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SECTION. TWO -- PAGE TEN THE NEWS-PALLADIUM, BRUTAL YOUTH: 1 Terrorism Grips Cities What Is Driving Teens To Kill? (FJrrt of * S«rle«) By WARD CANNEI, NEW YORK, Aug. 21 -- (Special) --"The mm who waits New York's streets at night Ic either a fool 01 a criminal." These are the words of a veteran .city reporter and the sentiment of most law enforcement people. New York Cjty If In the grip of a real terror as wild teen-agers -in -in gangs or in two's and three's -roam -roam the streets attacking each other and passersby without provocation. provocation. There is hardly anybody In this city of eight million who ha* not been attacked or does not know someone who has been attacked. I was pushed around by a couple of young thugs on brightly-lighted, heavily -traveled Lexington Avenue. Avenue. I escaped serious Injury only because I was lucky Enough to find an opening in the moving traffic. But a man who works less than 80 feet away from me was less lucky Three young hoods in his Brooklyn neighborhood jumped him from behind, behind, beat him, kicked him in the head, took the two dollars he was carrying and fled. * * * HIS STORY is not unusual. This kind of savage assault is reported over and over on police blotters and pages of local papers. No neighborhood is safer than any other. Neither age nor sex, time nor health U any security against this constant threat. Nor is money or personal revenge always the motive Here, for example, Is the way Michael Farmer was killed -- as far as police have been able to recon- itruct the senseless and vicious ·rime. Seventeen boyi -- ranging in age from 14 to 18 -- came upon Farmer and a friend near a public swimming pool in the Washington Height* neighborhood. neighborhood. The cane was armed with broomstick*, kniVM, machetes, belt* and bare hands. Farmer'» life ended with severe clubbing, belting, pummeltag and repeated stabbings "about the back, chest, and limbs." His friend, stabbed stabbed twice In the chest, U still In highly critical condition at a hospital. hospital. There was nothing new, unique or unusually vicious about Farmer's death in the annals of today's terror. terror. The inhuman horror lies in the fact that Farmer was a poHo-cfip- pled, 15-year-old boy. MANY Of THE* MUGGINGS, TEENS IN TROUHLE: A detective herds youthful gang members from a police van in New York after a teen-ag-e slaying-. beatings, gang assaults never get reported reported in the daily papers: Metropolitan Metropolitan New York IE very large and there is other news to be told. But here is a small sampling of one recent recent week's rampage by some of this city's youth: The son of a city policeman was caught between two warring gangs and beaten and kicked to death. An elderly man and his son were beaten and robbed by a 16-year-old boy who later smashed the getaway car and injured three detectives who tried to subdue him. A 71-year-old woman was ambushed ambushed on her apartment house stairs, slammed against the wall and robbed by three young boys. A young man was knifed and beaten and left la bleed in a gutter by several boys who, police said, were defending the honor of their girl friends. An 18-year-old reformatory alumnus alumnus held off police with a long knife after he had robbed a drugstore. drugstore. After his arrest he admitted a long series of holdups. WHAT 'IS *THE SENSE behind 1 this brutality by the city's youth? What is the motive, the gain, the satisfaction? One answer comes from a 14- year-old boy who wanted "to get the feeling of a k n i f e going through bone." It was this boy who drove his knife so hard into the back of crippled Michael Farmer that the blade tip almost reached the chest wall. For the most part, the reasons for this Inhuman terror are stated by the terrorized. "Kids are like animals," one hears a man in a subway say. Or, "The trouble is in the family." Or, "Everybody's "Everybody's too concerned with making a buck, like the landlords . . . Or, "We're taking away the fear of school and the police and we're paying paying for it." In the hodge-podge of desperately desperately quick answers one feeling comes through sharp and clear: Fear. Metropolitan New York fears for its life, freedom and -- deepest of all -- the system of values that once worked so well and is now clutching at its own throat. It is not a pleasant sensation walk down the streets of your neighborhood with the niggling fear at your neck that you may be jumped and beaten. It is sometimes t e r r i f y i n g to wait for a bus at a lonely station. And there is a panic that reaches out when hail an empty taxi only to find the driver Is as frightened as you and will not pick up a fare, in area where you stand, AND THE* INHUMANITY that has created this terror spread itself easily among the "law abiding citizens." citizens." Two middle-aged women walking down a street on the outskirts of the metropolitan area see a gang young men beating up a boy. "Please help me," the boy calls. don't know these people. Please me." The two women quicken their footsteps and hurry to reach the apparent safety of their own homes. Killed In Crash Of Three Trucks MT. CLEMENS, Aug. 21 (AP) Truck di'iver Shirley Tacie, 36, of Port Huron, died Tuesday In a fiery three-truck crash on US-25 north Mt. Clemens. He was trapped In his cab by flames. Sheriff's officers said Tacie's big tractor-trailer piled into the rear of another which being towed by a third truck. Van Bur en Marriage Licenses Approved PAW PAW, Aug. 21--The following following marriage license applications have been approved by Van Buren Clerk Rex Martin: Richard I. Hart, 24, Detroit, and Sally A. Lockwood, 22, South George R. Smith, 23, South and Veverly A. Wilsey, 18, route South Haven, Junior C. Lillie, 28, route 3, Dowagiac, Dowagiac, and Shirley A. Cook, 19, Decatur. David Hoger, 20, Paw Paw, and Phyllis J. Johnson, 21, Paw Paw. George A. Maguire, 21, route 1, Paw Paw, and Mary Lou Reed, Paw. Donald W, Jennings, 24, Paw and Sharon Dorstewicz, 22, Paw Paw. i Thomas Brennan, 32, Breedsville, and Dorothy E. Welder, 37, Breedsville. Breedsville. j Charles J. Nier, 23, Fort Sheridan,' III., and Maryl Whipple, 22, Evanston, Evanston, 111. John Hudson, 28, Dearborn, a n Karol A. Kahne, 18, South Haven.' Finding one part in a billion is comparable to locating a quarter Inch spot on a string stretched from New York to San Francisco

Clipped from The News-Palladium21 Aug 1957, WedPage 26

The News-Palladium (Benton Harbor, Michigan)21 Aug 1957, WedPage 26
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