Formaldehyde in milk

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Formaldehyde in milk - WIS DEATH 1H THE MILK? SUPPOSED CAUSE 07 DEATHS...
WIS DEATH 1H THE MILK? SUPPOSED CAUSE 07 DEATHS AT OSPHAK JLSYXTTM. Unusual Symptoms Vnv Analysis Show - ed Formaldehyde Thirty Slmiisr Deaths Two Tears Ago The death of three Infants at the Indianapolis Indianapolis Orphan Asylum is thought to be doe to the use of formaldehyde In milk furnished by a dairyman The Infants are Thompson seven months old; Roberta Roberta Dunlap. five months, and Marie, Bowers, two months. The attention of the Board of Health was called to the matter late yesterday afternoon, when Dr. F. C. Stewart, the house physician of the Orphans Home, fled tbe death cer - tiflcates. On the margin of the certificate certificate wa the notation that formaldehyde formaldehyde had been used In the adulteration of milk, which was given to the children as food, and ha.t this was thought to be the cause of their death. The Infants had been sick for about one month, and their condition was such. In the last few days, that Dr. Stewart wae unable to diagnose their cases. Each began to droop and lost flesh and appetite, appetite, i Three other children In the Institution Institution are HL and one of them 1 expected expected to die at anr time. The complaint complaint first came from the nurses, who sal. the milk was not right, aa evidenced by ithe action on certain food preparations preparations put in the milk. Tbe attention of Dr. Clark waa called, and on last Tuesday Tuesday he took a portion of the milk' to the city chemist for analysis - Another portion of rne tnrrk was sent to the chemist chemist on Thursday, and yesterday the tests were completed, showing that formaldehyde formaldehyde had been used, but not in large amounts. r ' - Dairyman's Denial. This fact was communicated to the managers of the Institution, and the president of the board Immediately called the dairyman who furnished the milk. He vigorously denied that formaldehyde or any other adulteration bad been used in the milk, and could not account for the presence of the drug In the samples of milk analysed by the city chemist. The dairyman has been furnishing milk to the Institution 'or about three years, and. with the exception of a few weeks in the preceding two aummers, it waa thouaht to be pure While the infants were being treated at the Institution prepared pepsin was used. About the time they became worse it waa noticed by the nurses that the milk required n great deal more of the pepsin than formerly to make whey. During the summer of 1S. it was said, about thirty children died at the home, and nearly all of them were afflicted in the same way as the three who now lie dead. The cause of death was not determined at that time, 4jut it Is now noticed by the attaches of the home that the milk used at that time had about the same effect on children as It does at the.preeent time. No analysis of the. milk waa made during the summer summer of l&s. It was sail that the milk at that time stood in the! house for three or - four days without souring, and that the milk now used shows, the same peculiarity. peculiarity. An autopsy, conducted by Drs. Stewart. Stewart. George. Conkllrt and McCullough. wae held, yesterday afternoon, over the body of Marie Bom - era, but it threw little light on the cause of death. It was noticed that the liver and kidneys were unusually affected. A change was made in the treatment of - one of: the children now alck. and last Sunday ! malted milk was substituted for the milk furnished by the dairyman. , Already, a change for the better has been noticed: In the little one. The matron. Mrs. Jennie D. Speer. said. this morning. that she waa satisfied that the milk was adulterated, and that an Investigation would be begun begun immediately. :A meeting Of the visiting committee consisting of Mrs. J. A. Bradshaw, the president of the institution. Mr. J. C. Tarklngton, and Mr. Franklin Landers was called for to - day to see what action will be necessary to take. The dairyman who furnishes the milk to the Institution Institution has been in business in this city for a number of years, and there ha been little complaint of the milk furnished by him. ' The Test Not Official. I Dr. Frank Morrison, president of the City Board of Health, says no steps will be taken by the board for the conviction of the dairymen, the rules of the State Board of Health not having been complied complied with in making the testa of the milk. The rules referred to are the ones formulated by the State board under the pure food law. The rule for a test of milk prescribes certain formalities that were not gone through with in this case, hence the test waa not an official one and the dairymen can not be prosecuted under under the pure food law. Dr. Morrison says he has little faith In a post - mortem examination to show the presence of formaldehyde In milk in the stomach. Most bottle babies at the orphan asylum, he says, dle and he does not know that the mortality among them has increased since formaldehyde became known. Neither the Board of Health nor the managers or physicians of the Orphans' Home would fumuh.the name of the dairyman, although he " is 'generally known. Dr. Stewart' said he thought that the sampfes. of milk containing formaldehyde formaldehyde might have been purchased by the dairyman from other dealers. The milk for the Infants has been changed, however, and is now furnished by another dairyman. Much Milk Contains the Drug'. Samples of milk supposed .by purchasers purchasers to contain formaldehydo are brought dally to the office of the city Boarn of Health since a dairyman was recently arrested for adulterating his milk. In nearly every sample Dc - Clark, secretary of the board, says, he finds foi tr aldehyde in greater or less degree. He says he means to stop this praptlca among dairymen if it can po&'bly be done, but the difficulty is to get a conviction. conviction. The dairymen always swear that they bought the milk, and did not k - ow it contained formaldehyde, and then r.cth'ng can fca done, since tho lawi provides a penalty only in case adulterations adulterations knowingly used. He says there 1 a Mmplo test by which persons ca.i detect - the presence of formaldehyde lr - milk. Place a table - ppoonful of sulphuric acid with a trace of chloride of iron in a test tube. Di lute with nn equal quantity of water to ! keep It from burning. Then pour Into i the te - st tube a small quantity of milk. If there is formaldehyde in th$ milk the mixture will turn purple when shaken. Another method, but one, which takes Icrger, he says, 1b to eet the milk out - coon. If it does not sour in a reasonable reasonable time. it contains soma kind of preservative. LOOK OUT FOR RUSSIA. What Louis Metzger Thinks of Her P&ris Display. A letter has been received from Louis Metzger, who is spending a part of his tour of Scheveningen, a coast suburb of The Hague. Holland, Interesting as a surf - bathing resort and more interesting because of the adjoining village of fishermen. fishermen. ; with their quaint and picturesque picturesque garbs. Of the world's exposition at Parts, he writes:, "The Csar has done all he could to bring Russia to the foreground, and haa succeeded. The finest bridge Is nsmed Alexander III.; the finest avenue Nicholas Nicholas II. In all sorts of ways the French haVe aided Russia to make a grand de but. In WS the European globetrotter globetrotter added Mexico t his Itinerary, also the Yosemite, the National Park and the. Colorado canyons. Now Russia extends an invitation to Inspect the wonders wonders of Siberia by way of the most - extensive extensive extensive and Important railroad route ln the world. Keep your eye on Russia and you may hear more, as it is generally expected that she will shortly disclose a political program as surprising to the rest of the world as her fine display at Paris. I expect to sail July 26 for home." JOHN MORTON'S ILLNESS. I , , Directions for His Return on a Revenue Cutter. 1 i

Clipped from
  1. The Indianapolis News,
  2. 31 Jul 1900, Tue,
  3. Page 5

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