William E. Sorrell Slain in Holdup Attempt (2)

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William E. Sorrell Slain in Holdup Attempt (2) - I Rare- j I ! spot- 'BORING BURGLAR" KILLED IN...
I Rare- j I ! spot- 'BORING BURGLAR" KILLED IN HOLDUP CONCLUDED FBO.M PAGE ONE. Trophies for (Photo of Star Btft 1 ", . v ....... :'' t k r..n- ford"-nen tw-entv-0. Ind-anAp- lurs- ra..-he iharze of Lieut. Waiter Ciaffey and Deputy Coroner O. H. Bakerr.eier investigated. Sorreil had been struck In the back by two cf Rugenstem s j ' ouiiets and or.ee in the foot. His left ; ' ... J Ttn..... . V. li JJiTILCU. i-'CJJUL UlUUti Kakemeier was ur.abie to make a th trough examination until the body waa removed to the city morgue. Brother-ln-Law Notified. I A man believed to be the bandit who escaped went to Sorrell's home j last night at 8 o'clock and notified ; his brother-in-law, Eyron Smith, also , .'. the Rural street address, that .-'one.; had been wounded. j He was lying under a loading platform of a coal yard when I raw , r. inn ' the man to.d Smith. The ; brt ther-.r.-law called a taxicab and i w.t. the man went to the place j where SorreJl was found. On the way, Smith said, the strar.gT told j him. that Sorrell had been shot by a grocer, but d;d not explain details rf the shooting or mention that it j -.d boon during an attempted rob- J i ' '.Tr.en we arrived at the coal yard j ! talked ever to the loading plat-: ;-.r,vd u-dr :t and cahea I or I Scrre.: ' Srr.;h Faid. "I cculdn't see j A Jecture that was altogether anything under the p'.atform and the jcho'.arly and at the same time thor- cther fel.c-w said, May&e fi got up ; and went away. Mi lock down the railroad tracKf. ir.e man waoicii down the tracks end never Above are shown four trophies the bet marching units in eh organizations participating in a Butler-Haskell football game this afternoon. Camp Eire Girls and Girl Reserves game In the Butler bowl. Art of India in Last Traced by Dr. J. H. Vi He Is Questioned. The brother-.n-Iaw boarded a street tar, rode downtown and called Capt. Edward Kei.m at police headquarter by telephone, telling him that he believed the man who had been shot Sorrell. Detectives Peats and to Sorrell's home and : was ; Corb.n wen ! questioned his wife, Smith and an-! otr.r brother-m-iaw, Edgar Smith. ifrs. Sorreil was at a neighbor's home when the strange man ap-pe4red and said that her husband ' was s.iot She did not know of the -7..re unl.l she returned home. Snrre,:, h. w.fe, and two brothera-.'.-law had hvJ at the Rural street address ar,out f.ree weeks. Mrs. Sor-said tnat her husband wa not ff n away from home at night and ew francs oughly delightful and entertaining waa given at the John Herron art re- .institute last n:fti dv ut. James ti. Cousins, whose subject wai The Art af India." Dr. Cousina has lived In India fifteen years aa an educator and during that time haa written many books, both prose and poetry, a number of which deal with East Indian art and drama and other phases of oriental culture. For the second time he is on a tour of the world in the cause of national understanding through art. Dr. Cousins not only brought with him many beautiful and unusual lan tern pictures with which to illustrate his lecture, but he also brought over tfty modern paintinga by a large group of contemporary artists in India, and these pictures were hung Charles Howard. 121 West Vermont street, a taxicab driver, Thursday in second the representative of in before on until that of .r.r." ar.d I nvr dreamed that he -vn thought cf robb.r.g any ore. He , a. ways said that he would never go back" to tr.e reformavry." AT'.Td r.z to Mrs. Sorrll. hr husband kft home at 5 o'clock yester--.-. afternoon, saying that he had a prospect for insurance and intended o I'.'emew him and that he would : return for tapper. The shooting occurred about 5.M o'clock. Jut Got Parole Paper. - Rorrtll as released from the reformatory on parole in April and re- '. reived hi parole papers yesterday. 1 He has been marr.ed two years. He was born in ErsutU where bis par- en's, V.t. and Mrs. George C. Sor- i rell, live. I Tr.e rr-an who ir.fontea Smith that . K.orre.1 had been shot u described ' I thought he was go.r.g straight." night at Eeecher and Linden streets. !and m.i. "He r.as oeen s:iire ;n- i of in ONE DEATH FAILS TO STOP ROBBERS ; THIEF BELIEVED WOCNDED. A chicken thief waa believed . . , i . wnimdMi veiteraav wnen u si arout 85 years oia, snon ana j vssXy in build and wearing a close-lr:i i iy ci.pped mustache. ;'o one at the 1 . - . :. ...... Vim nt nrtn t-y-r seen turn K.'rr. ' " ' ' . " t- ..a .... i.mn.nir,n wre fired upon after Carl " n. r Zi'ir ' broth-lEaxUr. ?M West-Morn, street. fKl. who live, m covered them in a coop . in the rear ; of hi. fiome. A. Baxter nrea P.!ger.,.. n told p., he h.d Wn ! charge from a shot red t;f. 'ir.'.t b"re r,l sime ir.mijm'u ,'-':"" ki--. n.ntv rndaur.ted by the death of one of their number in an attempted holdup last night, bandits nonchalantly kept up with their profession. Two men entered the office of Dr. James W. Canady, 1229 Prospect street, held up the physican at the muzzles of revolvers a he sat at his desk, robbed him of $5 and backed him into a rear room. Negro footpads held up Charles Skaggs, 211 South Wanr.an avenue, as he walked in the 400 block on West Washington street, searched him and escaped with $72. They fled between two buildings. i f rr W ,wl v UrT"W. . , t Sr. Khinn inveatieated sym'.i mr.r-ww' the !'-rijrtion ?f. ttfut il to tAit mea wb robbed thieves. able." Deputy ro investigated. but were unable to find, trace of the bv bv Newf t Aa-encmn Pitr, He

Clipped from
  1. The Indianapolis Star,
  2. 22 Nov 1930, Sat,
  3. Page 2

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  • William E. Sorrell Slain in Holdup Attempt (2)

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