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mrs drown - K to V X S Jg7 francisco Chronicle Satiety...
K to V X S Jg7 francisco Chronicle Satiety Section PIP5SF dft i Sunday January ZQK J9J8 81 fcA r d J t - - - - - - - - MIM - - fr j - - - l a - ft - f tMMMMMMMMaMMMMMMMIiiMsJsnaaa i - miimmmmmiwmmiwIi hi - hi tilth hVhIht hi hi hi hhmniBiNMh isghi - hi hi fa - hi m m hi hi M h fcnft ihhi hihihihitatahihihihihihihihi hi mntabnMhmMhMMhhhhiMMh hhivU hi hi hi hit Columbia and Old Oory Will Reign at 1918 lardi Gras Ball hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi Patriotic Pageant and Festival Sfi Of Colors Will Assist Charity s Queens Maids in Waiting to Represent AH Allied Nations hi httahshi hi hi hi hi hi fa a Ra fa M hi Ha m hi hi i hv hi hi hi hihi hi hi iq hi hi hi hi hi hi hi m hi hi i hi I K s Children s Hospital Furnishes Inspiration for Brilliant Spectacle That Will Be Held Next Month 13 Ha m a hi Pa hi n ra let hi ra Bv Lady teazle Star a and will present a moat charming pic ture Her attendants not all of whom have yet been1 chosen wllT b4 garbed ln the costumes of the other allied nations and the entire group wnrnnqoestlonablybe one of unusual attraction as the attendant attendant of Colombia like that charming personage herself win Include beauty among their requisites requisites tot filling those posts of honor - The further details of the group and their costuming hare not yet been determined another meeting meeting of the Mardi Gras committee being needed to complete these points Despite the fact that the plana1 for the ball were made perhaps more hurriedly thai in any pre - rlous year the question aa to whether ornot that annual festivity wouldjbe foregone for the period of the war - pot baring really been definitely decided - until about a fortnight ago the scheme is being Worked out - with Its customary ease and Cleverness Kof a single detail has been overlooked in the plans A hr I HE Stripes overhead the flags of the allied nations adorning the walls of the handsome ballroom and below below on the floor Itself a veritable sea of red white an4 blue this will be the Mardi Oras ball of 1818 It will take place on I the evening of February 12 Not in many a year has a more popula note been struck by he committee in charge of this functionthe functionthe auxiliary board of the Childrens Hospttal than in the selection selection of the patriotic color scheme for the closing ball of the year and the carrying out of the spirit of the allied nations In Columbia and her attendants The war is the big theme of life at the present moment of course the theme of the busy and of the play hours as well for not even in moments of Idleness or - of pleasure St Francis Hotel Chosen As Setting for Elaborate Benefit Affair and Date Fixed for February 12 lanihhhaihiaihhh h h ha hi Cameron Augustus Taylor WIIMani H Taylor Jr Julian Thorns Henry Klersted Henry roster Dntton - Wilter S Martin Vrtttarlek W VtS Near Charles Templeton Crocker and Miss Marion Zelle Mrs Talbot C Walkef Wa the ruler of last years pageant Won - 4 derfully beautiful spectacle that had for Its setting the same note that will again be given over tohe ball of next month The magnlft - T cence of that function was the topic of conversation for many weeks aa the Russian note was maintained and the costumes were at once colorful colorful and wonderfully rich Among those who assisted Mrs Walker were Mesdames Charles Keeney William Parrott then Mtaa Gertrude Gertrude Hopkins Andrew Welch and Horace Hill Hisses Arabella Schwerin Helen Keeney Helen Jones and Marlon Zelle a group of pretty young women woo won no end of admiration and congratulation congratulation by the clever way In which they carried their unusual coa - tumes and the grace and beauty of the picture that they presented I hi hihihihihihihircihihihihi hi hi Pa hi htqmhMMhhhhhhhhhhiqhnfarargtqhiah hissihiiiai - n Tg hi P4 in wi hi 1 1 iip - n rsTMsMsTsniilri irnini irrsa ilmiB tbiWi Jiiimfi irrrl hi HSfe - SSEMTOWaK psa tn W - 5 - - w - - - - gw - v t - viw - J f - A TjMjffinlmrZ 11 J r lUZUl LlJl lSMMrtllCrtrBr - ln u arrangement from the Rns - WC4itMryBK4jim ball that marked 1917 Above HA few i2 - - a t HI be colorful The slm - H 4jtf vwiMBsMlsMssWslssMMiarsyiTajae AwlJ3jfKf JHIK pllcity ot allalrs ln general ln tnis hall iKlnllled nations b garbed ln the costumes of the 1 ilsiaJsCJMPym Jorlty to the selection ln place ot VI I adorning the wans otner ainea nations ana tne enure y flT jaqMLaecM imu y UjyiIWlJilUiai i - the varied costumes of other times k n ww - - 1 u a i v v a - - m nivt - - ii mi ishsms iis - TijaiTTT n s i s inn s - t fniMiiji j - - - raT riiwii jjijit r lull - --V --V I I v bwv - - - m - w - nn - - flgrf JlMilt mmfflMWBXjmWm3L7rjTi trTIIBmmTr v rnri jJ iKiiinu JjJsWTlBfiWr Tsr T or rea wnite ana nine aominoes so V I J ballroom and be - of unusual attracUon aa the at - tP 8XiMstsWWBrsssgBrjMtaaWaa that the maze or cofofa in the whirl 3ft 1 fl ft 1 lsPWssr KBmBLmtwFmvmrmPmrif f T MjHSMflLTitti - X of the dance seem like a gigantic si - ii jTs5ilBSisssssiTF f - presentation of Old Glory No one tpyAW who Is not ln domlnd or costume fl VvT - fltlMjfwBrf iulBilwLT mWtIiii tiiV - d8Tijfllg5aRlffsLir wi prmiued to n tne nT mS iWWP - JTOfryTiMnsB unt11 rter midnlht but that would H - SnfjW - fimPSBWiHBRlr 3 Beem a rullng almost unnecessary ilA tiSQZittfsMWSS Judging by the enthusiasm with IttMT 1M x 4lfMMMmrWamZiU colors for the costume laSwi aSKiSSSaEH - r INNOVATIONS PROMISED - r - isv - - T m ssssssssm T 7n - 4fWwuKa - c ri u viirini i - a a i a fl m g SpAi - - vv - ftv - Mf - - f TTirrlffiirr r - wt oww wnwu Horace Hill Misses Arabella 1 J - J l - rMyjJssssssaSLX5BMl lVflRS AUGUSTUS TAYLOR has Schwerin Helen Keeney Helen - - W - fR M33BmVQ A4 11 been chosen chairman of the i 1 I I J T lairtr1i 1 Br - gBsWlalgsllfaaagaPgy - V A1 enterUlnment committee and Mrs - f - - fg - yy - - - Harry Horsley Scott Is In charge of end of admiration and congratula - fl ii i iHiiiiaspiiiisa i i ii iimiainiiiMi i i iisssw i - r - - i an ii IfMsMwlW f V - I That the ball will be different In ttWfe v I many respecu from those that have ifiEl1IS 5 1 Preceded It U evidenced with the iMx3rMismMMirf - j apqajBBBi gawMBf Ty vr vhh i Jslr4f - iagy - - - - - is - PaasBSBSBSBiB - 1 - 9RislKBvA - f - 1 - TraFel wSwSi 5f - jBWiljpiJA yt - li ISjSSiP - ftaiaal i lief Pf tP If 1 t imi - Wi ViOBVrWWWlyMwuM wSfofttlliiif iJLl1 iMiftjimiiiit iiwllyaMHw1Va I Mrs Frederick W McNear I OTltSKS JSKSMifc - 4 tirxvaiifiKaiasKs - wwi AvriitTsvrx - 7r injfiturftt j 1 - n i MMMiiSsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssMssW of the Mardi - Gras ball I j i Si I w f aessi big world question The home charities charities and needs however are not to be overlooked either despite the demands of the boys at home and Abroad and although everything ls were to be put aside for the moment the Childrens Hospital would assuredly always come in for Its share of the attention and the generosity of Ban Francisco COLUMBIA WILL HEAD THRONO OF DANCERS HEAD of the gay throng of dancers will be Columbia who will be represented by none other than Mrs Wlllard Drown one of societys most notable beauties Mrs Drown is ot the type of loveli - 1 ness that exactly lands Itaelf to the stately simplicity of Columbias costvme andtrom thecoroast of - etar hat will crown - hee - head to for the ball and on the night of the brilliant function J will be found to be quite as perfect In Its appointments appointments aa any Mardi Oras ball of former years Mrs William II Taylor Jr has been appointed chairman of the floor committee and on the evening evening of the ball William Humphries will assume the active management of that body of men majority ot whom bajre served in the same capacity capacity during several years Borne of the old - time members however have Joined the colors and In con - sequence wll not be represented at this affair to which hitherto they have so gladly lent their services BRILLIANT AFFAIR INSPIRED ay CHARITY ITWAaUrgelyrwtth tUw to the streaiwr Miiarlty of th ball the wafteni n MX asjqwpw lytft WHT yiPw fuli Jfl J - ptiiiP - i Mrs Willard Drown the Columbia Mrs Drown Mrs Scott and Mrs McNear are devoting their energies to the success of the Mardi Oras ball at which Jflrs Drown will fiU the important role of Columbia ruling over this annual festivity It wiU be held on the evening of February 12 at the St Francis Hotel and is for the benefit of the Children s Hos - pital These three youngmatrons are members of the auxiliary boMd - Of that institution The drawings were made from life for The Chronicle by Louis Hels the Belgian artist who since coming to San Francisco has drawn a number of sketches of the maids and matrons of society ST A - 9 Insured and the consequent Increase Increase of funds for the Institution that for years has claimed the attention attention of aoclsty In the ball that J marks the official close of the sea - son of gsyety that a red white and bltt bal was chosen for this year Iventb least inclined to frivolity r will bend no frown on a patrlotlo pageant and ball especially where as ln the general ruling ft the Ums charity U he inspiration of the spectacle The ball will take place at the St Krancls Hotel and wiJ be quite as magnificent Utnttrely different announcement of each new plan One particularly distinctive feature Is the absence of the usual box parties and the substitution In tbelr place of supper parties the different different coteries to be seated about their tables during the evening as Is the order at a dapsant Each table for which M Is the price will seat six Already a large number of reservations have been made for that evening Those who do not wish to take tables may nevertheless enjoy the dance but the addition of these little group ot six arranged about the aides of the room and while - enjoying supper supper viewing the general spectacle or themselves taking part in the dance will poly increase the charm and tun ot the occasion Among those who are working assiduously tor the success of the ball are Masdamea Latham McMul - Mnr Harry Jlv Scott Qeorge T h Edmunds Lyman was the king of the Muscovite festival GORGEOUS COSTUMES MOVE THROUGH MAZES FOR the previous year an absolutely absolutely different and distinctly daintier note ruled the Mardi Gras i costuming Mrs Charles Temple - J ton Crocker was the quen alctqjH blossom in a flower court with her attendants variously garbed as roses larkspur fuchsias and Other blooms of the garden And through - i out the mase of Dancers one found a majority of costume in florsl fehM sign pauernea on tnose wjn court 4 For the ilardlaraa UU of t4 t Exposition year at which prtttry Hiss Anns Peters was the rnler Marie Antoinette returned for the - night in the person of thl attrac - IJ tire girl and the raembef cf hrr court wore the dresa t Mteaef - CvatUiMP eai s J inMUi vr - c d

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  1. San Francisco Chronicle,
  2. 20 Jan 1918, Sun,
  3. Page 1

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