Morgan's raid

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Morgan's raid - to much of the to b?st wh»r* will th* clad*...
to much of the to b?st wh»r* will th* clad* dock* at thip, hold. i« Terr ad. tocos with the which on io prob yet coa- be IS , by two ample the H inches and 2 1 number be letter cur. pound. Tobaco pocket in do. Za2«*riU« Milhary OoKaeittM gsa Coaatj. Zutmtnui, J«lv 27. I a- ao*orda*e* with yoar latlrcetioa* received fr*m tht Go»«rno» of Ohio, to cot oee aondrtd ccoou tocth of thi* ' proceeded w-th a aoatpaay ot twelve. coa« tUting of tie followiaf earned ««e -- E Hoberu, JOQC Rich*y. Abraat Morriioo, l*':ilta*» C. Yoanjft-, John W. Droc*. Bai-d, John Georjr*. Howar-i MoakooBS*. R»ub«o PartfekU, Kuta Culacrttaa, Ja«t«* Hail and Albert Lee, from shit place oo »«d=e.d»y the 2M, «5o.t tire* o'clock, -- acd arrived at Deaveriown, Morgan Ohio, aioci 12 o'clock, m. Left Ihat oa* o'clock a. aa. of to* 23 i, far oa the MsJcia^cm Hirer I oow i»-a: 09: thre« oi my at troaia, ieavioj; me b"2t nice. We had proceeded a*x»t two ctlet iurther, whea we fell ia with tix cavalry ·oho reore**a!*i thvmt«!ves as beSas-tiBg; Hobsoas cossaad, bat ai'er a abort icie-:- iTi'.ion i'. wat discovers! that they were wbicb*?aey did with reSuciane*. taroiaj to zae ail th'rir areas aad ··quipaaeai'', coa» *-*J:ag of eight pistol*. £wo carbine*, one fi«Jd aad ooe SpriagSel'i r:8«, Sv« horses, saddles and bride!*. Afser proc*edia» wi:h to* prisoaers, Jtc. for *oa:« three-quartan a tails, it w«j dr*-=Ge-i expedient, on of :he clot* proximity of Morgaa'4 for:e», asd the darkaeat or the night, to cosEae pritoaen in asne place of security, where *T wauM b»* care3e!ly ami! daylight. daylight. Accordingly oa arriving at Helm:ck'i i!«!l, they ·'ere conSeed la-reia, OKder a jruard of citizen* frora th* imsaediate borhood, who had rendered valuable eerv-ees by «sistiaz in tfcs arrest of tie prisoners, Ac. ttcd who w*re armed with a p»rt of arars caprured Toe naaiei of the prisoner* taken as or themselves are as !o!!o»r ~M_ M Bownard. Privats Clite'* R»z't- T. P Taompsoa. *· E B. Pope, William 3 Sicle. " " Alb*rt Holland. *· Gaaoes, " and al! of Morgan"* Division. We now proceeded to E^lesporE. at that place about davliaght, we procured small Sat is which ice cro«ed So the *i'ie of the river. On landing. I discovered ihe steam Propeller, "Adriatic" Captain P:tt:aaa, to»in» a large Sat heavily !»d-n wiih Soar, and commanded him to leave place immediately, which order was -oered. After resting a shorl time, and feeding horses, I ordered E. Robarts wiih five aiaa to bring the prisoners and horses are announce For hare had niilk" lying-Morgan every while re- foar of the horses, succeeded ia recro«=ing the river at the raise tiaje the enemy's apoearioi; oa the baak of ihe river bi'ow S;a:« data. I aow dispatched Wiiiiia: G. Yonn^er the Comaaader of the 9at. with orders bins to lie i: op oa the east side of the and in case of a refasil :o do so to iaj-B«ciate!y. The Sit was accordingly lied op oa the east side of the river. I then dispa;ch«d Jaraea Huil. with infor- oip.tioa to you of the arrival of ths that poiaL I have now in iay pojisisioa pistols osher arais. two horses, saddles and bridals, a!l of which are subject ta yoar ordsrj. BsspectfuHv sabiaitied, Ac. JOHN A. BLAIR, Gomd.

Clipped from
  1. The Zanesville Daily Courier,
  2. 01 Aug 1863, Sat,
  3. Page 2

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