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Ludwig Kiefer - · · · FOKLMAN KJEFEK fcETiRLS. Presented...
· · · FOKLMAN KJEFEK fcETiRLS. Presented With Roll Tup Desk, Chair and Ink Staad by Mea Who Ucder Hua. i \ . | M i . Liul ! IoH-;i:.'!i ol *'·· «anv . K i i - i i . fur man eai It. It. i ;jx-- oil the orti-j | " M i . Kit-ioi"- i t I .«-.-a-i..!i i.i a » f i IKW- .iii.l 1 KI«- . -! - v t i i . i l iuju«ired, e ~:i-[ of tlie i*. It .v.i \e»U-rdj\. liuiiu- *: 7M \vsir-. He «ov\ 1 \"» pension li~t.. i-i;n-ut was iiuJe the ij,ir ileuioii-trutiou l»\ -\l the coin|auy ill iu~ iju-t at Klt'^eatii a\c street. ai«! to liiv to at \itre j .Ml. HifU'r i«.i»«-d a'.iouj; tue men. · jfii--t j:^ j!i'*iu :iu«i l e t v i v i i i ; UiUi..-n -I. ILud in. Mr. llari'mai! of our j;a i Jieriicj e :;:el-. At · CM i'M k ;iie t iiicoriiia Niii^iii - -u-ly in the «,]*··! yard -a!i« tu.. - ii:.:i-. "'i he .iuj£eiiiiaich" ami "Old i,.!.*-." and uiit-ii the\ had liiii-hed, _\li ' « ' i d « " r and iiiiiitaUitcd in in a- tiieir |«»k-n -ii.!: "I he |.mp..-e ·:-!- t h i - C l e l l l I l - _ ' i- I j lt- t i i u . - -jrf-nt v.nli e- a- loienia.'i. i :i * » i i.tej. tiie o.iiipiiiy .ii.l wel! , J » i : j , i « a n,an iike M i . 'i.-.-it;.. ii. lie a l . u i i - d i , i h i ' ii" lir-t entt-ied U|M.I hi- dimv-, in I ! » \ o |.«-.iii*U\c- ttcie tinned o'lt :, lM-oiii»ii\(»s are now tinned out. Tim ,'e!'-\en men were in the r-xi jainy am] .could e.i-ilv l«e found w i t h a |l:iii-Pt. \\'iih t!i- roll t-.j revolving chair anil ink in . m»w it i- iiiipo--idle lor an in.lhUn-il i that jsin.i; to lind a lantern. '1 hi- i- j attribiiii-d to our retired loreuiali. j "Now- that ion haie reached the · j ' f|,,T MMM^'k* V" " i ! l e " J "- v l i f e '""^ Her- · j I' 1 ". 1 '- |" 1P I" 1 ' 1 ·'" »«"«? i" pie-ent |oy ii." ( A | de-k was a Maud. in the I \ -.^LSf f *u^ES^ TL, han-S J j »'"' words to evpre-- "ii.\ -elf. for .-o!i:e trouble to co!!vt " wonts lor a I-peech. I hojKi that yon w i l l «et a- pleasantly in the future as"the . I was w i t h you. and. if in the j i i a i e offended any of you. I kindly . your pardon, and ajrain I thank you j the kindnes.- shown towards me a foreman." After several selections. Attornev A V. Dively wa- inlrMiuced by .Mr. K-Vfer a* hi- .-pokesman. Mr. Divfiv referre! to whon he lirst met Mr. Kiefer. thirty years aj;o. and always found hi:i !. ;i true friend and t!ie relations have | never Ix-en broken. The men here ' ent are not millionaires but the ( .-inew. who niie the world. Charles Veneh was next introduced and made a. very touching addrc-s. The Altoona band arrived al^uit it « style* * you". · -erenaded Mr. Kiefer. The o«-a-.jr.n BENEFIT J enjoyed by every one pre-ent. ^nd wa.- one lonv; to !,- leinenibereil. The shop men departed, lltcir former fore ii'.'in a joyous niid pftiffiil r«--i p f t active service and hoping that he snav -ee many more years to come. Mr. Kiefer was liorn in Siiyenfcerch Haden. fierniany. August 11. 1553S. aid I ' i n i i i e to America when a 1S(1. He entered the employ of thr 1'enn-ylvai:!;! railrond. in the "ro:l e.iri^ of the vi-e -hop as a laliorer in remained there until 1X02. when he appointed tinned there until appointed foreman 01 ans- the vise .-hop. in isr,n. which po-ition has held until his retirement ].i-t ^'r. Kiefer was .succeeded a;; foremari today by Oeorjre Detrick. the a-=istim foreman. Harry -1. Hoar bn-oines 1'ir assistant foreman and C. C. Patterson moved up to Mr. Hoar's position.

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  1. Altoona Mirror,
  2. 01 Sep 1903, Tue,
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