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BritishShips1782 - AlirtofBritidfliipsof war, loll, taken, or...
AlirtofBritidfliipsof war, loll, taken, or deftroyed fince the commencement of the war. Extracted from Steel's Original and Correct Lift of the Royal Navy. Corrected to April 30, 1782. Printed in London. Commanders. Where loll or taken. Cups Ships. 1775 - 1 OMONA, Eaftwood, Loft in the Weft Indies. Savage, H. Bromage, at j - ouiiDurg. 1776. a Repulfe. H. Davis, in a hurricane in North A - nierica. .5 Ferret, Rodney, in the Weft Indies. 2 Ricehorfe, taken by the American. 1777. fa Augufia, F. Reynolds, Burnt by accident at Mud Fort, in the Delaware, il Liverpool, H - Bellew, loft off Long Ifland. 2g Actacon, C Atkins, evacuated and deftroyed at Fort Sullivan. Charleftown. 5 E. of Bute, Hart well, foundered in the gulf of Florida "3 Veftal, J. Shirley, loft on the Newfoundland ftation. :j Syren,' T. Fumeaux, loft off point Judith, near Rhode ifland. iJ Merlin, Reeve, Evacuated and burnt at Mud Fort, in the Delaware. ,5 pegafus, J. H. Cjre, loft on the Newfoundland fta. tion. u Sprightly, L. Hill, loft at Guernfey. 8 Cruifer, F Parry, burnt on the coaft of Carolina. 1778. 64 Somerfet, G Oarry, loft near Bofton. n Juno, H. Dilrymple, Bjrnt at Rhode ifland to n Lark, R. Smith, prevent their falling in - 32 Orpheus, C. Hiidfoo, V to the hands of the French fleet, under D'Eilaing. 32 Flora, J. Brilbane, funk at ditto. 32 Minerva, J, Stott, taken by the French in the Weft " Indies ; fince retaken and called the Recovery, ji Arethufa, C. H. Everitt, loft off Ufliant, 3 Grampu, J Frodfham, ) Lofl near Newfoundland. 32 Tortoife, J. Brenton, 3 28 Cerberus, J. Symonf, burnt at Rhode Ifland to prevent its falling into the hands of the French. 28 Mermaid, J. Hawker, driven a ftiore by D'Eftaing's fleet near Cape Henlopen. 28 Fox, hon.T. Windfor, taken by la Jurion a French frigate t8 Active, V. Williams, taken in the Weft Indies. 24 Glafgow, W Camming, burnt by accident at Jamaica. 24 Mercury, J. Montagu, loft in the North river, near New York. 22 Lively, R. Biggs, taken by I'Jphigenie, a French frigate; fince retaken. 20 Supply, J. L Nafmith, burnt by accident at St. Kitrs 1! Ceres, J. R. Dacres; taken by the French in the Weft Indies. 16 Zebra, H. Collins, loft at Egg Ifland harbour, near New York. 16 King's Fiiher, burnt at Rhode ifland, to preveut her falling into the hands of the French under D'Eflaing. i5 Falcon, H. Harmood,,funk at ditto for the fame reafon, aft. weighed up, but fince loft, l5 Senegal, J. Inglis, taken by D'Eflaing on the coaft of America, fince retaken and blown up. 15 Swallow, C. Warre, loft coming from the Cape of Good Hope. Swift, J. Tath well, loft in North America. iS Copid, W. Carlyon, foundered off Newfoundland. 14 Drake, G. Burdon, taken by Paul Jones in Belfaft Lough. 14 Zephyr, T. Weft, taken by the French in the Me - diter. fince retaken and burnt. uYork, (tender,) taken by D'Eftaing's fleet on the Coaft of America. Spy, T. L. Frederick, loft at Newfoundland. 11 Hichinbrook, taken by the Americans. Helena, T. Hicks, taken by la Senfible, a French frigate; fince refaken. Alert, W. G. Fairfax, taken by la Junon French frigate. ,! Otter J. Wright, loft in Florida. 3 Euterprife, (tender,) taken by the Americans and burnt. Thunder, J.Gambier, taken by D'Eftaing's fleet on the coaft of America. FokfW, It. W. Smith, taken by the French. U Ardent, p Botelcr, taken by the combined fleet in the channel. p Experiment, fir J. Wallace, taken by D'Eftaing's fleet ou the coaft of Georgia, ft Scrapis, fir R. Pearfon, taken by Paul Jones off Scar - borough. I Montreal; S. Douglafs, takn by two French men of war in the Mediterranean. 32 Quebec. G. Farmer, blown op, engaging IaSurveil - lante, a French frigate. 28 Huflar, C. M. Pol;, flruck on a rock in Hell Gate, and ftiijlc. 2r Ariel, T. Mackenzie, taken py l'Amaxon, French frigaie off Carolina. 20 Sphynx, R. Sutton, taken by the French in the Weft Indies ; fince refaken. 20 Countefs Scarbro', T. Piercy, taken by Paul Jones off Scarborough. 20 Rofe, P. BroJu, funk on Savannah bar, to prevent the approach of the French fleet";" 20 North, G. Sclby, loft near Halifax, all the crew perifhed 16 Thome, W. Wardlaw, taken by an American frigate on the coaft of America fince retaken. 16 Weafel, L. Robertfon, taken by Eourdeaux, French frigate, in the Welt Indies. 14 Tapaguer, Id. Fitigerald, loll in the Weft Indies. 14 Savannah, Filher, funk at Savannah.' 14 Weft Florida, It Payne, taken at Penfacola by the Americans 12 York, t .kea by D'Efbing's fleet at Grenada. 10 Diligent, ) Taken by the Americans at Newfound - 10 Haarlim, ) land. 8 Holdernefl'e, taken by the combined fleets in the channel. 1780. 74 Thunderer, com Walfingham, capt. R. B. Nicholas, loft in the hurricane in Welt Indies. 74 Cornwall, T. Edwards, Rendered unfcrviceable and funk at St. Lucia. 64 Sterling CafiKe, R. Carkett, loft in the hurricane in the Weft Indies 64 Defiance, M Jacobs, Loft on Sivanaah bar. 50 Leviathan, R. Lambert, foundered coming from Jamaica. 44 Phoenix, fir H. Parker, loft in the hurricane in the Weft Indies. 42 La Blanche, S. Uppleby, ditto ditto. 28 Laurel, T Lloyd, ditto ditto. 2& Shark, H Lloyd, lofl in North America. 28 Andromeda, H. Eryne, loft in the hurricane in the Welt Indies. 24 Deal Ciflle, J. Hawkins, loft inthe hurricane in the Weft Indies. 24 Penelope, J. Jones, taken by Spanifh prifoners rif - ing on the Crew in the Weft Indies. 20 Scarborough, S. H. Walker, lofl in the hurricane in Welt Indies. 20 Unicorn, T. L. Frederick, taken by the French in the Weit Indies : fince retaken. 20 Vigilant, Goldfborough, burnt at Beaufort, South Carolina. 18 Rover, H. Savage, taken by the French in the Weft Indies : finte reraken. 18 Bellona, F. Tinfley, loft at the month of the Elbe. 18 Fortune, L. Robertfon, taken by the French in the Weft Indies. 16 Beaver's prixe, Drummond, loft in the hurricane in the Weft Indies. 16 Viper, Id Hervey, loft in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. 16 Scorpion, lofl in North America. 15 Coureur, It C. Major, taken by the Americans at Newfoundland. i5 Cormorant, R. M'Evoy, taken by count de Grafle, off Charleftown. 14 Barbadoes, R. Milbanke, loft in the hurricane in the Weft Indies. 14 Cameleon, J Johnflone, ditto " ditto. 14 Fairy, J.Browne, taken by the French; fince retaken. 14 Defpatch, J. Botham, bft in North America. 14 Jackall, J. Gibfon, taken out of the Downs by the crew, and carried into France; fince rrtakeo. 14 True Briton, hon. P. Napier, taken by the French ; fince retaken under the name of the Tartar. 14 Endeavour, F. Wooldridge, loft in the hurricane at Jamaica. 12 Nimble, W. Furnival, loft in Mount's Biy. 10 Victor, loft in the hurricane in the Weft Indiet. 8 Incendiary, W. Merrick, loft near the ifle of Wight. 1781. 74 Culloden, G. Bilfour, loft near Rhode Ifland. 74 Terrible, hon. W. C. Finch, burnt near New York. ' 44 Romulus, G. Gayton, taken by D'Eftaing's fleet in North America. 44 Charon, R. Reynolds, burnt in the Chefapealce. 32 Thetis, R. Liniee, flruck on a rock and funk at St. Lucia. 32 Iris, G. Dawfon, )Tiken by M. de Graffe off 32 Richmond, C. Hudfon,) the Chefapeake. 28 Guadeloupe, H. Robinfon, funk in the Chefapeake. 28 Greyhoand, W. Fox, loft upoa the' South Sand Head, near Deal. 28 Crefcent, hon. T. Packenham, taken by the French. 2f Pelican, C. Collingwood, loft in the hurricane at Jamaica, Auguft 1. . 24 Fowey, P. Alpin, funk in the Chefapeak. 24 Sindwich, W Bett, taken off Charleftown 24 Syren, J. Valliant, lofl near Cuckmeer haven, up - on the coaft of Suffex. 20 Mentor, R. Deans, burnt at Penfacola. 20 Molly, W. Long, burnt by accident off point Linis. 20 Germain, G. KeppelJ jun. takfn in Norn America 20 Britannia, M Dais, loft on theKentifh Knovk. 18 Echo, J. Manky. loft in Plymouth Sound. 15 Port Royal, T. Kelly, taken by the Spaniards, at Penfacola. 16 St.Firmin, J. Faulkener, taken by the Spaniards near Gibraltar. 15 Atalanta, 8. Edwards, taken by the American. . fince retaken, ' 16 Savage, C S irling, taken by the American! fince retaken. 16 Swallow, T. Wells, loft on Long Ifland. 16 Hope, W. Thomas, loft orT Savannah 16 Shelahnagig, J K Sheppard, taken in the Weft In - dies. 14 Racehorfe, It. G. Brifac, loft off Beach head. 14 Pheafant,G. Matthews, lofl, going convoy toGuern 14 Snake, Jackfon, taken by the Americans. 14 Trepaffy, J. Smyth, taken by the Americans. 14 Hope, It L. Vickers, taken by the French , fince retaken. 14 Antigua, J. Hutf, taken by the French In the Weft Indies. M Fly, M.Ponfonby, taken by the French. 14 Bonetta, R. Dundas, taken, fa the Chtfapeak j fince retaken. 14 Loyalift, J. Williams, differ. 14 Rattlefnake. loft in the Indite 14 F'gmy, T. Dyfon, driven on fhore at Dunkirk, and taken poffefllon of by the French. 4 Rover, J. Duncan, loft la America. 14 Gibraltar, W Anderfon, taken off Gibfilfif. 8 Firebrsnd, R. Hill, burnt in the Channel. S Vulcan, G. Palmer, burnt in the Chefapeake. 8 Conflagration, J. Duncan, loft in North America. 1782. 28 Solebay, C. H. Everitf, loft off Nevis, Jan. 25. 28 Sibyl, J.Rodney, taken by a Spanifh man of war off Jamaica. 28 Hichinbrook, foundered in Port Royal harbour Jamaica. 16 Duchefs of Cumberland, E. Marfh, lyft at New - foundland. Mr. BAILEY, THERE is lately publilhed in Bjfton a pimphlrt intitled, '' Salvation for all Mix, illullrat'eJ and vindicated as a Scnpmrt p firmf, in numerous Extracts from a Variety of Pious Learned Men who '.uve purpofely writ upon the Subject " c. Pjrtof the preface of this extraordinary production is as follows : " THAT mankind" univerfally (hill, in the final if - fue of the gofpel plan of meri - y, be dtlivered from the bondage of curruption, and be admitted to the felicity of the (ons of God, is no novel doctrine, as many may be ready to imagine. It wi (ai fjme riters upon this fubjecl have obferved) received as a revealed tru h by Orpin and Clement of Alfxan Jria, who I eh lived in the latter end of the fecond century. And it appearj from Auguftin, Jerom and other celebrated writer, in their day, that it was not then either a new or uncommon tenet. And in Utter times a variety of books have been publifhed in favour of it, in the French, High - Dutch, Low Dutch and Englifti languages. There is alfo an ingenious piece written in French by a noble roinifler of the court of the king of Pruflti, ftiled "A Treatife on the Uoiverfal Reftitution of the Creation." A confiderable number of books upoa the fame fubjeft are now extant ia Englifh. I (had only mention one or two out of many others. Jeremiah White, chaplain to Oliver Cromwell, aftd an eminently pious, good man, has writ a large book, in " Vindication of God's goodnefs to be raanifeftedat lafl inthe recovery of the whole lower creation from the fall." From this book many of the following extracts are made. Dr. David Hartley in his obfervations upon man, has feveral chapters upon falvation for all meu; from which I may collect Come thoughts in the following work. I (hall fay of him, he was a man of known fen - ous piety, 1 difciple of Mr. John Wefley, and in common with hiro and all his followers a believer in the re - flora'ion of all mankind, in God's time and way, to final happinefs. It may not beiinfeifonable to add here, tht it 'n freely and fully acknowledged, by all the above writers that many, among the fens and daughters of A lam, will pafi through a (late of unutterable mifery, before

Clipped from
  1. The Freeman's Journal or The North-American Intelligencer,
  2. 11 Sep 1782, Wed,
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