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roosa recap part 16 - TUB Bit ITT a L LIFT OF THE MURD-ERXB....
TUB Bit ITT a L LIFT OF THE MURD-ERXB. MURD-ERXB. MURD-ERXB. The history of most murders Is the history nf long previous crimiaallty oa the part of the deatroyer, oy of intense and unendurable tantallxaUaa on the part of tbe victim, la hi nurture of secret mint, in tau torture or continual provocation, the due la traced to ibe labyrinth that ends in murder. But the meager inaaenta waarn can do ajteanea iron the career of Samuel Covert have to be narrowly narrowly scrutinized before a sufficient motive Ut discovered for so vast s crime. Few as these lad dents are, they prove that he was s .pejjd thrift, and that his lore of money wss the root ef all the evil he has done. Whenever Whenever he had asoney he a peart lb. A.ftar be was oUaeharged frees the lxth Ohio Beglsieat, he spent all hi bounty-moaey bounty-moaey bounty-moaey in two weeks.. U this brutal Samuel Covert had bees the spoiled son er n wealthy man, He could not have shown a greater prod is pool tlon toward ecklcae expenditure for the means of self- self- ijov meat. He had a touch of " Bardanapa- Bardanapa- hua' In him. Sensual plesaure waa the aim ef his existence. He would have made life a drinking saloon, and all ite duties endless game ot card. t alM tauier sever arau sum aeugue a araue, but kept him at home, engaged In doing whatever amount of farmlaa the nacsssltiai e( the household required. Throughout all aha career covert nas never eaown muen propensity propensity for work. Every incident of his life becomes absorbing when one remembers it may, is some remote degree, be an an tt cede at to hi crime, for the Boos murder is n horrible horrible poiypue whose root end no oaekaows where. A bird's-eye bird's-eye bird's-eye view of the known part Of hi Um la atekeaing. With a brutal pae behind aim, ta wnica not a single aovmy flower of memory blooms, he flits, a solitary figure la the dark Bess of the night, across the lonely country, to roa, rerun, oust waaua deeds of butchery and blood. He spends tbe aiehta la basmioe aad the dsys at card-play. card-play. card-play. tag sad drinking. He ha a good deal ot tbe yolnptuery't love of pleasure wholesale. Hia lire I S pstenwura OS oatliarcwu awa, aatw wa the yulaardebeairSerles the heard proceeds of tKmt labor DTwcure. To uee hia earn laairuAge, he "was a very, very bad saaa er to uee stronger language, aa unrefined brute. The Bight of the btoedr deed was dark sad cold; It Wag tae aotriote cataaaa. ewwa wM-uv-a. wM-uv-a. wM-uv-a. wM-uv-a. wM-uv-a. life. He entered that inaoesnt. he, pases kanaaaaU a man ha left tt a murderer: nad whea b the early morning, naturee hps mare teaehed with the beaedicuon er dawa, he waa mvanteen miles distant g mm amnal af the murder, w bile the dead wounded la th Boose hosaeaead were yet riarliacovsred and unassisted.- unassisted.- i '' OOVBJtT' PTTHO PaXXASUTtOIf. brier visit to Deerfleld, he went to SC Marys sad eominenced boating on the Miami Canal, acting ss stins sinn ii. This position he held rmly one month. He claims that In aH hia employ meet he never had a difficulty, but on ibe contrary alwayi enjoyed the confidence of ail bis employers, as tor tne k-xma k-xma k-xma mur der, be i mi aiited his Innocence, and aaid: I aever laid a straw la that Innocent fami ly's way. The maa wne did the murder Will never die until be makes a foil eoafesa- eoafesa- lon. I am well woateat, and rally prepared die the death of a Christian. If they (poiat- (poiat- mg te ta oaeriB iputnaa oases unway ana willing aad ready te ee but they are pua- pua- lahing aa Innocent maa; that God kaosrs. 1 do not wish Uwveraer Cox te eomaete my a tease to issprisoameat la th penitentiary for life, aad do not want aay one te ask htm to grsnt me such s change. I weuld rather die I am flury ready. My reaaon for toot going to the penitentiary ts that I waa there once for perjury, and they abuse men so badlv there that I don't want to go agala. I have been a bad maa la my dsys, and a hard drinker, but I am now a Christian, aad waat to go to a better world. I have willed my oody to my stsier, sxra. mcmeu, auuaoecaauv with it whatever she Dleasea. I don't want any photographs taken of my face te be scattered around the world. When dead, I want to be forgotten, and my body left alone." He then requested us to say that he had received the Stmeet atteatka aad kindness from Sheriff John Butler aad hi Deputy, O. Ii. Daviea. We flight here add teas oa w eunesuay tue Duer HT purchased for aim a full suit of black Broad-clOta, Broad-clOta, Broad-clOta, macs necaeruuea awi a pair oa gaiter. Hia white shirt to be wore when executed was washed aad ironed and brought m SUn oa ycateraay oy tua stater, mxa. aatuiBtta In this suit heawill be executed aad buried. Tbe coffin was completed yesterday. -It -It la made of walnut, aad la neat aad creditable. After his executtoa. Bhenn xteuer wm nana STer his body to his sister, Mrs. McXelL who Will keep it rour or nre nays, anu tnen bury It in Deeriiead. So fearful ts she that an attempt will be shads to reavreet the body, that she publicly declares her intention to keep watch ever the grave day and night, Until the body ts See atueh decomposed te be ved. THSt SCAVFOLP. I This eoarsntional. Initrnmeat of punishment punishment ia located within the Court-house Court-house Court-house yard, and between tbe Court-house Court-house Court-house aad tne jaUL fOaeriff John Butler has taken all the necessary necessary precautions to bave the executtoa conducted conducted la secrecy, as directed by law. A small fyasss buildiBg of plain beards ha been erected, to shut out tbe gaxs of the poa-nlaes poa-nlaes poa-nlaes sa tae street sad sidewalks. In oa aad af this building le eraensd a platform five

Clipped from
  1. The Cincinnati Enquirer,
  2. 24 Aug 1866, Fri,
  3. Page 2

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