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 - Wire Reached From Home To Shop By James See...
Wire Reached From Home To Shop By James See About Time Of Bell's Invention Others Interested And In 1880 Telephone Books In Hamilton Included 24 Names I N these (lays' of scrambled trane-oeean'io telephone calls, it is a- little far fetched for people who always havo _ known phones to understand a civilization without them. Not many yeanfi ago, if a resident of East Hamilton (if there been an East Hamilton) wanted to talk to a friend on tho West vSide, he would havo to walk or in a horse-drawn vehicle to Dick avenue (It there had been Dick avenue.) Thft telephone batlu't even come into its owii when the Journal-Nova iirsfc appoared on tho strccle of Hamilton on December 20, 1886. It was a fledgling with less than 150 business firms and residences having the service. They Oalled It Service They called it eervicc in those days, but if people today harl to submit to it these days, thevo'd he- no end 1 o£ complaints and tho telephone company would have tlie Utilities commission on ite neck all of the lime, and the thousands have phones would order them out forthwith. Today, any telephone user in Hamilton, or for that matter any place in tho nation, may sit in office or home, lift the receiver from the liook and ask the operator to get him his neighbor--and his neighbor may live in San Francisco, Joliet r Berlin, London or even Sydney. Aiistrailin, or Tokyo. If he lives in this country, the operator would probably tell him to ·stay on the line and in a minute two his neighbor's voice would over the wire. 1C he lived abroad--in any of principal cities o£ the glpbe, she probably would ask him to hang his receiver and sho would call back. , In ten, 15 or maybe 20 minutes, thto call would he put through and the connections made. " Today most trans-oceanic calls ftro made by wire and wireless. when the ft jvfnye if have boon clenrcd, phono messages have been completed Around the world in minutes. Jinny HnraiUonians Jtnve talked to people in foreign capitals and nonvereiUions are clear and distinct. The calls usually are completed in thnn Jinlf nn hour, according to Stephen Robinson, m ager o£ the Hamilton branch of Cincinnati nnd Suburban Bell Telephone company, and Myron L. Smith, former local mannger, and now publicity director for the company in Cincinnati. That Scrambled Stuff ' , When Iho call is placed here London f°r instance, it is taken wire to the coast nnd then acmes tlj! waters by wireless. '; What's to prevent persons for whom the conversation is not intended from picking it np, is tlie f irfit questions of the layman? ; Here is where one o£ the fiovelopmenlfl of the last few in telephone comes in. The convcrsat ion is so scrambled when it Joavps tho wires t h a would not be understandable or make sense. When it reaches the ·proper receiving instrument on other fiilo of: the water, however, the talk i« unscrambled and poes the receiver clear and distinct as it leaves the wires. : A matter of fractions of A r Remember The Radio Onr memories take us back and 15 years and we can recall radio crazo which swept the country, Every newspaper was' carry- iihjj in.structions on how to' build /crystal sell Special radio magazines were published on the infant 'topic of radio and it seemed that almost everyone was buying wire and equipment for these tiny sets --not overlooking the earphones! Tho craze wne country wido; enthusiasm wns at a high pitch several yeans. Imagine tho period about 1878 1882 when tho telephone was heralded fis the latest means of communication. A simitar craze struck the country and men and boys and all 'could rig up their small telephone ;»els to test them out. Ton older Hamiltom'ans -- Did havo a set I Now To History The telephone was invented .Prof. Alexander Graham Boll jn '1875; the following year he application for a p a t e n t Ithe new contrivance on exhibition fit Iho Centennial Exposition in iPhiladclpbia. Koedlpffl to say, it was one of tlie wonders of that eliow. I · At that limp loo, one of Jion '« notable citizens was ^Sf« a patent attorney, who even then was known throughout th« .country. One of his clients wfl« Tool works -- not the grent ot today but the smaller

Clipped from
  1. The Journal News,
  2. 19 Dec 1936, Sat,
  3. Page 114

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