London Times 19 April 1906

COLONIAL AND FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE. SEVERE EARTHQUAKE AT SAN FRANCISCO. GREAT IvOSS OF LIFE. V IPEsrnEAD D EVASTATION. difficult b.r the wild panic prevailing on all aides. y the fart that both gaa and water mains broken, the destruction of the former adding o the flames, and tho breaking of tho Utter d - jri vin the firemen of tho scant of extinguish ing then. Before long practleaBy the entire water front was ablate, and a brisk easterly wind now threatens the entire business quarter with destruction. The firemen are trying to check tho progress of the conflagrations by blowing op other buildings in their path. The names are, however, still spreading, and am rapidly approaching th Palace and Grand Hotels, which, appear to b In V hteenth and Valencia streets them is Crevice fa tho roadway sis feet wide, and the entire sidewalks are torn up, wblle tho street car tracks are strangely twisted. t 15 A.M. There has Just been another shock which has intensified tho panic. The people again started to rush into the streets, but this time the shock was of short duration and tho alarm quickly subsided. 9 30 a.m. As far as can be ascertained at present, hundreds of persons haTp been killed and probably about 1.000 Injured. Forty million dollars rs.WU.tHX) is a rc.iih estimate of the loss already sustained. The Palace Hotel is now burning. A port frirtt.V.l news is arriving from San Francisco. it present all is cdnfusion in the reports, arid !v mr. w;t to San Francisco is available inte t 1 : H i - :ears that the city T,rctica,.iT wrecked by an earthquake at 13 ir. - - .me rv; f ,hi wfsrninir. Sa:i Francisco tiire. j estimated thit 1.000 lives hare been, lost in San Francisco itself, but the area of tho earth - tisVc is ex. re ls'pe, nd we are without rrss I other cities ar.d towns in t'ac whk aSected. rr law broken out all OTcr San Frtncisco vr earthquake has wrecked the water co.iaexlons, I The gasworks routh of Market - street hare blown the Cre - .en are almost helpless. Awarding to if a"d .started M U'e. rc x . i am u .. jtubuc is The entire huslness district and the wholesale taJr swans o - f Cgnting tne names. It rs deeiared - Van.i .tail garters are likely to fall a prey to the ;; strong wind arises the wnolo city will be j frames, which arc increasirg in intensity and are LgBBji, spreading rapidly, W ing fanned by a stiff hreezc. ITliifsslI of San Francisco, which cost 1 n,css lhc ind veora round to tho west, the tnmm U'l.400.0001. has been oWtroved by I practically tho whole city is threatened - !, sad many of the larg.,t buildings ; b on ,Bd namee aro ... bllllrsi quarter of the city hare been now nrar!n the offices of tho telegraph com - rrecked. The tw,i larrrest hotels were not paries. If there lnii!dLn; - s catch fire, San Francisco tli earthfinake. but are threatened will bo c ut off from toloeronhic communication ! boil e - " with tho outside world. Mj' A FTnTHER SnOCK. i All saloons havo lcn shut by the police, and v . . quake of indications greater earthquake. THE Three artillery is leading The given mobiliratiou Inevitable. Manscl ported Hear the San Francisco disaster will be the detachi i the LiMory of the United States, orders to shoot i The lavo A force for Carbineers Nkandhla. Tho have of by the arrive It is natives but no havo ment. store, abouts hero to are Though the banks have closed their doors. Militia i.,a, latrolling persons detected stealing. - has occurred, and the latest , rpr supply for tho printing presses of the ffafc that, unless the wind changes and blows ! ws papers being est off. tho various journals , raracs In the direction of th. Bay, nothing j has t tli The Mayor cf San Fraccisco has appointed a vigilance cc - .m:tiee of SO prominent citizens, aba re guarding the banks, with orders to shoot .1 s:pr.u n supply of power. DETAILS OF TLTE DAMAGE. KbTIV TORK, Aran. 18. farthquake at San Francisco disconnected and gas mains, and fire is eating its way ; I of the Postal Telegraph Company, j a,on - M tv.c . - 'y aaapajaw which has a wire working into j6 "z m Yr - rtco. have telegraphed that they must . '.' icsvc the H::".ding there, as it is In flames. j rll!,i,,Hi 1 slong Market - street. Modern bnildlngs suffered ' brick and frame work. The and excitement are indescribable. Most inhabitants of the city were asleep, and into the streets in their scanty night. 3 j attire. Buildings wrro seen to sway and fall with Coraannii cation with San Francisco appears to a crash, in many cases burying their occupants. be completely cut off. tut we hope to get news In the hotels in tho centre of the town panic mas Oakland or some other eitv across the Bav. reigned supremo. The earthquake shock passed across the Tho dama has doM to thn continent. Tho aeiamograph in the geological c,osUy of the tnmM ymmmmt hal at Albany showed marked agitation at S 98 closcrii,Uon. I every block in that districb Ires tiii morning, and at the same timo the soismo - broke out. Lighting - power of every kind has grarh in the Weather Bureau at Washington gone, and no gas or eleetrio lamps cojuld be ! - . iwed nch ri Aent agitation that the pen passed lighted to relieve the horror of the situation, afl the recording sheet. At noon tho instrnmcnt (:rpat damage was done by fire from the post outh of the postal building. RAILWAY LINE DESTROYED. The Western Urlon Telegraph Company has mjlrs of ny track sank out of sight between succeeded in re - establishing communication with sajte, ana - lionicia on San Francisco Bay as a Sat, Francisco. A message from an operator i result of the earthquako. The Post Ofliee has t'aere says that a large section of tho city is a received advices stating that six or eight blocks Bass ol flames. 1'vcry bu'.lding in the city has in the manufacturing and wholesale districts are been niore or less damaged by the earthquake, practically destroyed, while damage has been Alter aending this despatch the operator done in a lesser degree all over the town. The ll - amsnSKmaat the ta u'lding adjoining the Western streets which have fared the worst are Drnmm, Union building had just caught fire and the Davis, Front, Battery, Sansome, Montgomery, Reuter l.enrral official the the first openitinx biw. of wa stall under vibration, showing that the earth - , q - akes had not ceased. WHOLESALE DESTRUCnOX BY FTRE. j 5r.M. Io. - luus liamhiiata. thoroughly tho fi....l. Ti.e UniMi building might Kearney, Spear, Main. Beale, and temont n,l c to flee from the flames. l previous telegram from San Francisco said . the city had been placed under martial law, a General Funston in command. iull .uld b form the north - eastern San Francisco, facing the Bav. I The St. Louis and San Frabciseo Railway Com - ; pany learns that the earthquake shock was felt Chicago bsve severely throughout Nevada. 5f persons killed , liundreds of deaths aro reported from the chean sco will nun into tenement districts. A telegram from Fresno City (California) says A teiegrara from Los Angeles says that the that the shock was tho severest ever known in earthquake destroyed buildings at Salinas, about that region. 100 miles scuth of San Francisco. Nothing has I Latk. been heard from Sac J se. Santi Cruz, and other I About 400 dead have already been taken into cities south of San Francisco en the coast. I the Mechanics' Pavilion, which has been turned Los Angeles hears that two ships at anchor in i ,nto temporary morgue, and more bodies are San Franciaco Bay were sunk. being momentarily broaght in. The ordinary city I IS r s. morgue was crowded long before the full extent The Federal authorities have received a I of the disaster had been realized. Information t'u.let.n from the Western Union Company which 1 which Las reached tho mail officials of the railways ti - r! : j which carry tho through mails to the Pacific ' There was an interval of three hours between Coast gives riso to the fear that the deaths will tie ant and second shocks, tho latter finishing ; reach thousands. ' r. '.:...!. - .gs unsettled by thai In addition to the three shocks which were I are already at work. Troops are ; experienced this morning, and the third of hastening lrora tte Presidio Berkeley, a suburb, , was the most severe, there has been a succession be di - rnolished. The ' ! i i r - rs are doomed. Firo Chief Sullivan, ha been killed." I rki - ley was a large town containing State factories, and the University of t - aidornta, which was attended by perts electoral which Colonv. tlm of the lietween T:n of slight shocks during Tho Palace Hotel has been burned to the ground. The municipalities of the whole country 1 neat The latest Western Union rrancis - o are that the fire is spreading and prae - tiea!T the entire wholesale district is uow t :. d. St. Iguatius'a Cathedral is burning. A message received at the offices of the Southern Pacific 1 Railway says that San Francisco apparently doomed, aa the fire is an tire! y beyond control. SCENES IV THE CTTT. EAN FBANCISCO, Aran. 1S. Shortly alter 5 o'clock this morning a severe earthquake shock, lasting three minutes, occurred bare, causing widespread devastation, especially ne north - esstvm quarter. Everywhere people rushed straight from their seas into the streets. Bnildangs collapsed directions, the business district lying be Market and Howard streets from the Bay as far st ss the City - hall being especially badly "racked, The City - hall itself is ruined. The aieocoa Hotel, a five - storey frame building Us n. u Seventeenth and Loth streets, toppled , burying some 75 people in the debris. The tap storey alone remained comparatively intact. vea greater loss of lifo ia believed to have caused by the collapse of a lodging - house kenwn as Kings ley. situated in Seventh - street, VlBujj Howard aad Mission streets, from 75 to people being, it is feared, buried in the blaring Not far from here the great Department Stores came down in a heap of ruins, but owing to early hour they were practically empty, only car - take rs being on the premises. Many i c l.apsed in t icinitv of Third a w badly ahaken, but there TIIE Tho long 3,000 medium oi the army and navy, is planning a dis - 1 tribntkin of food, tents, and hospital supplies for 1 The b 9) r.u. the homeless, advices from Saa NTTSV TORE, ArniLlt.t Fears are entertained for the aafcty of Signer Caruso, Mme. Sembrich, and the entire New York Metropolitan Opera Company of 253 members, No word has been heard from them. AREA OF THE EARTHQUAKE. CHICAGO, Aran. 18. Tho Union Pacific Railway Company report that 1 th"ir wires have gone down west of Ogden. he area covered by the earthquake seems to be several hundred miles. Considerable damage is reported to have occurred at Sacramento as well as at San Francisco. The postal telegraph authorities authorities bad momentary communication with Sat Francisco at 0 40 a.m. The operators then re ported that many buildings had collapsed, and that the dead and injured were being taken rapidly as possible. The operators were compelled as it was practicauy wrecaed, the operating room being rendered useless. Tho seismograph record here shows that the earthquake shock at ban r ranciseo severe. It began at b 16 a.m. and lasted nine minutes. The seismograph shows that the moment of ereeteet disturbance at San Francisco was minutes past 6. The tremor of the earth was sufficient to cause a swing of the horizontal pee n mum of tee nsarumeni tor nino minutes across the whole width of tbo photographic roll. Profea sor Reed, who Is in charce of the seismo graph. Is of opinion that the originating centre of OTTAWA, Aran, IB.' The seismograph at the Dominion Observatory hero has recorded the earthquake which took place to - sisy at can t ranciseo. VIENNA, A telegram from the Government Observatory .at Lai bach states that from 2 25 to 2 09 this aftcr - East was 1810, the I In the that says a other toe real upon of now will

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The Times (London, Greater London, England)19 Apr 1906, ThuPage 3

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