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1890-02-13-Courier-Journal[Louisville]-FavorsTheBlairBill - un'au-nounoement a " ldntlen-bergrr a $;,-Ootl,...
un'au-nounoement a " ldntlen-bergrr a $;,-Ootl, liindea-Bt-rger Cad-ningham th-many, complies.-, complies.-, i.ng-L'bh 'e FAVORS THE BLAIB BILL Ex-Miniater Ex-Miniater Ex-Miniater To Liberia Taylor Ex-' Ex-' Ex-' pr8soa Iliinaelf On This Subjact. Es Attended ths Cnioago and Washington Washington ffegro Conventions, But Dis-- Dis-- Dis-- appruTed ths Dinusions. x-Mlnister x-Mlnister x-Mlnister to Liberia C. H. J. Taylor, Taylor, of .Atlanta, Ga., one of the most prominent colored men in tlie United Statcsv was in the city last, evening en route home . lie is just from Chicago and Washington, at which cities he attended attended the National Negro Conventions, one session taking place in Chicago on January 13, and the other in Washington Washington on February 3; Mr. Taylor las given much time and thought to the study of the race problem. He was Minister to Liberia under President President Cleveland, and . while there hud the best of opportunities to. study the African's' African's' natural disposition, untraniraeksd by prejudice or the superior Influence of the white race. From his observations he says that the negro in his native state is democratic in tendency. This he sees in all the domestic affairs ot Liberia. For instance, they levy no tax on land or any personal property, and draw all their revenue from a source the burden of which does not full on their own people. people. . This revenue is obtained by levying levying an Import and export tax. - The deaiocratao disposition is alio manifest he says, in the fact that the number of oca-holders,; oca-holders,; oca-holders,; compared , ia, tho, ipopula-ttoa, ipopula-ttoa, ipopula-ttoa, is much larger than among other nations, wbiak is an evidcnce'of the principle principle that the people suould pptrol the government. ; , Mr. Taylor, In speaking of tie Blair Dill, said: "Iim most decidedly in favor favor of the passage ot the Blair Bill, because because it will enable the negro to become better educated, which will result in di-vidlrg di-vidlrg di-vidlrg the colored vote. Ot course this division would advance the Democratlp pirty. The negro t the South votes the Kepublican ticket from tradition. It is Tbo same old 'you freed me,', theory tint has held them ia politioaljbondage since the war. By educating nim ht will be- be- taught to think, and whenever he reaches that position he .WiQ turn, to the Democratio party, for its principles are In perfect accord with his natural instincts. "- "- "1 am opposed to a Federal election law, or any other law that would. take matter ut of t!u;ii natural Hurse,.Mib-ktituting Hurse,.Mib-ktituting Hurse,.Mib-ktituting Tores condi ions. Sueh a hw would result in an exodus from the North to the Southern States to enforce the law, and such a stare, of affairs as that could not but result in trouble to tae Government and di&scusioas among the people. " The iegleson colonization scheme to carry colored men to Oklahoma has about played nut, and it ought to. It has de-veionetTThat de-veionetTThat de-veionetTThat it only had a political ol-Ject ol-Ject ol-Ject in view, as is eviuenoeu by a petition petition now being circulated by this man liaglesoa asking for too appointment of the chronio office-fceker, office-fceker, office-fceker, ti. P. MoCabe, to the . Governorship of the Territory. In my opinion a more unlit colored man eon Id not be appointed." Mr.Tarlyr was a delegate f tarn J; Is State to the jNutional Negro League - Cuicago. but took issue with that body on many of the material points which were discussed, discussed, lie assert that a majority of the delegates represented no constituency constituency and wrote their own credentials. He denies that this convention represented represented the colored people of the country.

Clipped from The Courier-Journal13 Feb 1890, ThuPage 10

The Courier-Journal (Louisville, Kentucky)13 Feb 1890, ThuPage 10
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  • 1890-02-13-Courier-Journal[Louisville]-FavorsTheBlairBill

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