Butte Montana Standard Oct 24 1936

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Butte Montana Standard Oct 24 1936 - Bobcat and Grizzly FOR 40 YEARS THEY'VE FOUGHT...
Bobcat and Grizzly FOR 40 YEARS THEY'VE FOUGHT WHEN THEY MET AND ONLOOKERS HAVE YET TO SEE A BAD SCRAP Special trains, Motor Caravans Caravans Bring Thousands From, AH Directions for , Annual Classic in Butte. Montana football interest centers this afternoon on Clajk park, -.as Butte'a-fainous sports arnpliltheater becom.es 'tjie Jiot- spot "here the mighty CJr.Ujdy's -annual trek 'crosses the path '"of thBTrtly Bobcat, for the S8th time .in 40. years. ^Vhen the paths of these monsters cross a spectacular brawl Is inevitably inevitably the'resiilt. One loses a little more fur' than the other from tune to time. but. always the. onlookers are serye'd. -a, thrilling battle as these .ancient foes ciaw at each other with al) the power, cunning and hatred developed through ages of rivalry. It has always been that way, and it looks as If It always will be... .. . ..... _ All Ko.ids Lead to Butle All roads lead to Butte for' this Statistics on Players University of Montana Grizzlies 20— Jenl.in, Fr«d 22 — >tvlah«, JDO 21— Pot. V»r. Xip, Wt. chlll. O 2-V-Sn:|(1>, frineli ~6 — fptllmar, Jaww 31- Shield!, Join S3 — RolMon. TeivmT S3 — (ilbsan, Lyraan . Q . H . O . O . R _ 33 — Seaman, Car* ^~,^ 3fl — W-'lT'ams. Cbucjr . _ : 81— Eo.mwHi, Noral _^ SS— Tnlln, Tom __ r>fttnvr, Itolerf - 4ft— Zfmiiteriniii. \V»lt»r 1 — Julmion, Dor>ald _ ffrriop, Art _ _ 14— Oljcn, Clltt _____ 15— .Mrllonald, Arfbla 1C— pridm, Joo J7— lAindberj, Rollla major attraction—the 1936 championship football struggle be r tween the University of Montana Grizzlies from Mlssoul* and the Montana State College Bobcats from Bozenmri. ._. _ • — With a bigger- sohool, bigger squad and bigger boys, the Grizzlies have always been favored to win, but they have met with many reverses, more than a few of them since the annual renewal of this colgrful feud was moved to Bulte In 1926. Color Draws Ihr;;sands. For the first time in years the' "—"<"» usual block of reserved seat tickets'" 5 "' 5 " 1 sent each o' the.'college-towna-con T - cerned wns sold out-early and more ducats ordered for bo'ai Interest Is high, both schools have better teams than for several years and the background of this particular particular garno carries color that draws many,, to augment th^ crowds atr traoted from every nook and corner in Montana. Choice seats were gobbled up early but many good" ones" are "lift" to assure assure comfort and R, good observation, post for late arrivals; Between' six' and seven thousand Ian.s. are exr pected to attend. Manager Willard Thompson at the Butte Chamber of Commerce, jvhpse athletic comml ttee sponsors and handles details for the< game,, reported last night a fine advance advance sale pf seats with art- ample sales force to care for all applications applications at the. Chamber, today until noon, wh*n the tickets will be placed on sale at Clark .park with the opening; of the gates there. Cat Fans In New .Stands. With the arrival of special trains from Bozeman and Missoula and of motor caravans . frorri all parts' of Montana the Bobcats and then th,e Grizzlies will parade through the business districts with their bands. Grizzly -backers -get the permanent bleachers on the west side of -the gridiron today. Aggy supporters, to be massed oh the opposite side of How They Start Starring tlneujw for today's classic at Clark park were announced announced last night u: Grizzlies . ' Bobcats Swanson (c) , .Oliver Left. enfl. Cosgrov* '....:..'..,. Kfmberly i Left tackle. Forte _.. Slronp Left guard. •MstaSovlc ....: :..: ':. Norris Center Vogel WHIett * Right guard. Noyes Paris Klght Cackle. Dolan Corbln Bight end. Whlltlnghil! ._ • Taylor Quarterback, popovlch Ollvera Left halfback. Olson Cosner Eight halfback. Laietioh Znptn (c). Fullback. the field, will get to occupy the new temporary bleachers which Just arrived a week ago and which extend extend the length of the pl&yipg field. Theyll Watch Poporich. Milt Popovlch 6£ Butte has received received major notoriety so'far this season,a* the Grizzlies' No. l_baU toter and so hell naturally'be one of the most watched—-by fans an well as Bobcat player*--man In action today, "Wild Horse" Jenkins of Anaconda, who brofce up the" independent independent league race last year for the Anaconda Anodes and Whose 78-yard scoring dash against ld»hp Southern Branch was the longest drizzly sprint so far this season, will alternate at Popovlch's post and Is expected to be just a* dangerous. Leonard Noyes, who helped Butte high win a state championship, Is at tackle and starring QHzzlles, who also hive, for "the couple of starting Anacondans with Captain Captain Bill Bwanson >on-end and Lazetlch recovenM sufficiently from recent injuries to-open »s 'fullback. M»iw Af t7 Tbinti. PIa>-ers, bands, stuntmen and fans won't supply all the color, either, for a crew 1 of pabhters have been dressing up Clarh park starlds and fences for more than a week. AU6 a crew of experienced ground ke'ep- ers, under the direction of Johnny Evans, are pa the Job' and a sudden - , IS— ft- (lerso. V — NV-rts LeoDaril is— Strlmb Joe i7— Vfteel, Robfrf ' is— wniabovic, nut 55— rbmeJrTlch, Joe Oer/ld n— Curly, :3— J'oiioTlc-, Heat) Coach — Duu«Us ' _ T - O _ 0 _ T - U _ a _ n lUlLIOll. -- Anncoiida 1 . .181 6'JO" ; Hulle ASilGlpht poaches—ASolph T.eKBn[lonsl<l,. N'cllia'),ai Harr?.A(lam>. .Jlonlana. Uisilualn Matmtcr— Kirk BadtclFr. Montana State College Bobcats N'amo l-VTaylor, James 2—Harper, Jaok 3—Allard, Efl 4— Olirera, Tony Rtck Inert*, Panl 7—Ernster, Gens 8^-Jahrtsltjn, .Harold 0—Allen, .Doq 10—Cosner, Do 11—Oyerlurr, Darhr 12_Norrls, Clifford '3^-Onder, Dick 14—WIMsdn, Le&ter 35—rurdnm, DJok 16—Fetdman, Arthur 17—OUver, Alan __„. 18—RalJton, Chaj, " Stebblns, \Vlltlam 20^-Vavleh, Tele ^1—H'inetl. Robert .'' Joo 24—Mllfkclson, "nare 2cvJ—Ziipan," Albert __ ~C—BsHey, George T—AVilU, Ens sell B—Ktmlicrle)/, !>—Siroup, Charles ft-^Corbln, 1 Frahcli 31—6«ujrheriy, Gone Ted ,va* 6-8- S'lO' fi'S" o-l" a' a' 5'ID- O'l" c-t" fl' B'10" Wl. mi 14D n^,C'o«h-Jar)cCrr.ft V\rt , BUU, AssUUnt Wches-Sch^rl Hyrhe, John Hroc- pBt'oltli* *' C ° *"' M»*« n '-*l»"Bfer— Harnty Carlaon. afailuali Min«"e snow fall will be cleared from the field within the so-called -twinkling of an eyelash.. ' Por the Bobcats, whose desperate defensive stands have gained much acclaim every time out this year, Coach Jack Croft has more than one offensive, threat. to unleash. The No. 1 Aggy boy who. carries the mall is !'Rcd." Taylor, flashy little quarterback whg has a happy faculty of getting loose often enough to cause plenty of hysterics — of Joy for his gang an'd of gloom for the opposition. Bill Stebbtns, stellar end may not get in the game, but If he does he will bo ronmlng at large in quest of passes. Captain Al Zupan from Bond. Coulee has some spinner tickets he'll attempt to turn In for long trips through the line any time he can be spared as a blocker. Players In Top Shape. This Is Oroft's first year with Montana State and his first chance" at the classjo being renewed here today, Doug Pessenden, " equally popular at Missoula, Is In his second year and hoping to straight, njake it two .. .... While the might of a ..Grizzly is : favored, the cunning and swift leap ot the Bobcat Is generally respected and may be aided, by -a new. co^ch Jinx Montana .State has' maintained. maintained. ' ..'. ... '. It seems every time the Bobcats take the field- against -the Grizzlies under the guidance of a new mentor there Is trouble for the Mtsroullans. When Walter Powell began coaching coaching the Cats in 1918 A. 6 to 6 tie was the final score of the yearly classic, In 1922 ott Romney took over the Btate College football coaching task and the Orlzdles eked oui a 7 to 6 victory after a dispute that arose at the final gun was settled by a referee's ruling. Schubert Dyche took charge In ISM and the score wpi 0 lo o. NOW DUQUESNE IS UPSET, 2-0 PITTSBURGH, Oct, West Vlrglnlk WesJejmns, an "Iron man" team of Methodists from Buckhannon, W. Va., turned tack the. vaunted Diiquesne University Night Hlders tonight 8 to 0 before a crowd of 5,000 dumbfounded fans. Outrushlng the squad which last week had smeared the national championship hopes of .-ill* University University of Pittsburgh .Panthers, the team from Buckhanrion^ W. Va., got Its break In the "first "period and never relinquished It. Bachtel, Wesidyan's right halfback, halfback, punted out of bounds on the Duquwne one-yard' line early' In the 'first quarter. ' Bcchtloff, the Night Riders' fullback, fumbled the wet ball In the end zone as U was LINE PRELIMS UP FOR NOV. FIGHTS HERE Matchmaker Ben Hard In has eliminated a big field to cut down prospective fighters for preliminary boiits On the American Legion card at the Fox theater tho night of Nov. 0, when Oharlle Burns of Butto battles battles Jimmy Garrison of Kansas City In the 10-round main event for lightweights. Two six .nd two four-round numbers numbers aro planned on the supporting card. Jimmy Burns, Charlie's brother, is In line for one of the six-rounders against Johnny Qonzales of Billings, Bittrlok or Heffreln of Anaconda, Tommy Lynch, Kollspell light heavyweight, is wanted back and If all goes as planned he'll get the other "six," against Billings' flashy young Hazelstrom, with whom he recently fought a draw in tho Sugar Beet city. In one of the four-rounders Kovic, a young bantam from Phlllpsburg, Is being figured, possibly against Jimmy Hunter of Bowman^ Bill Paull of Butte and Tiger Schmoch of Bozeman are figured for the other "four," both welters having good followlngs here. TIGER PILOT ENDS HUNTING BILLINOS, Oct. 2J— W— His face bronzed from three weeks spent In the open, Gordon "Mickey" Ooch- rano, manager of the Detroit Tigers In the American league, left Billings Billings by plane late this afternoon for Portland, Ore., after a big gams hunt in the Thoroughfare country In nor"-:m Wyoming. MEXICO GAINS HORSE CROWN WASHINGTON, Oct. 23. — W) — By the slender margin of one-fifth second of elapsed time over a difficult difficult 14-Jump course, Capt. Amaury Qulroz of the Mexican army won the International individual military Jumping championship from Amer- ca'B Llrutehant F. F. Wing In the Inter-American horse show today. Maybe It brings him luck. Anyway, Anyway, Forest (Spec) Towns, who established established a new world high-hurdle record In the Berlin Olympics, wears a rabbit's foot around his neck when he Is In civilian attire. passed from center. Moore, Methodist center, and Mike, left tackle, pounced upon the big backfleld man simultaneously, snSfltticrlnit him fr/r a safety. of to and and and a It of tho big in a lit of the r*; Ihi it. 75 4 13. llo of < 127 one it.

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