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aleister crowley  - Heres the Man Who Invented Pirate Bridge...
Heres the Man Who Invented Pirate Bridge AAMWWMWWWWMSMWMAMMkAMV How Aleister Crowley the Poet Devised the Method by Which Players May Demonstrate Individual Skill and Judgment and Avoid Being Tied Up With Tiresome Partners A ND now its pirate bridge Auction bridge has had to re - partner and so save me from ignominy tire modestly Into the back - j and ruin After a bid has been ac - ground while society has cepted and a DartnershiD thus estab - adopted the new game with Its thrills I lished the next player can make a and fascinating combinations of op - higher bid when anybody can accept portunities for ability and luck that bld anl establish a new part - t tJJ v j j nershlp and so on indefinitely i - niie owue in iuc urn uu buiuc - Rut dhtf lh nlnr thine more than a fad for its here to 7 J 7 w games aiurany ier Jl1 yUn E - eed bTttV fact that partners i Btrve to bid and find a partner ttlm l nari tM are not always playing across the table than to be the acceptor and aid some The strangest part of this card tab e 0nea dummymay be exposed across one else In winning the rubber At revlutln that aPt responsible th UM or t ones mmedlate r ht pirate the striving to be the player and for L f116 OCty CapI or left Finessing and leading not the acceptor Is a new feature In 5ures a poe but Ma Vme Pet through become much more Interest - any card game and to be the player of and kings Is going to accept me as a the use of adroit bidding and of course skill In play Only One Wins Rubber As to the rubber It can be won by only one of the players Herein is the individual feature of the game brought out No one can win a rubber that English writer who Is at present in this country The Idea of the game are sitting next to each other The whole technique of the play of the has captured society Also he Is good poet so far as his verses go although his invention of pirate bridge majJ cf af aLs hlmln h J cards at once becomes a great deal r v r w tiTAtt more diversified unexpected and sub - aaln U may be et down to hs credlt - I tie Aleister Crowley Responsible ing and Important when two partners Judgment opens up greater advantages How Partners Are Chosen The poet Is Mr Aleister Crowley an Some of the Advantages Of the advantages of pirate bridge Mr Crowley himself has written epi - grammatically You can he says If you are clever avoid tying yourself up with a tedious poetic alcoholic or idiotic partner T1 the ven advanUges ne cUes - Ths others are The hands which work best together In any suit tend to come together Fewer final bids are set baek thus shortening the duration and tedlousness of every rubber Each Plays for Himself Every player is playing for himself Four individual scores are kentall In nnt P it S wav wfs - w f Mlvi des Kvra - 7 wJth lot 9f bickering ana quarreling You may feel Inclined to blame some one for accepting you hi h ZJZZ - T - T y w0ht e2 A V tJS 7U m niTtUfsd - - A bTh ran a first - rate game for the man hV rn f has many of the be8t elements of yvuvr CwleZ il1tratM T0 uHWrilns ln reJent numbr ot Vanty Fair he says How Pirate Works Out t 4 Let me draw a picture In auction I bid - a heart but only with fear and trembling because by partner may not have any hearts at alL In the new game of pirate I can bid two hearts and feel mora or less certain that either the man no matter where he alts Ith the hearts or the man with the aces Pirate bridge is played by four persons using two full packs A table is i fc in muc o ciajiiifi active triple aummy 10 wniie away a rainy week ln New Hampshire during the autumn of 1916 The central idea was that Instead of cutting for partners and keeping them for an entire rubber the partners might be changed before every hand Going to New York Mr Crowley showed the game to friends who at once recognized Its possibilities Sev - eral tried it and the result was that the idea was oulcklv laid before the Amerl can authority on cards Mr B F Fos ter Under his hands the game was rounded out revised and cast Into shape penalties for irregularities provided and rules drawn up This took three weeks Then In a series of Informal talks the game was brought to the attention of several of the leading card clubs of New York No further Introduction needed than the same quality in poker Of coursej there are selfish acceptors who would always try to slip ln with a strong hand for a partner before the one whom the bid was Intended to reach could get in his acceptance This little detail has been well thought out and provided for Extra Trick the Remedy It was remedied by bidding an extra Partners are chosen ln this way trick ln the suit and It was to protect When a player bids ln his turn each the bidder that a rule was introduced In turn to his left must either accept I whereby he may overcall his own ac - or pass The player accepting signifies cepted bid A novice may win often his willingness to accept and becomes t wth - a moderate or even a poor hand the dummy without changing his seat at the table This done the bid and acceptance can be overcalled and the new bid must be accepted as was the flrst If it la not the last acceptance stands The rules operate to prevent players from making rash or shut - out bids as well as to prevent an opponent of a concluded partnership from shutting out a legitimate bid that might be made on his left if he passed Reopened by a Double Bidding Is reopened by a double but It cannot be accepted as it Is forced on the partner The pro tem partner of the doubler can If he can get an acceptor bid himself out of It If not it comes back to the accepted bid doubled No bid can be raised overcalled or doubled until It has been accepted The revoke penalty is a straight 50 points tor each revoke doubled or redoubled if the contract has been doubled or redoubled The penalty falls on both the revoking partners In general however the laws dealing with minor offenses are founded upon those of auction bridge except where consideration of the individual character of the play has made changes Imperative Dummys hand is laid down the moment the flrst card is led regardless of Its position at the table so that dummy may be left right or opposite the dealer The player to the left of the dealer leads for the first trick unless dummy Is at the dealers left In such cases the player next to dummy leads Bidder Scores Below Line Itiere are many points great and small wherein pirate bridge differs from auction buf4hese are best learned from the official rules and in theganfe itself They are quickly mastered play era assert Indeed before launching pirate bridge Its authors tried It out carefully upon players of various grades The result war Convincing The bidder in pirate is the only one who scores below the line His part ner the acceptor who Is always dum my scores the same points as the bidder except in final rubber p6lnts - The acceptors score Is always above the line - In pirate weak hands have always a good opportunity to save themselvesby either by good Judgment in accepting the right partner or if you are the bid der forcing the right player to be the acceptor Meantime what of the guilty poet Just as present he Is enjoying the winter under Southern skies learning more of the country which has Inspired him to sing his praises Mr Crowley is an Englishman of Irish antecedents but his point of view at least so far as his writings are concerned is English rather than Celtic Here is an exception Some of Crowleys Work It is a part of his Appeal to the American Republic written shortly after the Spanish war Thou fair republic over sea afar where long blue ripples lap the fertile land Fixed by the iron hands and swords of war Now must for aye a constellation stand Thou new strong nation As the eagle aspires To match the ssns own fires Children of our1 land hear the children of your sires The eagle of your emblem would not stoop To the pround vaunts of that outrageous wing That Bismarck reared and strengthened and bade swoop Fierce UDon France whoa nallM nin Ions droop A To own an emperor when she wished a king Their challenge you handed back across the foam Vienna and tall Rome Trembled for their ally you stirred our hearts at home The Are of Jove no waters shall drown The faith of friendship stands the t shocks of time Seal with your voice the triumph of this hour f Tour glory to ourglory and our power Alliance of one tongue one faith one cllmet Seal and clasp hands and let the sea proclaim Friendship of righteous tame sculpture painting carving weaving and other efforts At the present time the exhibit of sculptures by Miss Clara Hill daughter of the late John R Hill chief of the engraving division of the Treasury and a pupil of Saint - Gaudens Denvs Puech Inlalbert and Ernest Du bois Is attracting the attention of art I circles Miss Hill has a Julian Academy medal and was awarded the sculpt tors prize at the Seattle exposition ln T AAA Ok I - hthlLil Im tti T - v salon the Corcoran Gallery the New York Academy the Pennsylvania Academy and in many private exhibitions A bust by her of Lincoln a copy of which ts on exhibition has been bought by the government Among the most successful and delightful of Miss Ullla nriuffiHAn a p aavaral haa r lief portraits for which she has an especially happy gift Her work along those lines ts beautiful delicate and picturesque Mother and Child a group of nude figures breathes tenderness love and material devotion The group composes well In the bas relief of The Woman Physician Miss Hill has through her comprehension drawn into one atmosphere of purpose ami heautv an enitome of life itself its bruises and consolations strengtn and weakness questions and answers The theme is handled with courage ana convictions Three examples of Miss Hlirs sculpture are shown In the pho - Aleister Crowley From a Drawing by Augustas John And lordship of two worlds that time can never tame What matter though our fathers did you wrong Though brave sons brake our bitter yoke Though we strove to compel you to do a cruel thing What though the stronger did defeat the strong Both wild and patient as the steep strong sea What matter that some strive to waken hate Traitors to either state Hang - them in chains Our way to freedom cannot wait Are not your veins made purple with our blood And our dominions touch they not afield Pours not the sea Its Ions exultant flood On cithers coast The rose has one same bud And the vines heart one purple - pledge doth yield Are we not weary of the tanged pen Arewenot friends and men Let us look frankly face toface and quarrel then For by the groves of green and - quiet ways And on the windy reaches of the river In moonlit night and blue unbroken days And where the cold Ice breaks ln pallid bays And where dim dawns in frosty forest shiver Where India burns and far Australia glows Where cactus blooms where rose Let our hearts beat be heard to lighten many woes Sister and daughter of our loyal Isle Our hands reach out to you Our lips are fain To wreathe with yours in one delicious In one delicious smile Of budding love to give a kiss awhile And laugh like bride and groom and kiss again Let our alliance like a marriage stand Supreme from strand tto strand The likeness of our love the clasp of hand in hand And men who come behind us yet unborn Nor dimly guessed at down the brook of time Shall celebrate the brave undying morn When the free nations put aside their scorn For friendship rock no sundering surge may climb When their strong hands gripped hard across the sea Flushed with fresh victory Lands royal leal and great vast beautiful and free Our childrens children shall unsheathe the sword Against the envy of some - tyrant power v The leader of our people and our lord Shall Join to wrest from slavery abhorred Some other race a fair storm - ruined flower O fair republic lover and sweet friend Tour loyal hand extend Let freedom peace and faith stow stronger to the end O child of freedom thou 4Et very fair Thou hast white roses on thy eager breast The scent of all the South Is In thy hair Thy lips are fragrant with the blossoms rare Blown under sea waves when the white wings rest Come to our breast where victory SltS passionate and free J Ring out the world salute Our sister Over searr This Is the matured work of a man whose poems already well and favorably known In England are winning many admirers ln this country

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  2. 11 Mar 1917, Sun,
  3. Page 5

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