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1895-01-19-WashingtonBee-p2-MiscCHJTaylor - M m MB ; 111 JiHJWo Pub.l8aed ever? Sat&rday at...
M m MB ; 111 JiHJWo Pub.l8aed ever? Sat&rday at 1109 1 Street northwest, Washington, D. O .Entered at the Post Office at WashlrsftOD as second class mail matter. W. CALYJN CHASE, Editob. TERMS OP SUBSCRIPTION, One copy per year $1.50 Six months 1.00 Three months 50 City subscribers, monthly 2o ADVERTISING HATES. One inch, one month $1.00 Quarter column" ; 5-0 Half column " " 7.50 One column " " 15.00 One inch, one year 10.00 Quarter column " " 55.00 Half column " " 75.00 One column " " 150.00 Special notices 10 cents per line. Ten lines constitute an inch. SATURDAY JAN. 19, 1895. THE ACROBAT. The acrobatic editor, High Christopher Christopher Columbus Astwood, had an other one of his nervous fits last week when he made another one of his personal and disappointed at tackb on Dr. Williams, of the Freed men's hospital, because he failed to secure an appointment there. This foieigner muse be doing doing something to keep his band in, or to keep his hea'd in ouedireccion, because if he should turn it iu soiue other direction, the presumption i-tbat i-tbat he would go in the direction of St. Elizabeth. He is the champion acrobatic ptrformer in the United States, and having had several falls, crashed head, etc., is still in the ring ready to take another tumble. HOWARD UNIVERSITY. The personal attack that one of the weekly papers is making against Howard University and its president is cowardly in the extreme. extreme. What is the underlying principle? Is it an attempt on tho part of the editor to misrepresent the institution institution id the eye of the country? Papers edited by negroes should not be so quick to believe all that is published against this university. The editor of the attack on Dr. Rankin and the university, was an applicant for a place at the university university and because he tails to secure that place he makes a persoual attack on the university and declares that every thing is wrong thara Sm "3efeTFTicfTJ6tterpiace torthe negro ana when an investigation ih made, it will be Been that the attack attack eminates frcm a jealous and prejudiced mind. THE RACE MISREPRESENTED. The appointment of O. H. J. Taylor Taylor to the office of Recorder of Deeds, is a misrepresentation, not only of race, but negro Democrats, it such a thing exists as a negro Democrat Not a more flimsy set of negroes could have been selected to misrepresent misrepresent negro democracy, than the appointment of H. O. Smith, to Santos Brazil, and O. H. J. Taylor, Recorder of Deeds. The Prehiden t certainly has been imposed upon and the race misrepresented. It is beleived that the president meant to do the right thing toward that element known as negro Democrats. Democrats. When Mr. Cleveland was president before, he selected a class of men of a representative character character and such men that reflected credit on the race and negro Democracy. Democracy. It the President would remove from office such men as Taylor, and Smith, who are incapable of representing representing even themselves, and appoint men who have the respect and confidence of the race, there would be no cause of complaint. THE NEGRO PRESS. Two-thirds of the negro editors of this country are in favor of pure and honest men being appointed to office and if one should be appointed and he proves his unfitness, they do not hesitate to say so. Some of the men appointed by Mr. Cleveland were not opposed because they were Democrats, but because they were corrupt and not morally tit to fill the place to which they were appointed. Whenever a negro is opposed, the fLst thing he says is, he is opposed because he is a colored man. How foolish is this assertion in the face of undisputed evidence. How soon they attempt to fool the people and cry from the housetop, housetop, that his color is against him and for that reason, he is opposed, condemn-ed condemn-ed and abused. The Bee suggests a iit-tle iit-tle patience on the part of the people and see if they haven't a human monster among them in disguise: a viper, libertine and shark that has fed upon human flesh for nine months. It is not the smiling man that appears to be the most innocent; it is not the man who has ioined church that is he most religious. When the Duke of G-loster's ambition led him to aspire for the crown of England, he stood between two cler-gimen cler-gimen as an evidence of his piety and morality. But where could a srreater viper be found than that same Gloster. Until every negro editor lay aside seii- timent, and not "shut their eyes to the badtleeds of men, the race will be disgraced disgraced and the negro press, destroy every vestige of strength that the god of nations ever produced. The Globe, edited by C. H. J- Taylor, made its appearance last week without anything in it. The so-called negro daily will not matte its appearance on tne lain, me funds did not materialize. Our esteemed townsman, H. Price Williams, was buried in Annapolis, Md. on Thursday afternoon. He will be missed among the pressmen. It is quite evident that the President will not appoint any more negro Democrats Democrats of the Taylor school. If Mr Still expects to go to Liberia, he should withdraw from the cattle that have diseased negro Democracy. The very latest report is the Santo-Mingo Santo-Mingo mushroon and political acrobat, will get out a warrant for the "Lord's annotated." He should not delay, as he will miss the besu opportunity of his life to vindicate hi honor, (?) honesty, honesty, (?) and integrity. (?) Elsewhere in this paper will he seen the report on the girls reform school, which shows the necessity of an appropriation appropriation to enable the managers to protect protect the fallen girl. Mr. Mills Dean, secretary, and one of the most prominent prominent members of the district bar, is doing doing all in his power to obtain an appropriation. appropriation. Let every member of the race urge upon the Senators to amend the District appropriation bill when it comes from the House Is this the R. W. Christian who was formerly the pastor of the Shi-loh Shi-loh Biptintchuich of Philadelphia? Is this the same R. W. Christian who was expelled from the Biptist Association? Will the Esamiuer please auswer, as a man by this same name, is a candidate for the chapliancy iu the Army. B. C. Smith, the putative cons-ul to Santos Brazil, is the protege of C. H. J. Taylor. .This same negro, who has been here for sometime, is mailing an effort to show that he should be the leader of negro Democracy. Democracy. He is not iu it. The report report is that he will be recalled. CUNEY TO ASTWOOD. GOOD ADVICE TO THE PREACHER, EDITOR, POLITICIAN, ETC Washington, D. C, Jan., 16, 1S95-To 1S95-To the Editor of The Defender: There appeared in your issue of the oth inst., an editorial m which it is stated among other things that Henry W Cuney and Wm Calvin fUiase "have banded themselves themselves togi-ther like the Jews did to slay Paul, to destroy us personally and politically; politically; the one for our discontinuing him as a collector for The Defender, both for.our defense of Recorder Tay- ,lij-JWon&iffiift-T5iiaaiB or tfie "mighty Paul pardon the comparison, 'the almost almost profanation of thy name.' " In so far as the entire article relates to me, it is wholly gratuitous and malicious, malicious, for I have not formed any combination combination with editor Chase which has in view your destruction, either personally ornolitically. I would not and could not harm a man personally because I differed from him politically. J hat is not my way, it is pure Astwoodian and being copyrighted, it is pre-empted. In the judgment of thoughtful and intelligent intelligent men, your political destruction is a thing of the past. The strange part of it is that a man who is irretrievably politically lost had not been able to discover discover it himself. It was an act of seif-immolation. seif-immolation. I never was a collector for The Defender Defender and therefore you could not have discontinued me as such. It is true that you handed me some receipted bills made out against certain Senators and Members of the House, to whom you c'aimed you had been sending your paper from its first issue and requested me to collect one ysar's subscription from them, which 1 conditionally agreed to do. That condition was that you weieto conduct your journal iu entire harmony with the principles of the Republican Republican party, aud cut loose from the colored Democrat contingent with whom you had been associated, several of whom you had characterized as rascals. rascals. You pled poverty to me, saying that you must have some assistance or you would be seriously embarrassed. I sympathized with you and was about to make an effort to relieve you when on several evenings thereafter I was informed informed by two persons connected with your oflice that you were in conference with Recorder Taylor, Consul H. C. Smith and Mr. L. W. Pulies in the lat-ter's lat-ter's office, the same being in the building building in which your office is located. When you came out 1 was standing in the passagv-way leading to your oflice, and on approaching me I remonstra ed with you for being closeted for an hour or more with leading colored Democrats your late associates, one of whom you had denounced privately and then publicly publicly through the columns of your paper. You pretended to be highl indignant at what 1 had said and blurted out as you left me, that if you were to be 'nagged" in that sort of style by Republicans Republicans you would return to the Democratic Democratic party. I said in reply, that I thought jTou had that proposition then under advisement and the best tiling to do was to resolve in favor of it. As I was leaving the building 1 was overtaken by Mr J. E. Johnson who said you wanted to see me. 1 returned and you will remember that quite an animated discussion took place between us with reference to the future policy of your paper. I tried to impress upou you the importance to yourself of recovering recovering the full confidence 'of the leading men of the Republican party and that the less you had to do with colored Democrats, the better for you; that ne-cro ne-cro Democracy was looked upon with suspicion, as au impossible, indefensible indefensible thing; and that if you expected to be taken back into the party in good faith you would have to show conclusively conclusively by acts ai.d not words that you were truly repentant; that Mr. Taylor and not you they you. that impress no quietly whiV.li of my nn to having as committee Domingo the have committee by It ioumal ly the equal known I you, will course the Paul services souls not GIRL subject condition in 1894, gins only 90 per population following June Columbia. 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Clipped from The Washington Bee19 Jan 1895, SatPage 2

The Washington Bee (Washington, District of Columbia)19 Jan 1895, SatPage 2
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  • 1895-01-19-WashingtonBee-p2-MiscCHJTaylor

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