Two war ships sunk? Dec.8, 1941

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Two war ships sunk? Dec.8, 1941 - . . 'it ' 00 CALL-DEABEIR CALL-DEABEIR...
. . 'it ' 00 CALL-DEABEIR CALL-DEABEIR CALL-DEABEIR aadlauu - Mostly eloady, . fl Uht snow TaW -"Jon -"Jon jwljr tontf ht Wo T . NT fair hie tatufht and Tsefr day. Colder tonttnt. Cetjtins- Cetjtins- rather cold Tuesday. '- '- All that wwUth r4 b ttaMf naalleaUoa f Go4 Mnrtimt i.V:.-; i.V:.-; i.V:.-; VOLUME LI. NO. 291. ELWOOD, WDUNA; IVfONDAY. DECEMBER 8, 141- 141- PRICE THREB CENTS .'A Yi - . y" " . I8S LTU ULr n. THERE WILL BE NO f. ... ...... - t i ULl... Labor itrtke la a ullto4 ImUob m mbnaUy liutadb- liutadb- daj as that matio gtrtH tor Ilk the mm abort. ... i State PIC3S To IVatcb Sabtage Governoi" Schricker Confers ,WIt Stat Polle d to eotifer with Darv &ttvr, uperiateAdent of ittto pollco. today today to mop a courlfe of action oiaimt potential-Mboteun potential-Mboteun potential-Mboteun of Jv ditna't two-billion two-billion two-billion dollar assemb lage of defeha plants. Already defenw pfficiali and Dollct have sDed ' to tiartiten .pro tection of the atatc'i network of vital Industries, going into action immediately after Governor Sen-ri Sen-ri Sen-ri deer's "extra precaution" order last flight The Governor and Stiver will delve for further mews to assure safety of defense production, so that Indiana will stand ready to back up Scbricker'i pledge, made in a telegram to President Roosevelt Roosevelt last night. The pledge offered the support of the people of Indiana and tha ctate'i resources and manpower ts avenge- avenge- the dastardly assault made upon our nation." Only a 'complete victory over the enemies of democracy can satisfy us Heoaleri now," the Governor added. Stiver ordered "stale police to "bs on the alert" and to pick up for Investigation "auspicious per-avons per-avons per-avons around power and cornmunl- cornmunl- cations lines. Pus-arranged Pus-arranged Pus-arranged cautionary measures measures already were in effect at the two Indianapolis defense plants Allison's and Curtis-Wright Curtis-Wright Curtis-Wright Stiver said. Five hundred 'special polke were appointed to guard the plants and armed men .were hurried to protect railroad bridges near Indianapolis. At Charleatown, the world's largest sanokeless powder plant went under ddubled safety control control and plant guards go secret Instructions for protectfnf .the $180,000,000 area. Official Is sn-nounced sn-nounced sn-nounced that all powder shipments shipments from the plant will be kept secret . - T The Kingsbury Ordnance! plant at Laporte, producers of. small eases, strengthened th force of aruerds and revoked all special passes into tha. plant rrounds. Only workmen and official ware permitted, within the fates and Identification was being checked carefully- carefully- ' " . The FBI 'Joined with city, county and state police in at preconceived preconceived . plan to protect state defense work In the event of About 3.000 men- men- prriaomed at Tort Benjamin Harrison. ooa ready to take charge at any defense defense area to the srta if needed. The United Statea Naval Ordnance Ordnance plant, now under corsateuc-Uon corsateuc-Uon corsateuc-Uon in Indianapolis, reqiiested , protection from city po lce, ana Suardi were multiplied round the huire steel factories of the hoTth-itste hoTth-itste hoTth-itste Calumet reglonu The last Coart Ammunition Depot at Burns City Joined vari- vari- oua omer snu- snu- - ( P BWw ' aMM ,wi immiui vi, . MORE OIF THIS Wat. Aa4 iMtnd of picket llui Jap Action Rear Admiral Sti rlinq Dclioves KDtTOR'S . NOTC-A NOTC-A NOTC-A Ptructlon; of the tremendoaaa pst - tern of events mrflvM-m mrflvM-m mrflvM-m ifoitea States )s cfven In Jio fol lowing dlapatcfl ty JUS loransr U. S. Naval Commauader a Pearl Harbor, : Hawaii, who saw kmg service ir the Pacific end is InU-matcly InU-matcly InU-matcly familiar with the breed strategy involved. Bear Admiral Tales Stlrlixu Jr. United Press Naval Critic (Copyright 1941 by United Freu) Jspsn baa attacked the United States by surprise and without declaration which throws vaa into war la the Pacific ocean. - . n Fighting now ia under way. A great,' pattern, of evexats sp-pears sp-pears sp-pears to be shaping" up roughly as follow?: 1. The Japanese, following their great master war plan, have launched sritmUtanetoui attack; on all Russian, British and IVeth-eriandi IVeth-eriandi IVeth-eriandi Indies bases in the Pacific Pacific ocean. 2. If the- the- master war plaxi hu been thrown Into operation, and if the Emperor of Japan ham approved approved thw attack, the United States is in. for a war of ungruess- ungruess- etole magnitude. Our effort, will be to cruah the Japanese navy and all Japan's armed forces as quickly as possible. 3. The Japanese muit . clear their flanks if they are to be suc cessful. Traat means sn effort to occupy Vladivostok, Ruitla'sa- Ruitla'sa- Far East base which presumably might be made availabls to our forces, Soviet Kamchatka to the north, and possibly our own tosses on the Aleutian Islands oft lAlal-k.. lAlal-k.. lAlal-k.. An effort to attack (ha Alaskan Alaskan nialrJand is posaibls. The Japanese may be'recclvmg a treasure of German advlosa and assistance. We must be prapssured for news that limited numbears of German pkanes, submarines and surface ships are in action agaalnst us ia the Pacific. To this naval observer, intimately intimately fsmlliar witth the whole pattern" of events in the PacLiTlc military, political and scorsoanlc for many years, the Japanese action appears suicidal. - ' We may be in for a long and hard war but the. Jepanwa cannot cannot win, We are likely to suffer suffer Initial reveraet but tor tliem we will, obtain a terrible vearage-anea. vearage-anea. vearage-anea. ' ; Gensrally speaklrxg-our speaklrxg-our speaklrxg-our rosl-tlons rosl-tlons rosl-tlons in the Pacific Ocean Have been carefully prepared. , They art ably manned and detains of our cooperation with Britain, The Netherlands. Indies. Australia and ' China, were worked out week! ago .The bombing attack on Ha' Is doubt less one of several tacks , .by Japan calculated strike at American morals. ,ii at .to Japanese submarines hsvt btfai on their way to the ' American coast' for several weeks, showing that even . while negotiations were being carried on In wsuuv lngton, Jspan had decided upon ICoowuea ' on rag urea J BUT PLENTY OF THIS -l, -l, ft. - m ' W - i tirvB tkal demands 1 .f,.:;. - ll.I,maj1 . j:-. j:-. j:-. ..M.a "There la but out sxhswer. yes: Hoosder boys ere at the Pacific battle front, aa the tsed eftd fa the air. Yott can show YOU are backing them up as they fight your b&ttfes. Let Old Glory give the tower. The Call-Leader Call-Leader Call-Leader sup-eests sup-eests sup-eests that the flag be flown today today from all public building's, building's, from factories and other private industries, from the stores and schools strd from homes. It will thrill every heart against . thv trying days ahead. It will put coursjre and faith in VICTORY in aiHof usv Not only today, but every day. KEEP THE FLAG FLY ING. ! . The comparative itreaarta of the; Catted States Navy sad that ef . Japaa, aeeerdlag ta ths latest furores. Is as follows; ' United States Betiseships IS Afjwaft Carriers 4 CJrmlsers (heavy) 11 Crsdaers (llfht) 14 Destroyers 217 Ssbmarines 17 Japsui . Battleships 11 Aircraft Carriers 7 Craisera (heavy) II Craiaers (light) IS Destroyer 105 Torpedo Boats 11 Oaaboata 1 gnbmariae Chasers t sbsnarines (7 JaeUey'a AnuVsalaaos HolVll Daw aMMexbt JTurnished through (he courtesy courtesy of the' Indiana General Service Company. X IX. m.. .40 t p. m . 40 2 a. m. 42 3 a. m. 41 4 a. m ..42 B a. m..-.41 m..-.41 m..-.41 6 a. m... 41 7 a. nu .41 8 a. m. 4 B ai nv ..43 10 a. m 41 11 am. 41 4 p. m.....-40 m.....-40 m.....-40 8 p. m 38 6 p. m 39 T p. fn 39 8 p. m... -39 -39 p. m.....40 10' p, m 40 11 n. m... 40 Midnight. 41 Nooru...41 1 av m....40 I. 1 p. m. -40 -40 Temperature in Elwood one year - atto today 1 p. m. M. ? . - OtD N? ' 1 v. - - ? antaut iaraden and thMranda "aUrT prepuad (or UUt htw oaoo of effort at orery cHiwa. County Joins To Protect Industry ' s Anderson Hag. Important Ueienst works :: ;J rFa aditfonr County loinlid' fhasvat r '-T'at '-T'at '-T'at oi um nave ana 'Tiaapn sooay in snappinax" ktlo Immediate action to protect defense industries as uovernor senrtcaer ordered "ex tra precautions" aaginst sabotage. "While Elwood itself - bad no huge defense industries to fuard. several hundreds of Elwood resi dents employed in Anderspn defense defense plants . . found that over night, safety measures havetoen doubled in those plants. -fitato -fitato Police Arert Don Stiver, superintendent of state police after -conferring -conferring With uov. smncaer oraerea state po lice to "be on tha alert" and to pick up "suspicious persons around power and ' communlca Won lines."" ' Due to the bresant emirffpncv. Stiver aakl, "the army and navy departments have called on all agencies to be on the alert for sabotage. Indiana Stated police are ordered to arive soeclal atten tion to the problem and to pick up and hold for investigation all auspicious persona around power ana communication lines." Anderson Important To Defense Indiana has a two-billion two-billion two-billion dollar dollar collection of defense plants, Including- Including- the Quide Lamp and Delco Remy divisions of Oeneral Motors in Anderson. Parts of tha (Continued on Page Five) Several Elvocd Youths In Hawaii Anxiety wai felt here today in a number of homes for relatives relatives and friends in the armed services located at points where they were are certain to be Involved in the hostilities which started yesterday between Japan and the United States. Allen Hankley, son of Mrs. Clara Hankley of Elwood, enlisted enlisted In the Marines shortly over ten weeks ago, and according according to information received here was scheduled to arrive at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, scene of one . Japanese . attack. Three thousand casualties were reported reported there. . Two other 151 wood young men ' who recently enlisted in the U. S. Marines now are stationed at San Diego, Calif, but probably probably will be transferred to vital points in defense system. They are Pat Stlne, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Stine, and Pat Williams, son of Mrs. Georges Georges HolUday. William Greenburg, son of Mr. and Mrs. M. B. Greenburg, manager of the Leeson ready to wear department, is located at Wheeler Field in the Hawiian Islands, Mr. Greenburg Is a staff sergeant with the 6th pursuit pursuit squadron in the U. S. Air Corps. No word hu been received of him, although Mr. Greenburg had a letter last week. War Resolutions Passed En Both V , House, Senate By UrUg WILSON (United Press Staff Correipsodcmt) WASHINGTON Congress today proclaimed existence existence of a fiate of war between the tailed States and the Japanease Empire S3 minutes when President Roosevet pledge that we wlU triumph Democracy was provinar with a tplit second shlftover The Senate acted first, ttnanimoiis roll call vote of 82 to 0, within 21 minutes after the President had concluded his address to a Joint session of both houses. The House voted immediately afterward and by 1:13 P. Bt, a majority of the House Extension of the war resolution to include Germarrv and Italy would depend, the United Press was told, on mirrute- mirrute- by-minute by-minute by-minute eventa prior to tne capitoi. "Whatever He Aaka For" Contrresaional leaders said the President would arer. whatever he asked fw'todajr' One hih-rankir.g hih-rankir.g hih-rankir.g Democrat wig war .today,- .today,- . V ' righting actually began yester day. By sundown in the f ar East ii enenaeo over a sweeping pa cific area from the Asia main land to a point east of Hawaii; where a lumber-laden lumber-laden lumber-laden American transport was torpedoed and sunk between those islands and the American continent . t ,' The procedure which Mr. Roosevelt Roosevelt will . propose to Congress today to deal With Japan's bolt-from-the-blue bolt-from-the-blue bolt-from-the-blue bolt-from-the-blue bolt-from-the-blue bolt-from-the-blue bolt-from-the-blue attack on Hawaii, Guam, the Philippines and our Pacific shipping had not been finally determined last night when sn extraordinary Cabinet- Cabinet- Congress conference adjourned at the White House. 'Mr. Roosevelt met first with his cabinet at 8 JO p. m.; then he and his cabinet received Republican -and -and Democratic Democratic congressional leaders and chairmen and senior members of the committees charged with responsibility responsibility for foreign relations. Information Still Coming la Mr, Roosevelt told them he was not sure . at that moment what ha would propose. He was awaiting awaiting information on Sn unconfirmed unconfirmed report that some of the planes that blasted Hawaii bore German markings. The President already had ordered ordered our armed forces to strike back' and the war was on declared declared or not Police shooed crowds away from the immediate vicinity of tha White House. But in Lafayette Lafayette park, just across Pennsylvania Pennsylvania avenue, some hundreds gathered and sang "America" and "God Bless America" as the conferees conferees streajned out of the man sion. There had been a moment of excitement earlier in the day when crowds aasembled around the Jaoanese embassy on Mass chusetts avenue where attaches were flruur papers In big pack ages each ecmipned with a fuse and powder charge. There was no violence there. Teaoo" Ambassadors More Fitting Into the pattern of Sun day's events .was Japan's final diplomatic move here, a request for arr appointment with Secretary Secretary of State Cordell Hull. The hour was fixed at 1 p. m.. Just Za 'minutes before the bombers zoomed over Pearl Harbor. Ambassador Ambassador Kichiaaburo Nomura and special envoy Saburo Kuru-su Kuru-su Kuru-su actually reached the department department more ' than an hour later and some 40 minutes after bombs fell on Hawaii Thev delivered their government's reply to Hull'a Nov. 24 statement of basic principles principles for peace In the Pacific, a reply which rejected the principles,- principles,- principles,- accused the United States of seeking to extend the war, and so enraged Hull that he blasted at Nomura that the note from Tokyo was a concoction of "infamous "infamous falsehoods and dlstor- dlstor- ( Continued On Page Three) , 0 after the dramatic moment stood before a Joint session to 'So Help Us, God." its right to a place In the sun from peace to all-out all-out all-out war. adopting the resolution by a had voted "Aye." Mr. Roosevelt's appearance at Wit4rfcrorau& WAR BULLETINS CHUNGKING. Dee, u.PJ Chinese foreign minister Que TaJ Chi. today said China has da- da- elded to declare war against Ger-anaay Ger-anaay Ger-anaay and Italy as well as Japan, against which the Chungking regime regime has never made a formal declaration f war. LONDON. Dee. 1 U.PJ Prime Minister Winston Churchill to day announced that Britain had I declared war on Japan. Church-Ill Church-Ill Church-Ill made his declaration to an emergency session af parliament. Thus he tarried eat bis pledge that if Japan want to war against Use United States, Britain would instantly rally to the aid at America. America. NEW T0RK. Dee. S-(U.R S-(U.R S-(U.R Thallaad hu ceased resistance to Japan, aecordlng- aecordlng- to a British raoio Droaaesst beard by the Col-ambia Col-ambia Col-ambia Broadcartinr srstmn t. day. ' . NEW TORI, Dee. g-U.R)- g-U.R)- g-U.R)- g-U.R)- rremjer Joba CJartln has announced announced that Asastralla Is at war with Japan, sceordlng to an Australian Australian radio broadcast heard by a st i ax i . saw lyMumBis system. MANILA, Dee. aVu.R) Naval authorities announced today thai United States Marines of the Peiping sad Tien tain garrisons, isolated whee Japan attacked the United Statea, had been captured sy uae Japanese. WASHINGTON, Dee. I (U.R) Brig, uen Lews B. Harsher, National National Selective Service Director, said today that all state draft quotas would be increased un- un- mediately. WASHINGTON. Nov. g-J(U.R- g-J(U.R- g-J(U.R- g-J(U.R- S peaa or guun Kayburn said today that the Hoist will adopt a resolution resolution this sneraaaoa declaring war on Japan and sa any and all nations uaat stay Xec tare war on as by that tuns. Father Of Elwood Man Dies At Middleburg Mr. and Mn, Everett TrittiDo and daughter, Ann, left this morning for Mlddleburg, Ind., where they were called by the death of Mr. Trittpo's father. Amos Trittipo, who was 87 years of age, passed iwar last night. following an Illness of pneumonia, at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Tom Hout. Funeral services will be held in Mlddleburg, Tuesday. Mi n UJ Sirmi War Flares 0 V 6,G00 Mile Pacific Front BULLETIN President Roosevelt today asked Congress to declare that a state of war exists between Japan and the United States. He asked thuU action because of the unprecedented and dastardly acts by Japan since Sunday Dec. 7." "No matter how long it will take us, the United States will win through to absolute He made no mention of Germsmy nor other Axis powers. Br JOE AiJCX MOKRIS (United Press Foreiaa News Editor) The United States and Britain smashed back at Japan today cm a 6,000-mile 6,000-mile 6,000-mile Pacific war front that flamed from Hawaii's coral beaches to the jungle shores of Malay and Thailand. The American battle fleet was reported challeniring the Japanese striking force which raided Hawaii with heavy loss of life and naval damage. A great naval engagement was rumored in the waters we-3t we-3t we-3t of America's Pacific Gib raltar. Losses in men and machines were reported heavy on both sides in the first phase of fighting -that, -that, spread the war to every quarter of the globe and brought bints that the Axis intent soon be lined up sbMy. beside the Jananaase. Two or" ported -aJCOcRedr-W,"1 -aJCOcRedr-W,"1 -aJCOcRedr-W,"1 -aJCOcRedr-W,"1 wr---. wr---. wr---. wr---. wr---. .r-TT5 .r-TT5 .r-TT5 ' Major Battle Wert Of Hawaii The JapaiULie imperial forces, said to have suffered severe losses of airplajws and several warships, were in action on these fronts: A major naval battle was reported west of Hawaii, with the American fleet attempting to destroy enemy warships and airplanes that Wasted Pearl Harbor naval base aud Honolulu. A fierce land battle was in progress on the northeast Coast of thftMaJaya states where British defense forces at tacked Japanese troops landed on the beaches de-pits de-pits de-pits severe ar bombings and machine gun fire. About 80,000 Japanese troops in 60 vessels, escorted by warships, were telieved to have landed on the Malaya coast. Thailand Capitulates Japanese invtesion forces bombed and shelled Bangkok, crashed into Thailand by land and sea, and were reported in a British broadcast to have forced that government to capitulate. The occupation of Thailand would open tha way for Japanese drives on Burma and the Burma Road supply supply route to China and would set up a base for a drive southward southward against Singapore. Waves of Japanese bombers battered northern, central and wmtbarn aneau of the Philippine Islands, reportedly causing several hundred casualties. The great British waval base at Singapore was attacked from the air, with 60 persons reported killed and 133 injured. Guam Under Fire A Japan we landing in north (British) Borneo was reported reported repulsed with heavy casualties, according to London dkipatchcts1, but the same source hears that the American island of Guam had been attacked from all sides and that aerial bombanbrrent had started everal big fires. The American island of Wake, a base for Trans-Pacific Trans-Pacific Trans-Pacific air routes," was reported by a British source to have been captured, while a Japanese naval squadron of one cruiser, four destroyers and other- other- ships were sighted off the Coco I sands in the Indian ocean. Australia and the Dutch East Indies joined in the war on Japan, but there were increasincr himtn from TtrH.n f ha . conflict would become am outright Axm battle against the aiiiea powers. A iNazi spokesman said that an important statement might be forthcoming later and the Be-rlm Be-rlm Be-rlm press hinted that Germany would aid Janan. Thro ward of the position of the Occupy On the Chini coast. RJ a j ' wroo--.jv wroo--.jv wroo--.jv wroo--.jv a,.,gij nujsvi rtuirM uy air and by bund and occupied the International settlement at Shajngftai after skruking the British irunboat Peters! and ! ing- ing- the American irunboat Wake. A Peipfag and Tientsin were disarmed and interned. John F. Morris Dies At llobhs John P., Morris, 79. of Hobbs, died last 1 evening at his home of complications of age, following an illness of one year. The deceased was born near Hobbs in 1802, the son of Samuel and Agatha Morris. Mr. Morris resided in the Hobbs community all his life and was a member of the Methodist church there. Four children survive, Homer roonn victory," the President said. Soviet Union. Shang-hai Shang-hai Shang-hai HUH naOJO a ff 0l-nJ 0l-nJ 0l-nJ II vlrAm. Morris, of Hobbs, Mrs. Walter Williams, of Muncle, Mrs. Cerll Dickover, of nesr Hobbs and Charles Morris, realdinar east of Elwood. Eight grandchildren also also survive. Funeral services will be held Tuesday afternoon at the Methodist Methodist church at Hobbs, with Rev. I. C. Isenhour, of Summitville in charge. Burial will be In the Tipton Tipton cemetery. The story goes that When men In the sunken submarine Squalus were waiting for help, they read aloud 'On The Bottom," the tale of a submarine rescue. Ion. ' , , 7 it'J l

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