Hippler W 1874 baseball team

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Hippler W 1874 baseball team - out, g. Me-J-nde Me-J-nde was and Aftend-ai...
out, g. Me-J-nde Me-J-nde was and Aftend-ai tH'-.'.4c. t:ie first sus-Ifii4ied, was was as :k be.over-i.jtt the aud iir-nry on to ill his f-w on whei-e whei-e he of us busy-iiiir he ?reeil-I iu of h-lnrtii nivs-fery be is a to of to a protrsct-ted a l lf a three- I 4'xanuna- from BufTato, where Billy is putting on tie tni-hin? tni-hin? tni-hin? touches ot trainir.?. He w a-4 a-4 a-4 n et by Barney Anion, and topether, with the hackers of the tisrhrer-4, tisrhrer-4, tisrhrer-4, an d-ji d-ji d-ji iiinn erjt to a saloon on Dmuioud alley w a i tfet ted. v here all tae preliminaries iiir the battle were arranped. The tipht w.li take place at a spot dose by t.'ie I ai.ks i f the Ohio river, some fiitv miles ticni I'lttsburp, and the place of ti?htirt? be leached by two fstea-inlMiats, fstea-inlMiats, fstea-inlMiats, wha ii ii ave liere on Momiav mirtit next at mid-i.iphf. mid-i.iphf. mid-i.iphf. '1 he tiL'ht. it u rumored, w lili.iko place catty m th moininp. if possible, lefote any of the jiootl people in the vii -in -in it j are astir. Collv er is in tine condition. His frair.-in? frair.-in? frair.-in? ;u.irtcrs aie nt McKce's rock, about four in ilt-s ilt-s I'ioiii this city, and w here, he is attended by his son, Eddy, and by Ji hnny Newell and I'.arney Aarou. lie is l-nii l-nii l-nii lul of coutidence, and cer-ta'.nly cer-ta'.nly cer-ta'.nly m-4 m-4 m-4 ins to be in much Ix tter eondi-tii eondi-tii eondi-tii n J-iin J-iin J-iin w h n he fou-'ht fou-'ht fou-'ht Edwards las:. lie will emir the rime weiirhui? about, lol. while Eu'wanis. his opponent, will siale three pounds less. Edwards will not reaiti l'lttsbin? until Sunday or Monday, and Lis stay will tie brief, as he leaves" for a I ou.t ufar the battle-pu battle-pu battle-pu nnd. iie w ni lie attended in the rio? by Dooney Hams, Iiriy Edwards aud A i thtir Chamber. '1 hose well informed in ric? matters preiiict that tins tht w ill be one of the tamest and 4lesrate on record, an-1 an-1 an-1 that Coliyer can't be whipped as ea.sily a he has I en 4in the former occasion by Edwaids. Yachting. Tke Rirr lor Ifcr Prince of XValea ( k.tllt aep t it. LuM-fiX. LuM-fiX. LuM-fiX. Anpnst 7. I h y:w hr rue f r the Friuceof Wales ( hiUien.-e hiUien.-e hiUien.-e Cut took i liK-e liK-e liK-e ro-ibiT. ro-ibiT. ro-ibiT. There were t'iree en tins: Encl.aiitiess, Epena and Shark the fomier inst her jiblmon w h'le tank in? oil C4)vves. and was oliliped t return '1 he Slunk nli lefned soon after the stait, and the Epeiia proceeded over tiie course alone. Eoatina. T-p T-p T-p I rriwpal f liy I'lnh. TLisclnb.a tlourisliinif Third Disti iet o!?aiii. aMou. s inakin? ii'.pid strides forward forward tor a place in the trout rank, and the earnestness and spii it of its members jiive lull Bii.rt.iiif that that positsou will know them before the lapse of many wei ks. Alieutir liave measures been incepted for the erection of a boat biiuse, to be loci.ted 4in the river at Esplanade street. aud to le eoiiipK-ted eoiiipK-ted eoiiipK-ted wiihm the ensuing wn k. Several prominent citizens of the Third Distill t Pave sul'sci lin-il lin-il lin-il lilx ralfv and it i ft i(4 rally thoi:p:it that the club will be readv to iom the association previous to the regatta in in September. The silrr Kaatlaa I'lab. This Eourtti District orpamzarion was created on the 2'.i:h of Julv by the election election of tie followin? orricers: A. J Thomas, Fresident : J. 'J. Barret'', Sr., hirst i4-e i4-e i4-e 1 "resident; J. I. Barrett, ,lr.. ?( cond ice l"rcident; Xf. D'lllas, See-retniv: See-retniv: See-retniv: A. H. Deekbar, Trenrer: (. 11 Deekbar, Captam; II. Zeller, Lieutenant. 1 he club has now a fleet of four out- out- ripped Towrnp bonts and two sailm? cratt. rl hey are ambition and hospita ble, and invite patrons ot tioatmp to call ou I hem. The Hope 1 la. The sportin? bovs of theThinl Distriet are now in the mi?. They have orpan-ii orpan-ii orpan-ii 4l a Ixwr club by the name of the Hupe Kowhi? Hub. Ihey have a boatliouse and two boats. 1 be foilswinp officers were elected for the e nsniiij; year: John Lusk, l'resident; I. Ki tlmm.d, lee Bresidetit; M. Casey. Treasnicr; ('. Y4limers, Secretary; Jos. Lu.sk. Ca pi a in. I.rarac UrmmmH Onr to Padlpr, th t ham- ham- oioa tacli-tta tacli-tta tacli-tta "Srullcr. At a rreelin? of the committee of the Eowinp Club, at Halifax, held ou the evenine of July 27, it was (bi'ided that (Jeorpe iirown rhallenpe Sadier, the Enp-li-h Enp-li-h Enp-li-h Enp-li-h Enp-li-h champion tw uller, to a five mile race, with one tnrti, lit anypli4-e anypli4-e anypli4-e except the Thames river. If Sadler will come to America be is to lie allowed i.00 sterhn;; for expenses, If Uueenstown orCork tie chosen by Sadler, Brown will po there w ithout any allowance tor expenses. 1 he contest to be for t" "Kill a side. The necessary diwuments will be sent to Bell's Life office, topether with a first defy tf .10, by the Enplish mail leavmsr here 4a Tuesday next. It is not likely that Sadler Sadler wilt consent to row at (Jueenst-iwn (Jueenst-iwn (Jueenst-iwn or Cork, a course; entirely uusuited for a sculler, besides beinp an out of the way place. There are pltuty of couies nearer London w hich would suit much better, and would ie more acceptable acceptable to Iwdli parties. As Sadler has tor some time past expressed a 4lesire to row Brown, a match will pr.ioauly resuit from these ucporiatious. Tap rx4 Mrmaia R 1-4 1-4 1-4 a It. The prard international Saratopa amateur amateur repatfi will lerowetl on S.initopa lake on the 2.1th and 2nth ints., and it is pxj'ected that the event will liud more participants than have been seen iu any noat race ever rowed in this or any of ner country. Anion? the crews already ou ti e pronnd are tluiseof the Vernon Boat Club, of Savannah, alihonph riiere is some talk of excludin? that club, on the j.-1 j.-1 j.-1 01; nd thai some of its me tube is have row ed in races for money prizes. Ease EalL l.aBtrn To-Day. To-Day. To-Day. The Lone Stars and Grasshoppers will j lay at the Faik to-day. to-day. to-day. 1 he Li es and Howard will play their first match this season, this af ternoon at the head of Tel psichore street, opposite the Crleaus Fits. The .Mississippi and Varieties base hill clubs, play a pame this eveniu? at 4 o'clo4 k 4n the Fionei-r Fionei-r Fionei-r (Jreen. 1 he second nine of the Xlmsissinpi and first nine of the Tyler base bail clubs play a pame this eveuin? at 3 1-2 1-2 1-2 o'clock on il e Kaij'iette lireen. TLe s"-4iud s"-4iud s"-4iud of the series of matcn pames wilt In? playc-tt playc-tt playc-tt between the C. T. Howard and Fairfax Clubs, on lirettia pTiuinds, Sunday, Aupnst 9. at -'i::!0 -'i::!0 p. m The Washington and .Mutual Base Ball Clubs will phiy their second pame this season on ( louet street prwn. It must be remembered the Washinprons are juniors, and in their first pame w dls the .Miitnals, they defeated theni (the Xlntnsils) by a score of 19 to 17, and toil toil iy the Mutes want sarisfa4-tioH. sarisfa4-tioH. sarisfa4-tioH. Play wiil le called at 3 1-2 1-2 1-2 oclin k. At repnlar meetipp of the -Em -Em Fuse Ball Cluh.hfitl ou Thurs-lay.Anpnst Thurs-lay.Anpnst Thurs-lay.Anpnst '-th, '-th, '-th, the club was reorpanized with the followintr onVerf: I'n-sident. I'n-sident. I'n-sident. I'rank Fisher; Vice President. F. Crane; Ses-re-tarr, Ses-re-tarr, Ses-re-tarr, Ses-re-tarr, Ses-re-tarr, A. J. Shaw; Treasurer, J imes Weir; Captain, .Milton L'ilo-te. L'ilo-te. L'ilo-te. tin the Inoneer Creen the 1'hil idel-jbias idel-jbias idel-jbias ami Xlorpans will have a lit.ie game for a little ball. I he foliowin? otficers were e'ei td ata n-eetiiipof n-eetiiipof n-eetiiipof the Webb I'ae Ball Club on M0mi.1v: II. Davis Captain: IE William, William, Piesiden'; Jte F.row n, Vice Presi-ilert; Presi-ilert; Presi-ilert; J. Keepan, Seeretary; Howard Smith. Treasurer. At ti e meetinp held of the newly or-pati or-pati or-pati d Echo Club, the following ot!it ers were elected for the etwninp term : J. Scanlan, 1 res th nt ; J. Elynn, vice President President ; W. Hippler, Secretary, and Capt. J. Ciepfop, Treasnre?; A. Siebrumlt, Jr., 24 1 Captain ; 11. Linpni in. Steward. I he nif mOi t are S. ki-tne ki-tne ki-tne Iy, J. Walsh, li. Alexander, W. Siebramtt. .1- .1- Hippler. P. Mcehaii, T. liettun, II. .-a .-a .-a bramlt ai-d ai-d ai-d J. Biousse. miriDIM l.L AN l I f.AVMir. Tkey hao Byt to Advprtii9 AaaiB. Xr w York, Anpusf .. Victo,-i:i Victo,-i:i Victo,-i:i Wkm1-hnll Wkm1-hnll Wkm1-hnll anil Tennie Clallin were air rsted 1 1-ilay 1-ilay 1-ilay on a warrant, on complaint of A. M. 1 inii'iin, w ho allepcs th it in IsTl. when Wondliull and Claiiiu were doin? business business on it road street he deposited with theni, to be invested. "f-KJt), "f-KJt), "f-KJt), w hu h he was to receive on deniMiid. with interest; that h4ihasMiice made several demands, but never put the money. They wers held in K00 bail at the S tier it!' othce. Clatim and her mother were to have sill li d for Europe to-day. to-day. to-day. Personal. Anion? the pas-se-npers pas-se-npers pas-se-npers pas-se-npers pas-se-npers who w ill leave this luoi nilip 011 the steamship Knieke--l Knieke--l Knieke--l Knieke--l ocker, tor New York, is our old friend II. Al. Aliiiifpomery. t. -chard -chard is in the pursuit of health, pleasure ami business, combined, and that he may caprine all three i the devout w iL of tiie triemls he leave liehiml him. Air. C. J. Perry dep.irte'l last evoninp for the West. Air. i.ei rv's trip iu thac direction means business, ami it means also fruit for the million, ile is dete.r-minedthat dete.r-minedthat dete.r-minedthat Xew tirlean shall le sup-plitd sup-plitd sup-plitd with the choicest fruit that the conntrv atVords. Brother S. K. Puss, whose matin bu-rle bu-rle bu-rle callsawakeiieii s iins and sinners at the late religious revival in the woods of BiloM. has ib partrd iin a tour of recu rerati4in and rustication. Brother Kuss 4! id not state positively wtiether his waiulerinps would terminate at (ke:m spimps or t aseiipoiiia. out as ne was seen to conceal a bom aboat his person. it is presumed that he is out tor practice, and will po where there is the most wind. There's a deliphtful ei ho on the Pascatroula river. Brother Busi, and the responses are perfect. The foliowin? piece of ancient poetry was sent to u last winter, but haviun been written 4lown from memory, by a petitlenian who had not'seeo th" text it lift v vears. it was in some essential pr ticulai s defective, and w e did not publish it. Fii ally thronph the apencv of Messrs. Bernard Westerniann a Co.. importers of forei'.'ii lireniture. etc.. No. .124 Broadway , New fork, a book, coiitainm? this Keu-, Keu-, Keu-, called 1 ales of Wonder, mow exceed irply rare and ontof ptint) was traced np in Eurojie, ami sent over to our friend, who now sends ns the exact extract, which we copy wirh pleasure: ( Ol itTKOl S KINIi JAMIE." ( onrteon Kmc Jsuii" i r-ioe r-ioe r-ioe to lha wood, Tif faire-t faire-t faire-t li-li li-li li-li to fail : r. " rhiin.-d rhiin.-d rhiin.-d thiU--r. thiU--r. thiU--r. thiU--r. iiinl lie cbsi-d cbsi-d cbsi-d the ne. iili ins fncO'la nerd ief: oelLod. I'i- I'i- liiiiiteil over nmi ant! moor, Aii-l Aii-l Aii-l oier Dili and iluwu. Ti l bp camp 10 a rnind hunt'tiji hail-Was hail-Was hail-Was seven miles iioiu a to a. II potrrrd np fa hnntim; hall. To inahe him j-ooii.y j-ooii.y j-ooii.y lirtir, j-'orof j-'orof j-'orof all the herd hi ti,e itosl creen w'Djd, He had sain the fa. reel deer. lie t him down, with food and rest Hu roiir.iiTP t-i t-i t-i niiirt: W hen ii(tlrit ins wind was heard to iEh, Aud an earl jiti ka rock'd tar Boor. Aiid d.irknpss povpr'd the hantistr tall, H hera hp it-it it-it it-it ut his uu:.ii:; TIip Kray dog hownu lett their food, And crept lo Jamie 8 (ert. And londer howl'd thp riB iitorni. And iirt ttp fasteii'sl dmir. And in fieip rauip a (tn-ly (tn-ly (tn-ly ('ti-iat, ('ti-iat, ('ti-iat, Load slampiog on the door. Her head toiiphed the roof tree of tin) house. Her WHist a ehiid rotiid npnu ; I wot. tup look of her hollow ee Would uav afiiivil the lrivet man. Her locks wpre like makes, and her teetti like crakes. And her hreath h oi a brimstone amell : I DotiiiT-ie DotiiiT-ie DotiiiT-ie know tliat shp sepoi'd lo Ihs, i-ul i-ul i-ul the kievi! Just eoiue frouaileU! "'sonip mpa". ! somp meat ! Kin? Jamie, s-mip s-mip s-mip n-i-iit n-i-iit n-i-iit n-i-iit n-i-iit now iei oj bip :" "Ami to what meat in this house, laily, Slia'.i ye not welcome be 1" 4R ! yon Binsi kill your 1-erry-hrowo 1-erry-hrowo 1-erry-hrowo 1-erry-hrowo 1-erry-hrowo iiteed, ml nerve hilu np W rue '." Kim Jiinte ha? killpil hi bprry-hrown bprry-hrown bprry-hrown steed. 'i'l ?ii i: PHtiMd nun miefele pare: The l.liiit Pat linn up. ImiIB tle"ti and bone. And leu nothing but boots and uuir. " Mnrp m"t '. more meat: Kine Jamie. "Mere inent now eive to me." Anil Hi hat in-lit in-lit in-lit in this lion e, lady, "sLati yet rot welenmc lie !'" Oh ! ji- ji- must k.l! your aim I irrey bouals, 1 hey 'li taiie most daintily." Kini Jiioiip has kill'd his liiwul erpy hoamts. Then i h it nune his he in n ;ii; u T'ee Idiost pat tcpiu ail up one hy one. Ami ie 11 notions" hut ear and lull. A bed : a bid ! Kin Jamfp. Now n , ike a bed f -i -i tnel " An-i An-i An-i to i-at i-at i-at two in this hine. Laly, t hail )f not eii--iLe eii--iLe eii--iLe eii--iLe ! -! -! " Oh: jp Tuiist pud itre lie ither so green. And make a null bed lor me." K:rr Jiiilip ban pnil'd the he ithcrao jr?n, A l d iiimlp lor uie i.li.iar a ts-l, ts-l, ts-l, Anl oer tue heat ln-r, ln-r, ln-r, muh eourtesy rare. iiia plaid Lain he duinuly spread. Now mur, now Teart Km Jmip. To t:ikp uie lor jo-ir jo-ir jo-ir brni-:" brni-:" brni-:" Sow Heaven frhtd ! ' Kma; Jamie irnid. That in r the like Iwin1-. Iwin1-. Iwin1-. " Tlat the 1-evil 1-evil 1-evil foul. J:it ronie from ilell, plii.iml fire n U 1. 1 m by my iile." " Sow fyp ! now fyp '. Kinj Jamie, I nnenr by the holv tree, I am no ilevn. or evii tiling. However loul I be. "TbenvleM! then y iel:l I Klaa; .lainie. Anil taiip my iiri-ietrroonr iiri-ietrroonr iiri-ietrroonr pi.n-e. pi.n-e. pi.n-e. )i-r )i-r )i-r shauie shall lialit ob !hl ilastant ka.-tlt. ka.-tlt. ka.-tlt. Who re'ue a l.nij ' ix.-e." ix.-e." ix.-e." Then qnich Kin Jamie, with a prt-an. prt-an. prt-an. ror Iiim heart was lua c h rare, It shall neier lie -ai.l. -ai.l. t-iat t-iat t-iat IviUi Jiinie iK-nieU iK-nieU iK-nieU a lady's prayer." So !ip laid him by the foul thing' tide. And inieoii-lv inieoii-lv inieoii-lv he iiioare,; Jhp prs!'ii in taiid aiol he shnil l -r"d -r"d is tic kiss'U his up and be eroau'.l ! WtiPB day was pome, and the nisfht wta zone And tiie pun shone tnroiwh tn jail; Ty.p lairest larty that ever w.is eea. Lay between him and the aaii. Oh! wellimp:" KineJ.-mierrii1. KineJ.-mierrii1. KineJ.-mierrii1. "How Ion if wil! voiir kiM-i-y kiM-i-y kiM-i-y kiM-i-y kiM-i-y slay f " Ti en out and p.ifce that U ly fair, " Ken till my trying day. - For 1 was witi h'd to a gh:tt'.y June, "All b my sieit-tiauie's sieit-tiauie's sieit-tiauie's skill ; "Ti l I ronitl I m ht on a rourleoo kn ttht, n bo would let UK hare all ni r w.ii." lialer. Eunday reader nerd not be told that Haley can furnil them a popion napp!;' of ffKd for the mind, in ait- ait- it variety and plectitude aa in well calculated to ci-eer ci-eer ci-eer the heart of man. The fact 1 too apparent. On hi counter to-day, to-day, to-day, anion? the freshest arrivals wiil tie fonnd the taiiy Graphic, Irish Woild. I'oimroy' Deruo- Deruo- erat, Eoy." Own. Girls and lioy of Aaienea, Ety" and Girls' Weeily. Army an 1 N'avy Jour nal, Sew York Iferenry. fpirt o" the Times, Sew York CliDp-r. CliDp-r. CliDp-r. tiaDbiiry Xewt. Apri'pton" Journal. Lloyfi' Weekly, l.onil-io l.onil-io l.onil-io It, spares and Soul kern Matjz.ne.

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  1. The Times-Democrat,
  2. 09 Aug 1874, Sun,
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  • Hippler W 1874 baseball team

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