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HISTORY OF TDM STARR. STORMY OABEEB OF THE CHEB- L» OKEE RUM3E PARTY IiEADKR. Organised Nod tad Started War Afralnst Anti-Treaty Fullbloods to Avenge Bf order of His Father—Ou War Path Many Years. Special Correspondence to Phoenix. Vinita, Iud. Ter., October 19.— Many people in the Cherokee Nation remember quite well the Tom Starr war and the many incidents that are connected with it. After the removal of the Cherokees west of the Mississippi river the Cherokees divided into two parties known as the Ridge andi Ross parties. The Ridge party was known as the treaty party and the Ross party as the anti-treaty party. When the Ridge party came west they settled in the Cherokee Nation under their chief, John Jolly, and the Ross party followed later after the treaty of 183& having been moved west by the United Sjtates troops. As soon as the anti-treaty people landed in the Cherokee Nation they stirred up disaention and strife out of which grew the Tom Starr war. The anti-treaty was very much dissatisfied with the new country and were mad at the Ridge party for making the treaty with the Uhi 7 ted States and undertook to kill all the .members of the Ridge party and bands of full bloods armed themselves and went in bands all over the country to murder any member of the Ridge party that they could find; they deposed Chief John Jolly and elected John Roes as chief of the Cherokees and then followed the declaration of war between the two powerful parties and the anti- treaty people declared that they would kill every man who had signed the treaty with the United Statea The anti-treaty people started the blood to flow log by killing the leaders of the opposite party. The full bloods rode --up—to- the home of old-man-Boudtriot . and old man Ridge one morning early, shot him down in cold blood and afterwards tied John West to a tree and stripped him of his clothing and gave him one hundred lashes on the bare back. The man who executed this command of the anti-treaty people tied West to a tree and cut ten young hickory sprouts one year old and would give him ten licks with one switch and throw it down and give him some water and then take another switch and give him ten more licks and then give him water and continued in this way until the hundred stripes were applied. After this times became very quiet until about a year later when more serious trouble followed. It soon became quite apparent to the followers of the Ridge party that they would not be permitted to live in peace with the anti-treaty Indians and they resolved to give up all their possessions in the Cherokee Nation and go west and rind a new location. Accordingly, Ezekiet Starr, one or tne prominent leadenJ bl1 the Ridge people, gathered together a large delegation of the treaty party and secured a sufficient number of pack mules and started west to find a new location for another Cherokee Nation. They found plenty of game and whi.t they thought was a good country. They returned in about six months and held a general council of the treaty party and it was there resolved that a delegations be sent_ to ^Washington to take the matter up with the^Unite'd States | and _ lay before the department their complaint and ^try to make a treaty^full .whereby the treaty party of the Cherokees could select their Nation in Col-' orado. Ezekiel Starr was selected as a delegate to go to Washington and look after their part of the matter. The Cherokees were very poor in those days and they could not afford to send a number of delegates to Washington . so they selected Ezekiel Starr and sent him to Washington to confer with the government. Ezekiel Starr went to Washington in January, 1816, and remained until following May when he took sick and died and was buried in Washington. Negotiations were under way when Ezekiel Starr died, after which the Cherokees were unable to be represented at Waghington the National Cap : rol and being without a leader they were left in total darkness. Had Ezekiel Starr lived his efforts to estab lish a Cherokee Nation for the treaty party in Colorado would no doubt have proved successful and there Would have been two nations for' the Cherokees. The Ridge party were without a leader and they soon became disheartened in their attempt to locate in Colorado and •finally they abandoned their idea and decided to toake the best of a bad bar gain wjl^^e anti-treaty party they ooo|^ . ^ ' While Essfcfel Starr and his crowd were. iq. the west looking for a new location the rest of the treaty party became refugees and fled to Arkansas tor protection. Gen. Arbuckle with United States troops was located on that

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