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 - sotelo ·" (alls for Ruml Act Repeal 8571 l...
sotelo ·" (alls for Ruml Act Repeal 8571 l Jess M. Ritch'ie. chairman National Committee, Pha rman WHOOPING Dinner Meet blldllllldllCOUGH CASES e ef kv A - iON INCREASE ~ er D j[ . Conditioners .,,,, Ms « ,. hrain concussion/^"v,Vnrr''t ; ,\-anri cet the Collec-|\vay scattering the people's ruptured spleen and cuts ami { l n t e mal Revenue out;tax money an u \ t n u.t- « v n t u b-'u'es over his entire body,^ rivate affairs. Repeal!through t h e thousands of However. Mrs. Sotelo was; nf the £ U ml Act would ^ the squanderlust p r a c 11 c e s m released when the District A t - j f i r s t step toward the repeal of iwhich the federal Admim*- torneVs office declined io; t h e sixu?e nth Amendment, thejtration participates. is«ue"a complaint against her. j,- ec i era i income Tax. ludse Julinn Beck ordered| -Sotelo held in lieu of S9 - f1( " Ten new cases of whooping cough were reported .yesterday by the City Health Dept. Dr. Ralph R. Sachs, acting city health officer, said the 1958 total climbed last week to 221. Last year the disease attacked 49 persons by this time. One death has occurred from the disease this year, Sachs said. "There would be no ·\vboonine couch in Los Angeles if every child were immunized," he said. The Institute of H e a t i n g and Air Conditioning Industries will jing on The Tomahawk (News from Birmingham High School) By JULIE HECTOR Commissioner of Publications HELP THEMSELVES It's true that all^ things coma to those who wait--on themselves The A-12 be held evening at the Rodger Young Auditorium, Los Angeles, for a presentation to its manufacturer, j distributor and con t r a c t o r ""I ! i f i e A-I A c t i v i t y i^av « m wt ..^. u j ,, "«, at Periods 5, 6 and 7. Class President Walt Kaufman has announced that the festivities will follow a western theme- and the program includes swimming at Birmingham's pool, a spaghetti lunch* ,| ... Susie, a petite blond B-12, """· Vir rendition and sp ° rts c o m p s ' h ^ been attending Birming- | rnemuws w gas air condition-j TQ add to the f u n _ a s j. it will! hara since the B -7. At present 1 l'v,= T,rr,«,r a m will h P nrp !be S iven titkd "Gunfight at!she it our very capable Com- !«nt«Si HV ff n o a l , of P thP i O K Corral " Chairman of the; missioner of Social Activities. i^J? ^ffornia'c-as SiP»f committee is ChUCk il. m ^^« fu Ladie,, the 12th ,.. T.T -»T o f L t l « grade girls honor-service Add Buying Power Sctelo held in lieu ai *ijuu| --- . bond and set his preliminary | "The repeal of the Ruml Act "".'would mean that no one with !an income of less than $5000 Dissipate Tax Revenue "According to Willis Stone of American Progress Foundation," Ritchie pointed out, "if! the U.S. Government would 1 Council Hits Jam on Freeway; Blast Construction Work Yesterday's rush-hour free- would "be!sipate the income tax revenue, |way congestion caused by con- Ithey would sell for 850,000,-jstruction has | . , . . , JOHN NANCE, Gary Ed- the Alecians, a Y club. Last wards, and Dan Drown wero,semester she was president of pervisor of industrial and air conditioining sales. Announcement had been made by Ken-i ·· -- -·- ---- -,-- -; ; , , · neth N. Robertson president! elected as 12th, llth and 10th j of the Institute [grade representatives, respec-j Included in the presenta Council. tion will be a discussion o f j the various types of gas-fired equipment available for industrial, commercial and residential air conditioning sys ization repre . s e n t e d ( - t h i s terns; \ypicaljocalinstaua-j^m^n to "coordinate p n t jl e Council. , newly formeti; A ' 9 1)AXCE , held Friday at 3:30 p.m. in the Sponsored b\ the facultj | auditorium, and Birmingham's !advisors of each boys organ- hearing d a t e for 9:30 a.m.jw Thursday in Division -So an ^|^^? ^ ^^-^theSseil the' 700-plus-government- a TM Mr° SUP Sotdo 35 to a o"1he : unSid Pa tax n c 0 onectcr. known|owned corporations wmchdi,; child to Van Nuys Receiving;^ the employer, ^^ ^^ ^ ^ ^^. Hospital. She said Edward ^eect c .^^ ia: .' m ' m to privat e enterprise, jby City Council. -had become nl when nciih^ i·'« - - w t h r o u g h t h e j T h i s could be applied to our| The Council requested u, C | area . 'durin- school in the car. , i n t o M \ct would if retained national debt and results mj c i t y clerk to contact the State| A soc i a l hour will begin at J u r m s c h o o l When Sotelo was ^'"^i^/.J O pi° result at oncejlarge i n t e r e s t savings. It Dep t. of Highways in an effort 6 p . m . wlth dinner following houi t . s u c h custody he claimed that the,h the_peopic.^r ^^ whif . h | xvnuld at the same time putj l o have road work scheduled! at P7 n - r , ock . All members and a a t h l e t i c , bov had fallen ^^^^ipriram^no^Ving carr fe In by the gas utilities m th* g^ out of the,in a family car several times. Both the parents are health instructors. MANAGEMENT MEN SET TO DISCUSS WORK PROBLEMS The San Fernando Management Association will meet tonight at 7 o'clock in Genio's 'Restaurant. 1420 W. Olive Ave., Burbank. The group will present a series of discussions for management men. Speakers will . include Jim Loggie from the Aeroquip Corp. and Walter Sterling, g u e s t moderator.!. _ i ·oule result at oncejlarge i n t e r e s t savings. It; Dept. of Highways in an effort! · ' erp-n'buvin'' power which I would at the same time put, t o have roa d work scheduled! would "mean'that inventoriesjthese big enterprises on the;during the non-peak hours ' in business houses throughout |tax rolls." j Councilman Ernest R. Di in business nouses uuuu e iiu u t ,.a.v ^.^. , Councilman Ernest R. Debs, thp country would move. I Ritchie pointed out_that the; who introduced the motion. c o u n r y . , ivil .,,^ t ^., ;.';,"." · 'The business houses would |Constitution Party. U.b.A., _is i nt. u t......~-,~ -- _ . J U L necessity order from the [manufacturers,' who w o u l d I have to step up production. I The manufacturers would in turn order from the mines, farms and other raw material [sources: thus.putting the people back to work at all levels and thereby eliminating "the breadlines. Spend Where Earned "It would be much better jfor the people to- keep,their 20% in taxes and spend it in the locality in which it was earned," Ritchie insists, "pay- ling excise tax at every turn, rather than have the money taken from the people to sup- a new clean second party in opposition to the two-headed internationalist b o d y politic k n o w n as the Republican- Democrat Party. who will speak on manage-jp ort the 700-plus government ment problems. Also,. special the National Secretary Asso · ciation will be represented and "work-wiser" discussion will be held by the group. The San Fernando Valley Management Association is ·--affiliated with the National ".Management Association and ' all management men in the ,, Valley and the surrounding j ; area are invited to attend this '· ' meeaing. '".. For further information contact Wayne Taylor at STate 6-5070 or STate 3-1660 Labby at Citrus '"[port the 700-pius government.- J owned corporations which are ~4-; + i^-,n -tn -nri- guests fromjtax-free'in 1 'competition to pri vate industry. "Or g i v i n g City Expects Over $6 Million Revenue from Gas Tax Funds The city can expect 56.619,-, 500 from gas tax funds during I the 1958-59 fiscal year. ' A report from the State Department of Public Works advised the city to compute the expected revenue into the fiscal budget. The report was read to the -- ·' -i 1 *-] f;i rt H said the department agreed several years ago to follow such a policy. He said, after being tied up in a traffic tangle fromj Cahuenga Blvd. to the Civic Center, that the state had followed the '-'non-peak" work hours until recently. Councilman Earle D. Baker said he noticed construction work during rush traffic during the last 10 days. Debs cited peak rush hours between 7:30 and 9:30 a.m. and U 1 C I L g.ut.^vj v.. - -- - - . tend. For reservations call th I n s t i t u t e office, PLeasam 3-1711. i Teenage Problem to Be Topic for Panel Discussion teenager will occupy memoers duu -- - - - - - - _---. invited to at- a u t o m ptive i . , t. In n rl e» /·» I ftflO Q dance band, the Stardusters, will play. A9 students who have purchased A-9 Activity Cards will be admitted free: all others will have to pay 25 cents admission. Most Jfoiks Are Careful Drivers If you are a careful driver, call me. Ybu may qualify for State Farm's top-notch protection at rock-bottom rate*. C. D. MAGILL 6911 Van Nuys Blvd. STaUS-2416 STatc 5-8876 fito Ftm WHIM*** tarn" C*W Homi Offlct-Boominjton. IHinots 14:30 and 6:30 p.m. during week days. vate mciusiry. vi 6 i . *,.,.,. i l l c 1V .^ U1 . _____ $4.000,000 to Nehru in foreign [city Council and ordered filed to buy new automobiles | A n o t h e r communication 'rom the department revealed · or David 3-6714. Gary Parks Enters Army Contest in Stuttgart, Germany Army Specialist Third Class Gary L. Parks, whose wife Joyce, lives at 8007 Ranchitp Ave., Van Nuys, has participated in; an entertainment contest in Stuttgart, Germany. Specialist Parks, son of Mr, and Mrs. Paul J. Parks, 13951 Moorpark St., Sherman Oaks is regularly assigned as ' c l a r i n e t player with th Fourth Armored Division at Goppingen. He has been in Europe since last January. The 23-year-old soldier entered the Army in February 1957 and c o m p l e t e d basic training at Fort Lewis, Washington. A member of Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity, he was graduated from Santa B a r b a.r a College in 1957. ;he city obtained HECTOR every ·a n d science ( f u n c t i o n s . [The C o u n c i l meets Tuesday, fifth period. Members of the Council, other than those mentioned, are chairman Roger Griffith, Student Body boys vice president; Jack Cook, commissioner I of athletics; Gary Krause, from the Lettermerx's Club; Bill Collins, representing Key Club: Richard Fallack, .from U1C ^\J ,.**£,..- . age Rebellion" is presented at the next meeting of the Valley from " and" representa- the K n i g h t s , Columbus Council Schedules Dance at Calabasas Site Members of Canoga P a r k he citv oDtamea ai.^u.o^,Knights of Columbus Council ; rom the state tax during the'3601 today had announced that quarter ending Dec. 31 1+; " 1 - 3te TM w aro TM " lp fnr jates today at ,_ Kvhitsett Ave. and Riverside Drive. Such question as why the T.A. rebellion? How resppns-! .ble is society? Is the teenager whipping boy for our own parents and answered Squires, and Pages respective jly; Gary Brown, Bill Lang. and Mike Soebel. * * REPRESENTATIVES from I Tax Service--Public Accountant Formerly with U.S. Internal Revenue Service 1 HAVE THE EDUCATION-EXPERIENCE-ABILITY TO LEGALLY SAVE YOU TAX DOLLARS Income taxes should be prepared by qualified accountants. BEWARE of income tax quacks, so-called tax consultants, part time realtors and other unqualified individuals. CREDIT PLAN AVAILABLE If you art out of work or short of cash, we do your tax now-~ you pay later. FOR LOWER FEES and LARGER REFUNDS SEE: MITCHELL G. MANN, Public Acct. Specializing in All Types of Tax Preparation ^170 HDIIIVFRA RlVfl '/j block No. of Builders Emporium O I Z U jCrULVCUA DLYU. opposite Valley Market Town Open 9 to 9 Daily and Weekends Available all year to answer questions regarding your tax transactions Phonei: STate 0-7839 STate 0-5788 Both allocations by the state were based on a population of 2,243,901 for the city. A rise of 19 % in the per capita gas tax contribution of [Los Angeles residents since 1948 was attributed to population growth of unincorporated areas. Dr. Harry Kinsling Wins Toasimasters' Speaking Contest Dr. Harry Kinsling was the winner of the weekly speech trophy presented by the Van i'Nuys Burnt Toastmasters at the last regular meeting. Dr. Leonard Stevenson is · president of the group. Other speakers were Nelson ;;,LaVally, Chamber of -Com- · merce, who spoke on "The First Commandment--A Daily Guide Post;" Clarence Lanier, banker, "Competition, fcr Better or for Worse." and Bob Grey, writer, who concluded " the program with "People's Capitalism." Toastmaster for the morn' ing meeting was Mike Katz. newspaperman. Atty. B o b :· Dillman served as table topics chairman. Tp'.'rrT'in'the 1 American Legion | da^atH^TM^^^? 145 ' U SylVan SUi ested in joining may obtain j ^ £ . lunchcon wlll QT^^n 1 ^TM y ° n g nonor past comanders and, STate 0-8400. | past prcsidents and spe cial| Iguests will include Capt. John' tn K/tapf P - In " !is - f i m commander; iu I Y I C C I \\\ chamie. Department corn- Canoga P a r k Community inander. and John R. Quinn, Council will hold its election past national commander, meeting tomorrow from 7:30| Steve Foote will be chair- to 9 p.m. in the recreation ;man of the evening, h a l l of Oroutt Park. 21816J Reservations may be made Lanark St. Refreshments will ;hy contacting STate 5-0290 TM corvf.fl i after 2:30 p.m. Insanity Plea Made by Ridley James Vernon Ridley 37, of 5924 Shoshone Ave., Encino, yesterday pleaded innocent and innocent by reason of insanity of six counts of kid- Van Nuys American Legion Post 193 Annual Dinner Set Van Nuys American Legion j iPost 193 "will hold its 38th| [annual banquet tomorrow at tickets now are on sale for the Council's first May dance. It is planned to make this an annual activity. The event is scheduled for May 17 at 8 p.m. in the Country Manor. 24454 W. Calabasas iRoad, Calabasas. Donations are $1.50 each. Door prizes and other attrac tions will combine to maki this one of the group's mos festive parties and member [have been asked to form thei: groups now so reservation may be made at the earlies possible moment. the the Federation will inadequacies as luman beings? These will be Birmingham California chapter o f j ' Scholarship)! attend thei when a five-person panel convenes at the meeting. Sitting on the panel will bei Vernon Waybright,. principal' of J o h n Burroughs High School; Louis Stone, Gateways psychologist; plus two teenagers and a parent. The public is invited to at-- - '. A- -- ;il v,^ annual CSF conference on Saturday at the University of | California in Santa Barbara. Among those who will attend are president of the! Birmingham C h a p t e r S u e j j Smilo, vice president Karen j Walker, Tom Brook, Nan Hector and Julie Hector. * * * I THE SENIOR HIGH Girl o f j the Month for April, Susiej White, was announced at ail i n g JJUUlll- .13 i » i . . v ^ -- -- i » , 1ULC. « a a a i l l i u u i l ^ c u O L c. tend. Refreshments will De|Qi r i s League Assembly on Fri- served. Groom Bucked OH by Horse; Sues Actor Dan Dailey Groom Homer L. Hurlbut J301U i C luu^^.v. 65 i s seeking 875,000 damages Tickets may be obtained by | from ac t or Dan Dailey and I day, March 28. Second place 'Iwas awarded to Sue Sullivan, and third place to Judee Bodner. The entertainment featured] a skit by Nancy Magyar, Betty j Carstens, Anita Spring, Bar-! bara Larsen, Amy Baker, Eva Steiner, and Mary McDonald. These girls also sang, joined. by members of the Letter-j men's Club. naping, rape, child molesting' and assault with intent to commit murder. Superior Judge Maurice C. Sparling scheduled trial for the father of four children for May 23 in Dept. 40. He was ordered held in lieu of $50,000 bond. Ridley is charged with criminal attacks on two Valley girls, aged 8 and 11 respectively, and the kidnaping of an 18-year-old West Valley schoolgirl telephoning Louis Clavelli at Diamond 7-1628. They also may be purchased at the door on the night of the dance. DR. H. S. BROWN OPTOMETRIST · Eyes Examined · Glasses Fitted We Fit All Kinds of Lenses Also Contact Lenses W« Do Not Recommend Blended Lenses . . . Too Much Aberration . . Coms In; We Will Show You. LENSES DUPLICATED . LARGE SELECTION OF FRAMES Open 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Call For Appointment Friday Eves, by Appointment APPROVED CREDIT 6522 Van Nuyi Blvd. STote 5-3221 Addressing Lions Robert Lyons, world traveler, will be this noon's guest of the Sherman Oaks Lions Club at its meeting in the Encino Club, 5231 Sepulveda Blvd. He will speak on his experiences in traveling to _ _ Russian-controlled countries, had a vicious temper. EXAMINATION $· for the next seven days In order to introduce our service to the people of Southern California, the Los Angeles Connty Diagnostic Association has established the price of our regular examination to be only Sl.OO for the next seven days, when this ad is presented by you, SiCK AND SUFFERING STOP WASTING TIME AND MONEY THI MENTAL RELIEF YOU WILL ENJOY IS PRICELESS Whtt is it worth to know about your ailment--no iruess work--just facts --plain scientific fact -- H E A D TO TOE OBSERVATION SINUS, EABS, NOSE AND THROAT . LUNGS AND RESPIRATORY TRACT . SPINAL VERTEBRAE AND BONE STRUCTURE . PULSE AND HEART ACTION · BLOOD PRESSURE · STOMACH . KIDNEYS · COLON . PROSTRATE . FEMALE ORGANS GLANDS . NERVOUS SYSTEM . LIVER AND GALL; BLADDER. In Southern California Since 1936 Basic Diagnostic Office NO. HOLLYWOOD-4908 Lankershim POpIar 3-6206 YOU MUST BRING THIS AD WITH YOU 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Mon., AVed., Fri. 'til 8 p.m.; Sat. * 4 OTHER OFFICES SERVING SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA G.S. his wife Gwen because one of their horses threw him to the ground. Hurlbut charged in a Su-j perior Court suit that he was seriously injured April 11, 1957, when, the horse, Long John,' bucked -as he was' trying to mount the animal at Daily's Northridge r a n c h , Hunter's Haven Farms. The groom, represented by Atty. Richard Rathbun, said he was not warned the horse FINAL D A Y S O Of BUSINESS ALUMINUM AWNINGS CARPORTS --PATIOS--WINDOWS Take Advantage of Our Once-a-Year Sate on These Finest Quality Aluminum Awnings LOW, LOW PRICES NOW IN EFFECT MEN'S WEAR EVERYTHING i OFF SPECIAL! SPECIAL! D O O R C A N O 40" x Full 3' Panel INSTALLED Sidei Extra PERMANENT BEAUTY eJLi vn ·9 Contemporary | Builders W L 12' x 27'-14' x 28' _.. 15' x 30' _.. nnmc ruui.0 $1995.00 $2095.00 $2295.00 Visit Our Display Pools at . . CHUCKS NURSERY SOI E. San Bernardino Rd., Covin* RED TAG NURSERY 8501 Res«da Blvd., Nerthridg* INCLUDED IN THESE PRICES: · Your Choice of RHer · All Copper Piping · Automatic Skimmer · Choice of Coping Colors · Steps in Shello* End · 500-W«tt Marine Light · Marble-White Piaster · Steel-Gunita Construction CONTEMPORARY POOLS ED. 9-6277 ST. 8-4330 ST. 0-6472 Sole Hours: Dairy 10 to 9 Sun. 10-5 Our Leas* Expirei and w« must dts- po$* of out entiri stok of FINE IMPORTED AND DOMESTIC CLOTHING Custom SPORT COATS S2S. NOW_ Res?. 3 -*.'.. r*G"«V--. Res- S69, NOW_ Custom SUITS L, All SPORT O Regular to SID [Res- 79.93 :!OW_ SRes. {119.95, « N O W _ 24" 39" 59" Suits--Sport Costs Slacks--Robes--Shirts Ties--Sw»ot»rs--Socks Jackets--Denims--Belti Jewelry--Underwear Handkerchiefs Imported Fabrics from England, Scotland and Italy. Latest Weaves I Colon. 100% Dupioni Silk, Forstmann Suits, Sportcoats. Bench Made SLACKS Res. 9.95, NOW Reg. 12.9S, NOW Reg. 19.95 All Wool, NOW II I I II 111 as DRESS SHIRTS at for Star* Fixturtt, Cash Register, Adding Machine for Sal*. _,^m?rw* -Ul 5,OQ 1 Free Measuring Service STate 4-8442 OR VISIT OUR FACTORY SHOWROOM 13865 VENTURA BLVD., SHERMAN OAKS 12143 VENTURA BLVD., STUDIO CITY ' (1/2 Block West of Laurel) I OPEN SUN. 10-5 f\fti Aluminum V/VJL Awnings iNEWSPAPERl iNEWSPAPERl

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