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06-30-75 Daily Independent Journal - Cheers, Hisses In Skate Derby; San Quentin...
Cheers, Hisses In Skate Derby; San Quentin First By GEORGE NEVIN It was a very well-behaved crowd, the players agreed The spectators, San Quentin prisoners, hooted and yelled, cheering their favorites and hissing their enemies, as the roller derby’s Golden State Bombers skated against the Chicago Pioneers. About 300 inmates gathered in the yard Saturday for the event. Observed Bomber Cal Stephens, “We’ve skated in front of worse people than these. “They’re behaving themselves. Some crowds throw things at us and get into fights that spill onto the track.” With a nervous glance at a rifle-bearing guard perched high on the gym roof overlook ing the portable roller track set up in the lower exercise yard. Stephens said in a low voice: “I think I see why.” Associate Warden Donald C. W’eber called the two-hour contest in front of the highly partisan inmates “a first for San Quentin.” It was a good show from start to finish, with plenty of the mix- em-up action that has swelled the ranks of roller derby affi- cionadoes in recent years. And in the end, the home team won it with a come-from- behind spurt. The final score — Bombers 41, Pioneers 39. To the uninitiated, the derby looked like nothing so much as a wild free-for-all, with the contests ending in swinging fists and shouted curses more often than not. But the cheering prisoners made it clear they understood the subtleties of the sport. They shouted the loudest when the California team wracked up points, and roundly booed those scoundrels from Chicago. “A lot of us are hooked on the derby,” said one convict. “When I was on the row (death row), Sunday afternoons would find me in front of that television without fail.” He tried to explain how the scoring works — something about a skater in a striped helmet passing one in a solid helmet to earn a point. But he couldn’t say how the ones in the black headgear fitted into the picture. The inmates began to gather at 9 a.m., billed as the starting hour for the contest. But it wasn’t until noon that the final screws were in place and the last nails pounded into the portable rink and the show was ready to begin. Then around and around the Susan Ford Visits Disney World LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. (UPI) — Susan Ford spent an active, fun-filled weekend at Walt Disney World where she toured a number of attractions, bought souvenirs and went water skiing The President’s 17-vear-old daughter spent most of Saturday and yesterday at Disney World where she visited Space Mountain, the Jungle Cruise and the Hall of Presidents. She also went to the Grand Prix Raceway, where she raced her friend, schoolmate Barbara Manfuso of Washington. BRIEF ENCOUNTER - What looks like a rough confrontation building up is all part of Sihe entertainment. Spectators expect a few fights at a roller derby and the players oblige. The fighting, however, tends to have more the ham of professional wrestling than the sudden fury of hockey or football. (Another photo, page 1.) teams went — five players from each one. First the women competed, then the men Needless to say, it was the women who were the most popular in that bastion of maleness that is San Quentin Even the ladies who sat in the VIP seating — stockholders in the Bombers, they were — got cheered After four periods, with the Bombers leading, 20-18, the skaters took a halftime break. It’s too hot out there,” complained one. “The derby is an indoor sport.” “Man, I’m tired, and we have to skate again tonight,” said another. While the others slumped on the concrete gym steps and rested, BomberTim Blatt talked with an old friend — an inmate — who had spotted him. Both had grown up in East Oakland. Most of the players groaned in disappointment when someone yelled. “Time for the second half.” But not Stephens. “Let's go so we can get out of here,” he said. The second half was a tamer version of the first — more spills and faked fisticuffs. Roller derby skaters, it turns out, don't really fight, although some of the tumbles they take are real enough. And so it went. The prisoners who divided themselves into racial and interest groups in the bleachers —blacks here, Chicanos there, bikers standing on the grass — cheered with eaeh play. “They'll be tired tonight,” Associate Warden Weber said. “I don’t think we'll have too much noise in the cellbloeks.” Riflemen Execute Two Before Throng MAZATENANGO, Guatemala (UPI) — Before a crowd of thousands, two men were executed by a firing squad in the cemetery of this city. 124 miles south of Guatemala City. The condemned men, Hector Abel Alvarado Masariegos and Rolando Ortiz Sanchez, were convicted more than two years ago of the murder of a merchant and his 11 -year-old son

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