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Probibition - n f » n try Toledo »nd to cities of tho...
n f » n try Toledo »nd to cities of tho Phlla- c^vrrnr will Hi-en. sn!S ho was t e r 0 o'clock t r y to mobilize TRIALS r o m ivll! arsera t t e n d the m c o n v e n t i o n o f t h e n I n t h e J u n i o r l o l p h u n H o t e l n n d dl.icuBslon of n i n g t o J u r i s p reforms to both c i v i l and h a t t h e c o n v e n - e w i l l ho one of of achieve- In t b o a r r a n g i n g f o r t o t h a t n wider discussed e e t i n g here larpcr l bo Riven op- t h e i r views of the c o u r t s tho c o n d i t i o n of a.ny previous ot Jur reform, j u d i c i a l remedial procedure n u m b e r ol recommenda- n f r for t h e i r l c l n s w i f t J u s t i c e and tho a r d of q u e s t i o n s n to the bar. Leg Hit resid- t h street, mif- sood lee w h e I n t o h i m as It wu« n a l Oarage at 2019 d a y m o r n i n g about n f u l ) } according to - ,!nhn Sealy Hosp a s t a k e n a f t e r t h o i h e r n r inlsncil t h e or t h r i ' O . Cobh u n d m a s h i n g l l o f t h e b u i l d i n g ARREST £IVE AS SEQUEL TO DISCOVERY OF LIQUOR IN CAMP ON JUNE Whiskey Is Alleged to Have Been Imported on Gypsy Girl ^ ast October OF OFFICE 1TED A sequel to the finding of 167 packages of llrjuor June 17 In ac. Improvised camp near tho sand-covered wreck of the suspected ruin runner. Gypsy Girl, on San Luis Island, directly across San Luis Pass f r o m Galvcston Island, wns written yesterday mornine by A. F. I Scharff,. special customs'agent, and H. F. Brunkenhoofer, superintendent of customs Inspectors, when five men · were arrested on: charges of conspiracy. Importation, transportation, and possession.of Joe VarnBll; A. J. Delarsi, his.half-brother; Jasper Amalo, proprietor of a resort on the-western tip ot' Galveston. Island; C. O. Dorsett and T. M. Dorsett, tho latter two automobile mr-n. Varnoll-ls reputed to havo been the owner of the Gypsy Girl at the time she went abound last October. Customs of fleers "will at- tompt to show that salvaging of liquor rather than the salvaging of tlie boat was being carried on. . · Luis Pass territory rECESSAKY TO TAKE RAILWAY HEADQUARTERS FROM-FREEPORT. lnto.vica.tlng liquors. Tlioso iirrewtod Star; BpecUl to The Newu. . Austin, Tex.. J u n e 2S.--Frank Kemp, .assistant attorney general, has telegraphed the Commerce I-.eague of Freoport that "under the act of Feb. 20, 1915, a railroad, company can not change the location its general offices except w i t h consent and approval or the railroad Honil Mnde. All flvo appeared before United States Commissioner Brantly Harris yesterday afternoon and made bond, Varncll In tho sum of {3.030 and the others in the sum of J1.600 each. The examining h e a r i n g was set for Monday. J u l y 7, at 8 o'clock In tho m o r n l n f f . Tho f i l i n g of. tho flvo charges follows «n investigation by Mr. Scharff and other customs officials which dates back to tho finding of tho liquor In the camp erected near the wreck. The charge of Importation la based on tb/clr contention that tho Gypsy Girl brought In on her 111- fatod t r i p last October tho l i q u o r f o u n d In tho tent. It was f u r t h e r assorted that the. l i q u o r was ro- movednnly a short t l m o before it was seized by customs agents. Tho charges of transportation and pos- so«slon arc. It was stated, based on thi romoval of tho liquor from tho wreck and Its concealment In tho camp. Mr, Domett, who had bought the wreck, according to Echarff, disclaimed knowledge that there was liquor aboard tlio old wreck except that ho had heard rumor* to that e f f e c t . Work on Wreck. Work has been going on around tho wreck at various times since last October. Tho customs agent stated that tho day before the seizure wan mad« soverol of tho men were In that v i c i n i t y engaged In some work around tho wreck. It wn« from those observations that customs officials n n r t coast guardsmen f»om '.wo stations w e n t tlioro to search tho camp on J u n o 17. It was stated. Tho wreck Is to be k e p t under r l f f l d observation, customs a u t h o r i ties stated, as well as . i u i r » u n l l n g t e r r i t o r y , as It Is believed the Islands across from Galveston In t h e San have been mecca for rum runners. MAX ttEl,EASBII FOLLOWING niCKixso.v .I.IQUOII JIAID George Smith wa.s released' ctn bond yesterday m o r n i n g a f t e r arraignment before U n i t e d States Commissioner Brantly Harris on catcd at Frceport u n d e r a valuable consideration,, u n d e article C423 the railroad commission Is w i t h o u t ' a u t h o r i t y location," the telegram said. The Commerce League wired the commission that the'Houston Brazos Valley general offices were, .to tic moved f r o m Fr'ecport, to Houston, and the commission recharges of possession of liquor and i p o r t e d the m a t t e r general. Only r e c e n t l y the G u l which have t h e i r general o f Houston, acquired t h e ' stock Houston Hrazos Valley, and it supposed here t h e y 'proposed consolidate tho offices. Freeport Is objecting. operation of a still. The arraignment following a raid by prohibition officers yesterday at Dickinson. A q u a n t i t y of l i q u o r and stilling apparatus was taken by tho officers. Preliminary hearing was set for July 6. BODY BECOMES ENTANGLED IN DRILLING MACHINERY AND IS MUTILATED. SpnclM to Tho Nairs. Freeport, Tex., June 28.--J. M. Stewart of Cuero, a b o u t SO years old, was accidentally killed at Hoa- klns Mound, eighteen miles from Freeport. this overling between S and 6 o'clock when hln body became entangled In some d r i l l i n g machinery operated by the Texas S u l p h u r Company. Tho body was completely mutilated. Stowart was a machinist's helper and woa bonding over a mud- m l x l n g device w h n n unexpectedly It was placed In motion, c r u s h i n g his body to pieces. How the machine wan started, was nut explained. Tho coroner was n o t i f i e d to hold an I n q u o K t but could not bo ranched t o n i g h t for a report. Stewart had been here n n o u t t h i r t y days. Funeral a r r a n g e m e n t s w i l l bo announced as soon as relatives are- heard from. ALLOTMENT TO DISTRICT Exclusive of tho Corpus Christ! allotment, of approximately S1.000..000 bids J u l y 28, a. total of engineers for maintenance and projects In tho Galveston district, by Major B. B. Browne, U n i t e Clone to rtlmn(,'. With the Corpus Chrlstl allotment, which Is forthcoming, the sum set aside lor district work this year will be w'.thln $200.000 of the estimates prepared In last year's The nineteen allotments totaling $3.035.500 received yesterday represented 70 per cent of tho a m o rocommended on these projects, tho remainder of which, according to general custom, Is held In reserve by tho chief of engineers for emergencies on rush work d u r i n year. The Houston s h i p channel allotment of (1,460.000 was tho only full allotment allowed by tho chief of

Clipped from
  1. The Galveston Daily News,
  2. 29 Jun 1924, Sun,
  3. Page 1

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