1910 Flood

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RENO, NEVADA, WEDNESDAY EVENING, MARCH 9, 1910. OFHUMKOLDT IIS IS STSLL ON IE IflKE d mad ace Aim1 thbeatoiq tn AT E FOR SHOWN Themselves Action as small tax protesting Chuckhole .Evans in in city as was Gazette. They of tax payers Gazette, did not increasing the oad it without ' owns much is engaged in said: "Of and to and county see no need rate. There property make up the rate which jl for one did rate." city councilman county com tlfc'ec-minvioners at all in The Western property this year will sufficient to nionVy at the T iimym l mm iisiiLiiLy iu Water at Winnemucca is Receding and Fell Six Inches Last Evening Great Damage is Expected to be Done to Agricultural Land Near Lovelocks (Special to the Gazette) LOVELOCK, Nevada, March 9, Flood waters will not enter Lovelock valley before Friday morning. From the best information it is believed that a large portion of the agricultural lands will be inundated with a natural great resultant loss and damage. - . Grave concern is felt that the from the channel at Pitt dam, four miles above town, and will spread out over the valley, with high water in the Lovelock streets. Lovelock lies between two river' channels, the old one on the west, and the new and it is certain that the town will by water. Many in the town are preparing for the flood by removing goods liable to injury out of the flood's way. The hope of growing cr,ops this season on some of the lower valley lands has been abandoned. Hundreds of men are at work at the river dams and all along river banks. FLOOD DAMAGED WINNEMUCCA VERY MUCH Special to The Gazette: WINNEMUCCA, Nov., March 9. 1 Tie Humboldt river here is the high est ever known. A sudden rise occur red last night at about 12:15.v The river is a mile wide in places and av erages half a mile in width. . The levees are now running over about two feet. Approaches to either end ,.of , the bridge across the . Humboldt river cannot be reached. Tho bridge is about two feet higher than he approaches and from the land deems to be still asll right, but that is mero conjecture. The .. current is river will break one one the right be surrounded - i up the river are has suffered great damage m this vicinity. !ve,ry swift and treacherous and the river cannot be crossed in boats. , The Western Pacific bridge about j one mile, up the river seems to stand i yet. From Wiruiemu'cca faint objects j resembling men can be seen at the I approaches to the bridge. They seem to be patrolling. It is understood that there is another volume of pushing waters expected here, today, or tonight from Rock creek and other streams east of us, which, added to - what we have, wculd take all bridges and levees ou:. Kverybody is going to high land. The (Special to the Gazette) WINNEMUCCA, Nevada, March 9. The flood situation here is improved, the river fell six inches from yesterday's high mark but is still pouring over the long levee connecting the town with the bridge. Danger of the bridge going out continues, which is the worst damage that can occur here. Boats are being used to transfer passengers and baggage to the north shore of the river from whence it is taken in autos and stages to National and other points north. Only small damage was done to town property here. Reports from up river indicate the flood is receding but the body of water here is the greatest along the entire stream. There is great anxiety at Lovelock. It will take the flood about one week to reach there. It is feared great damage will result to ranches and that the main part of town will be under water. Previous reports of stock losses exaggerated. The Western Pacific - t i ' ' 1 loss of stock, caltle and horse is very large, in some instances everything be- iAg taken from the ranches, so irumor has it here today. There is no traffic on the Western Pacific railroad and very little on the Southern Pacilic, and what there is is mosl'Jy local. No Gazette 'arrived this morning, which was regretted as that paper is depended' upon for accurate and complete" 'flood news. Lovelock" is all "excitement. Several of Its citizens are here arid are report - fContlnuefl On Page Eight) it a

Clipped from
  1. Reno Gazette-Journal,
  2. 09 Mar 1910, Wed,
  3. Page 1

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  • 1910 Flood

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