1886 Romance of George Uibel (Uible) and Mary Porter

Details on how they met, his history in business and their planned travels. The couple later changed their last name to BELL.

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1886 Romance of George Uibel (Uible) and Mary Porter - ar. 188 «. what fallacious their ' the the ;...
ar. 188 «. what fallacious their ' the the ; the John skipping Demo- ass^ * oandi- but make two- there people, Democrats are indifferent for it by Beware Democratic princi- as a years, broken men, into \ aunt A f ’haptilr of lion I ll<»manrc, Tht- world is HUmi witli idio stori^^. Out- lltcnitnii* »♦■«•nm with it, iind it i» the nursery from which »0 iininy mis- tiikc.s in life conic. The render takes Up a story and is held spellbound 11 n- tilit is completed iu a leeling of ci stucy. Then eoines a reflection that it is only the drenm of an idle brain and is only Iliade miserable by rending it. Hiit not so with real life. The huninn heart is, by nature, sad and discontantesl, and aeeks in the lives of others to get happiness happiness fro« their happiness and ayni- pnthy in their sorrow. As much as we j read of it, genuine romance is not of a , coiiimon occurrence. To give one that is genuine, but more particiilaily to dispel the “stories that gossips tell," i we briefly write of it. For a httle more than three years. Mr. T. ,1. I'ortei and hit excellent family have resided among us. Mr. P. is the ideal farmer, whether in the field, among liis.Ier.s«*ys, or around his fireside. And wI o in ; this part of the moral vineyard does not know of liis elde.st daughter, Maryf In music and literary circles she takes the lead and is even the favorite .»uh- ject for tlie home arti.st. Last June when the younger sister, fre»h from the yeaTs study at college, could take her place in the sires of tlie mother, placing placing some of Iier favorite music and tiooks in her trunk, Mary hurried off to Illinois to spend the si«ters vacation with a married sister. Hut just us she was becoming infatuated wdth the lake breezes and the great rolling prairies, there came a letter from a favorite ill tlie city of Brooklyn, urging C.itarrb dl»trf‘S'>itHK Sar-iap.’iriH.'i cure, and thus “ I Hood's with ladter.” A fit. •• I many Ing 1 tried Unproved." Hf)0'l’s thr* »' 1 t-nirtli .H qnoi'.; ytreng;,!. ,St ml " !l J inil;* Sf'*!lls Ih'Ui t( -H }s V*.; 1.><) Bold only IOC o jadiug, cannot John to gat honest The for indignation should tricked the de- represeuta- is filled traveling men, with they aro As a rule of public traveling one i.s Repub- and all supporting hand di.sgust«d, Ohio and of the if it has report that a result values by her to pay a visit imRiediately. The rruiik wiis ugRiii packed and with tlie visit to be completed at some other time, hurried away to the senslioro. Scarcely !»ad the great city been reach- e<l than there appeared on tho threth- old the uncle’» partner iu business, «»r the junior member of the firm of Barber Barber & Fibel, extensive manufaetiiiers of jewelry, who had just returned from a trip to the West Indie» in the interest of the iirm and, although, peihaps bronzed by the bnruiug sun of the eiiuator, ho was none the less a line specimen man. Their meeting seemed to have been predestined—it was the meeting of a Romeo and his Juliet. The little winged god was so well pleased that he raised his how and sent two of hi» poi.soiied nrrows straight to the mark. The uncle and aunt recom- niende<l to the niece a very manly man who, iu all their business and social relations relations for a dozen year.-^, had shown marked ability and strict integrity, and to their friend a niece who was a a lady after llieir own heart. The few weeU.sof the young lady’s stay went rapidly and liappily by in visiting all the sights, amusenieats, &c., of the great city with her gallant escort, and direct iMTe from wlU aress fow, «*t devices. Democratie orkingmen McBride of the he may Democratic non-political fails to attempt j>arty at of himself his shadow after John the workingmen L, and that workingmen. at meetings to speak as the workingmen's KoAvhacke. its close them in the tide of to spring concoction of they can get late to be and just on the elec- of roorbacks officers. Republican officers Th© floodgates opened by the will not by Dem- before election. ion. when the time of her departure came there was a plighted faith which was isoon to he fulfilled. A fortnight pas.sed ami tho lucky man was ;it her homo to ask the consent of others. The father’s relations with his dnngliter weie as full of confidence and as temler as that of an Emerson or a Chase and so the least he could say was,‘T can find no fault with this man.’* A Solomon wlio would not give his consent and ad<l his ble.ssings, hut hoot at it, would be an owl. Before the young man’s depar- | tuie the wedding day was fixed, which j was T'hursilay of last week. At high | noon on that day the popular Levi Mills tied the nuptial knot and the popular popular Miss Mary Porter became Mrs. George Cibc'l. The happy pair took the first train for Brooklyn, going by the way of Cincinnati, Niagara Falls and Boston. It will give them but a day or two to prepare for a tiip to Europe, sailing as they expect to from New York next Saturday for Bremen, and after a little visit with the groom’s relations iu Germany and some travel on the continent, will go to London. The groom combines business with pleasure, m fact the trip was prearranged, prearranged, which accounts for his desire to have the marriage vow solemnized at this early *late. Not until tho forests forests deck themselves with another foliage foliage and the tio vers again shall be blooming, and the little warblers shall return from the Southland, wiU they return to their native shores. | Gentle reader, whether you he friend or stranger, has not the story so interested interested you that you can wish “a hearty God speed?”—[Sabina News. Uv ♦ til ilum «♦•ut D h Twe»ty-l'®wv iloMXB »• Live.

Clipped from
  1. The Wilmington Journal,
  2. 27 Oct 1886, Wed,
  3. Page 2

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  • 1886 Romance of George Uibel (Uible) and Mary Porter — Details on how they met, his history in business and their planned travels. The couple later changed their last name to BELL.

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