Oct 11, 1995, Monfils Homicide: 1 defendant was troubled, Basten offered explanation Pg 2

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Oct 11, 1995, Monfils Homicide: 1 defendant was troubled, Basten offered explanation Pg 2 - A-2 A-2 A-2 Wednesday. October 11, 1995 Green...
A-2 A-2 A-2 Wednesday. October 11, 1995 Green Bay Press-Gazette Press-Gazette Press-Gazette From A-fl A-fl A-fl Monfils the jury how Basten demonstrated on him the way someone could have grabbed Monfils by both shoulders and kneed him in the groin. Yusko said he passed that information information along to police immediately. But defense lawyers tried to demonstrate that Basten could have developed his ideas not from personal knowledge of the case but from what police and other paper-workers paper-workers paper-workers might have told him. James River investigators didn't start looking into Monfils' death until almost two months after Green Bay police already had begun questioning people, Yusko said in response to questions by Basten's lawyer, Nila Robinson. "Isn't the process of questioning sometimes educational?" she asked. "I'd say so," Yusko said. And police investigators possibly possibly planted their theories in the minds of James River corporate security investigators, defense lawyers tried to show. Yusko said James River management management relied on its own investigation investigation team when deciding to discipline discipline people connected to the case, but, "We learned some things from (Sgt. Randy) Winkler that could be of assistance in our investigation." And James River investigators apparently never bothered to interview interview David Wiener, the man working working closest to the paper pulp vats on the morning Monfils probably was dumped into one of them, lawyer Eric Steam argued. "That wasn't our focus," Yusko said. Mill investigators still didn't interview Wiener in the winter of 1993, even after Wiener filed a worker's compensation claim for missing work for stress reasons, Yusko said. However, James River's former mill manager, Charlie Warren, accompanied Wiener to his police interview in May 1993, after Wiener said a memory flashback recalled a vision of Basten and Johnson carrying something Was there a financial motive? Testimony presented Tuesday showed what the six defendants in the Tom Monfils murder trial earned at their James River paper mill jobs in 1992. The prosecution's point apparently was to show that defendants would have had strong financial motivation to hide anything done to Monfils because human resources director Jack Yusko testified that people would have been fired for beating another employee. i Defendant 1992 wbenefits Lifetime pay Yearsto Salary at 1992 scale retirement Dale Basten $75,620.16 $102,087 $1,122,957 .11 Mike Him 38,556.61 Mike Johnson 62,697.05 Keith Kutska 53,387.61 Rey Moore 46,055.97 Mike Piaskowski 53,349.65 "Assumes full year's salary, without unpaid suspensions. Source: Testimony by Jack Yusko, James River human resources director. Upcoming Press-Gazette Press-Gazette Press-Gazette Brown County District Attorney John Zakowski said the state could wrap up its part of the trial by the end of this week. The lawyers for the six defendants defendants still would have the defense's portion of the trial to put on, which could take several several more weeks. The trial started Sept. 26. Testimony likely for today and Thursday: James Maciejewski, who between them near the vat on the morning Monfils disappeared. James River postponed its own investigation for two months after Monfils' death because corporate officials didn't want to interfere with the police, Yusko said. "But after two months and no arrests, we recognized there was a problem, and we had to go forward with our investigation," he said. The company tried to encourage cooperation from employees, Yusko said. Among its efforts: It offered a $25,000 reward for information. It promoted employee use of Workers testify By Paul Srubas Press-Gazette Press-Gazette Press-Gazette Millworker James Maciejewski testified this morning that he overheard overheard a conversation between defendants Dale Basten and Michael Johnson in early December 1992 at the James River paper mill. Maciejewski said he was in the locker room at the mill when he heard Johnson tell Basten: "I don't care. I'm not changing it. I told my story. I'm not changing it for no one." Under defense questioning, Maciejewski testified that he 52,051 1,769,734 . 84,641 1,438,897 . 72,073..... 1,513,533 . 62,176 994,816 . 72,184 1,371,496 . .34 .17 .21 .16 .19 witnesses allegedly overheard a conversation conversation between Dale Basten and Michael Johnson in a locker room at the James River mill. Steve Stein, who found a religious message about death written in a mill phone book on the page with Tom Monfils' name. Charles Bowers, who was working near the vat where Monfils' body was found. Jurors may hear portions of previous sworn testimony from Mike Piaskowski and Rey Moore. the Employee Assistance Program, a counseling program. It discussed offering protection andor relocation for employees who felt in danger by cooperating. It threatened to fire people for withholding information. At Zakowski's request, Yusko presented a document showing what all six defendants earned in 1992. The point apparently was to show that defendants would have had strong motivation to hide any-thin any-thin any-thin g done to Monfils because Yusko also testified that people would have been fired for beating another employee. about conversations they heard couldn't be sure if Johnson's remarks applied to the Tom Monfils homicide case. Maciejewski didn't tell police what he had heard until January . 1994 when he learned that Johnson had been implicated in the Monfils investigation. : Also today, millworker David Cota testified that he overheard Johnson say that Monfils had gotten gotten what he deserved. Cota said he was unsure when the remark was made, but that it could have been as long as 12 to 15 months after Monfils' death. "A person hears a lot of statements," statements," Cota testified. "Maybe he Monfils trial Prosecutors say: On Nov. 10, 1992, Tom Monfils,a James River paper millworker, called Green Bay police to report that coworker coworker Keith Kutska planned to steal a mill extension cord. Kutska was suspended from work for five days after he refused to open his duffel bag for mill security guards alerted by police. Kutska got an audio tape copy of the police tip, identified the ,: caller as Monfils and repeatedly" played the tape for others at the mill. Kutska and others confronted Monfils at work Nov. 21 , 1992, Press-Gazette Press-Gazette Press-Gazette Lawyers read sections of sworn testimony that Mike Johnson gave Nov. 12, 1993, as part of a wrongful death lawsuit that Tom Monfils widow, Susan, filed against him and others. The testimony appears to match testimony that Johnson's work partner, Dale Basten. had given. The two went to the No. 9 paper machine, neighboring the machine on which Monfils worked, first thing on Nov. 21, 1992, the morning of Monfils' disappearance, because of a problem with stock flow, Johnson said. Johnson said he was in the No. 9 control booth watching computer monitors when Keith Kutska played a tape of Monfils telling police that Kutska planned to steal an extension cord. The crew from the No. 9 machine, Kutska, Basten, Mike Piaskowski and Rey Moore also were there, Johnson said. Johnson said Kutska, Moore and Piaskowski were the only ones of the six defendants he saw between 7:15 and 8 a.m. He said he saw Kutska and Piaskowski shortly shortly after they apparently had played the tape for Monfils in the No. 7 machine control room. Johnson said he saw Moore in the No. 9 control booth and, about 8 a.m., was frustrated that day. I don't know." - Defense lawyers tried to get Cota to admit that he could have heard others talk about Johnson making the remark rather, than hearing Johnson make it himself, but Cota denied that. Eric Stearn, Basten's lawyer, referred to a police statement that Cota made to police investigator Randy Winkler in which Cota said he was told that Johnson had made "a goofy remark" in the yard shack, a building on the mill grounds. But Cota testified this morning that he heard the statements statements himself in the yard shack. at a glance and one or more of them beat Monfils. His body was found the next day in a paper pulp vat Defendants: Keith Kutska, Dale Basten, Mike Him, Mike Johnson, Rey Moore and Mike Piaskowski. Charge: First-degree First-degree First-degree intentional intentional homicide. All six defendants are charged with being party to that crime, a provision covering those who aid and abet the commission commission of a crime or take part in a conspiracy to commit a crime. Penalty: Life imprisonment. Source: Brown County court documents Tuesday's highlights L A S Kiley Webster walking near the No. 7 machine, where Monfils worked. Alan Kiley, a repulper operator, operator, testified Basten kept visiting the vat area in the month after Monfils' death, even though he had no real business there. On Dec. 31, 1992, both Basten and Johnson came to the area and sat for about 15 minutes, Kiley said. Basten came back an hour or so later and asked several questions about the condition condition of Kpnfils' body when recovered recovered and about who was working in the area when Monfils disappeared. Add Kiley's name to the list of Press-Gazette Press-Gazette Press-Gazette A GANNETT NEWSPAPER Main office: 435-4411 435-4411 435-4411 William T. Nusbaum David Holllngsworth president and publisher . . . marketing director Claude J. Werder . . .executive editor Brian Ambor . .production director Michael Praima . . .circulation director Douglas C. Miller; controller James M. Lobas . .advertising director Monica Baures . .information services Sharon L. Holllngsworth human resources, 431-8228 431-8228 431-8228 Denise Handrlck customer quality director, 431-8268 431-8268 431-8268 J "HUH I Laurie Holloway ................ managing editor, 431 -8325 -8325 We welcome your news tips, comments and concerns about our news "coverage. Please call us at the following numbers. 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Randy Winkler, the lead investigator in the case. Brian Kellner, Verna Irish and Pete Delvoe all testified that Winkler pressured them for information and sometimes tried to put words in .their mouths. Kiley complained to, the police! department that Winkler tried to get him fired for drinking because he jnistook the peppermint candy on Kiley's breath for Peppermint Schnaaps, said defense lawyer Koyce Unne. David Webster, who worked in the mill's repulper area, had told police previously he'd seen Moore publicly proclaim not to Jhave! known Monfils but that he had seen' the two eating apd talking together.; However, he testified Tuesday the two could have done so without knowing each other's names, which was common in the mill. Webster said Mike Him told: him at a 1992 Christmas party that he believed Keith Kutska and Green Bay police were framing him. 435 E. Walnut St., P.O. 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Clipped from Green Bay Press-Gazette11 Oct 1995, WedMain EditionPage 2

Green Bay Press-Gazette (Green Bay, Wisconsin)11 Oct 1995, WedMain EditionPage 2
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  • Oct 11, 1995, Monfils Homicide: 1 defendant was troubled, Basten offered explanation Pg 2

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