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1893-11-29-InterOcean[Chicago]-p7-HelpForTheNegro - MORNING, NOVEMBER 29. Sam chairman, have a...
MORNING, NOVEMBER 29. Sam chairman, have a power It is tbe cooperation and tonight lor tne community. professional Republicans, be unlike, are all Interested Can we work together xouowiajr citizens government. with We of Tbe not be which and ex be the affairs a pieuge act be: Cat ot the city, To col these noa -enforcement -enforcement of tbe contracts elections; methods whether that our and effi the said labors, any government of the business or so. and campaign. further contett. the aity if they struggle is I hope different to accomplish' "that by keep up, light, by public and thus upon the induce I have do a great which and make with the He enforcement League" doing, to replied: for aware oi la other gains methodsr effect of police sworn ordinances. We it out of to em prosecu will consider responsibility Dirt un ns: -now -now do." Of likely secret a pretty authorities This volunteer likely to between desultory to prose- prose- very as they in we are trust in enforcement people highest of such an ago: It me law-abiding law-abiding its laws their for its to permit to take hostler neglects not in with him him to ueiuou when private enforced them was his open the most now have our cities HELP FOR THE NEGRO Representatives of the Race in Session in Cincinnati. - EMIGRATION IS URGED. Bishop Turner Ad rises African Colonization. 1 .. C H. J. Taylor Cans for Immediate ' Action on Growing Mob-Law Mob-Law Mob-Law Outrages. CctcnrxATt, Ohio, Nov. 23. Special Tl- Tl- graat. Delegates to the number of 500 to day responded to the call of Bishop H. M. Turner, of Atlanta, Ga., issued Sept. 80, and with more to come tbe National col ored convention promises to be the most representative gathering; of the race ever held in America. Bishop Turner called the convention to order today. W. H. Council, of Huntsvllle, Ala., was made temporary chairman with JT. W. Willis, of Michigan, secretary. The permanent organization was effected at once as follows: Presi dent. Bishop H. M. Turner; first vice president. Dr. Pavne; second vice president. Dr. J. R. Crossland, St. Joseph, Mo, ; third vice president, Samuel p. Hill, Cincinnati; fourth vice president, W. H. Ellis, Mexico; fifth vice president, Rev. E. S. Glllam, Louisville; secretary, Dr. G. W. Bryant ; assistant secretaries, George W. Williams, Indianapolis, and W. H. Steward, Louisville, Ky. Sir. Taylor Arraigns Mobs. C. H. J. Taylor, of Kansas City, Kan., recently recently appointed United States Minister to Bolivia, delivered the principal address, taking; strong; grounds against mob law. His remedy was the enactment of a special statute for the speedy trial of all persons charged with rape, fixing' the punishment at death. He would also compel the county in which a man was lynched to pay his heirs $10,000. Mr. Taylor did not make special reference reference to class discrimination against negroes negroes in the lynching that prevails in this country nor did he remark its great prevalence prevalence in the Southern States. On the contrary, contrary, he cited facts to prove that the Northern states bad by no means a clean record on the score of exemption from taking the law into their own hands and meting ont capital punishment without judge or Jury, or the civilized formality of a triaL He armed that Ivnchera were reb els against law and order ; that by their acts they renounced citizenship and logic ally became aliens la becoming outlaws. Tonight Bishop Turner delivered an ad dress, carefully prepared and full of deep feeling. He deplored the apparent taint upon the race and declared that if even half that was charged against the colored men of the United States is true, colored men themselves should band together and organize organize for tbe correction of the evil by the most radical measures. He said the dis crimination in society. In business life, and in tbe court decisions was growing more and more harsh to the colored race. Advises Limited Migration. He saw no way to let in a ray of hope for me future ox tne colored man except one that be must make for himself. The colored man himself must find a feasible practicable remedy for the evils that are now crushing him. That remedy was not to be fonnd in education alone, because the colored graduate of a university eonld rind no fellowship among white scholars, no matter how great bis scholarship. The bishop in urging his plan of a limited colonization of Africa by American negroes of the better class, said thst there never was offered to any race of men a rarer or more inviting; and promising opportunity to found a great nation than that proposed by him, namely, the colonization of tbe dark continent with ball a million of intelligent American colored men, carrying; with them the arts, science, learning, and refinement refinement of modern civilization. He said he had visited Africa and knew whereof he spoke. Among African savages he found, excepting the practice of polygamy, polygamy, an exemption from crimes against chastity that would do honor to any civilized people on the face of the globe. He spoke glowingly of the groat material resources of Africa and of the inviting' field they offered the American colored man. Bishop Turner's address made a great impression. impression. Before the conference is over some action will be taken to turn its theories to practical account. 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Clipped from The Inter Ocean29 Nov 1893, WedPage 7

The Inter Ocean (Chicago, Illinois)29 Nov 1893, WedPage 7
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