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Amelia's voice reported heard by air

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Amelia's voice reported heard by air - •"•••^^ Parade, Fireworks and Band Concert to...
•"•••^^ Parade, Fireworks and Band Concert to Wind Up Fourth Celebration METAL PR Domutta Onpp» r _ Export Copper ,-,.— _ Silver .. Zinc Gold, world price Lead, East St. Louis Lead,' New fork ICES - , , Itfl „_ H.UJJo -M 5 '," CIS* _1 .....$34.7* s«s« «@finsc Jttontan tanbarb HOME COITION The Standard carries Jhe most extensive telegraph news «ntce lo Montana. VpL. LXX1V.—No. 270, ESTABLISHED 1876 BUTTE, MONTANA, MONDAY MORNING, JULY 5, 1937. PHONE No. 5411. MELIA'S HEARD BY AIR Mussolini Pictured as Giving Up All Hopes of Understanding With British "IE PUBS VFftR Dictator Reported Convinced England Intends to Humble Him as Soon as Rearmament Finished. (loyalists, Certain Italy and Germany Will Plunge Openly Into War in Few Days, Plan Offensive. ROME, July 4.—(U.R)—Pre- mier Benlto Mussolini, fiery leader of more than 41,000,000 Fascists, was reported tonight to have abandoned all hopes of an understanding with Great Britain and to be preparing actively for a possible war in the Mediterranean within one year. j Persons close to II Duce said the /dictator. is : convinced:,|&gliind Intends'•to''' 1 >hunib'le''" : hlht as. soon as the British rearmament program has been completed. Supreme Naval Command, • The recent creation of a supreme naval command hi Libya, Intensification ol fortifications on the' Islands of Pantellerla and Leros, building of new submarines, establishment of three permanent motorized army divisions in Libya and the projected air, naval and land maneuvers in Sicily In August, were taken as Indications of Mussolini's serious view of the future. The younger Fascist group,, a powerful force In recent years, has been urging II Duce to "pick a quarrel now," before Britain Is fully prepared. This group, In which Roberto Farinaccl, publisher of the Cremona Regime Fascists, Is a lead- in, argues that passage of time 'favors Britain, and It Mussolini waits too long Britain's superior military and economic strength will . doom his regime. PLAN OFFENSIVE, HEN DA YE, - Franco - Spanish Frontier, July 4—(1113—Spanish Loyalists, confident that Germany and Italy .will plunge openly Into the Spanish civil war within a few days, were reported tonight to have ordered Immediate offensive on all fronts. The United Press correspondent In Madrid, Henry T. Gorrell, reported widespread activity In Loyalist barracks indicating that orders for troop movements had gone out. The Loyalist air force spread out in bombing forays against nationalist strongholds, from the northern Catalan front to the Straits of # Gibraltar. r Sixteen battalions of Asturlan miners numbering about 12,000 men were reported to have been moved Into the Loyalist front lines defending Santander on the northern Basque front. The cabinet at Valencia was said to have met in special session and to have approved the demands of War Minister Indalecio Prleto for the general offensive. Madrid's officials spoke guardedly of "major developments." FRENCH WARSHIPS. PARIS, July 4.— (tP) —Two French •warships were ordered tonight to speed to the Spanish coast between Bilbao and Santander, 1 where the (Continued on Page 2, Col. 7.) MAGNIFICENT FLOATS WILL SWING THROUGH MINING CITY STREETS Approximately 200 Entries to Assemble at Montana and Granite Children's Parade Draws Admiration Of Thousands; Gay Decorations, Smart Uniforms and Drum and Band Music Mark Sunday Parade; Drill Exhibitions, Contests for Youngsters Held at Cinders Butte's July Fourth celebration will end today, starting with an extravagant parade at 10 o'clock and ending with pyrotechnics and'bahd concert tonight on the slopes of Big Butte. Saturday and Sunday were given over to rollicking lun and general Independence-day hilarity. This rooming's parade is expected to produce some of the most magnificent floats ever seen at a Fourth of July celebration In Montana. Approximately 200 entries will be in the line of march. It trill form in three sections, starting at Montana and Granite streets. It will go wast on Granite to Excelsior, south on Excelsior to Park, east on Park to Gaylord; back on Park to Arizona and north to Broadway; thence west to Montana and north to point of beginning. The afternoon program calls for exhibition drill-team contests at the Cinders, 2 o'clock. It Is open to all patriotic, fraternal and labpr-'-orgariizatloris."FriMes'will' be awarded. The contests will take up most of the afternoon. The next thing on the program, will be a. concert, at the foot of Big Butte by the Butte Mines' band, at 8:30 o'clock. The' fireworks will follow at 8:30. Clifford Chairman. Jerry Clifford will be parade chairman. He has requested all taking part to be in front of tne"court- house at 8:30 o'clock. Parade'mar- shals should be there at 9. The marshals are Myles Newcomb and Leo'Morrissey. Jack Combo is assistant marshal. Spacers are Ed Rule and George McManiis. Captains are William Walsh, William Palmer, Russell Penhal, Joe Duffy, Dave Cockhill and W. O. Gilbert. The parade will form In three divisions as follows: First division, at Washington and Granite street. It will extend east on Granite to Montana and north on Montana to Quartz. The second division will assemble on Montana street, facing Broadway (Continued on Page 2, Col. 3.) Hottest Fourth in Many Years Recorded Here Old Sol just about boiled over yesterday lo "give Butte its hottest Fourth of July in many years Starting In at 9 o'clock with a temperature of 76, the mercury held to a steady climb, reaching the day's peak at 1 o'clock when it registered 97. For the rest of the afternoon, and until 7 o'clock p. m., it held in the 90's. It was the hottest day of the year. The heat- was broken temporarily by a shower at 2:30 o'clock which dropped the mercury seven points. The following hourly record was Uken.from an official Tycos thermometer at Jensen's drugstore: 9 a. m 79 10 a. m _ _...I.B4 11 a. m ™"go Noon ._ , 94 1 P. m _ 97 2 p. m .. 3 p. m .. 4 p. m _ ...88 5 p. m _ 93 6 p. m _..9i 7 p. m. _ _ _ gi TREASURE STATE AIR MAIL WEEK GETS UNDER WAY TODAY Letters Bearing Copper Cachets to Go Out Prom Mining City in AH Directions ; Boxes Provided. Montana Air-Mall week begins today. Out of Bulte winging their way In all directions of Ihe compass will go nfr-mafl letters bearing copper cachets lo advertise Butt«. v Special boxes for the letters have been set In lobbies of the postofflce and sub-station on West Park street. \fore •than 5,000 letters will go out. Some have already come from distant states and Canada to bear the special cachet. Stamp collectors and souvenir hunUrs have sent special letters' to bear the cachets. Any letter bearing air-mall postage and a note to attach special cachet will be sent by the postofflce. The day for lending also m&y be designate!. BARTENDER KILLED IN HOLDUP HERE George Thomas, B5, co-pro- prlelor of Hie Fhclan hotel bar on South Montana, street, was falaUy grounded, early this..B\orn;, ing when the place' was Ticld-iip by a masked bandll. Thomas was rushed lo St. James hospital where he died in * few minutes. He was shot in Ihe cheat, Witnesses said Ihe baritiit enlered llic place and salfl "stick 'em up, felows." ..Thomas was behind Ihe bar. He said nothing, the witnesses said, but walked over lo the bandit .as if he was groliig: to lalk lo him Before he said a word the bandit fired Ihe falal shot and ran from the place, Thomas had been a resident of Bufle practically all his life and was widely known. CELEBRATION DEATH TOLL IS SET AT 213 By The Associated Press America's celebration yesterday (Sunday) of'its 181st birthday cost the Ilvcs'of at least 213 persons—but not one death was attributed lo the use of fireworks. Autos claimed 138, drowning 43 and Sunday accidents 324. The figure was the smallest in the last decade and a tremendous drop from a total of 346 posted last year. The heaviest loss of life In a single accident was reported near Valparaiso, Fla., where six persons were drowned when a motorboat with 42 persons aboard capsized. Fishing boats rescued survivors who clung to the overturned craft. TO EYE. SITU™ T« LONDON, July 4.—(/P>—The British cabinet'will meet tomorrow to review the grave international situation created by the deadlock over conflicting schemes for keeping Spain's civil war beyond the Pyrenees. Although some British authorities believed there were Indications that (Continued on Page 2, Col. 6.) WEATHER FORECAST. Montana — Unsettled Monday and Tuesday; probably local thundtrnhciKfrf weft and cenlral portlonn; cooler Monday. WPA Worker Confesses Brutal Killing of Three Girls, Says District Attorney SEARCH FOR EARHART'S PLANE IN PACIFIC CUTTER SEARCHING HERE FOR FLIERS SlAtl* 'R Howland J., OCEAN CQOATOH Kl I.. AUCKLAND', MAP SHOWS ROUTE, Navy battleships, coast guard cutters and airplanes searched tho -.ocean- around' Howlohd* Island, -Inthe southern Pacific!'for traces of Amelia Earhart and her navigator, Fred Noonan, after their disappearance. Nothing definite was heard from the pair, Hying around the world "Just for fun," after they radioed that they had only 30 ' minutes gas supply left and could not sight land. Tills map shows the route of their Journey, with the solid lino showing the part of the flight completed. George Palmer Putnam, husband of Amelia Earhart, and Mrs. Frederick J. Noonan, whose husband is navigator lor the noted aviatrlx, are shown to one-side as they watched a teletypewriter for word of the two flyers, missing on a flight from New Guinea to Howland Island. W BOniFi GIF Caution In handling fireworks on the last of the double holiday was urged last night by Fire Chief Fred Martin. Several Butte persons-iverc Injured Saturday and Sunday from fireworks explosions. Florence Mclsaac, 1064 Lowell avenue, suffered a severe burn of the right leg when hit by a firecracker, according to a police report, She was treated at a local hospital. Rudy Sevares, whose address police did not learn, suffered e wound over the left eye from a firecracker. "Fireworks are' dangerous," the chief stated. "We urge parents to watch their children so that they don't get too near exploding fire- worts. Also, sec that firecrackers do not explode near such hazards as rubbish plies, abandoned sheds or other fireworks." Prank Kali, 415 South Idaho, was hurt in the right eye after he lit a firecracker with a cigarette. George Fisher, 2405 Nettle strec-t. was treated for burns of the right thumb and forefinger which he received from an exploding firecracker. Paul Tallon, three-year-old, of 824 Antimony street, was treated for burns of the face and head from a. firecracker explosion. GOVERNOR EARLE, PR01ABOR EXECUTIVE, ADVISES STRIKERS TO STAMP OUT COMMUNISTS Pennsylvania Exe c u t i v c Cautions Against Violence Repetition JOHNSTON, Pa., July 4.— (U.RI—Gov, George H. Earle, in a surprise appearance belore a rnass meeting of steelworkers and coal miners striking against Bethlehem Steel corporation, today appealed to organized labor "to stamp those damned out of the ranks of your organization." (Continued on Page 2, Col. 5.) TBMPLKOF Whooping Cough Epidemic Interferes Seriously With 4th Celebration at Lib by MBBT, Julr 4—OT—Today was anything bul "Ihe glorious Fourlh" lo Ihe jurenll« resident! ot Libby. For, by decree of Ihe clly'» health authorities, all children under Ihe 'ft of 14 must stay it home until an epidemic of whooping couth hM tubslded. J)r. J. M, Cairns, clfy health officer, when Ihe supply of quarantine sfgns became exhausted yesterday, posled a public notice ordering all the youngster* "confined to quarters." (Continued on Page 2, Col. 1.) HUGO, Colo., July 4.—Ml—Western slater, where dust storms tore crops from the ground In recent years, Intensified a fight today against a new enemy threatening Communists from the air-swarms of winged grasshoppers. The 'hoppers, which ravished sections of Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Nebraska while able only to crawl, a.wiimcd a new menace as they began trying newly grown wings. Federal, stale and local forces combined in an attempt to save the first crops grown In three years In some sections plagued by dust and seared by drought. The Fourth of July brought no holiday for .national guardsmen, WPA laborers, state highway department employes, and farmers who rushed polfionlng; activities In a 4,OOfl-sQuare-mlle area In southeastern Colorado, along the fringe of the dust bowl. "About 60 per cent of the grasshoppers hava wings," estimated Stanley Rlckct(-i, extension agent of Bent county, Colorado. Nervousness Betrays Man Held in L. A. Arrest Made in Inglewood but Admitted Attacker Is Taken to Los Angeles for Safety From Mob. LOS ANGELES, July 4.—fll.B —Jtick Dyer, a WPA crossing guard, lonljrlii confessed the brutal attack on three Inglewood Boliool girls last week, District Attorney Buron Flits wUl. Dyer ivns arrested Inlo today In Inglcwaoil, according t« Flits, but was brought lo llio Lo« AiiRclci Hull of Jusllco for questioning bec,mio of (ho greater SKfcty ngnlnsl mob violence, Fills snld Iho man, about 37 years old, lotil now he hurt nc- costed llio girls tn Ccnilicla park In Iiiglcwuort and Imlubecl Ihcni tO'Ko in llic ravine In which Ihclr miilllatcrt boillon wcro (omul, lie followed llioni, he said, nnil attacked and almnglccl them. Fills (lid not immediately reveal tbo molhoil employed by Ihe Ifunnl In persuading lite girls lo do lo Iho ravine but snlrt- R full . statement would be released Ut- cr. • • .; '.' H wns rovcu'cd, Mownvcr, flint Iho -nmii find been under surveillance since fust i'fiurstlay when ho wus reported lo police us a siisncol by George lUy ol luglowood. ; Hny tolil officers ho had noticed Dyer In Iho crowd lust Monday wlicn Hie ravished lioiilos Df tho children wcro found rind l!mt he appeared nervous and almost became hysterical. , • Doteullvo -Lcltoy Sanderson (Continued on Pnge 2, Col. 1.) FOlTlLL FOHEST FIDES REPORTED IN NEBJK5TMJ HELENA, July 4, — (/T) ~ Forest service henclrjimrtcrs here said today four small forest fires were burning In Mic Helena national forest. All but one of llic blazes had been brought under control by ftre- flghlont. The flren, all attributed to lightning, covered Iwlwccn three and four aces, the forest service said. A larger fire, covering 10 to 15 acres, was reported burning in the 131k Horn area of the Deer Lodge national forest, northeast of Boulder. Ib had not wen brought under control late thu afternoon. GREAT AIR Radio Lanes Buzz With' Recurring Reports of, Tiny Voice Trying to Break Through Silence. IMOTSICILS 1 Aircraft-Carrier Lexington and Four Destroyers Carrying 57 Planes and 3,000 Men Is on Way/ HONOLULU, July 4.—OJP) < —A supreme effort to locate • Amelia Earhart by radio brought a response believed to come from the flyer tonight. After one of the general broadcasts by radio station KGMB, asking Miss • Earhart to signal it she heard the broadcasted rnes- sagc, the Pan- American s 'airways radio station »t ':Mofcapu arta!,eoast guardJ . and U. S. Navy stations reported receiving weak slg- . nals. far the AiiocliUd Pmi) HONOLULU, July 4.—The' greatest rescue expedition In flying history sped tonight to" the aid of Amelia Earhart in" the remote South Seas while* radio lanes buzzed with re-. ciuTlng reports of a tiny voice' —perhaps Amelia's—, break the silence veiling her 1 fate, The United States aircraft carrier Lexington, $40,000,000; speed! queen of the Pacific, and four destroyers swept out of San plego* with 57 fighting plnnes and-3,000: men for a 4,400 : mile dash'to,lh« hunt at Howland Island. Almost hourly radio workers from Inland America to mid-Pacific: picked up reports of mystifying wireless and voice signals through the air which fortified the feelings of those who refused to believe Miss Earhart and her navigator, Fred-' crick J. Noonnn, had perished. Southward from Honolulu: the battleship Colorado, with three mere naval planes and' 1,200 men raced toward tho equatorial area where Ml«s Earhart's world-girdling plane v was last heard from definitely Friday. Long on radio rumors, but short on fuel, ths stout little coast guard (Continued on Page 2, Col. 4.) YOUTH PICKS UP MESSAGE SAYING AMELIA IS ON REEF ROCK SPRINGS, Wyo., July •S.—(J,B—Dan lianflolph, 10-ycar- olfl Ron of a negro coat miner, said tonight he had picked up a radio message slsned Kliaqci, tbe call letters'of Amelia Earhart, 'round the world flyer down in mid-Pacific. IIi« father, Cyrus O. Randolph, said lie also heard the message! "The ship Is on a reef south of tbo Equator." • It was repeated again and again In a feminine voice, "The message started loud, then* receded am] became very weak,*' the boy said, "Indicating truit.lhes batteries of her radio set might be growing weak." PROGRAM TO SEAL LOOPHOLES IN TAX STRUCTURE OFFERED Filibuster Threats Against Court Reorganization Subside With Opponents Ready to Compromise. WASHINGTON, July 4.—</p}—The Treasury has sketched a legislative program to seal "loopholes" In the revenue laws, officials disclosed today. . '; . They added that the suggestions will be laid before the Senat«House committee on tax evasion and fvvolrtance whenever the committee 14 ready to receive it. The committee will decide Tuesday whether to continue hearings In Its lax Investigation • or to ^begin drafting legislation ft once../ , Authorities dlscjowd oneSmajor proposal to Increased tax,-revenues . will be an Increase iri the "wiU>¥ holding tax" levied against,interest, dividends and other income paid non-resident aliens, >\ -->)>?• Now 10 per cent, thii lix m»y be more than doubled In an effort to put aliens on a taxpayinc par with . resident Americans, '!,**> '" Some authorities said furelgn«r» receiving Income from thli count)? (Continued OQ Face J, Oo!, 1) >.» '

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  • Amelia's voice reported heard by air

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