch, by tne Rev. Dr. Bootn, HENRY OSHURMC H A V K M E Y E B 10 MAK^ LOUISE, daugnter ol George Elder, Esq., ol Stamford, {.'onn. ·OttAYWooo--TROY.--At St. MitrK's chnrch, K"ew YorK, on Wednesday, Marott 2, Oy ilis Rev. Oeo. Ii. Foots, JOHN W. UAYWOOU. of Savaauali, to CHAB- LOTTE M. J. TEOY, ol New Yort. HoauE3--MUHTHA.--Iii EUuotljn, on Tliursday, Febrnary 24, at St. Joseph'3 ciiurcli, by tha Rev. feter Carnej, Jons M. HL'GIIKS to Miss MARY J., joungeat aiiugliter ol the isle James Murloa, Escj., all or Broolcija. SLADK--STKOKG.--On Tuesday, March 1, nt tbe Maalaon Square I'resbjtenan church, by the Rev. pr. Adams, ilr. GEOKQB l*. SLAUB to Miss LILLIE W., daacater of Hon. Tlieron R. Strong, allot this cltv. Died. BEBGAN -- Oa Wednesday, March 2, MICHAEL BBS- ·SAX, aged as years. The relatives aud friends are respectfully invited £o attend tlie luneral, fiom ma late resiacnoe, No. 31 Roosevelt street, on Frluaf alteruoon, at one O'clock, without further notice. On 'lueodiv, March 1, HKRVAKN BERGJIANN, of tho firm of AlthoT, liergmaim Co., sued 45 years. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend tlie funeral, irom hla late residence, Ho. 2ai East Nineteenth street, oa Friday morning, at eleven o'clock-. BEKNUEiii -- on Tueiuay, March 1, floRATro, son 01 Charles L. and Anna liernheiui, ased 17 moatlis. , The Inehds and relatives are respectfully mvitefl to attend the ruuerai, iroin tne'r reatdeaoe, (.62 Leic- Jngtou avenue, this (Thursday) aiternoon, at one o'clock. BLACKLY.-- Oa Monday, February 23, after a. short Illness, FBANCKa 1). ULACULY, relic ol I)r. E. Spencer Blachly. The relatives and friends, and those of her sister, lira. John Footo, are respemfuilv invited to attend Ihe luneral, from one Ohurcn of the Most Holj Ke- fleemer, Third street, near avenue A, this iTlmiaday) morning, at half-past nine O'CIOCK, without further aottce. , BLAND.-- Sniiaenlr, on Sunday, February 27, WIL- WAM. E. BLAND, eldest son of the late ilmapnrc? gland. Ihe remains will be interred la Greenwood Cemetery. BURDSAI.L. -- At Hahvraj", N. J,, on Hondar, February 2i, SAHAS B. BcnDSiLt. She relatives and ineuds of the family are invited to attend tue funei a. services, at St. Paul's ohurch, Eanway, on Friday aiteruooLi, ac two o'clocK, without further notice. Tr.uns leave foot of Cort- Undt atieet at one o'clock P. H. OHURCHWELL.-- On Tnursdaj, Feornary 24, after a Short, but severe, illness. Joax W. C'IIUKCUWKLL. jutermeut, Cemetery of Evergreens. DALY.-- On 'Inesday, March i, Jonjt J. DALr, In the 2-Ub year of El» age. -Keqoiescot in pace. The relatives and mends ol tne lamily are respest- Sulty mvucU to attena the luneral, on Friday morn lus, at half-past nine o'clocf, fiom his late resi- Sence, S14 Sixth avenue, corner Forty-sixth Btreet The remains will ba taken to'ihe Church or St. John the Evangelist, FllUeih street and Madison avenne, where a requiem mass will be offered for the repose of hla sow, thence to Calvarjr cemetery lor Inter- iuera. TfiAsapsE -- On Wednesday morning, March 2, after Sllncerme illness, Mrs. AMELIA. FKASTSB. The friends of the lamily are respectfully invltsd to attena the funeral, iroin the residence of her son- Jn-lavv, .lonn S. Btecher, No. 30 West seventeen^ itreet, on Friday alteruoon, at one o'clock. COLL.-- On l-uenaay. March l. EVELINA FATISNCE COLL, formerly tiuuer. In her 45th year. The mends of both families are invited to attena tba funeral, tins (Thursday) afternoon, ac one -o'clock, from the residence of her Uuaband, 306 Seventh avenue. London (England) papers please copy. UROCT.-- On Monday, February 33, lire. EDWAHD UROHT. The relatives and friends or thefanuiy arc respectfully invited to attend the funeral, irora her late re- ttdence, 27 East Eighty -sixth Btreet, near Fifth ave- ime, this (Thursday), at twelve o'clock, without fuv- Uher invitation. ^ HALI.3TSD.-- ALBXANDER JotrssoN, adopted aonol Alex. fa. and Oeorgiaoa Ilallstea. * uneral from 58 Hopkins street, between Marcy ·nd rompkins avenues, Brooitltn, this (Thuraday) taornmer, at ten o'cloclc - HnaHEii.--.On Tuesday, Masch l, KATS Oranze ou tlie arrival of tue train. SHAUKEY. --Oil Wednesday, March S, EDWARD, infant son of James ana Mary Snariey, ajed 3 and 2 days. Tne relatives and friends of tbe family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from the residence of his patents, 744 East Nuun Btreet, ttiB (Ttmr-sdav) Etternoon, at two o'cloclc. SJIASSOS.--On Monday, Febrsiary 28, JOIIK SHA^Ios. eldest son or James and Jane Shannon, 29 years 5 mont'ia and l.flay. 'Hie friends and relatives of the family. Company II and the members ol the 1'ourteenth regiment, llamn pose Ko. lo G. A. R., also emmoyes of Brooklyn Post Olilce, are respectful^ invited to attend tne funeral, irom the residence of Ulg parents, S7 Clennout avenue, this (ihursaayj attfirnoon, at two o'clock. SfiEKEK.--On Wednesday. March 2, MAEY COLLINS, wife of William bherer, in the 30th year of age. Funera! services will lie tne Brooklyn church, iloiiroe place, corner "Clare street, on Friday afternoon at two o'clock:. TmsouT.--Ia Brooklyn, on Tuesday, March l, of brain fever, Misr AQNES, v."ire ci William T. Tiebouc and jour.gest daughter of Ttltoa aud Lydla \T. VTiKies, of Arueytowa, N. J. TBo iunarai set vices will be haid tlua (Thuradavj morning, at ten o'clock, at her late resioenoe, 121 Heury street. TRACT.--On Wednesday, March 2, of consumption, TIIO.JAS TEACY-. iu tne 2«ti year of nig ace. Fnends c.f the family aro respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from, the residence of Uis aunt, Mr?. Starr, 239 Soutn nurd street, VViiliamdburg, L. I., on Friday afternoon, at two o'cIocK. Albany papers please copy. WAEEJIA.N--ul convulsions, at ner father's residence at Harlem, on 'lucdday. March l, HAETT c. \ ASEMAS. Touneest child of Thoddeus B. and fj. Wakeman. aged 2 years, 7 months and is days. The relatives and friends or the family are respectfully invited to attend tbe funeral, at the resl- deuce of her grandfather, Eiben Ludlam, at Oyster Bay, L. I., on 1'r.dav mormnit, at ton o'cloclc. WILEY--Oa Wednesday afternoon, March 2, at BIX o'clock, SAMUEL HATCH WILKV, infant Bon of George W. and Elmyra U. Wiley, agea i months. St. Louis papers please copy. WITTPESS--in Hoboken, oa Monday, February zs, alter a imirerlng illness, UOBETTB AUGUST*. AKALIA, wife of Louis \Vtttpenn, aged 38 yearn, b mouths and 3 days. The relatives and friends of the family, also tbe memueia or Uic Jersey Sclmtzeu Coips and the members of tlie Amt Uaeener Club, are respectfully invited to attend ihe luuerul, from t. John's cU, Christopher sireet, Xew York, this at twelve o'cloclc. A B this B _, will Standard B Parlor All B one and a the of B B and Oil S.U.Ba AT AUCTION. --^~-~ ^^v--J^-J LJ^^^^r-***^-^. ^^rt. A .UCTION SALT;. Bv IlfcNRVT H. LEEDS MISER. H h N R Y U LEEDS, Auolloneer. fculcbioomn, 93 Cham- hers and 77 Rente streets. Art Oallenea.SW ana 819 Broad- waj. . QKEAT SALE OF FIRST CLASS ,, . OIL rAINHNBS. we. bej leave to announce to oar patrons an,l art lovers tiat we uiiall cc'J by anclTon, on I'ucailay and Wertncsdiy o^nliit?, -March 15 and le, at the "LfchD'S ART GAL- LLhli-.K," the cjllectlon of MF.SSKS. L. I'RAhO .t CO., BOslON. coniprl«iiij oil of tho URIUINAL PAINTINGS from which the celebtated CUKOMOd and PUBLICATIONS ol iiiit (rii have been made. Moat of tuo pluures In tho co leu.on were painted to order, and embrace many coma Amciir-ftii and loiei^n art. Also tho private collection of a S rnLeman ol thib city. Among them ura ths followiiic ar- at», viz. :-P. 15. Cburch, Oeor«a Innanj, i-astman Johnson, A r" Tait, J. Q. Brown, liu. Morun, to., together with a jreat nansbcr of French, EnKlish and Bftljiun artists. Including beautiful cneciinena of WATER COLORS bv OHUIKSHANK rnd oilers. Full particulars »ill be clveu ia a tt.iv days of the eihlbition. 4 UCTION SALE.-SALE OF VALUABLE REAL -fl Eatate, tvltl rrntor front. In Jersey Cltv. Will beaold at public auction on lln'rsday Mnrcb 3, at a o'clock: F. M., at /·aylor'si Hotel, Jersey Cltv, Id full"Lot» in one plot, frontta- .110 fret on Iho river, 2UJ luet on South ti£htli Btreet and 3.0 feft on Provunt «treet, beict' one of the most vlualile and most ravcrablr fiitunted pk.ts of jjround ia Jersey City for eas-nufacturiiig Or other puipoacs, having tno Btreet frontt sod va!,ub.o water commm.lcatlon. Sale positive, to the mfOrma " on D uell of E J J at and ej of Kiom J n. n and M E. March Ill about N March A U C T I O N -il , ADCXIOK, v AUCTION 25,irn worth '«25,Q3U worti,; Magnmcent Howsehold Furmtur* at public auction -. -- jjint and flret O'.MB HouEeboU Furniture at the elesant private residence 12 East Tenth Sreet, betwsen boisde rose: rosewood aad nalnut Etaseres, Tables, corner ai.d Sid? Etageres, Turkish and Oriental Chairs, Lounges- Pier and Mantel Mirrors; brocatel, reps »nd lace Curtains; rich Bionzoa, Vases, Statuary, Clocks, Parlor Ornaments; rosa- wood and Walnut Bedsteads, Bureaus, Washstands, Com- inodes, Wardrobes; Spring aad Hair Mattresses; Beds. Bedding, Blankets. Quills, Holiteri, Pillows; walnut Suits covered with reps and haircloth; Lounges. Chairs, Bookcases, Tea and Intension Tables, Buffet, Dinin- Chairs Ac. Sa e positive. All eooda must be removed SI hours after H. B.--Rc.iitble men'in attendance to cart or pack goods for purclinseri!; a'do furniture expresses encased from Brooklyn Wllliiimsh.irg aad Jersay City. ' A RTISTS' SALE.-OIL PAINTINGS, EY CATALOGUE PHILIP LEVY, Auctioneer. Continuation «s»le this day. March S, at 11 o'clock A. it., Iho Arliitts' Salearooiw, 8il Nassau street, of a. superb collection of framed OH Paintings, by eminent American and European artists. On view from 9 A. H. to 5 P. M. part J- J.V in O y WM. n - illy B. J. , Mrs. WlllUm Connolly, so Eidridw , street UU (ITiiiraaay) alternoon, at halt-past one o'olocfc JBNKihS.-At his residence, 124th street, be street, betiresn Ililrd anfl Fourth avenues, on Monday, February M OMORQB W. JE.NiU.NS, I«ca62yearg, 10 monthi and 8 Th« funeral will take place from St. Andrew's thnrch, corner mta street anfl Fourth avenue this (Thursday) nft-ornoon, at three o'clock;. Trams leave corner Fourtu avenue and Tweuty-slxth street at aalf-past two P, S. Returning, leave Harlem at fourteen nnuutps to four p. if. A UCT1O». AUCTION. AUCTION ^X Over $19,000 worth and ovor £00 lots handsome aud genteel Household Furniture, nt lie elegant residence, 118 Weal Twenty-sixth street, between Sixth and Sev«nth avaaues, EDWIN NICHOLS. AUCTIONEER. will sell thia (Thursday) morning March S, atlO} o'clock- precisely, maznlucont rosawood 7if octavo Pianoforte. One elegant Panor Suits, covered with satin brocatel, silk strlpad reps aad haircloth; velvet, Brussels, inzraia Carpels, Etajeres, Mirrors, Curtsslni, Bronzes, Clocls, Vases, Turcish Chairs, Lounsei, Tables,·Beaateads, Bureaus, Wa»h- etaads, Spring aad Hair Mattressea, Bolsters, Pillows, Blankets, Extension Table, Sideboard, Glass, China and Siver Ware, 4c. Sale positive, rala or sluae. Parties wlshln£lo attend this sale take S,!xtu or Seventh avenue titan, aad atop corner Twenty-sixth street. Goods carted, boxed and tbipped for purchasers. . A UCTION--LARGE SALE, THIS (THDRSDAY1 AF- ternoon, comnwoclnj at \% o'clock--All the Furniture, JrlaaofortCj Carpets, Bedsteads, Bureaus, Ac-; Carpet, Oilcloth, Feather Beds, JlaUresoes, Stoves, oror SOO lota of first class Household Goods, contained ia live story macsioa 67 West TKanty.aerenth streat near Seventh avenue. Slith avenue, orer S25,OUO worth of taicolncont anJ costly Household Furnltun, line Oil Paiatlnea aad Broazes, oritlinnt 7^ octave rosewood Pianoforte, rich rctawooil Stool and Corer; Music Stand, cost $1,100, madg to order; taM WRrrantee for seven years; ha box for »blppln». Tho above home was furnished since May. Parlors consist of four rich Parlor Salts, covered In Medallion, Brussels and Three-ply CrpttsT _ Bedrooms consist .ot rich rosewood Bedsteads, Bureauj, Washttands, Una Spring Keds, Jiorse hair Mntlreaies, Fsather Bads, Shctts, Quilu, Counterp»nesT Blankets, *c. ' " Dining Room oonslsu of li foot Extension Table, Buffo:, solid black walnut Chain, solid, sliver anil plated Sheffield CuUery, French China Dlnnor snd Tea Sots, 250 pieces; Tabla Linen, Caston, Urns, Fruit ad Bell Casteri and oilier Articles too numerous to raantion. Kitchen and Front Basement Puriilture. A --TRADE AUCTION SALE DIAMONDS, WATCHES, . ic.-A. Si. CRlSTALAtt A SON, 427 Broadway, co? ner Howard street, will sell by auction, at their ·alosroom, Krldav March 4. *. ii) CARAl's DIAMONDS, IN IOTS TO SUIT; K M and'sllver Watchm, Jewelry, Cutlery, Platodware and ncy Goods In creat variety, Tnlo mt ITlv»l« buy«ri in. X and 655 W Kaw oval will walnut, W W mtlnut and houss, pet, F Bonnou C. M ». of tsonth ID;

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