Logansport Reporter (IN) 22 June 1896

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Logansport Reporter (IN) 22 June 1896 - LOGANSPORT DAILY REPORTER, in (OTTOS DISCOURSE....
LOGANSPORT DAILY REPORTER, in (OTTOS DISCOURSE. Take a Fall Out of the Kokomo Ball' Players, Good, But No Better Game Ever Played, Byers' Good Work Bat, With the the loan Ind. • is the his are Wa- in ten- Sam of address labor are Five hundred sun dried rooters from that wooly town of Kokomo came over with an aggregation of base ball players yesterday with the avowed intention of putting the Ottos to sleep.. They came with some money in their pockets, which by the way they left hefe, streamers in their hats, tin horns and a few with trombones in their noses to cheer the players on. Five hundred rooters trudged sor. rowfully to the station alter the same, sans money, sans horns and streamers, sans everything, regretting regretting that they had ever ventured so farTfrom ihe bucolic village of Kokomo. Kokomo. They proceeded to tear great holes in the pure free ozone as soon as they arrived and tbe first half of the game was enlivened by discordant discordant sounds and the manager of tbe Kokomos sat down on the bench to figure out the per cent of the gate receipts which would fall to the winners. winners. Before the end of the second half, however, he figured on the smaller end of the profits. The Kokomo Kokomo players ate all right in their own town, but they can't keep up •with the procession here, There were fully fifteen hundred people m attendance, -by far tho largest crowd yet seen on the local grounds. The fact that the visitors claim to have one of the strongest teams in the state and that Staats and Lyen formerly of the Logans- ports are now with them attracted the immense crowd. Both clubs had their playing :lotbes on and the contest was full of go trom start to finish. Crosby was in the box and pitched an excellent excellent game. He has speed to throw away and wten he drew back his long right arm and let out a tack or two the ball would shoot over the plate like a cannon ball. Tbe Ko- komokes stepped up and back, occasionally occasionally one got an excursion ticket to "first, but the ticket failed to carry them further than second or third. Only two men had sufficient sufficient mileage to get home, Lyen for the visitors was not at all slow and held the Ottos down so well that they were obliged to be content with three runs. The Ottos went to bat Brst and drew a blank with good grace; the Kokomos did the same and the second and third innings closed without a mark for either side. Byers got to first on balls in the fourth and by good head work scored before the visitors came to bat. The joy over the lead was short-lived as the Kokomo lads made two runs in the last half of the fourth. Nothing was produced in the fifth, sixth and seventh innings, and with Crosby and Horsley out in the eighth, Logansport stock was not at a premium. Byers picked out a good,tough stick at this stage, and with a "Casey at the bat,'' air faced "Denny." He met the first ball for a three-bagger. Bruton followed with single, and Byers came over the rubber with a tie score. Before the cheering bsd subsided, Bolan joined issues with a hot upshoot for a two-bagger, and Brnton galloped to the plate ahead of the ball. Hackett flew out, and the Kokomos were given a goose egg in their half. Neither side scored in the ninth and the game closed 3 to 2 in favor of the Ottos, of course. 123456789 Ottos 0 0010002 0-3 Kokomoes -0 0020000 0-2 The Ottos will play at Kokomo Tuesday and Wednesday, Rockville Thursday and Friday and then return. return. The Military band boys and the grocery clerks played two innings yesterday the score standing 2 to 0 in favor of the band boys. The fairness and impartiality of Umpire Johnston's decisions yesterday yesterday are unquestioned. He had a difficult task to please the enthusiastic enthusiastic supporters of both clubs but the fact that he did it is further evidence that he knows his business. The Boston Lights and the South- sides contested on the diamond at the park yesterday morning. Tbe score resulted 0 to 8 in favor of the Lights, Pall and Hazel for the victors victors and Mitchell and Tarn for the Southsides were the butteries. The Atlantas met defeat yesterday yesterday at Elwood, the score being 11 to 5. Over r>00 tickets were sold to Kokomo Kokomo excursionists to this city yesterday. yesterday. The Indianapolis Western league team yesterday returned from their trip, aud till July 4th will play at the Capitol city. The crowd was so large that the amphitheatre could not accommodate half and so man}' crowded about the diamond that the view of people in buggies was seriously hindered. Tbe local fans are to be treated to a game with the Cleveland national league team nest Sunday. Tbe Spiders Spiders have an off day and will play the Champions. Cuppy, the Logansport idol, will pitch for the visitors. Among the many witnesses of the I ball game yesterday was 11. W, Murphy, of Indianapolis, who says that while he has seen many good games at Indianapolis, the game yesterday was the best he has witnessed witnessed this season and that the enthusiasm enthusiasm on both sides was greater than in any other game lie has ever seen. The Champions had no difficulty in downing the Atlantas in the Saturday Saturday game. Fisher pitched and held them down to eight hits while the Ottos found Crawford for twenty twenty safties. The Ottos went to bat first and started in to play the whole game. Nine runs in tbe first were trie result of good stick work. The visitors scored in the second and sixth. The final score was 17 to 4. jollification a The popular corps evening. several selections. meeting: C. G. and Ji, Dan Americans and Their Money. A late issue of the Farmers' Union has an editorial upon "Coffee and public interests. The paper strongly urges upon the notice of its readers the fact that America is drained of millions of dollars annually to foreign countries for a product that is one of the prime causes of the increase increase in nervous diseases in America America today and states that a well informed informed physician on stomach and nerve ailments has, after a year's experiment, produced a delicious beverage from America cereals, wheat,"etc., which has the exact color of high grade Java coffee and turns to ths rich golden brown of Mocha when cream is added. It is said to be less acrid and bitter bitter than the lower grades of coffee, but has much the mellow piquancy of the more expensive grades of Java and the Arabian berry. This grain beverage never produces produces tbe unpleasant effect on heart or stomach and liver that is all too frequently the case with imported coffee, and while it looks and tastes like coffee, the originator expresses the wish that it be known as Postum Cereal, a food drink, and not an imitation of any other beverage, coffee, tea, chocolate, etc. This beverage'is said to become very popular with those who find it hard to digest coffee, and the children can be served with it as a liquid food, pure and nourishing, while to them it appears like berry coffee. Postum, it seems, will go about three times as far as.SOc coffee, and it is interesting to know that the company at Battle Creek, Mich., is working up quantities of wheat and other American cereals in its production, production, and that the money thus expended goes directly to the support support of our American farmers. It is said to have found great favor with the wealthy classes for its ability ability to "make red blood" and with those who count the cost of food because because of the economy and a marked improvement in general health when used. The gain to America by its general adoption should be great. There is but one genuine original Postum Cereal coffee, with a multitude multitude of imitations offered as "just as good." Wheel Run. The Riverside Wheel club will give a masquerade run through the principal streets of the town this evening, following which an ice cream festival will be held at their club house. The R, H. race will be given at the park tomorrow afternoon. afternoon. Admission free. and trip 27tb. the on Kay, and S. on SI5 J, for will and to G. Sold JamesMcCanley, of Kokomo. visited visited friends here yesterday. $100 REWARD, $100. The readers of this peper will be pleased and that cannot The me. I I two me and to did appetite day.

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