1893 Ms River flood

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1893 Ms River flood - THE DECLINE HAS . BBIfB Mf set in. due to that...
THE DECLINE HAS . BBIfB Mf set in. due to that crevasse. A report - was re - ct'iTod this niorning that the levee had Report from All "Points on tll8 Mis - !Ten at J? n Ghaox's Folly PI transpired that while there was no full - fledged crevasse, o:.e was very narrowly aborted by prompt work on the part of Indicate Falls Of from One to Four tQ'' Planters and people of the vicinity. The troub.e was caused either by an old Tenths, 'ice flme pipe or crawfish hole, which .c WM d!,wverd to be leaking badly by . John. M. Maher. clerk of the Donaldson - New Orleans is Also in Line, to be passing the spo He notified the .raSSVLTn The Rescne CreTtese W 650 Feet " repairinthe ,eak. Smi ung. rLnsEiyZZ rtver has fallen J inches during the last Tne ci)untry for mle d n twenty - four hours. Several bad crawfish efbtaule. a' si "piSsb is f BeDeTTe 8me ap,rbenslon but therwisothe bronk. ' tUt" OVERFLOWED CONCORDIA. 7"" jJJJ, ' ttVV "'"Fr Fr p" ""iHOa" a dialance of for or flve and ex - tain Louis I. Ault, me of the' best ,enas for ml!es Dack of the railroad. All pisted men on such subjects In Concor - nd110"", ta tna Jmmte(llatebtDe'Shbor - dia parish, has prepared the following hidden by water and the residents have In his parish that' bavebeen "nundated beoU comPelle1 to 1?aTe th - lr homes, in whole or in part by the Hood of 1803, a,ul ck safety ou :he ievee. The sloppy, with those escapldg altogether, for the w' - t embankments are covered with every Vldalla Sentinel, and which has been. Imaginable article of household furniture kindly placed at our dispotl also - Rnd poor inhabitants dve there with their - On Teusas: Tauglewood, Winona In - humble effects. The country above the diati Village. Plassa. Park. Coursefield, crevasse Is flooded for several miles. Mossgell, Hunter IMace Rota Quiuta Just above the Keoue place was a set - Lamarque, Dnnbartoa. Falrrtew, Hap - "wnent of poor people who culUvated hauird. Moorland. Cypress Grove. a ,maU plece of '"nJ and lved from Halllua. Palmetto. Cheripa, Wm. Bchlele s, hand to mouth, as it were, on the small Glen. Elba, Crlton. TekoW. Tnrtle Lake rcturn8. Tnelr homM ,, crn1, have Hcatel..B Klullorll tOKmore. Brushy Ihp n swept away and they themselves Bayou Mo - eau Athlone and Chevey left destitute. Cbasc - 31 places and haJng some K00 negroes and several white famllb - s AII wUtbe'exreXn'of BoVaQtiTni which these have been flooded. The water has wiii ,aTe oerhaos 150 acres, are nil under ii - - p811111011 SsvmtrSra i "J1" POStffi 19 lhC "P' SSTlSSK SSSaSTSo? end of the Byrnes plantation. This Is niandv, BUck Water, Black Lake. At hll - covered by the crevasse water several schlelc, D'Armond. Hamuer. Live feet. The entire plantation Is flooded and 0a1 Mra Hooper. Prater. Alkeu. BUjohn. tbo w"ter na come dow n to wltnl" a LUmore, Wilson. Roprke, Beard. Glass - short distance, about a quarter of a cock v - ar,cn. Horseshoe - thirty - one mile from the New River road. It is ex - plawBabout 3000 acres In cultivation, ail. peeled that by to - night this road and - th upP?rt oftn Sonthwood pUnta - Fr(jm Hor sj, Laf" - . t6V. Sander. U''!' haTO l','0, ,;"vtr ;U" - ,vha. - e !' 1: river empties Into the Red. The water I. over the railroad track for Bsonio 100 small places, ranging from several udles and is rapidly making It. cultivated almost ex - way through the wood, to the plantation. JfJTeIy by white. - om. 8000 acrea - in ho rear Some year, ago the little eentiely under. "?t,?nt ZZ!, St fir! On the Mississippi. front. Davis' Island JtJt in Luke Concordia, consisting of Morven, ?erman - Kaoto live here Potowomut. Sahara. Evergreen and Nov - d dLllv e nVace hZ increased o elty, together with Marengo. Good Hope, a 3 of In. t r. anonr Hermitage and Waterloo, have been under loZLSZ T.esfdeuts tae - eaIy In May. losing about 1500 lnZS Tommncirng at Wannicut. twelve mile, ffldsrSS deLvi.pf Vit tt'SSM sSaiSsS SBsSHs compIetely under watVhe flg of ''"SlS p'haps'f "Dutch Town" means that several thou - ft,'r(s - wltb exception. p rnap , 01 nd I' made penniless. P,olnt P!(;Tnt; rfroieXl bv nriv Ue Apigfelver hasbeen taken to the New 111 s; uarr rrtap! .irnsri - s cline will begin as soon as possible cha8?d ."V0?. ihon amoa ' feet wide.. . In u ,maJrit JM! .rt 1 a nr3 ... - . . 4 r ,led J aand ' tll(lr hospitalitv F - a Ulnar Fa.t In Fro.t of thc City, style and .plendo and their nospitaniy fK3 fr:rr:: themselves against tie banks, and lashed and Spokan. on lake &t Jonn, their fury underneath fhe trembling W udemere, V eecama C 'nr - wharve.. have given up the fight, and "0l"C'enaalwhuTHall Scot - It"thentfech - hTnd, Bl' Genevtera ?. Lucerne, skughy, menu and caring tvreck and desolation. nio;(t; OTest au'd Morville, on the Z river wiU all aose portion ered their angry forces from the watery Mtri0O0 acreT But for the fact S'S g SftStS rJS ot conict. E2tSi 1. "iT s:5?rrst,b.'s fuly 4 Inehes. while at the Northeartern 7 "J, tTrIse In a f ew davs we will fruit wharf It wa. nearly the aame. The bear of a number more casualties. watchmen at Southport, who have been on "f the places rec from water are constant duty, were yesterday Bitting RaTenwood, Wakefield. Monona. Klllar - Bh&de enjoTnff a Bllrcease of (Conner's. Wilcox and Snyder's), anxiety, for the waves that had threat - Canebreak. Innlssall. Vancluse, Rifle ened for two or three day. to dash over point. Grasmere, 1'ittsfleld and Carter's ,be platform, wore nUW rolllaj oa to Lake and River places. Thegc. with the and tne rallroad men rc3olced P,aces Jartial,y make that it was so. about llTdOO acres free from overflow. T at Southport has been a What a showing! Three - fifths of the par - eat deal more than wa. ever supposed. . about 27.000 acres, ln which the At one time la - t week the Blinots Central crops are entirely gone. The season has Railroad bad a force of 300 men at work been exceptionally fine; the corn waa A .tretch of levee scarce 3O0 feet ad aud ,ald tia n0VI 'or,the long. There was almost a break, but the Ashes The cotton was exceplonally fine. water, were not permitted to pass out. aad thousands of acres full of blooms tor at the rery first .ound ot alarm the and h Hhin. ,t railroad company run a train load of U 18 l? ,atetbt i8 no Sneer SdtrSS ment f unnecessary. " only but they built additional cribbing MRS. GRANT A NO 3IKS. DAVIS. on the outer aide and made the whole - line a foot higher lhan lt was. This The Widow, of the Two Leaoeri tronbre was with the Inner levee, and the I Uiarhlnnd Knll.. dlaaatron. re.nlt. of a brAtk there would I 'e York. June 25. (Special.) A dl. - have hwn creat since the outer levee natch to the Tribune from Highland was fullv a foot lower for a considerable !'" ay: "Mrs. Jefferson Davis, wife distance than the level of the water. It r the confederate ex - presiuent, spent a wod l!avebeen no protection at all. and rulet Sunday at her hotel. After her hv! wflflooded. rTbe' railroad company, admiring the beautiful Hndwn river wilh elr ccustomel wisdom, did not scenery. Mra. Grant returned from West witn ineu - f.i.uo ... . , v0int where .he attended the service. fuird'etermlnatlon of Pre - nting the at the cl. and went imme - it without any one. except the citizens dlea shook hands warmly, and Mrs. LeaT bv rUny knowing the great danger Uavls said, ln answering the Inquiries of tttat for aMle Uireatened the city. At Mrs. Grant, that .he already felt the ! VorrheTatern fruit wharf the water Kooi effect of the mountain air. and was the Northeastern fruit wnari Vf very glad .he had visited the highlands. STll - ual in trough of i"tTaJS ring the afteraoon. in company with r i!t n the famUy of Jobn G. Darls, Mr Davis Sunday afternoon parade of the cadets. I cadeU are ancamned. After witnesalng j the morning drill.. Fort Putnam hud gauge here a foot, or possibly more. lu ookronndM iafff ouTC jalffvlg ag Th. rnid falling is attributed by o river men to the crevasses at Harlem and Rescue, which have already carried off a world of water, and will, they say, con - that "the Rescue break will lower the foot, or possioiy more, forty - eight hours.

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  2. 26 Jun 1893, Mon,
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