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DMRegister10281885p2 - H. 8:10 2:55 8:30 6:00 : 10 W: .11:40 U:3S M....
H. 8:10 2:55 8:30 6:00 : 10 W: .11:40 U:3S M. 11:90 12:50 12::ii 1:20 1:10 3:39 8:15 4:29 4:29 4:23 4: 8:19 9:25 t-v t-v 5:25 r.ia and whom he succeeded In the charge of the Omaha parish. After remaining In lliak city about seven years be removed to Missouri, going first to Kansas City and then to St. Louis, where he has been rector of Trinity church during the past ten years. Dr. Betts has al-wajs al-wajs al-wajs been an ardent friend to his native land, and to his able assistance is due much ot the stability of the National Land League in America. He was the permanent chairman of the first national convention of this League, held in Chicago in 1879, and during the past fifteen years of his life the best fruits of his endeavor have been given to the furtherance of tbe interests of his beloved Ireland. In answer to the request of the reporter for a brief outline of the causes which had led to the present conditions In Ireland, Dr. Betts said: At the close of his address the eloquent Doctor was succeeded by a continued burst of applause showing how completely he had won his hearers and how completely they were in sympathy with the cause he had so ably advocated. advocated. Father Flavin then announced that subscriptions would be received, encouraging those present with a forceful statement of the needs that had caused tbe call. dis- Theorinln of all this trouble and misery and bloodshed in Ireland, during- during- the centuries past, may be found In forcible possession of her lands by the English. A system of fllllbuslerinir or land (rrabblnjron a lunre scale. With the blood of her heroic sons, Ireland has marked her disapproval disapproval of every step taken by these despotio conquerors. By forays made, by the enactment enactment of the most severe penal laws, they have stripped a people of their rig-bis rig-bis rig-bis and left them in a condition but littlo bettor than ubjeot slavery. slavery. Before that period known as tho Haf-OTmatlon, Haf-OTmatlon, Haf-OTmatlon, the Irish worn refuse! representation representation in the English Parliament because they were Irish and after that period they were refused refused that representation wbioh is always their due because they were Catholics. Not content with this triumph they must endeavor to seal the land as permanently their own by sowing' the seeds of discord among1 families and friends. Ilrotber was pitted agralust brother and father ngalost son in an unholy strife that out of looiil weakness the insatiable Enirlish might reap In security tbe harvest of tboir ooncjuost. Tbe education of the youth or the land was forbidden, forbidden, and in cyery ooncoivable way they sought to engender a state of sooioty Inimical to the prosperity and growth of the island. At lean four-fifths four-fifths four-fifths of the arable land was withdrawn from cultivation by the absentee landlords and Hd as pleasure grounds and pasture lands. With the avowed purpose of rooting the Irish from tbe soil, wbieh they bad attempted In for mer years by the sword, the Enirlish than sought to accomplish their ends by means of an artlflolal famine. me norrora which this entallod upon n innocent and helpless people are too well known to need partloularixatlon. The mist prosperous times Ireland fans known sinoe Kngllsb Invasion were tho few during Father Foley made a short address In which be related some historical facts bearing on the subject at Issue, and was very warmly applauded. applauded. Father Nugent was called for but owing to a slight indisposition he had retired shortly before. The Committee on Resolutions reported the following which were adopted without a dissenting dissenting voice. RESOLUTIONS. WiiEREAS, We hold It to be a sacred a universal universal principle that no Nation can be great or prosperous without the right to make Its own laws; that tbo taxation of the people while their laws are framed in . an alien Parliament is serfdom ; that the framing framing of the laws is the exclusive right of the Nation affected thereby and when this right is usurped by a foreign power it leads inevitably inevitably to the robbery of the national wealth and the degradation of the national character. Whereas, We hold it to be a self-evident self-evident self-evident truth, grounded on justice, that lands are ore-ated ore-ated ore-ated fertile to support the millions who cultivate cultivate them, and not the few absentees who obtained obtained possession of them by robbery and confiscation; confiscation; that the first debt which the land owes Is to the laborer who cultivates It; and Wheheas, Ireland bas been for the Inst 700 years enunciating these principles to the civilised civilised world from the battie field, tbe prison and the gallows, that she stands now before tbe Parliament of Great llrituin declaring tho same doctrinoby the voice of her honorable sou, Charles Stewart Parnell; lie it i(ro't'rd. Therefore, that we. the Irish Amor- Amor- leans and all lovers of sound political princi ples and national Independence here assembled. extend to Charles olewart Parnell and bis gallant gallant associates our deepest sympathy and our unquaunea endorsement; and, tie it llemiti fil. That in order to manifest our sym pathy and good wishes we pledge ourselvos In mass meeting assembled to respond promptly. and materially assist by every means In our power In the accomplishment of the glorious won on band. Whkkeah, A large number of Irish Amen cans, citizens of the United Suites, wore con vlctrd of certain alleged political offense by unconstitutional methods and without fair trial, of in to Thu-we tic the and pre jet cm-I and to eligible That

Clipped from The Des Moines Register28 Oct 1885, WedPage 6

The Des Moines Register (Des Moines, Iowa)28 Oct 1885, WedPage 6
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