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Charles P Finney - COl'KTY rOTOT I'ltOOBEDIKfiS. April Term....
COl'KTY rOTOT I'ltOOBEDIKfiS. April Term. 1S1>2. Last wills of John P. Stevenson and Noah Smith, were proved and ordered, recorded. Following fines were paid into court: By Win. T. Parks, J. P., $2"), received of Louis White, colored, con victed before him of carrying a pistol concealed?by Emory Maffitt, J. P., $5 fine, received of Gros Whealton, for shooting on public road and $2.00 fine, received of Daniel Beebe, for disturbing public peace?by L. Thos. Phillips, J. P., $5 fino, received of Walter W. Wessels and Emerson Lyons, conA'icted of misdemeanor. Following fiduciary accounts con? firmed and ordered, recorded: Trust accouuts of Albert F. Mears and Elizabeth M. Floyd?Audits of estates of Sarah F. Beach, Margaret A. Beas I ley, George Bradford, Upshnr K. Brouphton and George W. Powell? Orphan accounts of Oscar L._and Leila M. Powell. Authority to eelebrate tho rites or matrimony was granted to Edward C. Adkins'andZ. H. Webstar, of M. E ChirMi, Wilmington Conference. Commissioners wore appointed to lay off, alter and rearrange road pro m'nets in this counts'. Elva A. J elTeries was appointed and qualified as inspector of oysters for district No. 1?Joseph L. Cooner for district No. 4?James E. Anderton, district No. 3?John C. Justice, dis? trict No. 0, and Charles P Finney, district No. 7. Wm J. Barnes was appointed and qualified as depnty of Joseph L. Cooper. Solomon T. Johnson, Edward R Thomas and George W. Murphy were appointed and qualified to act as commissioners, with thu shell-fish commissioner, in doteruiinin? what bottoms are natural oysler bods, rooks or shoal* in this county. Oy-tT inspectors ma..1r> rcpo-t of eolloctions from 1st day of March, ISO-?, to r.Pth day of April, 1*12, (under old law;) as follows: Elva A. .Teffei ies, 1st district, collected/ $12.09, din State, ?11.03?Solomon Warner, re? ported "no collections"?Janiee E. Anderton. fith district, report'11 col lections, $150,50, due State, ^lS?,?. On application of Jorcminh J. Sav? age, the Commissioner of Revenue was directed to prant him a license to sell religious books fee, for one year at nominal tax of one cent. James G. Nock was appointed io examine the books of county sur? veyor. Sallie F. Bundl?k*? estate was com? mitted to John II. Wise, sheriff, fo administration. James F. Lankford was granted au? thority to erect a wharf upon public landing at foot of Muddy Creek i oad. Upon petition of John E. Manp and others for a public road. Vir-wers w >re appointed to examine and re? port. Uoon petition of Parksley Land and ImnrovninentCo. to Chans* nub? ile road at Parksley. Order entered appointing viewers to examine and report. Upon petition of L. W. Mears and others for a paidie. bridge over Ro? pers'branch. Report of Charles P. J Finney was fi'f d, hid of John T. Ray field accepted and commissioner was ordered to contract with said Ray field and take bond. Upon oetition of John J. Hopkins and others for repairs to public road at Mete ilf's branch. Order entered appointins B. T. Gunter, Jr., coin misi-loner, to receive proposals. Orders onoounty treasurer in road and bridge matters were entered as follows: For Win. T. Parks and AVm. L. L-mjr, $1 each; N. W. Nook, $2; S. S. Kellam. $11.24; Joseph C. Boggs, 20 cents; Perry Bloxom, Win. Bull, Julius G. Mafth;ws, John L. Gilles pie, Oliver Bak<*r and George Dixon, 50 eents each; John R. Duncan, $7; David Winder, $4; S. K. Martin, $9; Major W. Pilchard, ?11; S. R. Steb bins & Son, 32 cents; Ira Payi-c, $3. Inquest held by Th-js. G. Clayton, J. P., an ! acting coroner over Sam? uel Barnes, deceased, was returned and filed. Frank E. Kellam was appointed surveyor of roa 1 precinct No. ;:3, Pun goteague district, iu place of Wm. J. Duncan, resigned. Hon. John P. Poe, attorney gener? al of Maryland, Hon. K. Taylor Scott, attorney general of Virginia, and W. A. P. Strang qualified to practice law in Accomao county court. Otho F. Mears was appointed and qualified as guardian of Mabel W., Mitchell W. and Winnie Leo West, orphans of John M. West, deceased. John J. Wise was appointed and qualified as guardian of George D., Isabella W., Harriet W., and Mary Wilkins, children of Wm. B. Wil kins. George C. Watson was appointed and qualified as committee of the person and estate of Catharine Wat? son. Joseph R. Riggs and John A. M. Whealton qualified as notaries pub? lic. Authority to obtain license to manufacture oil or manure from fish known as alewife was granted to American Fish Guano Co. Authority to obtain license to catch fish to be manufactured into oil was granted the American Fish Guano Co. 1 License to keep an ordinary (hotel) and to sell liquor by retail was grant? ed to D. A. Martin, Pungoteague; Matthew T. West, Bloxom station, and A. S. Kellam, Wachapreague? license to keep an ordinary was grant? ed to G. Lloyd Doughty, Belle Haven ?bar-room liquor, license was grant? ed to AVm. C- West, Onancock; Jamss Harmon, Belle Haven; Wm. B. Daugherty. Daugherty; George F. Kelso, Bobtown; George E. Winder, Pungoteague; George A. Turner, Shady Grove; Jackson T. Kellam, Belle Haven; E. A. Bloxom, Locust? ville; Wm. L. Smith, Onancock; Harvey Marston, Keller station; Wm. H. Parker, Tasley station; James W. Bell, Wachapreajruo; Robert E. Bun? ting, Shilo Valley, and Wm* Whar ton. Point of Forks?bar-room and retail liquor license were granted to Thomas G. Elliott, Manpsburgsta-; tion; George F. Parker, Drummond town; .tames F. Wright, Gargatha; Wm. Walsh, Mappsville; Jarnos '11. Packman, Metompkin; Artemus E. Poulson, Messongo; Emory D. Hin man, Leemont; Isaiah T. Johnson, Taylorsvillo; James H. Bayly, Sr., Cashville; Lloyd W. Hears, Mears town; W. C. Hall, Drummondtown; James H. Milliner. Drummondtown; Samuel C. Mason, Masonville, and Alfred S. Bull, Fair Oaks. Commonwealth vs. Henry Belote (on indictment for petit larceny). De? fendant tried, convicted and sent to jail for CO days. Commonwealth vs. Thomas Bun dick (on indictment for assault and battery). Defendant tried, convicted and fined ?5 and costs of prosecution, whi>h he paid into court and was discharged. Order entered suspending execution of contracts, until further order of court, entered into by Jas W. Short, for repair of road from New Church to Pitts wharf. Order entered appointing commis? sioners to view and report, whether or not it is advisable to change bo rauch of the present route of the road from New Church station to Pitts wharf as passes along front of farm of Jas. W. Short. Isaac Phillips qualified as adminis? trator of Edmund Phillip*, deceased. Commonwealth vs. Charles Wes? sels (on indictment for assault and battery and for shooting along the pub'ic highway). Defendant tried, acquitted of the assault and battery, hut convicted of shooting along pub lie highway and for it fined $5 and costs of p-osecution. Rules were awarded against Berry F. Garrison and John S.'Waples. Application of M. Fitchett Godwin and others to drain their lands through the lands of Samuel Somers and others. Order entered, appoint tnc Wm. H. Bloxom and other free? holders to vie w and report. Dom wrnl r SI ??? ?-f rctlns Ml Iviih< VIII?. The Democrats of Norllr.mpton assembled in ma^s-meeting at East* ville, last Monday, according to call of Mr. R. L. Aihvorth. county chair? man,who was m'dppermanentcnair man, with the editors of the county newspapers as secretaries. After the adoption of resolutions, introduced by Mr. R. B. Handy, of the Herald, endorsing the Cleveland administration and tariff reform,con? curred in without a dissenting voice, a test of the fast hold which the ex Prcsidcnt has upon the affections of the citizens of Northampton, and of their approval of his candidacy at this rime, was developed in a manner not laid down in the programme. A test of the sentiment of the meeting for and against Cleveland was made upon the method of selecting dele? gates to the Richmond Convention, viz: Mr. Handy, who does not favor Mr. Cleveland as a presidential candi date, offered a resolution, anthoriz-. the chairman to select a committee of five to select the required nnmbor of delegates and report their names to the meeting for ratification?Capt. Geo. G. Savage, recognized as the leader of the Cleveland forces offered as a substitute for said resolution, that the delegates he nominated and elected in open meeting; the substi? tute p emailed and in accordance therewith the following delegates were selected: CapoviHc District?Delegates?L.S. j Nottingham, Dr. G. P. Moore ?and G. ] G. Savage?-Alternates? W. S. Rolley, J. s. Williams and W. B. Fitzhugh. Eastville?Dr.W. A. Thorn, Hon. S. S. Wilkinsand II. R. Nottingham Alternates?H. L. Upshur, C. F. Wil kins and Dr. P. A. Fitzhugh. Franktown?Dr. Chas.' Smith, A.T. Ashby and R. B. Handy?Alternates ?Ceo. H. Read, J. B. Bell and J. T. Rogers. Delegate at Large?R. L. Ailworth ?Alternate?Dr. G. F. Wilkins. The delegates areuninstructed,and were selectc1 as representative men without regard to their preferences for President. It is generally be? hoved, however, that two of them aio for Cleveland, two for Hill, and the balance for the presidential can? didate most available. JI->r-ioin?it', Tukt Kol Ice I Fntnrity stake races for 1S93, "94.? First stake for trotting foals of 1891 tobe trotted at Cape Charles, Va., during Fair of 1803. To this 6take the Chesapeake Agricultural Asso? ciation will add ?20). To nominate a colt. First payment ?3, July 1, 1892, when nomination must be made; $5 January 1, 1893; $5 July 1, 1893, when colt must be named, and $10 more to start. Second stake?for foals of 1892?to be trotted in 1894. To this stake the Association will add $300. To nominate a mare, $5 July 1, 1892, when nomination must be made. First payment on foal, $5, January 1, 1893; second payment on foal, $5, July 1,1893; third payment on foal, $5, J an uary 1, 1894; fourth payment on foal, $10. July 1, 1894, when colt must be named, and $20 moie to start. National rule6 to govern. Open to Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware. Address all nominations and in? quiries to A. T. Leatherbury, Secretary. Mach i pun go, Va.' The rarmer*?' Instiltito. The Farmers' Institute will come off Tuesday, May -31st, at Cape Charles, Va. Instructive lectures will be deliv ered by learned professors. Dr. Byron D. Halsted will address his remarks to "The fungus diseases of the sweet potato and other truck crops." This lecture will taice in all the diseases of the sweet potato. Dr. J. M." McBrydo will speak on "Clover and grasses?for improving the soil for hay, and seed." Col. A. W. Pearson will lecture on "Crowing the sweet, potato." Prof. Alwood will speak on "Fruit euifeu-t, its pests, insects, &c." j

Clipped from Peninsula Enterprise14 May 1892, SatPage 3

Peninsula Enterprise (Accomac, Virginia)14 May 1892, SatPage 3
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