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 - Waco Zionist President SHOUT TKf sai whom I W...
Waco Zionist President SHOUT TKf sai whom I W orks for Israel Peace A Waco utructural *ngin<»pr I* ramrodding * new plan to shore up Israel so that it may become a second America. "Happiness is what we are all trying to get at,’* says Abe Meinstein, Meinstein, 47 years old Thursday, new president of the Waco Zionist Organization Organization of America chapter. Meinatein savs American public opinion virtually can force peace in the Near East, just by letting the Jews and the Arabs know they don’t have to be suspicious of our t\pe of freedom. Peace between the Jews and the Arabs is mostly a matter of getiing both sides to sit down and talk it out, says Meinstein. speaking for the Zionists. If American public opinion can be focused on that problem, perhaps the U. S. State Department could do something about forcing the t'nited Nations to bring sufficient pressure on both Jews and Arabs to settle their differences differences and live together as diverse diverse Americans do. A AM Graduat« “We’ve got to let them know how we feel.” says Meinstein. who works for Central Texas Iron Works, and graduated from Texas A&M in 1929 He has also operated the LAM Cafe, as a cafe and then as a pickle and relish manufacturing manufacturing firm until crop failures got him. H* has had other jobs, even sold magazines for about five years, but an emigrant at the age of six from his native Warsaw. Poland. Meinstein speaks with his heart when he says “America thrills me.” Meinstein thinKs peace in the Near East is vital to America “For us to get along, even body has to get along,” is th# way he says it. Purpose of Zionism He says the purpose of Zionism is to establish a peaceful Jewish national national homeland, not segregated, no ghetto, and not merely a haven from the persecution that has been the 200CV-year or more fate of the Jews. “A mere haven.’* says Meinstein. •‘would be of little consequence What is important is the dignity of human living, and in Israel that applies as much to the Arabs as to I the Jews. As it s the armistice is] being broken every day by both sides, and Israel s destiny, to bring I East and West together, is being frustrated. The Jews and the Arabs over there may think we don’t give a damn, but we have to let them ; know we do.” Other new officers of the Waco ! ZOA are Phil Sm’ih. first vice ¡president; Jake Ginsburg. second ¡vice president; Dave Lebowitz, ; treasurer; and Abe Berkman, secretary. secretary. Kseeutive Board On the pxecutiv** board are I. Mott, Louis Gerson. Harry Siegel, Frank Chazanow, R. Jl. Goldberg, j M. D, Beerman, Henry Heyman, and Rabbi Charles R. Lesser. Oth| Oth| ers w ill be appointed, Meinstein ; said. Smith is a furniture manufacturer; manufacturer; Ginsburg sells clothing; Lebowitz Lebowitz has a dry goods store; Berkman Berkman is a retired clothing store owner; Mott Is a department store ¡salesman; Gerson just moved to ! Waco from Hillsboro where he was j a shoe repair man; Siegel is a food j distributor; Chazanow and Gold! Gold! berg are in real estate; Beerman j has a jewelry shop; Heyman is a j sausage manufacturer: Rabbi Lesser Lesser is at Temple Rodef Sholom. In a formal statement, Meinstein w rote : “The State of Israel has repeatedly repeatedly expressed its desire to establish establish peace with the Arabs, so the Jiob is half done. Jew and Arab live in America in peace and friendship. friendship. It can be done in th« Near East if there is the will. “It is therefore my earnest hope that Zionists who feel a deep concern concern for the welfare and well-being of Arabic peoples in the Near East, and who are men who yearn for true peace and good will toward men, will urge the national Zionists to hold a conference to make plans to express our desires for peace between Arabs and Jews in the Near East. “Perhaps from Waco may come a plan which can be developed into a compelling force for peace.” VICKSBURG, —UP—Charles N. C., and Norfolk, Va., fugitives from the penitentiary, jnto jail. Police fcaid when the youths' early Wednesday so loudly the police. Arrested noisemakers. the youths fugitives and stolen the stalled Texarkana, Texas. Swapping never see No second content per pound, Chicks. Here

Clipped from The Waco News-Tribune04 Dec 1953, FriPage 27

The Waco News-Tribune (Waco, Texas)04 Dec 1953, FriPage 27
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