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all to the church - Grand iAttseny Claude BlckeL, August ; wm....
Grand iAttseny Claude BlckeL, August ; wm. wens, neonesaay. Shooting Without Wounding Chas. nice. Saturdav. Petit Larceny Charles Carlan, dismiss- dismiss- ... . ALL TO THE CHURCH MARY A. BRUMXEVE LEAVES nothing; to her relatives. Carries Out a Wish Expressed By Eer Adopted Father Big Property Disposed of. ' The will of Mary A. Bmmleve, for merly wife of Bernard Leo Brumleve, and the adopted daughter of her uncle, Bernard Henry Pasllck, was probated In the County Court yesterday. The will leaves property At S2S Jack son street to Bishop McCloskey and his suocessors In trust for St Boniface church and Its schools. Of her Insurance, the testatrix leaves one-half one-half one-half to St. Boniface ' church and one-half one-half one-half to the pastor or Franciscan Fathers In charge and their successors' In charge for their own use and benefit. benefit. The residue ot the estate Is left to Joseph Gottbrath, the executor of the will, to be sold within .four years and the proceeds turned over to the pastor or Franciscan Fathers In charge for the benefit of SL Boniface church and its schools. "In making the foregoing gifts to SL Boniface church," says the testatrix. "I have been to some extent influenced by the wish which my adopted father Franklin, Monday, August 2L expressed In his win when he left his property to his wife for life. And to me after her death, but I desired also on my own account to make these gifts ot the property he left me and of my own property and Insurance, and I did not care to leave anything to my relatives. - The will Is dated June 13, 1SS6. sues Tor taxes. City Brings Suit Against Kin Delinquents Delinquents For Divers Sums. Suits were filed on tax bills yesterday by the city against the following persons: persons: Ed F. Kimble and James T. Drake. $30.08 for 1894; L N. Bloom. JI.S1 for 1894. $30.64 for 1893. $25.90 for 189. $1.42 for 1897. $37 for 1897. and $4.72 and $3180 for 1898; Mary Jane Dixon. $310 for 1894. $3.68 for 1895. $3.05 for 1898; Vir ginia W. Lewis. $92.59 for 1894. $87.42 for 1895. $80.95 for 1896, $94.35 for 1897. $93.84 for 1898; unknown heirs of John Mc Mahon. $2.07 for 1894. $2.07 for 1895. $2.03 for 1896. $2.04 for 1897. $2.02 for 1898; L. Stelnfeld A Co., $75J!0 for 1894. $98.23 for 1895. $58.27 tor 1896. $23.52 for 1896, $54.22 for 1897, and $53.94 for 1S9S; Leonora Thruston; $879.37 for 1894.- 1894.- $695.06 for 1898; Alex. V. Griswold. $37.90 for 1S94. $57.34 for; 1893. $136.55 for 1SS6; Louis ville Trust Company, trustee for Tt. T. Durrett And others. $T0.5O for 1494. $46 27 for 1895. And $69.38 for 1896. . Fruit Farming: Along-, Along-, Along-, the Frisco! ; An, attractive, illustrated 'and thoroughly thoroughly reliable 4-paga 4-paga 4-paga booklet, devoted to fruit culture along tha 'Frisco Line in Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas and Indian Territory, Just issued. A copy will ba sent trea upon application to Bryan Sny. dir. Q. p. A 'Frisco Una, SL Louis. Mo.

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 19 Aug 1899, Sat,
  3. Page 12

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