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Article about 1967 MAC's. - INfeff Standout Hen Coach Finishes First, But...
INfeff Standout Hen Coach Finishes First, But Athletes End in Fifth Evening Journal, Wilmington, Del. Monday, May 15, 13E7 33 MAC Track Results v..;. ' -s , ' I jf , III' ( 4 " vN.v-vflK'.- ' -i V' 1 s ' j V . .,':.. ' J aht -y , aawfciaiiiitow s&Mtecrf4fcWrt By JLM ALBERT Despite Delaware's fifth-place finish in last weekend's Middle Atlantic Conference Track Championships, host Coach Jim-, my Flynn must be happy the meet is over. Serving as director along with his assistant, Larry Pratt, Flynn was busier than a bee for two days. It was his job to coordinate everything (just name something and he coordinated it). Flynn handled his dual role like an old pro (he's only in his early 30s)i The events went off on time and were run smoothly, the scoring was prompt and accurate and, aside from a few minor squabbles that seem to be inevitable in a contest of importance, the meet was the model of perfection. UNFORTUNATELY Flynn's coaching was not as successful as was his directing. Delaware wound up a disappointing fifth to champion St. Joseph's. Despite having two returning defending champions and strong entries in the mile and the javelin, Delaware failed to win an individual title. "Our showing was disappointing to say the least," Flynn said after the meet. "It was just a case of too many seconds. We should have won four events discus, shotput, mile and javelin." The Blue Hens were foiled in their bid to take three titles by last minute efforts. Both Scott Campbell, the defending champion in the shotput and John Miller in the javelin were beaten by final heaves. JOHN O'Donnell, Delaware's formidable mile threat all year, looked like a winner as he brushed by three competitors in the backstretch on the final lap. However, L a f a y e 1 1 e 's Jon Barnes closed with a powerful kick and passed O'Donnell 20 yards from the wire. The time of 4:11.1 was Barnes' best ever by a full eight seconds. Delaware's Bill Wheeler, defending champion in the discus, was unable to out-throw Lafayette's Bob Montanaro and recorded another Blue Hen second. Roger Suro registered Delaware's fifth second-place finish as he was beaten by Andy Bell of American University in the 120-yard high hurdles. While Flynn and Pratt can be proud of the fine job they did in co-ordinating the meet, the real heroes of the weekend were the athletes. Many of the standouts J individual and was more than were underclassmen and pro-Jone-third of the points compiled vide the conference with a by his team which finished sec- Some Joy, Some Agony Gettysburg's Bob Pash (left) appears pleased as he lets go with a javelin toss in Saturday's Middle Atlantic Conference Track Championships at Delaware. Pash, however, finished fourth. From the expression- on Ted Woolery's face (left), you'd think the PMC Colleges' athlete did poorly in the 440-yard run. Nevertheless, he won. Below, teammates carry Bill Sunda from the track after he pulled a leg muscle in the 100-yard dash. v V M U v:.-w.v:.-s-v- & 4&smt-wk iHtfrtgfe. mmmiismmm Staff Photos by Bob Miller mmtmrntmsmmsaMmmmmmmmmmm f s ! t X i UNIVERSITY DIVISION i Mil 1, Barnes, Lafayettt; 5, O'Donnell. Delaware; 3, Mahoney, Temple; 4, Clunie, Delaware; i. Murphy, La-Salle. 4:11.1. Long Jump 1, Papale, St. Joseph's; ?. Maauire. St. Joseph's; 3, Shade, St. Joseph's; 4; Hergenhan, Lafayette; 5, Wills, Delaware. 22-1 'A Jaelin - 1, Hughes, Lafayette; J, Miller, Delaware; 3, Supple, LaSalle; 4, Pash, Gettysburg; S, Montanaro, Lafay ette. 203-3. Shot Put- 1, Monkiewicz, St. Joseph's; 2, Campbell, Delaware; 3, Parker, Temple; 4, Rosenzweig, Lafayette; 5, Pace, Gettysburg. 52-5VJ. , 440 - 1, McFalls, St. Joseph's; 2. L-benckl, Temple; 3, Miller, Lehigh; 4 Anderson, Temple; 5, Julcher, Temple. :48.8. 120 - High Hurdles - 1, Bell, American: 1. Suro. Delaware; 3, Shoupe, Get tysburg; 4, Duzenskij 5, WaMtier, Dela- uvare -4R.8. High Jump 1, Duzenski, Temple; 2, Mann. American; (Tie) Fulmer, St. Jo seph's; and Shoupe, Gettysburg; 5, Gra ham. Gettvsbura.-6-l (fewer misses) 100 - 1, Ardinger, Gettysburg; 2, Syd-nor, St. Joseph's 3, Galpin, Lafayette; 4, Fpstein, Gettysburg; 5, Harper, Temple -ma Trinia lumn 1. r.rnff. Lafayette; 2. Baggelaar, Lehigh; 3, Cannon, St. Joseph's; 4, Ruhling, American; 5, Maguire, SI. Joseph's. 44-8. 440 intermediate hurdles - 1, Bell,1 American; 2, Van Dusen, St. Joseph's; 3, Zellner, Lehigh; 4, Fisher, St. Joseph's; 5, Ridgeway, St. Joseph's. :52.4. (record, old record; :52 9 by Van Dusen, St. Joseph's, lrovo). B0 - 1 LaoencKi, lempie; i, oiacn, ;t lns?rjh'!i: 3. Frve, American; 4, Barnes, Latavette; 5, Thomas, St. jo- spnh's 1 -52.0. 220- 1, Ardinger, oenysourg; z, t,ai- n m. afauettp: 3. Anderson, TemD e; 4, Keny, St. josepn s; o, oyonor, ai. ju- seoh's !21.9. Freshman Mile - not mciuoea in Team standings) 1, Nixdorf, west Chester; 2, Garney, Lehigh; 3, Grube, West Chester; 4, Seltzer, Lafayette; 5, Frey, Bucknell. 4:24.6. Freshman Sprint Medley Relay - (re- Shot Put-1, Cottrell, Delawart Val ey; suits do not count in team standings): 1, 2, Warenda, Lycoming; 3, Johnson, PMC; West Chester (Smith, Greeley, Krouse, 4, Casciato, PMC; 5, Berry, Buhlenberq. "Ihankl: 1. Delaware: 3. Lafayette; 4, 50-4"j. (Record: Old record 50-54 et Bucknell; 5, LaSalle. 3:318 (record, oil record: 3:32 3 by Rutgers, 1962. Two-Mile - 1, Mahoney, Temple; 2, Ryan, LaSalle; 3, Pszwaro, LaSalle; 4, Smith, Temple; 5, Harrington, Delaware. 169. record, old record; 9:26.2 by pai Walsh. LaSalle, 1962.) Discus l, Montanaro, Latayene; i, Wheeler. Delaware; 3, Monkiewicz, St Joseph's; 4, jasper, La.-viie; 3, vrane, Bucknell. 158-10. Pole Vau t - 1. Chen, American; i, Cannon, St. Joseph's; 3, Ford, Temple; 4, McGowan, LaSalle; 5, (tie) Nunemacher, l phioh. anl Bruvne . TemD e. I6. Mil Relav 1. Temole (Julicher, Schilling, Anderson, Labencki); 2, St. Jo seph's; 3, American; 4, Lafayette; 5, De laware. 3:167. Pinal Team Scorina St Josephs, 58'; Temple, 44' j; Lafayette, 36; American, 27; Delaware, 26; Gettysburg, 21Vj; LaSalle, 15; Lehigh, 10"j; Bucknell, 1. COLLEGE DIVISION Mile 1, Smith, Dickinson; 2, Sayers, PMC; 3, Volkmar, Susquehanna; 4, Williams, Leb. Valley; 5, Weygandt, PMC. 4:20.6. Long Jump 1, Kamuyu, Leb. Valley; 2, Davis, Ppsala; 3, Whitney, Lycoming; 4, Karuhije, F.8.M.; 5, Neff, Lycoming. 91-9. Discus 1, Werner, Dickinson; i, Schrauf. Swarthmore; 3, Streams, Swarth- more; 4, Segond, Upsala; 5, Cottrell, Delaware Valley. l44-8"i. (Record set in trials; old record: 144-0 set by Bi Robart. Ursinus, 1966.) 4401, Woolery, PMC; 2, Souerwine, Ursinus; 3, French, PMC; 4, Smith, Washington; 5, Bartkus, Swarthmore 49 o Freshman Mile (Does not count In team standings), 1, Woodward, Haverford; 2, Martin, Washington; 3, Wible, F.8.M.; 4, Fox, Lycoming; 5, Couper, Washing tnn. 4:36.7. 1001, Pfeffer, PMC; 2, Bythewood, Lvcomina; 3, Obey, Wagner; 4, Pete Ja cobson, Dickinson; 5, Mock, Washington. :09.9. by Cottrell in trials.) Javelin 1, Kuhns, Lycoming; ?, Mc- Curdy, Swarthmore; 3, Pashuck, Ursinus; 4, Delmore, Dickinson; J, urewo, ueia-ware Valley. IlO-'i. Pole Vault 1, Neff, Lycoming; i, Harvey, F.&M.; 3, Snedekar, Susquehanna; 4, (tie) Horst, Leb. Valley; and Comunale, Albright. 13-1 (fewer misses.) Triple Jump 1, Karuhije, F.&M.; 2, Davis, Upsala; 3, Graves, Swarthmore; 4, Kamuyu, Leb. Valley; 5, Bythewood, Lycoming. 45-4U. (Record; first year for event in College Division.) Two-Mile 1, Sayers, PMC; 2, Volkmar, Susquehanna; 3, Weyoandt, PMC; 4, Herman, Ursinus; 5, Walker, Del. Valley. 9:33.7. (Record; old record: 9:38.8 by Bill Cooper, Ursinus, 1965.) 2201, Pfeffer, PMC; 2, Bythewood, Lycoming; 3, Souerwin, Ursinus; 4, Mock, Washington; 5, Mancini,' Albright. :22.2. 8801. Smith, Dickinson; 2, Montgomery, Swarthmore; 3, Caracciolo, PMS; 4, Walstad, Ursinus; 5, Campbell, Dick inson. 1:54.2. (Record; old recoro;: 1:55.5 by Vern Morgan, Ursinus, 1961 )- 440 Intermediate Hurdles 1. Edgar, Swarthmore; 2, Neff, Lycoming; 3, Os good, Lycoming; 4, Bennett, Ursinus; 5, Woolery, PMC. :54.1. (Record; first year for event In College Division.) 120 High Muroies tagar, awarmmore; 2, Davis, Upsala; 3, Boyles, Albright; A. Bennett, Ursinus; 5, Edgar, Swarthmore. :I4.5. High Jump 1, Boy'es, Albright; 2, Neff, Lycoming; 3, Scholl, Albright; .4, Williams, Juniata; 5, Christensen, Wagner. 6-4. Mile Relay 1, PMC Colleges (Pfeffer, Caracciolo, French, Woolery); 2, Swarthmore; 3, Lycoming; 4, Ursinus; 5, Wagner. 3:20.7. Final Team Scoring PMC College, 45; Lycoming, 41; Swarthmore, 34; Dickinson and Ursinus, 20 each; Upsala, 14; Albright, 13' j; F.&M., 11; Leb. Valley, 10'j; Susquehanna, 10; Delaware Valley, 8; Wagner and Washington, 5 eaci; Juniata, 2; Muhlenberg, 1; Haverford, fl. bright future. Undoubtedly the most impressive athletes of the weekend . were Gettysburg's fleet Don Ar dinger in the University Division and Neff Lvcnmini? CoIIppp's Riirtlftn v o o- - ... in the College Division. ond. NEFF won the pole vault, was second in the 440-yard hur dles, second in the high jump, m the lone lump and an chored his mile relay team which finished third. ; Labenicki passed St, Joseph's Bill Black just a few yards from the finish in the 880, and literally out-lunged St. Joseph's Joe McFalls at the finish of the mile relay to gain the victory. Despite a heavily taped ankle which forced hirri to withdraw from the pole vault and the triple jump, Vince Papale of St. Joseph's final leap of 22-l'4 won ARDINGER, the MAC rcc- Andy Bell, a junior from Ame-jthe long jump. Papale's clutch ord-holder in both the 100 and rican University, showed plenty, leap propelled him from fourth 220, became the first sprinter to of ability in winning both Uni-ito first, Papale is a junior. win both those titles three consecutive years. He stopped the clock in :09.8 in the 100 and :21.9 in the 220. ' Unfortunately Ardinger Is a senior and will not return to compete next year. versify Division hurdle events. After barely nipping Delaware's Suro at the tape in the 120 high hurdles, BelL won the 440-yard intermediate hurdles by 10 yards setting a new MAC record with a time of :52.4. "I knew I would win it easily," Bell said after the 440 hurdle event. "All I wanted to "As of right now, I plan to go to flight school when I gradu- ato " ho coirl "anH if T An T might run some more in the doT,w.reJcord ? gtime " service. However, things could change before June." Neff, a sophomore at Lycoming, who attended Tower Hill School and who still holds the state record for the pole vault, Bell indicated he hoped to run the 440-yard dash next year In addition to the hurdle events. "I knew I had it as soon as I left the board," Papale said. "The only question in my mind TEMPLE'S Bcrnie Labenicki, who won toe 880 and dazzled the crowd with a brilliant final leg participated in five events andiin the mile relay, returns next piled up 15. points for his team That was better than any other year to help the regain their title. Owls try and Hampton Caslle, Haffaday' Win Races MALVERN, Pa. -Mrs. Wil liam C. Riker's stakes-winning Bampton Castle, ridden by Tom Walsh,, won the National JIunt Cup, a 2-mile race over 13 brush jumps, here Saturday. ' The Radnor Hunt Cup steeple chase, 3'i miles and 24 timber fences, was won by Redmond C. Stewart Jr.'s Haffaday, Paddy Neilson 3d of Uruonville, Pa., riding. was whether I had fouled. The jump was important to the team as well as to me." PMC Colleges, which won the College Division title with 45 points, exhibited a fine sprinter in sophomore Rick Pfeffer. Winning both the 100 and the 220 with ease, Pfeffer recorded times of :9.9 and :a.2 respec tively. The College Division's only Pacific Coast League Portland 10-3, Spokane 4-0 San Diego -3, , Denver 3-1 Vancouver 3-5, Seattle 2-3, 1st game 10 innings Tacoma 3, Hawaii 2 Indianapolis at Tulsa, rain Phoenix 7, Oklahoma Cily 2 Sandy Kricgcr 2d in Tennis CYNWYD, Pa. - Charlotte Atwater, Lancaster, Pa., won the Middle State Interscholastic Girls' 18-and-under tennis cham pionship Sunday by defeating Sandy Krieger of Wilmington 6-2, 6-2 at the Cynwyd Club In 16-a n d -u n d e r sin gles, Kirs ten Hoving of Phoenixville, Pa., won by de other double winner was Dickinson's Charles Smith who won' both the 880 and mile by more than 20 yards. Smith, a junior, also returns next year. .Along with Flynn's organizing,! athletes like these made the 11th annual MAU track: meet a smashing success. Indeed the MAC track picture looks bright i most of the athletes will be back next year and so will Flynn.. Court Star, Sister Killed MADISON VILLE, Ky. (J) Dwight Smith, 21, Western Ken- t u c k y University basketball star, and his sister, Sheryl Kay, Smith, 18, were killed Sunday! afternoon when their car hit rain-slicked roads near here and plunged into a water-filled ditch. Smith's brothel Greg, another key player on the Western team, was injured, treated in a hospi tal, and released. Hopkins County Deputy Coron er Harold Bandy said the car submerged in water, and specu lated that both may have; I drowned before they could es cape. j fi 4ii 4-PLY NYLON TIRE CORD Guardian freii Nylin BUCKWAIX Grade, line, level or quality representation relates to private standard of marketers. No industry standard emit. I WHITE FED. BLACK VMU EX. SIZE WALL (idd?!) TAX 7.45-14 (7.50-14) 17.49 17.71 2.21 8.25-14 (8.00-14) 18.94 19.16 2.38 8 85-14 (9.00-14) 22.09 22.31 2,84 5.60-15 15.21 15.43 14 7.75-15 (6.70-15) 17.05 17.27 2.23 8.15-15 (7.10-15) 18,87 19.09 2.33 8 45-15 (7.60-15) ,20.53 20.75 2.53 8.859.00-15 (8.00-820-15) 21.49 21.71 286 I 1 1 I 1 If j If S 50 U VF TUBELESS , U Plus 1.80 . Fed. Ei. Tal WHITEWAU ADD 22 ALL PRICES PLUS OLD TIRE VJ TUBELESS Plus Mured. Ei. Tat Safety Air Ride UNIR0YAL NYLON TIRE CORD dW",ord,',nt , -t I WHITE FED. BUCK Will EX. SIZE WALL ONLY TAX 6.50-13 10.95 11.17 1.55 7:75-14(7.58-14) 11,95 12.17 1.81 8.25-14 (8.00-14) 14 95 15.17 2.05 7.75-15 (6,70-15) 12.95 . ..13.17 1.89 BlACKWAll I & '"-1 I TUBELESS I I Plus 188 u u f,dl u. i, WHITEWAU ONLY ALL PRICES PLUS OLD TIRE no momr down . 11 7.75-1 TUBELESS Pint 1.81 fid. Ex. Ta WHEEL ALIGNMENT (ROUT HEELS BALAKCE9 RAKE ADJUSTMENT Here's What We Do: Adjust toe m e Adjust toe-out Adjust brakes Add heavy duty brake fluid Adjust caster Adjust umber Check steerini Repack front wheel bearings AND balance front wheels AIL S FOR (o)uu mm em mwE

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