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 - HAW* VW ATfL^MUW- pUJT*U£: bUf*» »A*W < **"'...
HAW* VW ATfL^MUW- pUJT*U£: bUf*» »A*W < **"' •»•»»*» M*«*»*V f>*w* wt-Vj *******«» w»< "i '«-r*C| ground *boVa Gettysburg wuflj Mm^/^^aB'.foJlorn^fab'pj. butflf the „ Not long after this message was sent tyard Pickeft, confederate, *> *«*• Genial, Reynolds who dl». J«t. loyally ; and. W,ith,fulU Belied it; .was killed. l ,He was on _ their death across a shrapnel. £ or8eback flear a Patch ol wood! With '?*§#*?eld. -• • *• ^Jww confronting a. large 'detach- When the third day s ****** Confederate troops which was , ed Jt begata within artll comlft £ toward them. These troops of hundreds of guns belching ,. i, wA A, 4 . ,«.«.* ji^^s.-- -A t... «r* a&a rtt.tthJftmta lm« -w»f«,.. was the enemy "we,re .dispersed by Union. batteries and Reynolds watching the successful solid shot and shrapnel onset when a bullet struck him In the head killing him Instantly. '"*" ' tfie .o&d teathvtronl the 'batteries < contending'forces, It is 'Bald«ti _ was-the greatest duel engaged in _„,, field "p'leces during the four years*of ^ the war between the states. • *~* ^ The Union guns at one tiq»o ceased' ~~ — ~~~ •*".'—",~ .-.-/—-.—. -~ »>. B « U w of ..Confederates; a*Mississippi organ!- ? a H°%.',.. c ! ia1r 8 ed -, the - .JK nlon forces, iuiu iwini or me ueia. A. oneaae »«icmj«y» tmu men made an 'assault *"".""» «»««-i>»u m« yuiuu. lurce?, * «"«»*»» men made their charge. Tho* .^foke'thblr-^iiinlia'tlMi^.w^.B^ceeft. former general's,'objective; was"Blg^ ;„ ed ^ making prisoners 6f-a largi part Round Top, but.hid forcoa Were drjv* \Late of a New-Vork regiment, iater these efl-back. Picket formed his division* -' men were recaptured and the Mlssis- ^PP 1 brigade was driven back, a por- tion of [i surrendering, In the fight on tbe firBt dav at thla P° lnt of the - , ,-,, fleld or near It, one Union regiment, range than they wore,,,met by s 6uch fc' the'161st Pennsylvania, lost in killed " A ~ a * "'""" "" " and Wound0 d 33? men out of a total 446 In a little more than a quarter of an hour's fight. General Doubleday fell back to Sem- Pidket formed h'ia r _ in brigade columns and they moved . directly across the fields over flat- ground. They had no cover and^they^ had no soonor come Into effective storm of ahot^as nevef before'swept; over a field of battle. They went on and on, and on Ing In their depleted ranks-rand ^«*u- ing 'steadily fojrjsflcd., to, their.- 'd , inary. Ridge and extended his line. VThose Of 'Pickett's men -who ^reached The 'forces 'employed against him i here were greater than his own, and ! after bard fighting Seminary Ridge' was given up. The first day's battle [was In effect and in truth a vicjtpry |tor the Southern arms. On the night' of July 1 General Hancock arrived ! and succeeded in rallying the-Union 1- forces and putting new heart Into the | men. General Meade on that night 1 ordered the entire army, to Gettysburg, i Victory tiot Followed Up. | For some reason .or other perhaps unknown to this day, what was virtually a Confederate victory on the first of July was not followed up by Gen- I era! Lee early on the next morning. General Meade .therefore succeeded in J Strengthening his lines and in pre- _ paring for the greater conflict. One "*" i end of the Union line was some dis- • j tance east of Cemetery Hill on R§ck I Creek, another end was at Round Top j something more, than two'miles beyond Cemetery Hill to the south.The Confederate line confronting it was somewhat longer. . I It is impossible In a brief sketch of this battle {6 give .the names of the ' brigffde and the regimental comm'an- ders and the names of the regiments which were engaged on both sides in Maj..Gen. John F. Reynbldr.'

Clipped from
  1. The Neosho Times,
  2. 29 May 1913, Thu,
  3. Page 6

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