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1932 Montana Butte Standard story of robbery of S-28 crew member wife pg 2

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1932 Montana Butte Standard story of robbery of S-28 crew member wife pg 2 - -. •* - HONOLULU 0. S, lOTHOBITIES HID POLICE...
-. •* - HONOLULU 0. S, lOTHOBITIES HID POLICE II IE Previous "Attacks Have Caused Turmoil in Island ' Possession. HONOLULU, Feb. 28.—OT—Hono lulu's wave of crime and unrest tha echoed through the United State during the last six montlis brok out anew today with the assault on the wife of a navy enlisted man las night while her husband was en route to San Diego, Cal., aboard a submarine participating in nava maneuvers. While Mrs. Kathleen Hope, wlfp of John Henry Hope, first-class machinist machinist on the submarine S-28, was alone in her home near Katklk beach about 7:30 lost night, an armed and masked man gagged and bound her to a bed with stockings •nd assaulted her. He then escaped Police arrested Edward Wong, 23- year-old Chinese, whom Mrs. Hope was unable to positively identify She said sho caught sight of her attacker's face only for a mamenl when his'. mask slipped off. The features were those of an oriental she satd. • . In their search to definitely identify identify the assailant, police were assisted assisted by naval.authorltles. The attack is tho second recently upon a navy man's wife, nnd three service men are awaiting trial for the lynching of a young Hawaiian suspected of assaulting a naval lieutenant's wife. Previous attacks upon white women women brought the assertion from high naval authorities that Honolulu was unsafe for wives of naval men, caused rioting in the city between natives-and service men and led to a. special session of the legislature, at which the police system was' reorganized. reorganized. : Mrs.. Hope, a small woman not more than five'feet tall, who walks with a slight limp as a result of Infantile Infantile • paralysis, was In a highly 'nervous state. "A masked man came Into my house by the front door about 7:30 last night,' 1 she told police. "He said he wanted rhbiiey. I gave him aUout $4.60 which I had. He to sit In a chair, and remain there for half an hour." Tho man then wont outside and to the neighboring homo of -Mrs, D. W. Curry; also the wife of an pn- llsted man on submarine duty; Tho 'masked man demanded money of her. -i.: While he was gone,, Mrs.• Hope tried to call for. help from her book door. Overhearing nor, the man ro- :tiirned. 'You arc making too niuoh noise," Mrs. Hope quoted him as saying. "I saw his face once," his victim said. "I manflgcd to work the Wind- fold off my eyes. It was the face of nn oriental." She 'said her assailant released' lier and then sat down nnd helped •himself to cigars on the table, o ,. t •;

Clipped from Montana Butte Standard, 29 Feb 1932, Mon,  Page

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  • 1932 Montana Butte Standard story of robbery of S-28 crew member wife pg 2

    Svonavec – 03 Dec 2016

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