May 8 a899 Female Troubles AD

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May 8 a899
Female Troubles AD - MONDAY MORNING. MAT S. 1893. O I u I f i I I ;...
MONDAY MORNING. MAT S. 1893. O I u I f i I I ; V V MJ Wto Work S3 : How- How- to do the work, and not. break down is the question that fills many women's lives. The duties must be performed. The bread winning- winning- must go on. The scanty wages must be forthcoming". , rt Hopeless lives of suffering those women live who struggle with female troubles and have - not been told how to secure emcient help, r Mrs. I M. Zetr, 1402 VV. Norwegian Norwegian St., Pottsvllle, Pa., writes : DcakMii& PwKHAM--A PwKHAM--A PwKHAM--A PwKHAM--A motivo of pure gratitudeT prompts me to write to you. I have fjeen a sufferer of female trouble for the past thir- thir- I teen years. I was all rnn down. could hardly be on my feet. Tbe last; few-years few-years few-years I kept getting worse. : Suffered with terrible headaches, faintoess, bearing-down bearing-down bearing-down pains, and at time of menstruation was in a very weak, nervous state. Life seemed a burden, and I could hardly do my work, I tried different remedies with rery little relief. My husband persuaded me to y Lydia E. Pinkbam's Vegetable Vegetable Compound. I have taken-seven taken-seven taken-seven bottles of it and am a different woman. ' My work is now a pleasure, and I never think of lying down to rest daring the daytime. I have been so much benefited benefited by the use of it that I will cheerfully recommend it to any one." Mrs. Pinkham's message to every ailing woman is, Write to me of your troubles; my V, lice. Mrs. Pinkham's Mass. nrs. Wm V. Bell. 230 N. Walnut St., Canton, Ohio, ; writes; ' ;. J . Dear Mrs. Pinkhasi -X -X , gave little- little- thought to-my to-my to-my health, until I found myself ; unable to attend to my household household duties. I had had my days of not feeline-well feeline-well feeline-well and I j my monthly suffering, and. a good deal of backache, but I thought all women cad these things and did not complain. I had doctored aaa AVSt BTVa-asW BTVa-asW BTVa-asW tliUVf UUb 1 i' mam iv i- i- - ' 3 IP!"'' f-,-" f-,-" f-,-" f-,-" f-,-" ..:- ..:- - 'Ni Gmrn&Ztsrs mv. urn 1 1 - ii 1 i u i a w-- w-- w-- 1 nT- nT- 1 '-in. '-in. '-in. 11 11 W IV I S m JB M sSSESiV 1 "T If nJ - - HI 3 ' ' Mh5r CS no medicine seemed to help me, ' and my : physician thought it best for me to go to tho hospital for local treatment. I had read and heard so much, of your Vegetable Compound that I made up my mind to try it, . I was troubled-with troubled-with troubled-with falling of the womb, had sharp pains in ovaries, leucorrhoea and painful menses. : I was so weak and dizzy that I would often have severe fainting spells, . I took in all several bottles of Lydia" E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and Blood Piirifier -and -and used the Sanative "Wash, and am now in good health I '.wish' others to know of the wonderful good it has done me, and have many friends taking ; it now- now- Will always give your medicine the highest praise." Excessive menstrual pain wears on women, and ' health soon gives way. The following letter shows what Mrs. Pinkham's advice did for a school teacher of Higginsport, -Ohio -Ohio : .i ' " Dear Mrs. Pinkham I am a school teacher and had . suffered untold agony during my menstrual periods for ten - years. My nervous system was almost a wreck. I, suffered rwith 'psdn in my side and had almost every ill human flesh is heir to. '"I had taken treatment from a number of physicians who gave me no relief. In fact one eminent medicine could, help me, I must submit, to. an operation, At my mother's request, I wrote to Mrs, Pinkham stating my case . in every particular and ; received a prompt reply, I followed the advice given me and now I suffer no .more during menses. If any one cares to know more about my case,, I will cheerfully answer all letters." fllss Edna Ellis, Higginsport, Ohio. Alote Than a Million Women Have Been : Helped by 'Mrs. PinRKamV Advice -v -v and Medicine.

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 08 May 1899, Mon,
  3. Page 2

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  • May 8 a899 Female Troubles AD

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