Patrolman Charles Belville and robbery at Paramount Theater

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Patrolman Charles Belville and robbery at Paramount Theater - STERLING WARD MENACED " BY BANDITS AT MARION...
STERLING WARD MENACED " BY BANDITS AT MARION Sterling Ward, son of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Ward of South Lee street, who is assistant manager of the Paramount theatre at Marion, was among the victims of a hold-up at the theatre and was forced by threats, to open the office safe. A story of the sensational robbery was publishe'd in a Marion paper as follows : "More than $600 last night was obtained by five young bandits, who held up Paramount theatre employes, took revolvers from two- police officers and escaped after firing one shot in the crowded theatre. "The robbery was witnessed by more than 50 patrons as they left thei theatre while many others watched the film. Employes and patrons gave police officers only a meager description of the five bandits. "Quick thinkyig on the part of Frank Newell. I. O. O- F. building, doorman at the theatre, who suspected that a robbery was being staged, caused him to phone police headquarters. The scream of the cash-ier as the bandits forced her into the manager's office and the repeated ringing of the telephone in tfle box of fice although there is a connection in the manager's office, caused Newell to suspect that a holdup was taking place. "One bandit, who remained near Newell, attempted to allay his sus-rifinnc! hv nssrrinsr thaf the ca.shier had sprained her ankle. The young doorman wained to tne oox otnee ana called police. "Frank Parker, police officer, who was sent from headquarters, reached the building as the three bandits came down the stairs from the manager's office on the second floor of the theatre. "As the officer commanded the men to stop, Oharles Belville, another police officer, who a few minutes previously had ' escorted the cashier to the manager's office, returned to the theatre, after heine advised from head quarters, of the robbery. Belville drew his revolver, walked toward the bandits and drew a sack of money containing more than $10 from a bandit's pocket. "As Belville threw the sack of money on the floor, a fourth bandit, using young Newell as a shield, fired his revolver into the floor. "'Stick 'em up or I'll drill you,' commanded -the bandit, as the officer continued to cover the three bandits with his own gnn. An oath and an other order to drop his gun immediately came from the bandit, who held his gun less than six inches from Belville's back. The officer obeyed. "Parker, meanwhile had backed into an aisle of the theatre and stood there mntil one of the bandits came and removed his gun from his holster. "While the bandit with the gun held the officers nd crowd at bay, the other bandits made their escape. A fifth bandit took little part in the robbery and apparency was assigned to watch the front of the theatre. "The robbery was the second at the theatre within a year. Since the last robbery a police officer has been assigned to escort the cashier to the manager's officp. Belville went to the theatre at 9:310 last night and after accompanying Miss Cora Brewer, casn-ier, to the manager's office left to return to his beat. "Approximately 15 minutes later, as Miss Brewer started to leave the theatre after filling out her reports, she was confronted by a bandit, who held his gun against her waist and ordered her to return to the office. Sterling Ward, assistant manager, who was in the office, waa commanded to operithe safe in which the receipts had been placed. "Both Ward and Miss Brewer declared that the bandits appeared cool during the time it required the assistant manager to open the safe. The employes were ordered to remain in the office for five minutes by the bandits. "Two of the bandits were said to have been wearing gold sweaters with a blue or black 'S.' All of the bandits, were said to be young men.'' The twelfth annual reunion of the Rosenberry families will be held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Carpenter, four miles north and one mile west of Butler, on Saturday, Jane 13. Vernon Kepler Is president.

Clipped from
  1. Garrett Clipper,
  2. 11 Jun 1931, Thu,
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  • Patrolman Charles Belville and robbery at Paramount Theater

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