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First page of Chicago Tribune's Nixon transcriptions - (Thitano The Watergate Conversations Section 4...
(Thitano The Watergate Conversations Section 4 THE W O R L D'S GREATEST NEWSPAPER Wednesday, May 1, 1974 Nixon's transcription of Watergate Tapes The next question: Will House be satisfied? The enormous mass of tape transcripts transcripts published today by The Tribune were shown in their bindings on television television Monday night, stacked by President Nixon's side as he announced to- to- the nation that he would make them public. The transcripts were contained in 50 volumes, each bound in black leather, and each bearing the gold-embossed gold-embossed gold-embossed inscription: 1 'Submission of Recorded Presidential Conversations to the Committee of the Judiciary of the House of Representatives. Representatives. By President Richard M. Nixon." The volumes bore the date, April 30, 1374. Ironically, that is exactly one year from the date that the President first tried to put Watergate behind him by announcing the resignations of II. R. Haldcman and John ErlichinaiCand the dismissal of John Dean. "I must now turn my full attention to the larger duties of this office," he said at that time. But the crisis refused to pass, and instead burgeoned to the point where Congress began actively considering considering impeachment. It was out of the impeachment inquiry by the House Judiciary Committee that these transcripts arose. The committee, on April 11, subpenaed tape recordings of some 42 conversations and the President, after repeated delays, responded responded with the transcripts. However, most committee members were dissatisfied with the offer of transcripts rather than tapes and there were indications that the battle over the tapes is far from over. The text contains incomplete sentences, sentences, sequences that cannot be understood, understood, and confusing syntax. This is the natural result of a full transcription of informal conversation and, of course, it cannot be avoided. The Tribune is publishing the transcript exactly as it was obtained from White I louse sources, with no additions or deletions. The President's transcript summary has been omitted. He has offered ranking House members access to the tapes. ' J- J- ' ni Mitchell JolmWHson Ronald Ziegler 1 . A Henry Petersen Lawrence Highy KrankStricklcr WilliamRogcrs The speakers P-Richard P-Richard P-Richard M. Nixon, Prtsldent of the United Slates H-H. H-H. H-H. R. Haldeman, former White House chielot stall D-John D-John D-John W. Dean III, former counsel to the President E-John E-John E-John D. Ehrlichman, former chiel domestic affairs adviser to the President M-John M-John M-John N. Mitchell, former director, Committeelor the Re-election Re-election Re-election ol the President ; Z-Ronald Z-Ronald Z-Ronald L. Ziegler. WfiifeHousepresssecrelary K-Richard K-Richard K-Richard G. Kleindienst, former attorney general LH Lawrence Higby, lormerasslslanttoH. ft Haldeman HP Henry Petersen, assistant attorney general. headed Watergate Inquiry in Justice Department R-William R-William R-William P. Rogers, former secretary ol state VV-John VV-John VV-John J. Wilson, attorney lor John D. Ehrlichman and H. H. Haldeman S-Frank S-Frank S-Frank Strickler, lawassoclaleolJohnJ. Wilson The symbols to the left of each name Identify who Is talking. Transcript index 1. Meeting: The President, Haldeman and Dean, Oval Ollico, September 15, 1972. (5:27-6:1 (5:27-6:1 (5:27-6:1 7 p.m.) 2. Meeting: The President and Dean. Oval Ollico, February 28, 1973. (9:12-10:23a.m.) (9:12-10:23a.m.) (9:12-10:23a.m.) 3. Mooting: The President and Dean, Oval Ollice, March 13, 1973.(12:42-2:00p.m.) 1973.(12:42-2:00p.m.) 1973.(12:42-2:00p.m.) 4. Meeting: The President and Dean. Oval Ollice. March 1 7, 1973.(1:25-2:10p.m.) 1973.(1:25-2:10p.m.) 1973.(1:25-2:10p.m.) 5. Telephone Conversation: The President and Dean, March 20. 1973. (7:29-7:43 (7:29-7:43 (7:29-7:43 p.m.) 6. Meeting: The President, Dean and Haldeman. Oval Ollice. March21. 1973. (10:12-11:55 (10:12-11:55 (10:12-11:55 a.m.) 7. Moeling: The President, Dean, Haldeman and Ehrlichman, Executive Ollice Building (EOB) Office, March21, 1973.(5:20-6:01 1973.(5:20-6:01 1973.(5:20-6:01 p.m.) 8. Meeting: The President, Haldeman, Ehrlichman, Dean and Mitchell. EOB Ollico, March 22, 1973.(1 .57-3:43 .57-3:43 .57-3:43 p.m.) 9. Meeting: The President, Haldeman. Ehrlichman and Ziegler. EOB Ollico, March 27, 1973.(11:10a.m.-1:30p.m.) 1973.(11:10a.m.-1:30p.m.) 1973.(11:10a.m.-1:30p.m.) 10. Telephone Conversation: Ehrlichman and Kleindienst, March 28, 1973. 11. Meeting: The Prosident, Ehrlichman and Ziegler, Oval Ollice. March 30, 1 973. (12:02-12:18p.m.) (12:02-12:18p.m.) (12:02-12:18p.m.) 12. ProssBrioling: Ziegler, March30, 1973(Excorptfrom Zioglor's Press Briefing) 13. Telephone Conversation: The President and Ehrlichman, AprilB, 1973.(7:33-7:37a.m.) 1973.(7:33-7:37a.m.) 1973.(7:33-7:37a.m.) 14. Mooting: The President, Haldeman and Ehrlichman, EOB Ollice, April 14, 1973. (8:55-1 (8:55-1 (8:55-1 1 :31 a.m.) 15. Meeling:ThePresldentand Haldeman, Oval Ollice, April 14, 1973,(1:55-2:13p.m.) 1973,(1:55-2:13p.m.) 1973,(1:55-2:13p.m.) 16. Mneling: The President, Haldeman and Ehrlichman, Oval Ollico.April 14,1973.(2:24-3:55 14,1973.(2:24-3:55 14,1973.(2:24-3:55 p.m.) 17. Meeting: The President, Haldeman and Ehrlichman, EOB Ollice. April 14,1973.(5:15-6:45 14,1973.(5:15-6:45 14,1973.(5:15-6:45 p.m.) 18. Telephone Conversation: Ehrlichman and Kleindienst, April 14, 1973. (Approximately 6:00 p.m.) 19. Telephone Conversation: The President and Haldeman, April 14,1973.(11:02-11:16p.m.) 14,1973.(11:02-11:16p.m.) 14,1973.(11:02-11:16p.m.) 20. Tolophone Conversation: The President and Ehrlichman, April 14. 1973. (11 :22-1 :22-1 :22-1 1:53 p.m.) 21. Meeting: Tho President and Ehrlichman. Oval Ollico, April 15, 1973.(10:35-11:15a.m.) 1973.(10:35-11:15a.m.) 1973.(10:35-11:15a.m.) 22. Meeting: The President and Kleindienst. EOB Ollice, April 1 5, 1973 (1:12-2:22 (1:12-2:22 (1:12-2:22 p.m.) 23. Telephone Conversation: The Prosident and Haldeman, April 15, 1973. (3:27-3:44 (3:27-3:44 (3:27-3:44 p.m.) 24. Telephone Conversation: The President and Kleindienst, April 15, 1973. (3:48-3:49p.m.) (3:48-3:49p.m.) (3:48-3:49p.m.) 25. Telophone Conversation: Higby and Haldeman, April 15, 1973. 26. Tolephone Conversation: The President and Petersen, April 15,1973.(8:14-8:18p.m.) 15,1973.(8:14-8:18p.m.) 15,1973.(8:14-8:18p.m.) 27. Telephone Conversation: The Prosidont and Peterson, April 15.1973.(8:25-8:26p.m.) 15.1973.(8:25-8:26p.m.) 15.1973.(8:25-8:26p.m.) 28. Telephone Conversation: The President and Petersen, April 15. 1973.(9:39-9:41 1973.(9:39-9:41 1973.(9:39-9:41 p.m.) 29. Telephone Conversation: The President and Petersen, April 15.1973.(11:45-11:53p.m.) 15.1973.(11:45-11:53p.m.) 15.1973.(11:45-11:53p.m.) 30. Meeting: Tho President, Haldeman and Ehrlichman, Oval Ollice, April 16, 1973. (9:50-9:59 (9:50-9:59 (9:50-9:59 a.m.) 31. Meeting:ThePresidentand Dean. Oval Ollice, April 1 6, 1 973. (10:00-10:40 (10:00-10:40 (10:00-10:40 a.m.) 32. Meeting: The Prosidont, Haldeman and Ehrlichman, Oval Oftico. April 16, 1973.(10:50- 1973.(10:50- 11:04 a.m.) 33. Mooting: The President and Haldeman, Oval Olfice, April 16, 1973.(12:00-12:31 1973.(12:00-12:31 1973.(12:00-12:31 p.m.) 34. Meeting: The Prosidont and ' Petersen. EOB Ollice, April 1 6, 1973. (1:39-3:25 (1:39-3:25 (1:39-3:25 p.m.) 35. Meeting: The President, Ehrlichman and Zieglor, EOB Ollice, April 16. 1973. (3:27-4:04 (3:27-4:04 (3:27-4:04 P.m.) 36. Meeting: The President and Dean, EOB Ollice, April 16, 1973. (4:07-4:35 (4:07-4:35 (4:07-4:35 p.m.) 37. Telephone Conversation: The President and Petersen, April 16,1973.(8:58-9:14p.m.) 16,1973.(8:58-9:14p.m.) 16,1973.(8:58-9:14p.m.) 38. Meeting: The Prosidont and Haldeman, Oval Ollice, April 1 7, 1973.(9:47-9:59a.m.) 1973.(9:47-9:59a.m.) 1973.(9:47-9:59a.m.) '39. Mooting: Tho Prosident, Haldeman. Ehrlichman and Ziegler. Oval Ollice, April 1 7, 1 973. (12:35-2:20p.m.) (12:35-2:20p.m.) (12:35-2:20p.m.) 40. Telephone Conversation: The President and Ehrlichman, April 17, 1973. (2:39-2:40 (2:39-2:40 (2:39-2:40 p.m.) 41. Meeting: The President ai id Petersen, Oval Ollice, April 1 7, 1973. (2:46-3:49 (2:46-3:49 (2:46-3:49 p.m.) 42. Meeting: Tho President, Haldeman, Ziegler and Ehrlichman, Oval Office, April 1 7, 1973.(3:50-4:35 1973.(3:50-4:35 1973.(3:50-4:35 p.m.) 43. Statement: The Prosident, April 17. 1973.(4:42-4:45p.m.) 1973.(4:42-4:45p.m.) 1973.(4:42-4:45p.m.) 44. Meeting: The President. Rogers, Haldeman and Ehrlichman, EOB Ollice, April 1 7, 1973.(5:20-7:14p.m.) 1973.(5:20-7:14p.m.) 1973.(5:20-7:14p.m.) 45. Tolophone Conversation: Tho Prosident and Petersen, April 18. 1973. (2:50-2:56 (2:50-2:56 (2:50-2:56 p.m.) 46. Meeting: Tho President, Wilson and Strickler. EOB Ollico, April 19, 1973. (B:26-9:32 (B:26-9:32 (B:26-9:32 p.m.) 47. Meeting: The President and Petersen, Oval Ollice, April 27, 1973.(5:37-5:43p.m.) 1973.(5:37-5:43p.m.) 1973.(5:37-5:43p.m.) 48. Meeting: Tho President, Peterson and Zioglor, Oval Ollice, April 27, 1973. (6:04-6:48 (6:04-6:48 (6:04-6:48 p.m.) 49. Statement: The Prosidont, April 30, 1973. (9:01-9:25p.m.) (9:01-9:25p.m.) (9:01-9:25p.m.)

Clipped from Chicago Tribune01 May 1974, WedPage 81

Chicago Tribune (Chicago, Illinois)01 May 1974, WedPage 81
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