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 - Friday Evening, December 14, 19 "Kids in Crime"...
Friday Evening, December 14, 19 "Kids in Crime" Just Got Started On Petty Thievery Wanted to Prove They Weren't Sissies and They are Headed for Years in the Big Chicago, Dec. 14.--(U.R--The week's era w e r e being chained together-accumulation of convicted bandit*, burglars, and car lOJlera, thieves nov,n here, in attendants were being chained together In the county JoJI corridor lor transportation to the pentitentiary at Jollet A, keeper came Into the office of Warden Franfc Sain. "They sort of get me, too," said Warden £aln. "You know 1 got a boy about their age. Say, bring them in here a minute will you? I'm curious." The keeper brought In Floyd Apel, 15, and Tommy Dean, 16. They looked like ordinary boys bait they had heen sentenced one yeax to lile for 5O bnrglarleb. Floyd's hair was rumpled. Tommy, thin, -was awkward from too rapid growth. Floyd's alert eyes fib owed he expected no good and Tommy grinned uncertainly. Sain grinned back, to put them at their ease. "Sit down. You're leaving me now, and I Just thought I'd like a little talk with you. What started you kids off, anyhow? What are you thinking about now?" Tommy's face instantly was enraged He jerked a newspaper clipping from j his blouse pocket, flourished it, i screamed: | "That's a lie! That's a lie 1 " i While the boy raved, Sain examln- | ed the clippings. It told of the ar- I rest of Tommy's mother as an alleged i fence dealing Ln goods stolen by her L son, it mentioned that she took a pinch of «-nulf in court "My mother never took snuff," | yelled Tommy. "She didn't know l l was stealing. She tried to make me get In at 10 o'clock every night " He ' began crying. "Is It really true thej've got her? Is she in jail 1 " I The conversation had taken an u n - 1 fortunate turn, and Sam directed It i that's been there said we'd learn lot of new things. But we're going to be on our best attitude." "Yeah, that's right. We want out of there quick," said Floyd. "Gee whiz, we 11 be In the penitentiary Christmas, won't we? and on my birthday." "It's time," said the keeper from the door. "Okay," said Warden Sain. He left the room without saying goodby. The Interview seemed to him. to b« signally unprofitable. Begin Action for Condemnation of Land fur Reservoir U ather, Tommy?" "I remember my father In a casket." "How about your mother, Flo}d "My mother, warden?" Floyd First legal action to condemn for creation of reservoirs In Muskingum Watershed Conserv district \\as being taken today p Coshocton, where G C. and Florence Gress are the d e f e n d a n t s Joint owners of 37 acres of land in Franklin township,'Coshocton county, which will be inundated by the Creek resenoir C. Alfred zinn. this city, a of the conservancy district's legal s t a f f , vras In Cos-hocton today assist in the caie. \vlnch » a s heard before Judge J. C Daupherty in Coshccton county common court. It will be up to a Jury, beinj- lected toddy, to fix a fair price for the laud in question Mean-Mille at Nrw Philadelphia, state highway division began surveys Friday relative to the relocation cf highways for the dams and reservoirs. How many and how extensive the changes will not, be determined the surveys are completed. It was today. At the engineering offices a kid. My old man drives a bus to toe race track some tlmeb." "What go^ you kids fctaited, anyway 7 " "Well, I guess it an started when I moved into our neighborhood." dcpartmpn t 5 J ^ called me, wasn't. I guess i j says I'm a sissy i office condition. as of | the possible. attaches said Tommy. "The kids a blssj. I said I prove it. Nobody now." Floyd nodded, grinning. "Wo Just prowled a few in ilk bottles first, then swiped a bicycle. Then the guy at the hamburger stand snld he'd buy airything we got, so ^e picked up a few things " "Wbat are you going to do at the big house?" "Weil." said Floyd, "a guy o u t j __ thcrr--pointing to "where the prison-, nT 'J- Iote I Gibeon. Local Hotel Men Attending Dayton Convention Today A. P. Rogge of Clarendon hotel, arid Charleb Beathard of Pxgge left Friday morning for Dayton ^f attend the 41st annual convention Ohio Hotels association in session i day and continuing through Saturday. Conversion headquarters are Big Counted On To Put Up Recovery Money Waimngtcn. Dec. 14 --tU P.) -The administration is counting on ,the nation's banka and bdg investors rather than the "little fellow" to i supply the bulk of the 53,500,000,000 additional monry needed to complete time, the government's recovery program, It ?. as learned toda}". About S3.5OO.OOO.OOO must be bor- far at ro^eci If the adminibtratlou holds to spending program in ' w h i c h a limit of 31.834,000,000 was set an the public debt Jt stand it are at approximately s28,30O,OOO t OOO to- are morrow, a row record high. The decision to give big bankers prop-j the job of financing most of the re- program, wns i Tha Friday morning seeiori warn featured by an address by President Howard F. Dugan, manager of Hotel Statler, Cleveland, and was followed by routine business including; annual reports. The afternoon session included an address by Trent IX Sickles, of Southern hotel, Columbus, on "Promotion of Travel la Ohio--a 8100.000,000 Industry." Tonight a dinner dance la scheduled at Hotel Miami. fcamrdy morning operators of smaller hotels will confer and afterwards representatives ol American Hotels association will speak. The liquor control question will be discussed Saturday afternoon, by Norman C. Parr, assistant dliector quor control for Ohio. Reports of committees and an dress by Thomas D. Green, president of AnicrVcan Hotels association aLso are scheduled for the aitenuoon. A banquet honoring past presidents of the Ohio association will be held: Saturday evening. reached to encourage persons of small means to spend and thus help boost cloth- between replies and fore pnces consumption, and employment. This Is directly opposite to the financing policy in wartime when the EO^ ernment was seeking to reduce prices and consumption in order to the provide cheap and plentiful war H A T Murray Co- an op- plles. Then efforts were Com Gi ^. ,, Signally Uulit Dresden, R. F. D , been awarded fifth, prize Tor his exhibit of Woodburn's Yellow Dent corn which exhibited early thi ' month in the International Ha'y Grain snow in Chicago and thus force him to use fewer necessities. Tho decision to do the bulK of the bcrrcwing- from the large financiers ·A as made after suggestions for a bend sale on a "patriotic" basis to small investors had been turned ' Canadn The judging was made from ten ears of corn entered by L,'nn in the Chicago exhibition Judging of the corn was concluded early this week. Govemment security prices ha»e steady rises and savings of the ! Capital U. Debaters mu- Ala., Capture Tournament The Capital university debate team needed. j w °n tr ie Ohio Intercollegiate debating The treasury sale of nearly S500,- j'contest at the annual tournament OOO.GOO in new 3*8 per cent bonos re- ] Columbus Thursday. Capital resulted in about S2OO.OOO.OOO ging to j celve the trophy awarded to gum college last year. Eleven school oornpcteft for the trophy this year. They were Flnd- IRV. Kent State. Ohio Northern, estate. Insurance companies, j terfccln, Wittenberg. Akron. Ohio j corporations and similar institutions j vcrsiu-. Bluff ton. Heidelberg, wlll supply the bulk of the recovery gum and Capital. The subject for debate was- M Re- smalf Investors arc unwanted and un- I Investors of S1O.OOO and less than $3OO.OOO.OOO to larger ones. If this proportion is maintained in the prospective new funds yet to be borroweo. Despite the fact banting InstnUi- solved that the policy of the ftlons now hold nearly 813.COO.OOO.OOO, ment o-amershlp of public utilltl , ment securities. Acccrding to estimates In banking banks have from 5.000.0OO.- oOo to S10 OOO 000 000 In idle 94' Thlcil arc ra°er than ample for a mod' crate business expansion. The govern- A f : TM f r : n l lilSinai In Accident Mistrial was declared In the et Good -ocas ad- Toillt JOini of - Ul . ?n plcto courrfl| Lho JtW in court of common afternoon. FlalntUTa members of tho If any of them was Interested j ia a cacualty Insurance company. T-ii A A - j /^il 'According to law. It Is understood, a r irSt AlU UaUSeS question of this nature may mom- ton hold the banquet The case wa* coriUnurd until s a ntrar jury can be and cnroU- third 1 at Mr* OTflcers ol the De-sr OTganlzaticrn aW AT SCOTT HOME itn's association of tbe Flr*t U. P. church wlii roeet at 7.30 Friday nlcht -Drlth Mn». O. TV. Scot:, 2G9 Ohk street. The cprazxilUee Is cccn- pcwwa of Mr^ G. D. Park?. Mrs. Efccrt Aukiacy. Mr^. Ocar Connor and Mr*. O. W. Scott. A pox5 a'^endJLCce l3 desired. » . R .Tor VERDICT FOR PLAINTffT fjlberatljjc abcrul one hour In cwirt o* c^nsrnp^ j 7 f^Ls re- · -- . . . a vrrdicl Jcr Ihp piainuff UliA. O, r*c. 14 --U 1 ^--injured bcrocr IXXTT, Frliay in lie in an AuVrnsohlle coCll^ca here, Vern off Johr: L Mclmire a^ainsX TrccnA« 24, HJUH in crltjcftl ccmdiUon A. McJnMre Trie verdicl -R-** In a jao*piml Toc3av. His *iull xxs putllr Prr-

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