Orlando and Samuel Sciotti - Washington Twp Penn Football.

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Orlando and Samuel Sciotti - Washington Twp Penn Football. - Alverton Cops From Washington With Two...
Alverton Cops From Washington With Two Touchdowns ®- l given | j j de- Q I _ _ I , _ j \s , _ i , M /-, + - / " » I I h = l o c k e d K l c k N G f S KamSOV HLQfl o" the i First Qnd Bod PaSS 7 . . and dis- Lea CIS TO DiMaggio By hARVr-Y A WALL OTHER SCORING j MOVES STOPPED £ow/esJburg,FiNE S u r p r M o lec-i rated i s 1939 football o\ei Wu-.li- Cac- mgton Township of. Westn me and Bv HOKE II-\RRER Pou idmg away w i t h Capitilizmg on two scoring op- j footbal Mount Pleasant portumties, E a s t H u n ing Township High School inaugu- county Fiiday afternoon at the Aheiton gridnon School crushed an unbeiten Rowlesbuig W Va eleven by 26-0 score Fr dav r £,ht at say Field The victoiy vva~ sweet ai d much a sui prise to he home as he visitors inasmuch as the The meeting of the two teams Bobcits had been badb used -- D o l l y Golf and Irnarked the icsumpiion of footbal' i relations after a period of iO yeais the week befoie in its tussle Connellsville while the invaders c k I in the game a decade ago AliTtor i were known to be .WOP by a more decisive scote 1 \eteran teim I (40 0) but the present eleven Ned Cullei s cohoits se tied . b S ephen (Pep) Tone- chko was again the complete r^as- er of the situation tol Tomechko and Jick Andnsh weie Both Men- assist ml membeis of the junior class at that pievious writer-Francis neetng Wearing rew Red and Black unifoms East Huntingdon made a snappy appearance as it trotted on he field foi the opening kickoff tile task at hand shoitb iftei opening kickoff w hen the 50 yards to the first touchdowr Getting possession of the bill U ,,, B again he Bobcats had its oftensc L ix.,.. ---, ,_.. te , backs and went scoie 'Vnothei | Neithei t»am was aole to uncork a consistent offense in the fust pe- , lod of play but m the sec ond s linemen too\ career-- | m , te s into thelr own hands to Chaplin no California f amilj to his com- to bet American h^ng up the fiist touchdown Pcpovuh sent a long spiral deep into enemj temtorv and when Washington's unmng plays nelted only fi e yards S Scioiti dropped back to punt out of aanger He i hadn t figured on a fast charging line however and Balcerek broke through to block the kick and Luczki a substitute guard picked up the pigskin on the ' isitors 20 and covered the remaining distance distance to the goal unmolested Bjgosh added the extra point A-ith a placement it i, w ho thu* to openting smoothly ind tus distince of 60 v n d sus lined m j i c ards yielded i.he Ramsa s six-pointer n the second peuod and when a pass Kcll-"- to Mongo was good for *he e tra the Mounties were iheaa it haL* by a 19 0 scoie Co-ich Cullet used the large lead gained by his \ « i s give the subs plenty of practice Ev en vs ith some second str in the 1 ne-up the Cats Jiej had sufficient punch to another 50 yards to tally the touchdown A pass Cirb-v to Gabos, arnexed the extra Statistics rev eai Mount ant'made 19 first downs to visitors seven and completed o r 13 forward pass attempts the invaders completed three of five l Next Friday night the BobcJts The norne club waited until the i are nost to Elizabeth The game final period to strike again when a bad pass from center gave hem the bal 1 on Washington Townships four-yard line Here the invaders put up a stubborn defense and u took Bugosh four plunges at the line to cross His tr for the extra point was blocked Coach Tomechko sent m a whole new tean at this point against which Washington ran up two first downs before the end of the game Outs andmg in the East Hunt- will star at 8 o c ck The line-ups Mt Plrasant--26 Rowlcsburc--0 Mongo Pfaadt Hosteller _ Treasatti _, Gaudino ,,. Ryan Loskosky Wilson G Shumar Gabos ngdon ofense was the running of | K e n er _ ^ Begonia and line plunging of Bu- | Scoring by quarters L E L T L G C R C R T R E Q B L H R H F B Hooton DeWitt V McVicktr J Bolyird Harvey SUennger! _ _ Camford Fretwell D McVicker' 7 thc I gosh The punting of Popov ich j Mount p] easam 12 7 is I was particularly good as h s long I s u bs jtues Mount Pleasant o - | boots kept the invaders aw 15 from , Glossl Kubiac Carby C?ekaj I scoring territory | Hare RegA SpUmdore Kurpiel cteran The line-ups , Ecr . a d d Cronm Mclndoe Robm- i n the E Huntmgdon-13 Wash Twp-0 son Hamrnakcr and Mentus cham- M Ovitsky LE G e i m o t h ' Rovvlesburg R Bolvard Lii- 7 the I Balcere c those' J I She-rick and i Wismeski signed ' Grosser KefEer the»Costelnock the Begonia 175- Nowicki Bettina I Popovich at For- l Bugosh LT LG C HG Rf RE QB J-H. RH FB ' arlro i Swiger and D 2*^ Touchdowns ilsneli m j r and i^,, Dry Saul Bortz -Gabos 2 G Gumbert \ S roup Sciotti SciotL ' Points aftei touchdowns--Mongo (pass fiom Keller), Gibos fiom Caibj ) Referee--Bowers elmp re--Davis Heid linesman--Wiole is I Scoring by quarters to rule East Huntingdon 0 7 0 6--13 its I Substitutes -- East Huntingdon othei Luczki, Novotney J W Snerrick Leightv,FirhK Verostko and De- zambo Washington Township Barclay , £jll | Touchdowrs -- Luczki (substi- , tute for Grosser) and Bugosh I tneu ' Pomt aftei touchdown--Bugosh , o hers i (placement) decide, Fust downs-East Hun mgdon West 6 Washington Township 3 open! Referee--Wagner next, ""iploy-1 *he i I League a its at the Major League Summaries Umpire--McMutm Head line-man---Mai sh Football Scores not Industrial meet- ton Twp 0 gioup for. Dormont 13 e ] 3 to mbei K ama Biowr thc organization will le o m Leu of canv and Washington 12 Conneilsville 6 Mt Pleasant 26 RowJesbuig 0 East Huntingdon 13 Wdshing- AATIONAI LEAGUE Yesterdaj s Results Cmcirnatl 6 Pittsbuigh 0 Cmci natl 10 Pittsburgh 9 St Louis 3 Chicjgo 2 Other teams not scheduled Standing o£ the Clubs Totlij W L 90 54 Cine nnati St Louis Chicago Brooklyn New York Pittsourgh Bosto i PH ladelph a 87 80 74 70 67 59 44 57 67 66 71 78 81 97 Mt Lebanon b Carnegie 20 Canonsbuig 0 Penn 14 Sharpsourg 0 Snow den 19 Eethc 0 Easv Putsburgh 0 Oakmon a Bcnliejville 0 Ro~tnvei 0 Fieedom 0 Shena go 0 \llderdice 0 BradclocK 0 Masontcuvn 0 South Union 0 Waynesbuig 0 Richh 11 0 Bellevue 2o Granville 14 East Washington 6 Midway 6 Cecil 7 South Fa vet » 6 Centei ville 38 N o i t i Belle Veinon 0 \\esl BetUlenem 12 H ckoiv 6 Sw issv lie 7 Home iead 0 Beivei 7 Avn'on 0 North Union 7 Caimichaels 0 Games Today-Pitching Selections Piltsbuigh at Cinemmti Butchei (6-17) And Bownan (1012) vs Wa tei (26-10) ind Gussom (7 6 CI icago dt St Louis--Root 01 Lee (18-H) vs Wa'neke (137 ) Biool Ivn at Philadelphia Tamubs (8-8) and Pressnell \ s Higbee (11-11) =nd Ha (3-7 ) Boston at ^ew York--Sullivan (6-8) \ s Schumachei (11-^0) AMERICAN LEAGUE "iesterdivs Results Clevela id 5 Detioil 4 Boston 7 Philadelphia 5 Othei teims not scheduled

Clipped from
  1. The Daily Courier,
  2. 23 Sep 1939, Sat,
  3. Page 8

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  • Orlando and Samuel Sciotti - Washington Twp Penn Football.

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