1928 Boxing Color Line

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BOXING EXPERT DECLARES COLOR LINE IS BROKEN DOWN IN NEW YORK ' ' AND PREDICTS A NEGRO CHAMP SOON ' Ed. Sullivan, boxing expert and sports editor of The New York Graphic, recently had the following eomment ahout Neirro boxerj in hi column, "Sport Whirl": - " Color Line Now Opaque. , Nordic nose nudgers of the present present day seem to care less about the color line than an amateur painter. The willingness of pugilistic pale faces' to mingle with their colorl brethren will undoubtedly result in the appearance of a Negro champion, champion, before you finish your Christ - :mas shopping. - i Young Jack Thompson, - Coast 'welterweight, who virtually is the uncrowned champion of the class through his knockout of Joe Dundee, Dundee, titleholder of the division, in a match whtre the Negro was com - - pelled to weigh In two pounds above the welter poundage, is to tackle the Baltimore Italian in a - title scrimmage at the Garden o - ; vetnher 15. Dundee's recent bouts, especially ' ftis tilt with Jimmy Finley at Tampa Tampa last Friday night, where the Louisville lawyer held the champi - M to a draw, lead to the conclusion conclusion that Thompson will repeat his . knockout victory when they come together next month at the Garden. Many Chocolate Dropperi. If Thompson fails, colored fans ttill have powerful candidates for fistic titles in Kid Chocolate, tiny replica of Jack Dempsey; Al Brown Tiger Payne, Baby Joe Gans, George Godfrey, Jack McVey and , Bruce Flowers. Any of whom is a potential champion champion in his class. i Brown will win the bantam tith if he can make the weight without weakening himself. ' Fidel La Barba, former flyweight boss, now gunningg for the bantam throne, who bested Bushey Graham, New York state champion, in Los Angeles last month, passed up an opportunity to mingle with the lanky Negro. Fidel's refusal to tackle Al may prove costly, since the fighting toothpick may be recognized as king of the division by our boxing commission as well $ the National Biscuit Company and the National Boxing Association. Brown's victory over Kid Fran cis, the Italian bantam, who whip ped Andre Routis in Europe.. es tablished him as the big threat for the bantam championship. La Barba draws the color line against Brown for obvious reasons Boxers' who won't box a colored man in the ring would not carry their prejudices to the point where they would reject the service of a Negro surgeon if he hanpened to be the lone doctor in a hospital and an immediate operation was re quired to save a life. Neither would, they cite the color line when the long green is' needed to save the foreclosure of a mortgage mortgage on the little mansion and an Ethiopian happened to be the only man to offer the required cash ' Did you ever notice any boxer ! Honoring the signal of a Negro traf fic copper on Lenox avenue. Stenographer - Opponent! Some boxers of my own colo welcome bouts with Negro warriors who are prone to take dictation Harry Ebbets, Freeport middle weight, who should sock his way to stardom, refused to box Jack McVey at the Garden, yet rejoiced at the opportunity of fighting Harry Dudley, a Negro set - up, who was erased in few rounds. Ebbets, a knockout puncher, should step out and take on a fight er of recoeniied worth. His list of "Pushovers" is. worse than Ruby Goldstein. George Godfrey, possessor of everything which makes a great fighter, has dawdled away countless chances to dominate the heavy weight household. . If he does not stop Roberto Rbberti. the Italian giant, at Ebbets Ebbets Field tomorrow night he'll eliminate himself from the slight possibility of meeting the winner of Tex Riekard's heavyweight tourney. If George had a spark of the spir it and dash of Kid Cbocolat he'd be studying hakespeare now. Tiger Payne, Leo P. Flynn's light heavyweight, can t savvy training ' at all. In condition, he might bump off all the so - called star of th light heavyweight and heavyweight division. . . t Mopped Up 'Opposition. Jack McVey fought clear through all opposition to Mickey Walker middleweight easy chair with th exception - of George Courtney, wh was the' official challenger to the title in this' state. Courtney withdrew his challenge rather than meet - McVey. The Harlem ite, discouraged by - the failure ' of his' quest, ceased training, became ill, and fought in differently until last month, when he derided to make another crusade for Walker's scepter. Kid CTiocoUte. most sensational of all the Negro gladiators, is un fortunate that his - weight is four pounds above h bantam limit d iht sxttt poundage below th feath erweight avoirdupois'. He might shave down to the ban - am limit, but would be foolish, since he is a yotgster of such ex - ellent qualifications such a pro cedure might ruin him. Chocolate would do well to con fine his activities to the feather weight class.1 Baby Joe Gans, who stopped Harry Flix and Cuddy De Marco last month, will receive a severe test when he squares off against Andv Di Vodi at the Garden next Friday night. Gans, after a poor start, looms as welter who might succeed against Joe Dundee if Thompson fails,. o Tribute To Julio Rojo By JOHN F. CONDON There is a great German proverb that "All Good Thing Gd By Threes," and in paying homage to the colored baseball players, among the top notches is juuo Roio, the third one in our galaxy of diamond stars. He was born in Saqua LeGrande,' Cuba, on May 2 1892. and his early early childhood 'was spent in assisting assisting his parents on the plantation. In 1910 he played ball tor his native town team at "Saqua", and so great was his progress . tbat Santiago sent for him to uphold their honors in the annual "show down" for base ball supremacy. After three years hard work, he wended his way to the Empire City where his reputation had preceded him. The Cuban Stars with the great Chacort. as standard bearer, cap tured him for 1915 - 16 - 17 - 18 - 19, and his ouick action, his genial nature and his comedy sketches, won for him a host of fans. In 1920 the Bacharach Giants se - cured his services and he caught ot played the outfield to perfection , as necessity demanded. In 1920: aggregation of players from the t four points of the compass "Rojo" was selected to catch and coach. 26 his work with the Baltimore Klack Sox became a household word for mirth and jollity. In 1927 - 28, manager Keenan ot the Lincoln Giants searched for a certain calibre ot player wno ould cover first, catch a speedy man and act as spirited coach in an emergency, and out of the great from tne ursi aay ne sieppeu out on the field he took the fans by storm and his droll, dry humor, his serpentine dancing coupica wun his slow movies, have brought forth rounds of applause, time af ter time. Hie rttfriivr roarhinff rests !.; lrnnwledffe of nside bal and! his laconic replies to the good na - tured frequenters ot the bleachers.! His foresight is plainly oemon - ! strated bv the fact that in tight i Twco nhse S'bMSS ning now,' aqd "It wont be long to the great amusement of th snectators. He is awavs centlemaniy, ana. he stands as an example of a real; earnest, genuine talisman of the game. Hampton Downs Virginia Seminary, 13 - 0, At The Opening of New Bv UHZS B. CLARKE. Hampton Institute. Va. Seminary and College went down to defeat 13 0 in the opening game of Hampton's Hampton's C. I. A. A. schedule on Armstrong Armstrong Field. The Dragon eleven on the second pla released a Pent up air attack, but it was quickly smothered when the principals of the attack, namely Eddie, Davis. Slim Henderson and Cap!. Fowler were watched carefully. During the second quarter, after Hampton had succeeded in covering covering up Seminary's air attack, Seminary Seminary got a bad break in the game. c . . . - .a. Jabi rn k .VLvarrt line in possession of the ball. Hurt .mlnirv'i rrntr marie a had nisi to Davis and he was tackled on his 2 - yard line. Davis' tried to kick out but it fell short. From that point on Hampton's powerful fast hackfield drove the line for first down, and Beau Guest carried the ball across for a touchdown. Baker kicked goal for th extra count. ' The second touchdown came in the third period. Hampton got a littkedgie on Seminary, in the exchange exchange of punts between Baker and Davis. This advantage put Hampton Hampton down in Seminary's territory bout 20 yards from the goal. Again it was ripping, tearing, plunging and driving of Hampton's Hampton's fast foursome Baker, Byrd. Guest and Jones that brought the ball within striking distance. Jones was called upon to make first down but instead he hit the line for nine vards and a clean cut touchdown Without a doubt' it war hard to distinguish which of the four named named the most ground. ' Stadium Opened With. Short Exercise. Exercise. C. H. Williams. Physical Director.' Director.' made a fw remarks concerning the' efforts hich were put fortV in obtaining the new concrete stadium. (, f : : 1 j i I ;

Clipped from The New York Age13 Oct 1928, SatPage 6

The New York Age (New York, New York)13 Oct 1928, SatPage 6
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