William McDevitt appointedto Board of Elections 10APR1906

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William McDevitt appointedto Board of Elections 10APR1906 - 12 X i ) i I DOt'.iD Dumped By Dempsey Into the...
12 X i ) i I DOt'.iD Dumped By Dempsey Into the Camp of the Bernard Bernard Democracy. His Honor Resents tthe Selec- Selec- i tion of McDevitt, And Issues a Defiant Declara tion of Warfare. If HU Views Meet With Defeat ii the Coining Fall Campaign He Will Resign as the Municipal Executive. As an e-ho e-ho e-ho of the meeting of th Pmho-rretlc Pmho-rretlc Pmho-rretlc Executive Committee ej.jurday. at which William MitHviu, champion)' by lm fj. Bernard, u selected a mfm tfr cf the Rmril of Klectlona, Mayor Jmwy has lasued th following remarkable remarkable priv-lamntlon priv-lamntlon priv-lamntlon lo tha public. It will ba noted thai tha Mayor not only promises an Independent -)ght -)ght by hia following at tha coming fall election, but makes aa an eia-teil eia-teil eia-teil who will ba of such a character aa will appeal to tb judgment of all of tba cltifna ff Hamilton County. 'I cannot maka It too strong In tar dec La rat Inn to th public that th. coming they may ba tnK4 President Mart, of tba board, aald tbat Mayor Dempsey had spoken to him In rrfsrd to tha matter at dinner and h told hlnn tbat ba would take election la of rha moat vital importanr to t un1-f un1-f un1-f advieement. Mr. Marx naa aiwaya the peopl of thla county whereat muat be I M,f) c(o w lb. Mayor, and ther ta demonstrated one for an mat ma mitui .u. mM romolr with thai.. t.f boaalam, whether It ba Republican I " wubj, i bo1m or. Democrat! Bernardism. baa wblwf of ih m I been absolutely destroyed here: that tba Member Heraebed. of tba board, atated of tha people at Urge were being but felt thought aa yet " "ul1 w,nt ,a a'r out. and that to thoroughly demonstrate It thoroughly and would want to eon aider their power tha people muat coma out an loe. ot ,he question pefor aaytng maaae at tha coming election and once what ha would favor. Mr. Marx and Mr. ' ' I r -41. -41. toward tha Mayor and that for all wota out of exlatence the power I 'ZLZa. mM together In th Council belam tbat have been dominating th. htwhen oueatloned by an poiuicl partlea of thla county. V.- V.- orfer. They both atated that Tot if PODUlar Sentiment all five member, of tha board ha.v lwaa ! bar. ofie. been re.re.fu. dur,n, th. 5. o'pp hi wi.VeV laat three month, for perwn.l reaaon. that J h'm r'Vport thaTthroa of the I eeer th. nomination for the Tb'y ,n.a. ' w" Mayoralty. Th. future of my four email "'TV," y 4 the board would children a I way. gUre. me In tha face when 'd ' VhT m-Tter m-Tter m-Tter Iniong themaelvea be- be- I begin to mea.ur. up my dutie, aa a father 'lh" whathe' would do. The ag.ln.t my dutle. a. a cltlaen. and oftan lL ' Crf to diaeua. the the thought haa coma to ma that the tm-pul.e tm-pul.e tm-pul.e which pushed ma Into tha breach laat fall waa but on of a Qunotlc nature. There aeeme ao much of careleeaneaa and dl.regard of their right, on th part of ome of tha people, and ao much, of Beaming Beaming Ingratitude on tha part of others, that It makea on rather deapalr of aocompllah-Ing aocompllah-Ing aocompllah-Ing any ultimate good by making' Sacrifices for the nubile. However. I went Into ot her member, declined Mayor's atatement. BEBXA&D of the campaign his own re.lgn.tlon or the prorraaionai pontinan. nnim w , , , . j . . I happen that tne macninre gei cnniroi. m'-n m'-n m'-n us mnlrl,.al Kxeculve. whlrh ha P'-de P'-de P'-de w shall make a aecond appeal to all the In tricate n( defeat. Iilependenl cltlen of all oartlos whutno- whutno- , , . 1 ever, to gft together under the leadership of some ueh man a. Mr. Ultoti H. t'en dleton, representing the fltlaena' Municipal party, and to make a ticket -for -for presents Sajs Ho Will Prepare a Statement and I FrOTO Some racta. Lewi, a Bernard aald that o nia I r theMocument Issued by Mayor thla fight laat fall on a theory that I might I - I v ... I A e la k m atsa In I b. of aome benefit to the people at large i ""if". in their uorl.lna against the 6o.se and 1 ! shall not make1 any reply to the etate- etate- I vampires who had fed upon the people. I Mavor Demoeer to-night. to-night. to-night. 1 wu I And I propo now to atky In th. ftght until mueh .urprtaed to Wrn tnat h. h.fl ni. themMlvas are not In sympathy with given to th pre.a a document which 1 tny notions, and that they prerer tna old I consider one of the moat remarkable issuea form of Republican boaslsm and Democrat- Democrat- b bc m, , the hlory of Hamilton Ic Bernardlvm to their own rule. Those I ' h I who are a.octated with me In thla battle -un.jr. -un.jr. ..- ..- - - ile from now until after the next ju,t aa any other public official la. He Is We propose to make an appeal to BaB ,B th- th- h),lory of Hamilton .Tnpt7tlcrp'nto comHuanl County politic, who ha. acknowledged propose to te.t the feeling, and de.ires of I th people and as such Is their servant the peopl election the Indepe Hnfh vr.il nolltlral tia do their duty at the primaries, and to see I himself to be a boa and a Caar., I will to It that the proper kind or men are se- se- I demonstrate these to b the facta In a lected at these primaries for Executive , . ,. -...wi,, -...wi,, t omntineemen inn o'ibmi-ji o'ibmi-ji o'ibmi-ji w m.r.... i If bv means of the tricks and machlnstlon. I a tew oays. Beyond this Mr. Bernard aecunea to aay anything for publication. STATEMENT Diren Out By tho Mayor, in Which Hel tion to the voters of this county that for . ... Irharsrter and capacity will never nave nun xioga. -. -. MU . th COUBt.. . The Idea back of 'f hav no neraonsl feelina arlslna out of I thla Mnvaman im t. nirttun In inv aense the contest Saturday between Mr. Me-I Me-I Me-I whatever. The aim I. to get at tne present i . crisis In our sfralrs men or tne proper cnar POLITICAL GOSSIP. TheHamilton County Bar A.o-iatlon A.o-iatlon A.o-iatlon In tend, to make a supreme effort to divorce the bench from politic at the cdhilrig'f-ll cdhilrig'f-ll cdhilrig'f-ll election, and this determination will add to the manifold complexltiea which th. JfVlt and Mr. Roth before the Democratic rxerutlv Committee for membership In )nalln bo.slsm and subserviency and the Board Klertlons. I have the same I truckling to any one, to s-rve s-rve s-rve as candidates To thla end a meeting haa been called for acter and caliber who are free from dom- dom- j th, j-th j-th j-th of (j,), month at which the asso ciation will declare Its preferences in the tietween candidates, and In my opinion Mr. Roth was and still Is by far the totter man In every sense of the term, and a man who would have added dignity and reputation to the Board of Hfectiona. had he been ee- ee- matter of the fiv Common Plea and the The association will name the meji who they believe are best capable of filling these Important po- po- sltlons. The selections will be made, with-1 with-1 Thla appeal goes out to all the cltixena of I out regard ' to party afflliallona. Inasmuch aa both the Republican and Democratic rial,! aa anv nll,..r .-illzen .-illzen .-illzen to a rhnlr. aa I for the positions tO-bewflHed. tO-bewflHed. tO-bewflHed. Th. rallying cry win ne, aa it waa last ran. oppneiiion i i ircuit court juageanips. to bnsslsm. whether It be Republican boaa lam or Democratic Bernardism Will Beaiffn If Sefeatad. Hamilton County. Irresoectlve of former lecfed f am tired of feiteratine the atate- atate- I nAH,t..i .aiii.iiAHa -1 -1 1 ik... 4nX.n.n4. . .. I.nl n.n.nr.M. rw.rr.r.1. .hn .r. rrwi-.t rrwi-.t rrwi-.t IVOnVfllUOni Will nominal. SU.l juum.i Inn I. th. Hwal 1 1 -a -a 1 1.. M,., mnA I ' ' OOBSISm KHQ OfmATaiini, lO HIT niRninrri I H. r I 1 II V Wliuiu.ir. " 1 tuv ci nnmj. i r.f inAnnAmnt Tfnnmmvmlt P.nithllin in. I i em noi miuning up a macnin.. i re- re- lcluh , thoM who ,re buiainc up lhe Clti- Clti- eent the use of the term 'Dempsey faction m m n m UitnL n. nawttf n , n m 1 1 nf 1trmm I anO a irinn.il ar nfni Will, no DOUDI. tna reault. Th. determination of the association tion will alao appear upon the ballot. The repeal of the Dana law permits this Jt la exceedingly ril.iasi'eful to me In view who belong to no clubs and piTbl.lcly ac-e ac-e ac-e . ,h. i . l mrA ,.k.n I knowledglng allegiance to no local party I are nevertheless interested In the good gov . . . .u-t .u-t .u-t . li.. a - r 4 irriiuinii in mrir vii, lunuauipa aim iuwn- iuwn- .an itt pi w.i w .,v iv ,p ..t. 1 have no quarrel to pick with Mr. Mr- Mr- ty. To all these does this appeal go now. essary to gain enough algnatures lo the Ievlit lie won his vlctorv and la entitled I n1 to all these will It go from now until I different petltlona to represent two per cent brines no a nice noint. Before the HBmt . ran ne piacea on tne naiioi it win itr nee election day next November. I of the total vol. cast in th. county at the -Should -Should It ao happen vhat after this ap-llast ap-llast ap-llast election. Aa uo,00 votea were cast peal and after the arguments that have I each petition will have to gain l.ouu sig natures. It was stated at the Board or Election, yesterday that a voter can aign to hi. plat-.. plat-.. plat-.. Hi. election, however, la uf great value a. a lesson not only to Indc jndt nt tiemocrata, but also lo all clt lsena I been nfade to the people In their own be- be- half and for their own tienefu the people should decide that they are not In favor of the beginnings instituted last fall, but pre fer to go back to the old regime and the despotism and the old vampirism of boss- boss- but one petition, and aa elx will have to be circulated It will mean Irt.Siio signatures before the names of the candidates can get on the ballot. of Independent political thought in Cincin nati and In Hamilton Counfer. alm-e alm-e alm-e it serves to show that the canker "Stpicrnard- "Stpicrnard- 'lm. whlrh wna tluiue'rit In have hrrn In. ..n .... .... , . ... .... Ism and Bernardism. then wlil land those , Judge Ferdinand Jelks wants to succeed - rail. at... lm,er. . the .0...1 l.m..,.c f "1 "l.1 " ' h" ln.Y" Sl .1 '"1 ' - fi inf. .ir iiini a i r lisilling lor, are noi in tola rvnnn-iH'ii rvnnn-iH'ii rvnnn-iH'ii wn nw ihuulciiici. party, and has even extended a few of its I wanted by tne people of this city and this I of the wr Association, it is aiso prenyl roots into so much of the present munlcl- munlcl- I community, and my resignation as Mayor sure that Attorney rnuip Koeunger win ral administration a. Is under the control ?f ,h cUy of nc,nn., will be immediately be a candidate for tndoraement for one of - ronncoming. i nere is no oiner alternative, tne common r-iee. r-iee. r-iee. juugsnipa. v. w.e . ..i ..u..c o-. o-. o-. ..... Th. issue waa ao closely drawn laat fall be- be- . i ne ngnt la.i run was purely a ngntitween tne mi. oi in. propi. on one aiue i At a weu-au.nui weu-au.nui weu-au.nui mwii. .'u--. .'u--. .'u--. against rtepubllcan boiuilsm. and especially I nd 8fnrdlsm and bosel.m on the other, worth Club last night the Outing Commit-j Commit-j . I mat mere can te no miua.e course. I tee. through us tnairmen. r. a warn ner- ner- w ;'"' " "ir the people want Bernardism and r.ard.. submitted a partial report regarding Kernanlistn o strong was the desire to bnsslsm then they do not want me or the propositions received from, the management eradicate Hernnrdism that tiemocrats who prlnCp,. that 1 am standing for. and con- con- of the different resorts In and about Cln- Cln- ' , " Isequentiy 1 ought to get' out. If the people clnnatl. It was given further tlm to com- com- " , ' . , ,' . , K I want me and the principles that 1 am I plete certain arrangements that will Incur, Ie.rance st tne ia..i urn eieiuon to regi..er landing for. and what they Jiave voted for the club giving Its outing this year under 8on-thelr protests against the domination of Mr. , ,hen lhey d(, not wnt b,,,,,! exceptionally favorable conditions. Ten lied. A lU'eoln ni .nn nuw .im , j! , " I or bossism of any kind, and ihey mu.t appllcailofis for membership wer. posted as an illustration or tni. in my own demonstrate that finally and conclualvelv I last night. i t 1 know of a family of five brother. aml absolutely by their attitude at the com- com- SHOWMAN euo ".,-. ".,-. ".,-. ' reemeniia. rirciioii.. eiec(ion- eiec(ion- tnd that demonstration must .i ,ne mr.. .an e.-cuon e.-cuon e.-cuon lur tne nrsi Time an emphatic one. . That la all that 1 have ... .... , , , rrwil "" o U)' BOW, ,4 ....v iii -.,. -.,. ,,i a n.u inrii lll.l Iliv l'cl iHmocratio party was no better than the' locul Republirnn party, and was even n.iee ttecause 11 waa dominated by Mr. lien urd "The principle whlih carried the Demo- Demo- riailc ticket to success in this city and county last full was antagonism to bom Ism. and especially to that form of It ki.iwn as Hernnrdlsm." 'Resign or Be Kicked Out" "Every man elected to office at that elec tion pledged himself, either expressly or I impliedly, to that principle, and every man who accepted a pluce under anv board or STAND PAT " Do th Executives, and Put It Up To Board. Joaeph Clark, the member from the Sev enteenth Ward, who voted for William J. McDevitt. holds "the position of District Su perintendent in the Btreet Cleaning te- te- From Mexico Bought Animals Here When Be Had Expected To Go To Europe For Them. Jean Cervlno. leading tent showman of partment. The position pays I'Jti per week. Mexico, was In the city yesterday purchas- When seen last night Mr. Clartf aald that I ing wild animal, for his menagerie. He he waa .urprl.ed to learn of the attitude I called on Superintendent Sol 8tephan at the flloer elected upon that principle It. I of Mayor Dempsey. Said he: Zoo. who represents the Hagenbeck Inter-1 I herrTrtrt?. m to m that every member I "!- "!- wart itn t vntarl fm- fm- William T i .ii In thla munti-v munti-v munti-v and DurehAJied m. lot av k. rv......il. r! . 1 , . - - I " I l-r-mt. l-r-mt. l-r-mt. l-r-mt. l-r-mt. I gal If executive V OniIT1IIie I - Tv . . . . ... . .. . I . . , - Who hold, sny place under the present ' ' oeueveo mm t, t, ot .mm.u, inc,,n, . ,K, ,.ur iw municipal administration, ami who votejl Plendldly qualified to fill that office. He hyena, a horned hors. and a dosen mon- iior iur. nicuevitt on laat Saturday should. I waa aereated, and I waa sorry for It. At 1 keys, ne . ronsisieni. immeaiateiy resign nisi roai ume i promised him tnat if ever be !t wa, the intention ot Mr. Cetrlno i'i.-r i'i.-r i'i.-r uiuirr mr auminiBirauon. aa ne cer- cer- i waa a candidate again ana 1 was a mem- mem- I . . . . . . . . , r .. . .. i m mum m rr.n rn iirnn. in ucur u.v , 1 1 1. i.iniy in not in svinnainv witn the nrin- nrin- i ner or tne rcxecunve rnmmiiM . , - - r (iiples and beliefs under which th admin-I admin-I admin-I would vote for him. That promise I kept I terlal he wanted, but when he. found that l.trallon and the chiefs under whom tie I last Saturday, and I have no resrets to I it ah M S aerured her. he Wired .... v..-r v..-r v..-r enme into power, every express ana no apologies to otter to any h would buy th animal. In this city. uch man. it mi to me. holds hi. place one. 1 gave a pllge two yeara ago. and '"1 , wou,a " y ... . . ,, - . i.y false pretenses, and if perchance such Saturday 1 redeemed that pledge. If the The Mei.can showman had a letter of In- a man cannot bring himself to the point of I Board of Public Service, at the instigation I troductlon from General Reyes, Governor tearing himself loose from the public serv-lof serv-lof serv-lof Mayor Dempsey. sees fit to discharge Lf Mont ere v who Is slated to succeed Dla'i ' "" " o nie inn u is me outy I me ror aomg mis u win D all right w th . . . ,K n.n,,M. v.. (,. of the jrtlc,Uar Ixard or oltlcer h.vin. me. 1 ahall not re.l.n mv t.u, . J President of the Republic of Mexico .charge or control of euch Individual to see I get me out the Board of Public Service will I Benor Cervlno offered S&.000 for the pair that such Individual Is at once discharged I have to fir me. 1 do not believe that three of giraffes at the Zoo, but was told that be had for twice the money. from the public service. This Is absolutely I members of that body will vote for my dis- dis- they could not t necessary for the success of the principles I charge, no matter what Mayor Dempsey tinder which, the last election waa carried. I may say." or. In fact, at any rice. Aside from the j-or, j-or, j-or, ir tnese men b false to those prtn-I prtn-I prtn-I Otto Menger. Sidewalk Inspector in the I rhlnoceroa, the gtrane Is about one or tne riplea now. they certainly will be more I City Engineer's office, said: . acarcest tropical animals In existence, and shan false to them In the coming election. I "I waa araaxed to learn of th statement ,K. , .h, . Bf lh. which is of more Importance to the City of given out by Mayor Demosev. Aa I un- un- ,here ,r no' mor ,n'n a aoen or lBem tlncmn.tl and to the County of Hamilton I dersund It he has put it right up to the,n "pttvtty " the. world. than any other election that has been held 1 city employes who are members of the The Mexican was a guest of the Grand in this community for the last ten years. I Democratic Executive Committee and vot-w.,i vot-w.,i vot-w.,i He left for th 8outh last nifht. . mr .-wining .-wining .-wining law election tne control t ea ror atcuevitt to resian or ba discharsmt I . . Of th. Courts of , Hamilton rn,..i. I. at I 1 ah.ll r . 1 Eome 01 in. annual, ne ciwuira .stake, for then, the people of Hamilton I effort, to the Hemocratie nartv for 5ii vun I have to-be to-be to-be Imported from Europe. county are to .elect nve Judges of the I and in the last election rov precinct In the . oun or common Pleas, and th. ministerial I Eleventh Ward, of which I am the Execu- Execu- and executive officers of that Court, to wit: I live. was. carried by Dempsey through my tha Clerk and th 8heriff. It la of the I efforts and untiring work. I waa also a ; highest Importance. In view of recent devel- devel- I member of th Campaign Committee, and ; cpmenta. that men of th highest charuc- charuc- I gave all of my time lo the work during th. . ser, men wn like Caesar' wife are b- b- I campaign; I have alwava cast mv ha lint ....... .t-.j .t-.j .t-.j m,, .uaiiiuun, snail oe eeiectea I as a Democratic gentleman win. ami will do .trtnimi -f.-e. -f.-e. -f.-e. -f.-e. nrrp, , WLXtt WUUiaiJH i. rausiilUlXi. A young boy ran Into police headquarters last night and told Detective Calnan his father was choking his mother In their room at 508 Weat Seventh street. officer hurried to th place and found for each of those places, and it Is espe- espe- so In the future, and will not be dictated ar tockd- tockd- He threatened to force elally desirable therefore, that those who I to bv anv one or anv faction t rf I door and waa admitted. Albert-Hawk, Albert-Hawk, Albert-Hawk, Itav. control of the conventions and hav I rmiu .., thinn .,, . . ... I railroad man. it ta charged, had seen abust-1 vole in th management thereof, should bet party. I m hia wife and choking- choking- her. when CaJ-Iand those who hav no taint of boesistn or cf I Patrick O'Donnell. who la ,milivl i- i- th. I n arrested him he found a raaor and Bernardism in any way attaching to them. Waterworks Department, aald: "I promised P'1" of "":9" Hawk's pocket. After " " oecmuae or tnis coming election that I McDevitt two weeks after the nrimartes I nc '" i"-e i"-e i"-e nwaquwiw, or.. Tacked To Hia Coat Tail. - ....v. . -.vu -.vu , n.w mtmowMinai 1 wou a voie-1 voie-1 voie-1 nr mm .nn i a-nt a-nt a-nt rv, v nip 01 in uoara or xviectlona. I word. Why shouldn't I? Ha is a. mod Democrat and a good party worker, and was entitled to the position. I should aa v "Th pre aent Executive Committee i am I that I won't resian. but will leave it to not responsible, for. nor did It com Into th feoard. Th administration was In- In- """" 10 wi au. use some i rormea as to wnere I stood. other peopl. It was In existence before 1 earn Into the Mayoralty, and conseouenttv I had to accept It as a condition that -con- -con- -con- I tiUlU XI 11 ES -fronted -fronted in. I thought, however, that th. member, of that committee were intelligent I Will B CcmairlerwI 1, tb. lln.M .f at.tnMt a niMr.rKanri Ika Uaua - I w vv " viiurtviis ww Trayuu 1 II V wvavi , . moiic oemce aemben. Hawk relented and refused to place charge agaiat him. CIVIL SERVICE EXAMS. Th newly fitted up Civil Service exam ination room on the fifth floor ot tb Fed eral Building waa used yesterday for first time when District Superintendent W. Moss began the semi-annual semi-annual semi-annual examina- -ttons, -ttons, which will last three days. He amined 1 applicant, or clerkship (male) For some time there hav been rumors of In th departmental service. To-day To-day To-day he rxaiwin. iiv applicant lor me position .i i. ii,. n.n.. J u.ii ei i . ";l "Z ' 1 a break or chasm between the Mavor and -iM -iM .imomnhrr. U7l-,.i U7l-,.i given by the election of last fall It seems however, that th majority of them are not and that they are willing to fly right In the - Tar. nr f M HMD A mr 1 a r-. r-. r-. fin. a. k. as expressed at th polla last November. J tn Bord of labile Servlc. Certain por- por- I aerric. "It Is good for us all that we know thla I ttons of Mr. PemDeev's statement are taken the rumors. For Instance I JLUr.aii.Ml "Th. n i ii I Wwu.,... ,. I tee I am not mrikl. j.. I . -.,v,, -.,v,, , aio u 19 iwq tor ua ao mil w. anow tnis ."vm vi r. x fact at this tlm. because immediately ther as con Arming will be begun a propaganda of education h. ri,. throughout thla city and county with re- re- ara to tne cnoic er in executive torn. - - " '" .k... ror, nor aia it i at Dennison Sunday In honor ot muieemen mn w in us .inuiar in ita natur i nt in to power tacked on to my coat-tails coat-tails coat-tails I forty-second forty-second forty-second birthday of Jacob Mueller. and rn. racier to- to- trie campaiagn of educa- educa- I ik soma other people.- people.- Public comment Members of the club presented him witn nun 111.. .M . . i m uvcu svauiw . il B rinriluo more will be examined to-morrow, to-morrow, to-morrow, as A party of well, known Cincinnati. ns vis-1 . m ..... hanfimiM tiiimnnn nn in kAnnf r ika last fal!. and .oroewhat simlUr to the pro-P""1 pro-P""1 pro-P""1 m"a 10 l warn miranawi hv mvaelf Miror Ititrt niw I WM Intended as a direct Biftr it ' " w I - I aUUT-4ir;i. aUUT-4ir;i. aUUT-4ir;i. H'-l H'-l H'-l weavvw MltTII. 111 IM in addressing th various Improvement as- as- I bers of the Board of P,.hii. e -.Iti -.Iti wnii.m J.e n. ti- ti- w D aod.tlon. throughout thi. cUy and county. Werw elected ik. .,-7' .,-7' .,-7' chaner. Albert X.nefle. Viliam Via n . - " m i Tha. Idea back of this campaign of educa tion Is to demonstrate to the people the Honor. In fact, the opinion prevailed that TllV-J' TllV-J' TllV-J' DuBker' Fr yiecesaity of car and clrcumapection tn thejth board would not oust th fou execu- execu- . choice of executives who will hav the 1 tlves from their municipal jobs. management ana nmuoi oi . omuiH- omuiH- ti-kii ti-kii ti-kii th. ...v.. ,. . . . tion of the different political partlea, .. I " h" ,h f.mber. 6Pthe Board of Pub- Pub- RAITKER'S SON ARRESTED. Patrolman Krus hadra lively fight . - - - r i ,i m, i . - i . ' . .. well si csr and clrcumsrjectlon In th ,,? Brvic refused to commit themselves th. union Central Depot yesterday ' ...I.. A. . w , rf.untM ea in. rMiwi ir it to wnat ftimm v win , . ... . .. . i. . , , .v v. ...... -' -' " j pursue in re- re- i noon wun - na loir, rart conv.ntlona. to hend 'ewuch a r.r,, thi darn. f tha .am ety m. pidor at the benches. The prisoner regis-1 ' "n.T.it.V; .1 rf k -f -f Plr who U Ezclv, Committeemen 1 IT "T -' -' -- -- -,V -,V . 1 w.t wjwi,. . . I " niiiminown. v.-. v.-. v.-. -mm -mm m. wu tn. ..11 parties, in. th hope that ;td' for McDevitt. It appeared from the Uf , banker of trfat town. He waa charged ' . " - . 1111111 ui uivm apoaa inaiiwiui uiuokukm.

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  2. 10 Apr 1906, Tue,
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  • William McDevitt appointedto Board of Elections 10APR1906

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